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Nov. 29, 2006
Nov. 29, 2006
Nov. 29, 2006
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Control title screen
Hold [L] + [R] + [Z] at the title screen and Kirby will say "Hiiiii".

Sound test
Successfully complete the game to unlock a sound test selection on the options screen.

Bonus modes
Collect all crystals in the game until the status on the saved game selection screen is at 100%. Options for Boss battles and a intermission scene display will be unlocked.

Evil Kirby
Collect all enemy cards, all crystals, then win the Boss battle.

Extra lives
To get an extra life, get the star at the beginning. Press [Start] and select "Try Again". Go to the same level and go back to get the star again. Repeat this as many times as needed.

Higher mini-games difficulty settings
Successfully complete the mini-games under the easy difficulty setting to unlock the normal setting. Complete the mini-games under the normal setting to unlock the hard setting. Complete the mini-games under the hard setting to unlock the intense setting.

Moves (combos) and ratings
Fire + Stone: Rock shooter (average)a
Fire + Ice: Ice and fire blower (bad)
Fire + Needle: Bow and arrow with fire arrow (fair)m
Fire + Bomb: Fireworks (average)a
Fire + Spark: Solar powered fire (fair)
Fire + Cutter: Fire sword (good)
Fire + Fire: Fire bird (good)
Fire: Fire ball (fair)l
Stone + Ice: Skating soap (bad)
Stone + Needle: Drill (good)
Stone + Bomb: Dynamite (very good)
Stone + Spark: Electric rope tied to stone (very good)
Stone + Cutter: Stone cutter (bad)
Stone + Stone: Big rock (very good)
Stone: Rock (fair)
Ice + Needle: Snow flake (bad)
Ice + Bomb: Snowman bomb (average)
Ice + Spark: Refrigerator (food gives you health) (very good)
Ice + Cutter: Skate (good)
Ice + Ice: Snowball (fair)
Ice: Ice blower (good)
Needle + Bomb: Spikey bomb (very good)
Needle + Spark: Thunderbolt (average)
Needle + Cutter: Bite (commercial) (fair)
Needle + Needle: Spikey gadgets (good)
Needle: Spike ball (bad)o
Bomb + Spark: Light bulb (bad)o
Bomb + Cutter: Bomb that hooks onto opponent (good)
Bomb + Bomb: Missile launcher (very good)
Bomb: Bomb (average)
Spark + Cutter: Electrical double bladed sword (best)
Spark + Spark: Electric ball (good)
Spark: Electric shock (average)
Cutter + Cutter: Boomerang with blades (good)
Cutter: Boomerang (bad)
Break through walls
There are various walls that must be broken by specific abilities. The ability depends on the color of the wall.
Red: Fire
Blue: Ice
Green: Cutter
Orange: Spike
Yellow: Electric
Black: Bomb
Brown: Stone
Red + Blue: Melting icecube
Red + Green: Fire sword
Red + Orange: Fire arrow
Red + Yellow: Sparking exploder
Red + Black: Fireworks
Red + Brown: Volcano
Boss strategies
Pop Star Boss
Best weapon: Flame Sword (Cutter, Flame). Use the sword to destroy the tiny trees, then hit the spikes that come out of the ground.

Rock Star Boss
Best weapon: None. When you get all the way to the top, suck one the atom objects and throw it at one of the cubes.

Aqua Star Boss
Best weapon: Flame Sword (Cutter, Flame). When the shark is in front of you, throw the sword at him. After he faints, hit him when he swims up at you.

Neo Star Boss
Best weapon: Anything that throws. When the lava comes out of the ground, hit it. He will faint and then chase you. When he is not doing anything, jump and throw whatever you have at his mouth.

Shiver Star Boss
Best weapon: Anything. When his hands are in range, hit them. He then turns into a jet. Go for the pincers.

Ripple Star Boss
Best weapon: Random. When he turns into something, hit him with that. For example, when it turns to lightning, hit it with lightning.
Get Ice and nothing else, then use Ice while next to him.

Defeating the last Boss
The final Boss can only be damaged by using the power that he has.

Defeating O2
Press [B] to shoot your Shard Bomber. Shoot his eye. It will bleed. Hit him until he closes his eye. When you are hurting him, go left or right. When he closes his eye, hit his halo until it breaks. Hit the bandage on his head and he will have a spike on the bottom of him. Note: Hit his wings so that he cannot catch up to you. Then, go around to the right or left of him. Then, hit his eye until he closes it. Hit his halo until it breaks. Hit his bandage. Hit the spike thing. Do this cycle three times (except for the wings). Note: O2 on Dark Star only appears when you get all 100 Shards and complete Miracle Matter again.

