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Nov. 29, 2006
Nov. 29, 2006
Nov. 25, 2005
Nov. 25, 2005
Primary Collection of Cheats
Use Tiny and shrink to enter the fairy-shaped stone building in the main hub. Collect the camera to start photographing the Banana Fairies hidden in the game and unlock the "Mystery Menu" options.

DK Theater
Find and photograph two Banana Fairies to unlock the DK Theater option at the "Mystery Menu". This option allows all the animation sequences to be viewed.

DK Bonus stages
Find and photograph six Banana Fairies, then locate Rambi the rhino, and Enguarde the swordfish to unlock their bonus stages.

Boss battle
Find and photograph ten Banana Fairies to unlock the Boss Battle option at the "Mystery Menu". This allows any Boss that already has been defeated to be fought again.

Krusha In multi-player
Find and photograph fifteen Banana Fairies to unlock the Krusha In Multi-Player option at the "Mystery Menu".

Cheat Mode
Find and photograph all twenty Banana Fairies to unlock the Cheat Mode option at the "Mystery Menu". This allows unlimited items during game play.

Bonus levels
Find and collect forty Blueprints and bring them to Snide to unlock eight bonus levels (Batty Barrel Bash, Beaver Bother, Big Bug Bash, Krazy Kong Klamor, Kremling Kosh, Peril Path Panic, Searchlight Seek, and Teetering Turtle Trouble).

Kasplut colors
Look at the hair color of a Kasplut when one is encountered. The color will reveal what color Blueprint he is holding. Green hair indicates a green Blueprint). If the Kasplut has white hair, then he does not have anything (you have already collected that Blueprint).

Another way to find out the color of the blueprints that a Kasplut has is to check the color of the shockwave he sends.

Original Donkey Kong mini-game
Use a Gorilla-Grab to operate the lever in the Frantic Factory area, then play the original Donkey Kong game. Successfully complete all four stages, then play once more and complete the game to collect the Nintendo Coin. Find and photograph six Banana Fairies to unlock the original Donkey Kong option at the "Mystery Menu".

Jetpac mini-game
Collect at least fifteen Banana Medals, then visit Cranky to play the Jetpac game. Get 5,000 points in the game to collect the Rareware Coin. Find and photograph six Banana Fairies to unlock the Jetpac option at the "Mystery Menu".

Secret Nintendo and Rareware Scores
In the Rambi Arena (must have five Fairies), there is a hidden Nintendo and Rareware score.
Nintendo: 175 Points
Rareware: 200 Points
Mine: 219 Points
Multi-player mode
Go to the first level in adventure mode, where you find Diddy. Locate the big pad with King K. Rool's face in front of Funky's Place. Stand on the pad and press [Z]. You will be transported to a "battle arena", where you must defeat a group of small enemies. Once the timer runs out, you will receive a crown and have ability to play two multi-player games -- a third-person death match-like game, and a multi-player version of the Battle Arena.

Alternate costumes in multi-player mode
Press Analog-stick [Up] or [Down] after selecting a character. This is in the instruction manual, but may be useful to gamers that have rented the game.

Alternate ending sequence
Successfully complete the game after collecting all bananas to view the normal ending, with an extra sequence with K. Lumsy taking the Kongs for a ride. Successfully complete the game after getting all the collectibles to view the normal ending, K. Lumsy sequence, and an extra sequence featuring Cranky.

Completing the game
To fully complete the game you must photograph all twenty Banana Fairies, and complete the regular game of Donkey Kong twice, which is in the Frantic Factory and some other places. When playing the regular Donkey Kong game, use the D-pad instead of the Analog-stick. When dodging the barrels, climb halfway up the ladders so that the barrels will pass underneath.

Swim faster
When swimming above water, hold [B] to swim faster.

Quickly stop swimming
Press [C-Up] while swimming.

Avoid damage when falling
When you are high enough to get hurt from falling, press [C-Up] just after you fall off and you reach the ground safely.
Accurate orange throw
Take out your Kong's weapon and activate the aiming feature. Line up the intended target and throw the orange as normal.

Angry Aztec: Finding Lanky
In Angry Aztec with DK, free the Llama from its cage by completing DK's Barrel Blast. You will see the Llama again in the temple. Play DK's drums to turn the lava into water. Swim across to reach Lanky.

Angry Aztec: Finding Tiny
In Angry Aztec with Diddy, go into the temple and jump from one platform to another. Shoot the target across the room, then go to the bridge and play Diddy's Guitar to melt the ice pond. Swim to Tiny's chamber and use Chimpy Charge to activate the letters and spell out KONG.

