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All tracks, ships, and difficulty levels
Press [L], [Z], [R], [C-Up], [C-Down], [C-Left], [C-Right], [Start] at the mode selection screen. The screen will wave to confirm correct code entry. The X Cup will now be unlocked in grand prix mode and all ships will be unlocked at the selection screen. Note: The X cup is a set of six random courses.

Alternate colors
Select a ship, then press [R] or [Z] at the statistics screen.

Smaller racers
Hold [L] + [R] + [C-Up] + [C-Down] + [C-Left] + [C-Right] at the ship selection screen.

Larger racers
Hold [L] + [R] + [Z] + [C-Up] + [C-Down] + [C-Left] + [C-Right] at the ship selection screen.

Preview ship
Press [C-Up], [C-Down], [C-Left], or [C-Right] at the customization screen to view your ship from various positions. Press [C-Up] + [C-Down] + [C-Left] + [C-Right] to stop the preview rotation.

Preview track
Press [C-Up], [C-Down], [C-Left], or [C-Right] at the track selection screen. Press [C-Up] + [C-Down] + [C-Left] + [C-Right] to stop the preview rotation.

Spinning car
Press [Z] + [R] during game play to spin your ship. This causes other ships to explode when they collide with your ship. This technique is especially useful in battle mode.

Left ram: Press [Z]x2
Right ram: Press [R]x2
Spin attack: Hold [R] and press [Z]x2 or hold [Z] and press [R]x2.
Side turn left: Press [Analog-stick Left] + [Z].
Side turn right: Press [Analog-stick Right] + [R].
Drift turn left: Press [Analog-stick Left] + [R].
Drift turn right: Press [Analog-stick Right] + [Z].
Joker Cup tracks
Win the Jack, Queen and King Cups under the "Standard" difficulty level. A Joker Cup, with six bonus tracks, will be available for play.

X-Cup tracks
Win the Jack, Queen, King, and Joker Cups under the "Expert" difficulty level. The X-Cup is a group of six tracks that are randomly generated.

Master difficulty level
Win the Jack, Queen, King, and Joker Cups under all three difficulty levels.
Go into Death Race with any character (Black Bull recommended). Immediately before the jump, go to the left side of the track. In the air, tap [Analog-stick Left]. If done correctly, you should land on the guard rail and grind. Note: Grinding makes you lose health. There is also a 50% chance of landing on the road.

View lead time
Press [L] during a GP race to view the time between the your racer and the lead (if not already in first place), or between your racer and the closest competitor (if already in first place).

Alternate title screen
Successfully complete the game under the expert difficulty level to view the title screen in comic book-style. Successfully complete the game under the master difficulty level to change the title screen again.

To fly temporarily, you have to not be upside down and be on a track that you can get in the air. Then, lean your vehicle back while in the air. Do not lean back too far. Note: You cannot take long shortcuts; if you try, you will fall through the track.

Glitch: Silence: Whip off track
Use the following trick to get whipped off of the Silence track in the Jack division. Get a light, quick vehicle and go as fast as possible. When you reach the energy strips, drive on the ones to the right and make sure that you are going at least 1200 km/h. When you get to the end of the strip, you will mysteriously fall off the track onto the ground below.

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