Defeating Bosses
To defeat most Bosses easily, get the Snowflake combination (Ice and Needle). Then, go right up to the boss and hold [B]. Their health will keep decreasing until they are defeated. Note: This does not work with Whispy Woods, Pix, Acro, Magman, H-RH, Mericle Matter, or O2.

Defeating O2
After you get all 100 shards, you will have to defeat the Ripple Star Boss again. If you do, you will go to the next star. To defeat O2 (the next Boss) keep shooting his eye -- you will automatically get a gun that shoots shards. After awhile his head will face the screen. Keep shooting his halo. If you shoot it long enough, a large spike will appear from under him. Do not stop shooting it. Repeat this approximately three times to defeat him. You can also shoot the red part of his wings off when he flaps them in front of his face.

First, shoot his eye. When he closes his eye and cannot move, shoot his halo, A spike will materialize from the bottom area. Shoot that while dodging the goo that he throws out.

Free Star Piece or Treat
Return to the beginning of most levels to find a Star Piece or Treat.

Easy Enemy Info (?) cards
Get the Firework power (Bomb + Fire) and go to the first level. Press [B] whenever you encounter an enemy. At the bonus game, try to get the tan square with the "?" on it.

Easy Fast Enemy (?) cards
Get the Fire + Fire technique, then use it to speed through the first level of Pop Star.

Defeating an enemy without using a power
Get under an enemy that you want to defeat. Then, jump under them and they will freeze for a few seconds. Jump under them two times in order to defeat them.

Getting missed power
If you need two specific powers and you already passed one of the powers, have the other power, and cannot go back, just press [Start]. Then, select "Try Again". You will go back to the beginning of the level and will still have your power.

Holding or throwing enemies
Some enemies have powers if you hold them up in the air or throw them. To hold an enemy in the air, press [B] to swallow it, then press [C-Up] to hold it above your head. To throw an enemy, hold it in the air, then press [B]. These following enemies have special powers if you hold them above your head:
Glunk: Fires rock above your head.

Kany: Attacks enemies to the left and right of you.

Fishbone: Fire Fishbone heads in front of you.

Galbo: Spit fire out of its mouth with three second breaks.

Bumber: Makes you slowly float down after jumping.

Slushy: Makes you slowly float up underwater without you having to press [A]. Note: If you want to go downwards, press [B] to throw it away, or [Down] to swallow it again.

Propeller: Makes you slowly float upwards. Note: It will go until it is sucked back in, is killed by an enemy, or squashed by the roof of the level.

Pteran: Makes you glide forward after you jump. Note: It will keep going, not allowing you to move up or down or change directions. If you want to stop, go up or down, or change directions, swallow it again with [Down], or throw it with [B].

Flapper: Swim fast underwater. Note: It will keep going, not allowing you to move up or down or change directions. If you want to stop, go up or down, or change directions, swallow it again with [Down], or throw it with [B].

Bronto Burt: Ability to do a Super Jump. Note: To do another one, press [Down] to swallow it again, then press [C-Up] to hold it above your head and repeat. You cannot do this while in the air. You have to touch the ground before you can do another one.
The following enemies have special powers if you throw them:
Chilly: Breaks into two snowballs when you throw it.

Cairn: Breaks into three rocks when when you throw it.

Skud: Gradually raises speed after your throw it.

Mite: Gradually falls after you throw it.

Plugg: Will stick to a wall, shock it and destroy enemies, then explode.
Note: Do not hold Drops, Sandmen, or Bos above your head, as they will just disappear. Also, for fun, hold a Chacha above your head and it will still be dancing.

Colored rocks
Colored rocks can only destroyed by using the color of power that is shown.

Swallow any flying creature without pressing [Down] and press [R] to fly.

Protection from dynamite
Hold [Down] when using dynamite to protect yourself from the explosion.

Ride Waddle Dee
On Level 1-2, when Waddle Dee walks on a log to transport you to the other side, you can stand on him for a free ride.

Glitch: Floating Beamsword
Get the Beamsword combo ("Spark" + "Cutter") and get your health down to one circle. Take out your Beamsword. Jump up and get hit by a flying enemy in mid-air. You will get hurt, die, and fall down. When Kirby falls down, the Beamsword will still be in the air even though you are not.

Glitch: Kill a Gordo
When battling Acro, reduce his first energy bar to one hit remaining. When Acro spits a Gordo, hit Acro while the Gordo is still on screen. The Gordo should die.

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