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Nov. 29, 2006
Nov. 29, 2006
Nov. 25, 2005
Nov. 25, 2005
Primary Collection of Cheats
Use Tiny and shrink to enter the fairy-shaped stone building in the main hub. Collect the camera to start photographing the Banana Fairies hidden in the game and unlock the "Mystery Menu" options.

DK Theater
Find and photograph two Banana Fairies to unlock the DK Theater option at the "Mystery Menu". This option allows all the animation sequences to be viewed.

Boss battle
Find and photograph ten Banana Fairies to unlock the Boss Battle option at the "Mystery Menu". This allows any Boss that already has been defeated to be fought again.

Cheat Mode
Find and photograph all twenty Banana Fairies to unlock the Cheat Mode option at the "Mystery Menu". This allows unlimited items during game play.

Kasplut colors
Look at the hair color of a Kasplut when one is encountered. The color will reveal what color Blueprint he is holding. Green hair indicates a green Blueprint). If the Kasplut has white hair, then he does not have anything (you have already collected that Blueprint).

Another way to find out the color of the blueprints that a Kasplut has is to check the color of the shockwave he sends.

Original Donkey Kong mini-game
Use a Gorilla-Grab to operate the lever in the Frantic Factory area, then play the original Donkey Kong game. Successfully complete all four stages, then play once more and complete the game to collect the Nintendo Coin. Find and photograph six Banana Fairies to unlock the original Donkey Kong option at the "Mystery Menu".

Jetpac mini-game
Collect at least fifteen Banana Medals, then visit Cranky to play the Jetpac game. Get 5,000 points in the game to collect the Rareware Coin. Find and photograph six Banana Fairies to unlock the Jetpac option at the "Mystery Menu".

Multi-player mode
Go to the first level in adventure mode, where you find Diddy. Locate the big pad with King K. Rool's face in front of Funky's Place. Stand on the pad and press [Z]. You will be transported to a "battle arena", where you must defeat a group of small enemies. Once the timer runs out, you will receive a crown and have ability to play two multi-player games -- a third-person death match-like game, and a multi-player version of the Battle Arena.

Alternate ending sequence
Successfully complete the game after collecting all bananas to view the normal ending, with an extra sequence with K. Lumsy taking the Kongs for a ride. Successfully complete the game after getting all the collectibles to view the normal ending, K. Lumsy sequence, and an extra sequence featuring Cranky.

Swim faster
When swimming above water, hold [B] to swim faster.

Quickly stop swimming
Press [C-Up] while swimming.

Avoid damage when falling
When you are high enough to get hurt from falling, press [C-Up] just after you fall off and you reach the ground safely.
Accurate orange throw
Take out your Kong's weapon and activate the aiming feature. Line up the intended target and throw the orange as normal.

Angry Aztec: Finding Lanky
In Angry Aztec with DK, free the Llama from its cage by completing DK's Barrel Blast. You will see the Llama again in the temple. Play DK's drums to turn the lava into water. Swim across to reach Lanky.

Angry Aztec: Fast flip
Go to Angry Aztec with Diddy. Go to the area where Candy is located. Then, enter the building and move to where the tiny barrel is. Do a flip to get above to barrel, and onto a small ledge. Then, do another flip and you will see him do it very fast.

Creepy Castle: Fairies
In Creepy Castle, play Donkey's Barrel Blast and win. The tree will open and inside there will be a Banana Fairy at the end of the river where you obtained the Golden Bannana.

Use Diddy Kong must unlock the door to the bathroom which is located near the bananaport pad 4. Change to Tiny Kong and enter the door. Find a platform with Tiny's face on it. This will teleport Tiny to a scale model of what appears to be a barn. The Banana Fairy is located behind the barn.

DK Isles: Fairy
Play as Tiny and go to the Fungi Forest house. As soon as enter, go to your left until reaching the end of the room. Press [C-Up] and look to the left to see Tiny's feather switch. Shoot it to reveal a Fairy in the small room.

DK Isles: Hidden bonus barrel locations
Select Diddy and go to the entrance of Fungi Forest. Go in Diddy's Barrel and get his jetpack. Fly to Donkey Kong's head and go to the end of his hair curl. You have to get very close to see the barrel. The bonus level is where you help the fairies get past the crooks.