Angry Aztec: Fast flip
Go to Angry Aztec with Diddy. Go to the area where Candy is located. Then, enter the building and move to where the tiny barrel is. Do a flip to get above to barrel, and onto a small ledge. Then, do another flip and you will see him do it very fast.

Angry Aztec: Shoot peanuts
Go to the level as Lanky and max out his ammunition. Then, have Diddy activate the moving target. Become Lanky again and attempt to shoot at it from the ground. If done correctly, peanuts should appear instead of grapes.

Creepy Castle: Fairies
In Creepy Castle, play Donkey's Barrel Blast and win. The tree will open and inside there will be a Banana Fairy at the end of the river where you obtained the Golden Bannana.

Use Diddy Kong must unlock the door to the bathroom which is located near the bananaport pad 4. Change to Tiny Kong and enter the door. Find a platform with Tiny's face on it. This will teleport Tiny to a scale model of what appears to be a barn. The Banana Fairy is located behind the barn.

Crystal Caves: Fairies
Go to the cabins that are to the left of Candy. Go to the very top one and play Diddy's Guitar Gazump. Defeat the two enemies with spiked mallets and use Diddy's Simian Spring to get into the jetpack. Fly up and collect all the bananas that are on top of the candles. A Banana Fairy will appear.

Play as Tiny Kong and enter the igloo. Defeat the moving circular bulls-eye platform, get the Golden Banana, and a Banana Fairy will appear.

Play as Tiny Kong and enter the igloo. Use saxophone slam to open the gate, and hit the pad to activate the timer. Hit it three times and you will receive a banana, and a Banana Fairy will appear.

DK Isles: Fairy
Play as Tiny and go to the Fungi Forest house. As soon as enter, go to your left until reaching the end of the room. Press [C-Up] and look to the left to see Tiny's feather switch. Shoot it to reveal a Fairy in the small room.

DK Isles: Hidden bonus barrel locations
Select Diddy and go to the entrance of Fungi Forest. Go in Diddy's Barrel and get his jetpack. Fly to Donkey Kong's head and go to the end of his hair curl. You have to get very close to see the barrel. The bonus level is where you help the fairies get past the crooks.

Frantic Factory: Invincible Kong
Once Donkey has opened up the gate that allows you to enter the Battle Arena, switch to either Diddy or Tiny. Go down into the hole but do not kill the Kasplat or you will have some waiting to do. When you are in the hole, the Kasplat cannot harm you. You can make it even madder by shooting at it. You might try teasing it by jumping through the air between the shock waves.

Frantic Factory: Confused Windup Kremlings
First, activate both Bananaporter #3s. In the lobby area, let the Krems chase you to the BP. Once you are safely on the other side of the wall, watch as your former pursuer looks around wondering where you went. Note: Due to its obvious lack of intelligence, it may be a few seconds until it realizes you are gone.

Frantic Factory: King K.Rool pad
K.Rool pad #1 can be found on your way up to Frantic Factory. You will see a trail of vines. Go through that trail and then you will see an opening in the wall on the right. Enter and you will see Snide, a Diddy pad, and a K.Rool pad with a boulder on top of it. Use Chunky to remove the boulder.

Frantic Factory: Banana Fairies
There is another Banana Fairy located in the room with the moving dice/domino enemies where the elevator blocks are located. It is located where Donkey Kong plays the number game, just around the corner before you enter the room.

Go to the lobby of Frantic Factory as Chunky and break open the box that is on the right side.

Go to the testing room and go left and jump up on the middle box. It will shoot you upwards. Then, walk in the tube thing and turn to find a Banana Fairy.

Frantic Factory: Time limit/bonus points
The bonus points are also your time limit. Try not to run out of bonus points or you will lose a life.

Fungi Forest: King K.Rool pad
K.Rool pad #2 can be found In the Fungi Forest. You will see a mushroom on the roof. Note its color, and shoot it with the appropriate character (Red: Diddy, Blue: Lanky, Green: Chunky, Purple: Tiny, Yellow: Donkey Kong). It will be red first, then another color. On the fifth time that it is a different color, shoot it with that character and a wall should open to reveal a Chunky pad. Turn invisible and a pad will appear on the big box in the lobby

Go to the lobby of Fungi Forest with Diddy Kong. Press [C-Up] and you should see a red mushroom moving across the ceiling. Take out the Peanut Popguns and shoot the mushroom. This may take a couple of attempts. A sound will confirm that it has been shot, and it should turn yellow. Jump into the tag barrel and appear as Donkey Kong. Take out the Coconut Shooter and shoot it. The same sound will be heard, but it will turn blue this time. Change to Lanky Kong, take out the Grape Shooter, and fire at it. The sound will be heard again, and it turns purple. Change to Tiny Kong, take out the Feather Bow, and shoot it. The sound will be heard again, and the mushroom will turn green. Change to Chunky Kong, take out the Pineapple Blaster, and shoot it. The sound will be heard, and the mushroom should disappear. A door should open, and there should be a Chunky pad inside. Become invisible, and on the risen platform should be a K.Rool Pad.

