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Nov. 29, 2006
Nov. 29, 2006
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Enter "MSTSRVV" as a password. Note: Only the tank you control will be invincible; watch your Goliath tank.

Unlimited lives
Enter "LVFRVR" as a password.

All weapons
Enter "PLVRZM" as a password.

Unlimited ammunition
Enter "LTSFBLLTS" as a password.

Enter "CRSTLCLR" as a password. Note: Only the tank you control will be invisible until you die once.

All gangs in campaign mode
Enter "LTSLTSGNGS" as a password.

Storm Ravens gang
Enter "WMNRSMRTR" as a password. The all-women Storm Ravens game, with laser and cloak power-up will be selectable.

Frog mode
Enter "FRGZ" as a password.

Toad gang
Enter "TDZ" to replace the Queen Lords with toads.

Run Story mode
Enter "CDPLT" as a password.

Psychedelic view
Enter "CNCTHRTM" as a password.

Spinning view
Enter "HVRL" as a password

Hold [C-Left] + [C-Right] + [C-Up] + [C-Down].
Multi-player weapons power-up
Begin game play in multi-player mode and collect at least fifteen of one weapon, except for grenades. Aim at an opponent, then press [A] + [B] to fire a powered-up version of that weapon. When fifteen guided missiles have been collected, it creates a super missile that is larger, but slower, than normal missiles. After firing this missile, press [Z] to shoot a limited amount of lasers from it.

Drive Goliath tank off rail
While in the Goliath tank, hold [C-Left] or [C-Right] until the tank stops. Then, hold [C-Down] until a grinding sound is heard. A message stating that the tank is off the rail will appear. The tank may now be driven to any location as needed.

Area 51: Teleport
Begin a multi-player game in the Area 51 level. Shoot both UFOs and enter their debris to teleport from one to the other.

Begin game play in annihilation mode with two CPU players. Wait until "Loser" appears on screen after one is defeated, then use the controller to move through the level.

Indestructible Gun Buddy
Collect a Gun Buddy, the back up into any wall that can not be destroyed. Drop the Gun Buddy to insert it into the wall. It will be able to fire, but can not be destroyed.

Cloaking will make you invisible, but if you fire or have a queen with you, your tank will become visible again.

Slow guided missile
Enable the "Unlimited weapons" code, then start a game. Press [B] to select guided missiles, then press [A] + [B] to use them. You should also be able to fire lasers out the top of your missile.

Easy Battle Lord game
When playing the Battle Lord game, go to a level with a lot of turbo, or with easy accessed turbo, and pick the Moto. Use any weapons you can to kill the Goliath if it is in an enclosed base. When it is dead, go in, capture the queen, and turbo out of there. The "troop" tanks may be Goliaths, but these do not pack a 200mm machine gun like the guardians. Turbo back to your base, and let your own Goliath do the work.

Super in multi-player mode
This trick can only done by player one. Choose the easy difficulty setting, and place yourself on novice. You can be super in any mode such as battlelord, annihilation etc. You can also be at any level like Area 51, etc. once the previous settings are done. Go with a Small Guy and get shot by a Goliath. He should kill you. Press [Start] and choose "Restart". Once again, go with a Small Guy and get shot by a Goliath. However, this time he will not kill you in one shot. The Goliath will take all but two health off . Repeat this process to get even stronger.

Level passwords
Enter one of the following passwords to start at the corresponding level with the Nuclear Knights gang.


Tips and Hints
When near a land-mine field, throw a grenade to clear the mines and then it will be safe to drive by.

Only collect a radar power-up if you get killed because there are only a limited amount of them in the arena. The radar shows the locations of your opponent(s).

Collect as much power-ups as possible before going into battle to assure a win.

Use [L] to change your view.

Strafe when using the tank that goes back and forth at your base by pressing [C-Left] and [C-Right]. You will need to switch tanks to do so.

After finishing a mission, check the bottom of your status screen to find out the level code (password), to play later or in the event you get killed.

Gun Buddies are little turrets which shoot when an opponent walks close by them. They will never fire at you, only at the opponent. If you are on the blue team, you will place blue gun buddies around. Green would get green gun buddies, etc.

Try not to waste ammo because some courses do not contain much. There are more power-up weapons than the primary gun.

The items with the lightning symbol indicate that they are lasers. You will only get a few although they are extremely powerful.

Grenades can be very useful, but only if you know how to use them the right way. When you throw one, it will not go very far. It is actually pretty simple to use effectively.

Swarm Missiles are missiles whose bullets are shot in a circular swarming pattern. Keep in mind that these missiles have a long range.

Nukes take a little long to work but they are pretty good weapons.

Homing Missiles are the best (my opinion) because you can shoot them and then guide them to a target. Like the Swarm Missiles, the Homing Missiles can fly until they hit something. This is useful when getting enemies that are too tough to beat up close, such as the tanks that swivel back and forth on a rail.

Health is actually the best power-up. Without health, the other cool weapons and items can not be obtained. If your life bar is full, and you get a first aid kit, it will automatically placed in inventory for later use.

A really interesting item is the cloaking item. Once used, you will be invisible on the radar and also invisible to your opponents.
Glitch: Berlin War Zone: Go through barrier
Drive down to where the Tank Bucks are located. Let the train hit you if you have invincibility. Try to get away as it hits you. You should end up on the other side of the barrier.

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