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Cheat Mode
10 pt. TDs; 7 pt. Field goalsDRBENWAY
100 yard passesPIGSKINSFLY
20 yard first downsFIRSTIS20
5 yard first downs POPWARNER
All '60s teamMOJO
All '70s teamSIDEBURNS
All '80s teamREAGANOMICS
All '90s teamTALKSHOWS
All Madden team TEAMMADDEN
Ball cameraBETHEBALL
Ball camera VERTIGO
Bonus Alpha Blitz StadiumSNAPTAKLPUNT
Bonus Antarctica stadium XMASGIFT
Bonus circus stadium 3RING
Bonus Dodge City StadiumWILDWEST
Bonus EA Sports stadiumITSINTHEGAME
Bonus Gridiron stadiumMAXIMILLIAN
Bonus Maddenstein stadiumMADDENSTEIN
Bonus Salvage stadiumWASTELAND
Bonus Tiberium stadiumETTUMADDEN
Bonus Tiburon stadiumWEPUTITHERE
Clowns team SCARYCLOWN
Curved space and timeEMC2
David vs. GoliathMICEANDMEN
Electronic sidelinesWOOGIEWOOGIE
Floating heads GUILLOTINE
Industrials teamINTHEFUTURE
Junkyard dogs teamTETANUS
Large vs. small team MICEANDMEN
Madden Millennium team TIMELESS
Madden Millennium teamTIMEWARP
Marshall's teamCOWBOYS
More broken wrap tacklesOLD SCHOOL
More fumblesROLLERJAM
More injuriesPAINFUL
More interceptionsPICKEDOFF
Mummies teamYOMUMMY
Nile Hi StadiumKINGHUT
No interceptionsVISEGRIPS
Players are harder to tackle TEFLON
Players fatigue fasterCHAINSMOKER
Players harder to tackleGREASEDPIG
Players have stiffer arms SMACKDOWN
Players jump farther SPRONG
Players run faster NO2
Points for defense<SUP>1</SUP>FRACORAS
Points for defense<SUP>2</SUP>FRAPLAPRO
Praetorians team WESALUTEYOU
QB never gets sackedQBINTHECLUB
Receivers catch betterFLYPAPER
Sugarbuzz team PANCAKE
Super jumpsMOONBALL
Super jumps SUPERJUMPS
Super speed burstGOTTHEROCK
Electric sidelinesWOGGIEWOOGIE
Ball camera viewBETHBALL
Team makes fewer penaltiesREFISBLIND
Throw ball multiple times during playMULTIQB
Tiburon team SHARKATTACK
Toymakers TeamSANTATEAM
100 yard field goals<SUP>3</SUP> BIGFOOT
Easier catches<SUP>3</SUP>MAGNASAVE
Bullet passes <SUP>3</SUP>FASTFORWARD

1. If the defense gets a sack, that same team will get 2 points. If the defense gets an interception, the team will get 1 point. Defenses get no points for forced fumbles, fumbles recovered, blocked kicks, or tipped.
2. If the defense gets a sack, that same team will get 1 points. If the defense gets an interception, the team will get 2 points.

Team ranking
The following is a list of teams, ranked from best to worst.
1. Packers
2. Broncos
3. Cowboys
3. Dolphins
3. Vikings
4. Falcons
4. Jaguars
4. Patriots
5. Bills
5. Jets
6. 49ers
7. Buccaneers
8. Titans
8. Seahawks
9. Steelers
9. Chiefs
9. Cardinals
10. Giants
10. Raiders
11. Saints
11. Rams
12. Chargers
13. Lions
14. Colts
15. Redskins
15. Ravens
15. Bears
15. Panthers
16. Bengals
17. Eagles
18. Browns
Always win coin toss
Repeatedly press [Start] at the coin toss screen.

Hurry Up Offense
Select and use a play on offense. After the play ends and your player stands up, Repeatedly press [A]. If done correctly, the game will immediately go to the line of scrimmage without another huddle to repeat the same play.

Glitch: Go to other side of field
Enable any code and begin game play. Get the ball, then run out of bounds. You should go to the other side of the field.

Glitch: Flying football
Break through the line and sack the opposing quarterback when there is a player from the other team near him. If done correctly, once the quarterback is sacked he should fumble the ball. When the ball touches the ground it will fly up into the hands of the CPU player that was running in front of the quarterback.

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