Fungi Forest: The Spider Queen's Gold Banana
Go to Fungi Forest at night with Tiny to the creepy barn. Chunky must Primate Punch the "?" boxes for you to enter. The mouse hole will be open. Go inside for a scary way to get a Golden Banana. An evil spider will come down. Kill her three children that also come down. When her eye opens, go to first person mode and shoot her huge yellow eye. Avoid her spit. Hit her five times to bring her down. One more hit will end the fight. Grab the banana in the middle of the web and get out. She will be always back when you leave. Also, watch out for the void at all ends or you will have to start from the beginning of the level.

Fungi Forest: Fairies
Go through the blue door in Fungi Forest as Diddy (or change there) at nighttime . Then, turn right and enter the medium sized barn. Go to your left and jump up the boxes. You should now be over a pad with Diddy's face on it. Hold [Z] and you should now be in a dark room with a music pad in front of Diddy. Play his guitar. The parrot should have brought a light. Walk carefully across the beams to the Golden banana. After you collect the Golden banana a fairy would come out behind you.

Play as Donkey Kong at night. Go to the area with the barn surrounded by water. Find the spot near that location where the screen is filled with trees with thorns. You should then see a house (where you go to play Minecart Mayhem with Donkey Kong). Go to the left of the house and jump in Donkey's barrel (with his face on it) to become invincible. Go to the back of the house and press the switch. Go through the door that opened. Walk forward and climb up the ladder to the right. Walk on the platform until you see a box with a question mark on it. Go on top of it and press [A], then [Z] to do a slam to reveal a Fairy.

Fungi Forest: Hidden bonus barrel locations
Select Lankey and climb to the top of the huge 1000 feet tall mushroom. Use Lankey's Hand Stand (hold [Z] and press "Attack"). Walk to the top of the head and stomp on the button. You now only have ten seconds to find one of the two doors that opened. A hidden bonus barrel is inside one of the doors.

Funky Factory: Finding Chunky
In Funky's Factory with Lanky, look for a pipe coming out of the wall and into the ground. There will be a switch on top. Stomp it and Chunky's cage will appear.

Gloomy Galleon: Banana Fairy
Get Tiny Kong and go to the cactus near Funky's shop. Go on Tiny's music pad and play her saxophone. Then, race the time to go into the bars that opened. When you enter, go to your right in the main room. The Banana Fairy would be on your right in a cage.

Gloomy Galleon: Easier completion
As Chunky, get inside the ship that floats around the lighthouse. When you collect the Golden Banana, everything will become wavy and you have to press [Back] to go forwards, and press [Forward] to go backwards, etc. To make everything easier, hold your controller upside-down and play that way until you get out of the ship. Then, everything will be normal again.

Hideout Helm: Time
The time you get in Hideout Helm before K. Rool destroys your island depends on how many blueprints Snipe has. The most time you can get is 50 minutes.

Jungle Japes: Finding Diddy
In Jungle Japes with DK, go to the mountain and shoot the three switches. Diddy's cage will open.

201st Banana
Collect all 200 known Bananas so that Donkey Kong gets his hoard back. After collecting all 20 Banana Fairies, a message requesting you to visit the Head Fairy will appear. You must have Tiny to visit her. She will show you the way to the 201st Banana, that is marked with a Rareware sticker.

Coin Door Fairies
Go to the Rare/Nintendo Coin Door near the end of the game . Look through the window to find two Fairies. They do not move as much if you keep the door shut.

Restore watermelon meter
Use the following trick if you are running low on health. Get next to a "Tag Barrel" when low on health. Jump into the barrel and exit. Your watermelon meter will be replenished.

If you are injured and only have about one slice of a watermelon remaining, go to the barrel where you switch characters. Switch to another character, wait two seconds, then go back in and choose the character you were playing as earlier. All your watermelons will be restored.

K. Rool doors
There are some doors that have pictures of items in the last level to get to K. Rool, .To past them, you need those items. The first door has a picture of four Battle Crowns and the next door has a picture of the Rareware and Nintendo coins. You cannot ignore the Donkey Kong and Jetpac games. They must be completed to get the coins to open that door.