Frantic Factory: Invincible Kong
Once Donkey has opened up the gate that allows you to enter the Battle Arena, switch to either Diddy or Tiny. Go down into the hole but do not kill the Kasplat or you will have some waiting to do. When you are in the hole, the Kasplat cannot harm you. You can make it even madder by shooting at it. You might try teasing it by jumping through the air between the shock waves.

Frantic Factory: Confused Windup Frantic Factory: King K.Rool pad
K.Rool pad #1 can be found on your way up to Frantic Factory. You will see a trail of vines. Go through that trail and then you will see an opening in the wall on the right. Enter and you will see Snide, a Diddy pad, and a K.Rool pad with a boulder on top of it. Use Chunky to remove the boulder.


The bonus points are also your time limit. Try not to run out of bonus points or you will lose a life.

Gold Banana
Go to Fungi Forest at night with Tiny to the creepy barn. Chunky must Primate Punch the "?" boxes for you to enter. The mouse hole will be open. Go inside for a scary way to get a Golden Banana. An evil spider will come down. Kill her three children that also come down. When her eye opens, go to first person mode and shoot her huge yellow eye. Avoid her spit. Hit her five times to bring her down. One more hit will end the fight. Grab the banana in the middle of the web and get out. She will be always back when you leave. Also, watch out for the void at all ends or you will have to start from the beginning of the level.

Fungi Forest: Fairies
Go through the blue door in Fungi Forest as Diddy (or change there) at nighttime . Then, turn right and enter the medium sized barn. Go to your left and jump up the boxes. You should now be over a pad with Diddy's face on it. Hold [Z] and you should now be in a dark room with a music pad in front of Diddy. Play his guitar. The parrot should have brought a light. Walk carefully across the beams to the Golden banana. After you collect the Golden banana a fairy would come out behind you.

Play as Donkey Kong at night. Go to the area with the barn surrounded by water. Find the spot near that location where the screen is filled with trees with thorns. You should then see a house (where you go to play Minecart Mayhem with Donkey Kong). Go to the left of the house and jump in Donkey's barrel (with his face on it) to become invincible. Go to the back of the house and press the switch. Go through the door that opened. Walk forward and climb up the ladder to the right. Walk on the platform until you see a box with a question mark on it. Go on top of it and press [A], then [Z] to do a slam to reveal a Fairy.

Fungi Forest: Hidden bonus barrel locations
Select Lankey and climb to the top of the huge 1000 feet tall mushroom. Use Lankey's Hand Stand (hold [Z] and press "Attack"). Walk to the top of the head and stomp on the button. You now only have ten seconds to find one of the two doors that opened. A hidden bonus barrel is inside one of the doors.

Gloomy Galleon: Banana Fairy
Get Tiny Kong and go to the cactus near Funky's shop. Go on Tiny's music pad and play her saxophone. Then, race the time to go into the bars that opened. When you enter, go to your right in the main room. The Banana Fairy would be on your right in a cage.

Hideout Helm: Time
The time you get in Hideout Helm before K. Rool destroys your island depends on how many blueprints Snipe has. The most time you can get is 50 minutes.

201st Banana
Collect all 200 known Bananas so that Donkey Kong gets his hoard back. After collecting all 20 Banana Fairies, a message requesting you to visit the Head Fairy will appear. You must have Tiny to visit her. She will show you the way to the 201st Banana, that is marked with a Rareware sticker.

Restore watermelon meter
Use the following trick if you are running low on health. Get next to a "Tag Barrel" when low on health. Jump into the barrel and exit. Your watermelon meter will be replenished.

If you are injured and only have about one slice of a watermelon remaining, go to the barrel where you switch characters. Switch to another character, wait two seconds, then go back in and choose the character you were playing as earlier. All your watermelons will be restored.

Rainbow Coins
Locate the dirt mounds marked with "DK" scattered throughout the game. Stand on top of a mound, then hold [B] to attack and send a shockwave to destroy the mound. A large Rainbow Coin will appear that results in five Banana Bunch Coins for each Kong.

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