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Nov. 29, 2006
Nov. 29, 2006
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Expert mode
Successfully complete the game and wait until the credits end. Save the game, then restart to access the "Hard" difficulty setting. Note: The first green jewel for the Secret #1 entry on the item list must be collected. It can be found in the Silent Forest (level 1). Locate the platform that is floating next to a bridge. Jump to the platform and hit the torch to find the jewel.

Alternate costumes
Successfully complete the game, using either character, after finding the two special crystals in the towers under the "Hard" difficulty setting. When playing as Reinhardt, move up to the third level in the Tower of Execution, break open one of the iron maidens to find the Execution Key, return to the second level, open the locked iron gate, walk through the hallway, look over the edge to find a floating platform with an iron maiden, jump to the floating platform, and break the iron maiden to find the purple jewel for his Secret #2. When playing as Carrie, throw holy water at the floating platform with a torch at the top of the Tower of Sorcery just before the exit, hit the torch to find the purple jewel for her Secret #2. Save the game, then highlight the character that was used in the completed game at the character selection screen. Hold [Analog-stick Up] and choose the character to select their alternate costume. Note: Reidhart's alternate costume is Simon Belmont's original costume. Carrie Fernandez's alternate costume is a classic 1920s school girl outfit.

To unlock Carrie Fernandez's alternate costume, play as Henry and successfully complete the game after finding the child in the waterway. Her alternate costume will be unlocked for the next game.

To unlock Cornell's alternate costume, play as Henry and successfully complete the game after finding the child in the castle wall. The alternate costume will be unlocked for the next game.

To unlock Reinhardt's alternate costume, play as Henry and successfully complete the game after finding the child in the tunnel. The alternate costume will be unlocked for the next game.

Play as Carrie Fernandez
As Henry, successfully complete the game after finding the child in the outer wall. Carrie Fernandez will be unlocked for the next game.

Play as Reinhardt
As Henry, successfully complete the game after finding the child in the villa. Reinhardt will be unlocked for the next game.

Renon ending sequence
Purchase more than $30,000 in items from Renon during game play. A battle with Renon will appear at the end of the game.

Charlie Vincent ending sequence
Use more than four cards during game play, or take an excessive amount of time to complete the game. A battle with Charlie Vincent will appear at the end of the game.
Save often
Save the game every time that you get the chance to do so. This will prevent difficult sections of the game from having to be repeated.

Solving the Goddess astronomy puzzle
Set Gold on 2, Red on 4, and Blue on 8.

Passing the hedge maze
Look up and to the right at the entrance to the garden hedge maze to find a platform. Use the invisible ledge in front of the platform to reach it. When passing through the maze with Malus, turn left, open the unlocked door, then move left, right, right, left, left, left, right, right, enter the gate and collect the items, exit through the gate and run right, left, right, left, left, right. Move through the passage, collect the key, walk through the Villa, re-enter the maze, run down the long passage towards the tower, then enter the door to the right.

Finding food
Look at the statues to find chickens or slabs of beef.

Healing kit and extra items
On the third set of stairs after leaving the Clock Tower, right before you open the door to enter Stage 10, are two flames on each side. Choose one and jump to it. Walk slowly around until you reach the back. You will see two small platforms with a Torch on each of them. Get to the platform that is connected to the building. Hit the torch and get the items. To get the torch that seems to be on a floating platform, go to the corner across from the torch. You have to walk across an invisible walkway. Just walk directly -- there are no turns.

Collecting the courtyard fountain items
Wait until midnight, and climb the platform that appears in the courtyard fountain.

Speaking to Rosa
Speak with Rosa when she appear in the rose garden in the Villa at 3 a.m.

Invisible path
At the beginning of the game, you have to climb all the way to the top in the first level. You will reach a hanging rigging. Go up to it and head straight towards the other tower. You will notice that there is an invisible path to go to the top that cannot reach. There is a healing kit and roast beef at this location.

Defeating Dracula 1 Boss
The problem of tracking the elusive Boss Dracula 1 and whipping his head is greatly simplified if you start the round by jumping into his casket and whip him from there. The height of the casket requires no jumping -- just whip. Pace the inner length of the casket, then use lock-on and whip when he is within range. You can use the crosses from there, but should be saved for later. If the Boss catches you during the Vac and Suck attack, you can avoid becoming a vampire by continually rotating the Analog-stick fully either clockwise or counterclockwise while he is biting. Continue until he is through. This will save you from using the Purifying Potion, but the Boss will still put a hit on your life bar. Shaking [Analog-stick Left] and [Analog-stick Right] will also work, but is unstable due to the need for correct left/right orientation. If you miss by a few degrees, it will fail. Thrashing the Boss with the Rod while he is biting you only seems to reduce his take on your life bar slightly.

Castle Center: Unlimited money
Defeat the bull in the Castle Center, then return to the white crystal save point. Locate and open the large crate to collect $2,000. Save and load the game, then open the crate again. Repeat this to gain an unlimited amount of money.

Silent Forest: Special Crystal
Instead of jumping to the platform with the Special Crystal, you can just walk out to it.

Dracula's Castle: Hidden items
When you are just about to fight Dracula, jump onto the candle that is right besides Dracula's room. Press "C-Right "and you will get a healing kit. After that, jump and press [Right] when up against the wall. Go all the way to the back of the room. Hit the candle and you will get a power-up. When you turn around, you will see a floating panel with a candle on it . Go all the way to the back of the platform that you are currently on. Run up and jump straight ahead to land on an invisible platform . Hit the candle and you will get roast beef.

Moon jump to extra level
Note: This trick requires a GameShark or Pro Action Replay cartridge. Enable the following code:
D0387D7F 0020
81350810 3FCB"
This button allows you to moon jump by pressing [L]. Use the following trick to reach Duel Tower as Carrie Fernandez. Complete Castle Center and moon jump across the broken bridge. Get to the first white crystal, save the game, then disable the code. To get to Tower of Science as Reinhardt Schneider do the opposite as you would with Carrie Fernandez.

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