Rainbow Coins
Locate the dirt mounds marked with "DK" scattered throughout the game. Stand on top of a mound, then hold [B] to attack and send a shockwave to destroy the mound. A large Rainbow Coin will appear that results in five Banana Bunch Coins for each Kong.

Easy Rareware Coin
Hover on the top of the screen collecting any items that fall. If any enemies come close to you, go faster and avoid them. Keep this up until you reach 5000 points or higher. Intentionally die anytime when you have the required amount of points.

Reload ammunition without crates
Go to Funky to fill your fruit guns without using the ammunition crates.

Restore musical instrument energy
Another way to restore your musical instrument's energy is to go to Candy instead of going through her headphones.

While standing on headphones, use music ([Z] + [C-Up]).

Quicker movement
Some ways of moving are faster than others. You can roll around by running while holding [Z] and pressing [B]. You can also long jump, by running while holding [Z] and pressing [A].

No charge for Portals
When you have Lankey, do not bother getting those hard bananas to give to the B.Locker you meet before the end of the level. Just keep pressing [B] to attack right in front of B.Locker. Lanky's arms are so lanky he can touch the portal without paying.

Easy multi-player kill
Allow your opponent to follow you in multi-player mode. Then, teleport, turn around quickly, face the bananaport pads, and shoot if your opponent also teleported.

Llama somersault
Go into Angry Aztec and enter the Llama's tomb. Get very close to him, then hold [Z] and press [A] and move the "Analog-stick Forward". You will begin to continuously jump on the Llama and will not come off until you move the Analog-stick again.

Shockwave attack
After the camera is collected, hold [B] for a few seconds as any character. Release the button for the shockwave.

Stand still while shooting
Hold [Z] when you have the gun out as any character and you can spin around and shoot.

Aerial Cartwheel attack as Diddy Kong
Press [B] quickly followed by [A] when playing as Diddy Kong.

Front flip as Diddy Kong
Press [A], then quickly press [A] again to make Diddy Kong do a Front Flip.

Long jump as Donkey Kong
Press [B] to do the jump-kick move, then press [A] while still in the air. When he is high as possible press [B] again for the air attack.

Strong Chunky Kong
Go to either the Crystal Caves or Angry Aztec levels with Chunky. For Angry Aztec, go where there is the Kersplat and two Bees. Jump into the barrel. Next, go deeper into the ancient tunnel until you reach the giant boulder that is meant for Hunky Chunky to pick up. Exit through the way you entered until the red circle, not permitting you to leave as Hunky Chunky, appears. Let him drop it, then go back into the barrel and run towards the boulder. Instead of picking it up immediately, wait until the exact moment the red circle disappears. Then, pick it up. You will be small while holding a giant boulder. To do this in Crystal Caves, enter the room that you have to break the ice to enter that also contains a giant boulder on the ice. Then, repeat the same steps done in Angry Aztec.

Monkey Smash secret passage in multi-player mode
Enter Monkey Smash stage 1 in multi-player mode. The secret passage is located in the area where the green and silver wall is. Go through the hole closest to the first bananaport pad. As you enter the hole on your right, go through the wall where the green and silver wall overlaps.

Level strategies
Angry Aztec
First, get the Bongo Blast from Candy. Open the Guitar Gazump Door with Diddy. Get the Strong Kong from Cranky. Get the blueprint and give it to Snide. Free the llama. Free Lanky in the llama temple. Navigate the sand tunnel. Feed the Revolving Tower with Diddy. Enter the Temple

Creepy Castle
First, get the Sniper Scope from Funky. Get the upgrade from Candy. Get Cranky's Super Duper Simian Slam. Open the tree and get the Blueprint. Shoot all the targets. Pull the levers for a mine cart ride. Put together the face puzzle. Finally, explore the library

Crystal Caves
First, get the Ammo Belt from Funky. Get the upgrade from Candy. Blast to the Bonus Game. Cue the Music Pads with Diddy. Negotiate the revolving maze. Bomb the bees. Match the Kong faces. Open Snide's Hideout with Chunky. Do not forget to find and return Snide's Blueprint.

Fungi Forest
First, get the Super Simian Slam from Cranky. Shoot the switches with all Kongs. Get to the top of the mushroom. Go to the Kong Pad and play the Bonus Game. Find and return Snide's Blueprint. Go to the Bonus Barrel in the house Pull the three levers. Then finally, visit Funky's Store.

Gloomu Galleon
First, open the Main Areas. Win the Rareware Coin from Cranky Light the Lighthouse. Be a hero and free the Seal. Race the Seal. Explore the Sunken Ship. Find and return Snide's Blueprint.

