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Nov. 29, 2006
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Bowser's Magma Mountain stage
Successfully complete the first six stages and collect 1000 coins. You have to buy things in the shop, including the key to the Magma Mountain, while playing in those six stages. After that, the Magma Mountain can be played. Get 1000 coins and you can buy the key to

Eternal Star stage
Get 100 stars in the Magma Mountain stage. A special event will appear. The Eternal Star stage will appear after that.

Special shop items
Successfully complete the Eternal Star stage. The ending sequence will appear. After that, special items can be bought in the shops.

Alternate title screen
Complete the game with a character to feature that person as the main character on the title screen.

Extra songs
Purchase the record from the Mushroom shop to unlock extra songs on the Bowser's Magma Mountain and Eternal Star stages.

No Boo and No Koopa
Successfully complete the game with 100 stars and finish the Eternal Star stage. No Boo and No Koopa will now be availabe in the Mushroom Shop.
Get coins easily
Select three of the characters. Then, stop at the final round of game and turn all the CPU players into players 2P, 3P and 4P. All stars and coins may now be easily collected.

Give all four characters a handicap of 50 coins at the character selection screen at the start of a game.

Go into the Pot o' Skills and set every character to a handicap of 50 coins with any number of turns. When the number of turns is up, just before you go into the very last mini-game, switch everyone to humans by pressing [Start], then [A], then selecting "Controller Settings". You need four controllers (one for each character). Play the mini-game out to easily collect over 200 coins.

Win without playing
Start the adventure or pot of skills game as normal. Press [Start] as soon as game play begins to display the settings screen. Press [A], then choose "Controller Settings" Change all human players into CPU players. The game will play automatically. If you wish to collect any coins or stars, change the CPU players back into human players.

Never let CPU player have stars
Immediately before a CPU player lands on the star space, pause game play. Go to the controller setup and change yourself into that player, then change the CPU player that is going to win into yourself. When asked if you would like a star, decline.

Bumper Ball Mazes 1, 2, and 3
Complete Mini-Game Island by beating Toad at the Slot Car Derby 2 to get the first Bumper Ball Maze. Beat all 50 mini-games at Mini-Game Island to get the second Bumper Ball Maze. Set new records on both of those to unlock the third Bumper Ball Maze.

Avoid Bowser Flower
In the Peaches B-Day Cake level, you have a choice of which seed to plant. Bowser is always red or yellow. It is never blue or green.

Curse players
If a player is about to get a star, run into Boo, etc. and you do not want them to, press [Start], then press [A]. Go to the control options and turn yourself into a hard CPU character and take control of the player to curse. When they reach the star, Boo, etc. just answer "No". Then, go back to controlling your original character.

Fixed roulette block
This trick works about 95% of the time. When you roll, the roulette block moves up and down slightly. If you hit the roulette block at its highest point, you will almost always get a 7, 8, 9 or 10 and vice versa if you hit it at its lowest point to get a 1, 2, 3 or 4.

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