Hideout Helm
First, assemble all necessary items. Climb the hill with Lanky. Blast the Pineapple Switch with Chunky. Shrink Tiny to enter the machine room. Pull the lever with DK Rocket. Diddy through the DK Stars. Punch the gates with Chunky

Jungle Japes
First, swing on the vines and pound the gate switch. Collect the Banana Coins around the DK Pad. Buy DK's Coconut Shooter. Do not forget to talk to Diddy. Shoot three Coconut Switches. Get the Blueprint and give it to Snide. Buy the Baboon Blast from Cranky. Use Rambi to smash the huts and the painting of Rambi. Pound the DK Switch. Finally, use the DK Pad to reach the Barrel Blast

Rools Frantic Factory
You can find an original 1981 Donkey Kong game in K. Rool's Frantic Factory, First, pound the switch to open the hatch. Learn the Gorilla Grab from Cranky. Barrel Boost to cue the arcade lever. Clear Level 4 of the DK arcade game. Pound the floor switch to open the gate, then pound the numbers. Gorilla-Grab the R&D lever and fight through the Battle Arena. Enter the High Voltage Building to turn on the machine. Enter the machine. Finally, find and return Snide's Blueprint.
Banana Fairy locations
Banana Fairies can be found at the following locations.
Angry Aztec:
Enter the building with a Llama on the front. The Banana Fairy is in one of the side rooms.
Enter the tower with an entrance for each Kong. Go in as Tiny.

DK Isles
On the small island with one tree on it.
Use Chunky to smash the " [?] "crate in the lobby of Frantic Factory. There is also a Kasplat at this location.
Shoot the feather switch above the entrance in the lobby of Fungi Forestto.

Frantic Factory
Found In the room with Funky's Armory, but only after you have completed Tiny's dart game.

Jungle Japes:
Behind the big picture of Rambi.
Past the gate with a peanut switch over it. Use Lanky to Orangstand up the hill. It is in there.
Defeating K. Rool
After collecting the Rare Ware coin, Nintendo coin, and 100 golden bananas; freeing K.Lumsy; and completed Hideout Helm, you will get access to the final battle with K. Rool. You have to fight in a boxing ring and hit for four times with each Kong, with round times of three minutes. If you lose any of these rounds, you have to start over at Donkey.
As Donkey, he will jump up and slam the ground, causing shock waves, like Kasplat. Four barrels will appear. Jump into one of them and fire at K. Rool when he lifts his arm and yells "Thank You" to the audience. Do this four times.

As Diddy, he will throw his boxing glove. This is hard to avoid on the ground, but easy once you have got into the Rocket Barrel. Once in the Rocket Barrel, fire peanuts at the targets on the four lights at the top of the ring. Hit him with all four lights.

As Lanky, K. Rool will have a light fixture stuck on his head. All he can do is run around the ring. Four numbered switches will appear outside the ring. Run to where you can get a clear shot, then press [B] to push in the number. A barrel will appear next to Lanky outside the ring . Press [B] to pick it up, then throw it into the middle of the ring. A giant banana peel will appear out of the barrel. Four trombone pads will appear on the ground in the ring. Stand on a trombone, then wait until K. Rool is a straight line away from you. Play the trombone, then K.Rool will run at you from where he is standing. If your timing is good, he will trip on the banana peel. Do this four times.

As Tiny, he will pound the ground as he did with Donkey. Wait until he pounds the ground a few times, then he will start yelling in pain. A barrel will appear. Get small, then run into the hole in his left shoe. Inside, you will have your feather bow. His toes will attack in patterns. Watch them -- when one of them wiggles, it is going to attack. When a toe rises, fire the crossbow at it. Once you hit it enough times, it will turn red. Get into his shoe and make all four toes red.

This is it. The last battle. This one is a little more complicated than the rest. K. Rool will turn invisible and bounce from rope to rope. You will see his shadow, though. Hit the switch and four Chunky pads will appear. Press [Z] on one to become invisible, then jump into the barrel to become big Chunky. You have to have very good timing to do this. The first two times K. Rool will just run at you. Primate Punch him (hold [Z] and press [B]) just as he approaches, and you will hit him. The third time, he will be invisible. Primate Punch him again. The fourth time. he will be invisible and swerve back and forth. If you hit him, you win.
Defeating the Bosses
Jungle Boss
Avoid the fireballs that he throws at you. When he stops and laughs, take the bomb and throw it at him. Do this three times to defeat the Boss.

Aztec Boss
Avoid the fireballs that he throws at you. When he sits down, throw the bombs at him. It will get harder because he will be in the air more after you hit him. Repeat this three times to defeat the Boss.

Frantic Factory Boss
Use the "hair" that Cranky gave you, and jump around to avoid him. When he shoots at you, look at the color of the cube he is standing on. Hit the switch with the same color. Keep repeating this until the Boss is defeated.

Jump off the edge and stay on the small platform until the Jack In The Box has to stop jumping around. It is also easier to see where the switches are that you have to pound. After electrocuting the Boss, jump off the edge and do it again. To dodge his laser, stay on the same square until he throws it, then jump to the next square.

Gloomy Galleon Boss
Go through the stars with you boat. Ignore his shock attack and just go to edge. Repeat this three times to defeat the Boss.

Fungi Forest Boss
The Boss is the dragonfly (avoid the dragon). Throw bombs at him. The second time, he will use a shock attack. Jump over it or throw the bomb very quickly. It may be difficult to avoid the attack the third time. On the fourth time, when you throw bomb, get into Chunky's thing and get big. Do not use the Power Punch. Just hit him with the regular punch to defeat him.

The Fungi Forest Boss will send a wall of fire towards you after you hit him for the second time with a barrel. It is possible to not take any damage from this attack by hanging off the edge of the platform. It will go right past you and you can give the Dogadon a third hit.

When the Boss takes off and flies after he stomps on the platform (or if you have just hit him), he will throw five fireballs. After you dodging the fourth one, head for the explosive barrel while dodging the fifth fireball. When you grab the barrel, make sure you are facing Dragadon while on the opposite side of the pad where the barrel was. Throw the barrel at him. As soon as it hits him, jump straight up -- as soon as the Hunky Chunky barrel appears, you will be in it. When you come out, take one step toward him (so you are just over the pad where the explosive barrel was) and start punching like crazy while staying in the same spot. Repeat this a few more times to knock him in the lava and defeat him.

Crystal Boss
The Boss is the Armadillo again. Avoid his fireballs. When he shocks, run and press [B] to jump over them. Keep repeating this. When he shoots a missile, use the roll attack and make it hit the bomb. It does not matter if it hits you if you are good. He will eventually be defeated.

Castle Boss
When he appears, run and get in cannon to hit him. Hit him three times. On the fourth time, there is a decoy. Hit the real one three more times. The Boss will begin to move a lot on the seventh time. You have to be quick to jump into cannon. Hit him three more times. You can find out where the Boss is because his location will light up.
Defeating big club enemies
There are three ways to kill the giant club enemies. The first is to blast the music. The second is by using the special move where you hold [B]. The third and most difficult way is to go close to it. When it swings its club down and it gets stuck in the ground, throw a bomb at it. If you get hit, you will lose two melons. Sometimes it swings its club sideways, so you will not always have a chance to hit it, as it will hit the bomb away.

Defeating blueprint Kremlings
Press [Up] + [B] (or sometimes just [B]) to knock the blueprint Kremlings down. Wait for them to get up, then hit them with the [B] move. You should kill them with two (or sometimes three if you did the final [B] move too early) hits. Depending on the character you are playing, the moves will vary.
Donkey Kong: Full [B], then another full [B].
Diddy Kong: [Up] + [B], then a normal [B].
Tiny Kong: [Up] + [B], then a normal [B].
Lankey Kong: Full [B], then another full [B].
Chunky Kong: [Up] + [B], then a normal [B].
"Paper Mario"" music
"When you get defeated on the Donkey Kong arcade game, you will hear the last half of the music when defeating an enemy from Paper Mario.

Glitch: Glitch room
Return all the blueprints to Snide and go to Snide's HQ. Open the mini-game menu. Highlight any bonus stage. Now, press [A] + [B]. The screen will fade. When the screen opens up again, you will be in a strange room. The room consists of a large rectangular blue platform in the middle of a black void. Four pillars in size order will be in the middle. On one side, you will see a sprite of Donkey Kong. He does not move, but will blink and you can walk through him. On the other side of the pillars is a yellow balloon. There is no music in this room. If you walk into the void, you will eventually warp back to the rectangular platform. You cannot pause the game in here. Your game will not be damaged by doing this.

Glitch: Crystal Caves: Invisible boulder
In the Crystal Caves lobby as Chunky, take the boulder off of the button that hides the Wrinkly Kong doors. Take it to the lava off to the right. When you get there, press [Z] and the boulder should be in the lava. Next, go out and then re-enter. The boulder should be by Donkey Kong's barrel. Next, get ready to do a Shockwave by holding [B]. While still holding the button, go to the boulder. You will automatically pick it up. When it is in the air, release [B]. You will do the Shockwave. While you do that, the boulder will come down and explode. When it is over, Chunky will be holding an invisible bolder.

Glitch: Crystal Caves: Black room
Go to the cabin where Donkey Kong has to rotate the room to match pairs. When you pound on the switch, run into the wall. If done correctly, you will fall into a black room with a gray floor.

Glitch: Creepy Castle: Window reflection punches you
Go into the house where there are two windows as Chunky. Stand next to the window (the house or the stand) and do Chunky's super punch. Chunky's reflection will punch out of the window and punch you. You will not lose health. You also will not shatter the window.

Glitch: Frantic Factory: Run away from Boss
Fall off the platforms. When you rise up from the ground on the platform, use your Hair Spin and fly toward the wall. When you fall, you should end up being able to stay down on the ground until you get onto one of the rising platforms.

Glitch: Jungle Japes stage exit
Go near Funky's Hut in Jungle Japes as Diddy. Walk to your right. Stand on the flower. Face the side of the cliff. Press [Z] + [B] to do the Chimpy Charge. You should wind up in a green area. If you have not fallen off screen yet, walk around. You should fall into the tag barrel in the stage lobby.

Glitch: Jungle Japes: Burning Kong
Go into Jungle Japes and enter the cave with the torches. Jump directly into the middle of the torch and the Kong's back will start burning. Note: You will not lose melon halves.

Glitch: Gloomy Galleon: Stage exit
Go to where the portal where Troff n' Scroff was, then backflip towards the wall as any character. You have to keep going until you enter the stage again.

Glitch: Gloomy Galleon: Sunken ship
If you have not yet obtained Diddy's golden banana from the sunken ship in Gloomy Galleon, Chunky can get it. First, have Chunky go into his section of the ship. You do not have to get Chunky's bonus barrel immediately, but you can if desired. This trick may require a few attempts. Go past the blowfish at the end of the path. It will inflate and eventually explode. Before it explodes, swim past it, hug the wall, and press [C-Up]. You should be looking at the wall. When the blowfish explodes, first person mode will stop as usual, but you will be sent through the wall. You can now use Chunky in Diddy's banana barrel, but Diddy must pick up his own banana. Chunky is easier to use here because he is a larger target for the coins. You can exit through Diddy's exit, which is now mysteriously open.

Glitch: Walk through walls
Go to the room with Cranky and get to the 3 Pad. Then, go right to the small cliff with the portal to the Boss. Stand directly in front of the wall and high jump (hold [Z] + [A]). You will then be halfway through the wall. Walk towards the wall and you will be in an orange area that goes forever. If you keep walking, you will be transported to the beginning of the level.

As Chunky Kong in Jungle Japes, jump into the Hunky Chunky barrel near the beehive. Long jump straight into it to fall through it. If done correctly, you will land behind the wall.

As Hunky Chunky in Angry Aztec, jump on one of the nearby lamps. Keep jumping forward, toward the wall, until you fall through.

When Hunky Chunky in Fungi Forest goes into the wrong area, he will shrink. Jump toward a wall while shrinking to get in. This is not easy. The same trick may also work in Crystal Caves.

As Chunky Kong in Creepy Castle, on the bottom level outside, go behind the gravestone. When you get stuck, jump to squeeze into the wall. Be careful not to go too far because the level is completely hollow.

Glitch: Start in Fungi Forest
Go to the Mad Tomatoes location, get Hunky Chunky, then go to the passage with nothing and keep jumping.

Glitch: Take Hunky Chunky elsewhere in Jungle Japes
In Jungle Japes as Chunky, go to the area where you find the Cranky's Chunky Barrel. Jump in to turn to Hunky Chunky. Try to long jump into the beehive (this may more than one attempt). If done correctly Chunky will go through the hive and land in the cave of the level.

Glitch: Hunky Chunky under Jungle Japes
Go to Jungle Japes with Chunky. Go into the Hunky Chunky barrel. Become Hunky Chunky. Then, go to the bee hive and jump through it. This may take a few attempts. You should land in the tunnel. Go to the area with a pit and two vines. Do the steps the same way Hunky Chunky would go under D.K. Island. You should be under the level. If you want to get out, go into the water. However, if you do not go under the level, you can go into the area with the pegs and bees, an area only Lanky should be able to reach.

Glitch: Hideout Helm freeze
Unlock Hideout Helm, then go there and change into Chunky. Save your game, then go to the platforms outside. Jump to the "hands", then make your way up to the top. Dive down from the edge. The game will lock up. This may be because the level is only supposed to be accessible using Tiny.

Glitch: Lanky in Hideout Helm
You can go into the middle of King K. Rool's blast machine. From the Hideout Helm lobby, choose Lanky from the tag barrel. Take him back outside and carefully jump on K. Rool's "lip". Try using a backflip for accuracy. Walk to either side to the slanted back of his lip. Do the Orandstand by holding [Z] and pressing [B]. Walk up the slant and at the top, you can see through the machine. Walk into it and you will fall all the way to the bottom and land safely in the water. You will now be inside the machine, looking out. You can do something similar to this on DK Island, but you will just fall into air and die.

Glitch: Bomb shadow in Jungle Japes
Enter Jungle Japes as Chunky and go to the passage near the big "X" with a rock on it. Walk up the path until you reach his "Hunky Chunky" barrel. Jump in (this works best if you enable the "All Infinite" cheat) and walk over to Tiny's pink shell. Do a super jump onto the top of the shell. Press [C-Up] and look at the entrance you used to enter. Fire the maximum amount of orange bombs (4 or 5 should work) as fast as possible. If done correctly, you should only see their shadows after they get about three-quarters of the way there. They should resemble a centipede zooming across the screen.

Glitch: Get inside of a platform
Play as Chunky Kong in the Frantic Factory level. Go into the testing level of the place. Find where there are three yellow Banana Coins (Donkey Kong's) on a stairway. Face the stairway, then go to the left and you should see a block that has a rising part out of it. Jump onto the rising part then jump into the little crevice in the wall. Jump out of the crevice towards the edge of the barred platform (the upper level of where the yellow Banana Coins were). When you are right at the edge, do Chunky's aerial somersault towards the edge. If done correctly, you should be inside of the platform and still able to move around. To get out, simply jump or move over to the top of the stairway.

Glitch: Disappearing ammo
Enter the third multi-player level using two or more players using any characters. Place one of the characters on the top between a portal pad and the entrance to the bottom section. Place another character on the opposite end of the "ramp" up. Put that character on [C-Up] mode, looking straight up. Let the first player fire a few rounds at the other character, and look down on the other screen. The ammo should disappear right in front of your eyes. Using homing ammo and sniper mode for this trick helps. You may also need to move the characters back more until the trick can be done.

Glitch: K. Rool Pad complete invisibility
After you have the Fairy Shockwave power (hold [B] and release to use) go to a K. Rool battle arena pad. Begin to charge power, then press [Z] while on the pad. You will begin to teleport to the battle. Your character during the process of teleporting will turn start to turn invisible. As soon as you are completely invisible and less than a second from screen changing into the arena, unleash your Shockwave to stop yourself from going. This requires very precise timing. Your character will remain completely invisible. You can move around and do lots of things while in this state. There are no limitations to how long you can stay this way. However, you cannot go into new areas or barrels without returning to normal. Try this in Gloomy Galleon and then go underwater for a nice visual effect.

Glitch: Discolored banana
When you are in a Troff n' Scoff room with Diddy, go to the bottom of the screen where it shows how many bananas each Kong has given. Stand on one of the pads and wait until the number appears. Then, before the number disappears, run as fast as you can to another pad. Everything should appear as usual except the color of the banana, which will turn to the color of the Kong's pad that you were just on.

Glitch: Moving without trying
When you first enter Jungle Japes you will be standing behind the Bananaport with 1 on it. After the Parrot/Diddy talks to you, your character will be standing in front of it. The Bananaport will not be activated.

Glitch: Swimming with gun
On multi-player mode, go to a level with water. Take out your gun, go to the edge of the water, and press [C-Up] immediately before you fall in. This may require some practice. If done correctly, you will swim with your gun. Note: This was done with Lankey. You cannot shoot in the water or aim. When you jump out, you will have your gun.

Glitch: Swim through a wall
Select multi-player mode and choose the first battle area. There is a pool of water on the lowest floor. In the center of it is a huge wall. Dive under water, then bump into the wall a few times at different angles. You may manage to slip into the wall. You can swim around in it, but if you get too close to the edge, you will appear to be in the water again.

Glitch: Passageway to #4 Bannanaporter
In Jungle Japes, go to Funky`s Hut and find the flower on the right. Stand on it and press [Z] + [B] to Chimpy Charge into the side of the mountain. If done correctly you will fall through the mountain and onto next, to the #4 Bannanaporter .If you did not fall right away and are standing on air inside the mountain, move around and you will fall near the #4 Bannanaporter. The screen will glitch while falling.

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