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Nov. 25, 2005
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Cheat mode
Enter the witch's head on Spiral Mountain to find Cheato. One cheat will be revealed for every five Cheato pages that you find. Other cheats are revealed by finding the various mystery eggs hidden throughout the game or are rewards for doing certain actions. The cheats are entered in the Mayahem Temple near Wumba's Wigwam. Note: Grenade eggs are required to enter the temple. Spell out one of the following cheat codes inside the temple to activate the corresponding effect. Note: Cheats prefixed with "CHEATO" are unlocked immediately without collecting the required number of Cheato pages.

Double feather carrying capacityFEATHERS or CHEATOSREHTAEF
Double egg carrying capacityEGGS or CHEATOSGGE
Unlimited eggs and feathersCHEATONESTKING
Unlimited air and healthHONEYKING or CHEATOKCABYENOH
All mini-games, Bosses, and movies in replay modeCHEATOPLAYITAGAINSON
Banjo moves fasterCHEATOSUPERBANJO
Enemies move fasterCHEATOSUPERBADDY
Music test unlocked in Jolly Roger Bay jukeboxJUKEBOX or CHEATOXOBEKUJ
Unlimited GlowbosGLOKING
Unlimited Mega Glowbos SUPGLOKING
No damage when fallingFALLPROOF or CHEATOFOORPLLAF
Eggs home in on nearest targetHOMING
Jiggy hints given by signs in Master Jiggywiggy's houseGETJIGGY or CHEATOYGGIJTEG
All replay sub-options unlockedCHEATOPLAYITAGAINSON
View ending sequence; only if you currently have less than 90 JiggiesCHEATOJIGGYSCASTLIST

Mystery Pink Egg
To find the location of the mysterious Pink Egg from Banjo-Kazooie, go back to Spiral Mountain. Just above the tree stumps where the speed shoes are located is a hole. In the hole are metal bars enclosing in a Banjo-Kazooie Game Pak. To destroy the metal bars, you will have to learn about Grenade Eggs. Use them to blow up the bars. Go up to Gruntilda's Lair to find a Flight Pad so you can fly to the hole and break open the Game Pak to find the Pink Egg.

Ice Key
The Ice Key is hidden inside another game pak. You will have to learn the Grip Grab move to get it. Go to Jinjo Village, go behind the Green Jinjo's House, and find the sandy spot. You will see a crack in the wall. Go up on the platform near there to reach it and climb your way across to a hole. Be careful, because there are plants that will bite you. When you reach the cave, you will see the Game Pak.

Swim faster
Press [A] + [B] to swim faster in water. Note: This will only work after you save the fish who is stuck under a rock.
Double Honeycomb
Run up to an opponent (most the small green ones) and if you accidentally get hit by him, run and do a barrel roll on him. He should be propelled in the air. Jump through him while your Honeycomb count is still onscreen and he is still in the air. Your meter should go up by one Honeycomb. Then, get the Honeycomb that you receive for defeating him.

Four Honeycombs
Once you have Dragon Kazooie, find a Beehive with red eyes. Shoot it with an Ice Egg and walk up to it. Stand still and press [B] to use your Fire Breath technique on the Beehive. This is very useful if you do not have much energy remaining.

Caldron Keep: Restore eggs and feathers
After winning the Tower Of Tragedy quiz, go to the gun chamber and find Dingpot. Jump inside of him and he will restore all your eggs and feathers so you will be ready to defeat Grunty.

Cloud Cuckoo Land: Jellycastle
Use Sack Pack to get in the Jellycastle.

Get the Ice Key from one of the Banjo-Kazooie game paks. Then, go to the waterfall caverns in Glitter Gulch Mine. Use Talon Torpedo on the rock with Kazooie on it and you will find a safe. Use the Ice Key, and a Mega Glowbo will appear. Go to Wumba's hut in Pine Grove and you will turn Kazooie into a Dragon.

Glitter Gulch Mine: Easy Cheato Page
When you first enter Glitter Gulch Mine, you will notice a Cheato Page on top of the wooden entryway. As you climb down the rope, you will also notice the Springy Step Shoes. These are not available for use yet, so you must wait until you get to Terrydactyland. There is, however, another way to get this Cheato Page. As you climb down the rope to enter Glitter Gulch Mine, climb about half way down, place your back towards the Cheato Page, jump off towards it, then use Kazooie to help make a perfect landing on top of the wooden entry way. You should then be able to retrieve the Cheato Page without ever having to use the Springy Step Shoes (learned in Terrydactyland).

Grunty Industries: Cheato page
Go to the Workers Quarters In Grunty Industries and shoot a grenade egg at the bathroom door. You will find the toilet from Banjo-Kazooie. Do a Bill Drill to unclog him to get a Cheato page.

Grunty Industries: Mumbo Jumbo wallpaper
Go to the Workers Quarters In Grunty Industries and go to area with the bunny on it and look on the wall to find Mumbo Jumbo wallpaper and a picture of Mumba Wumba.

Jump through the Mumba Wumba picture to find a hidden sign.

Mumbo's and Wumba's Huts
In Hailfire Peaks, there are transport holes in a breakable wall in Mumbo's hut and an invisible passage through Wumba's blue cloth hanging on the wall. The two passages lead to each other. There is also a secret passage in Mumbo's hut in Jolly Roger's Lagoon.

Hailfire Peaks: Jinjo doll
Go to the icy side of Hailfire Peaks. Get Mumbo and warp to the lower icy side. Go in front of Wumba's Wigwam, but do not enter. You will see a path to your right. Walk up that path, but be careful since it is slippery. Break the ice cube with the Mumbo pad in it. Use Mumbo's magic to revive the alien father. He will ask you to find his children. Then, go back to play as Banjo. Warp to the lower icy side. Climb down the "hill" you are on. At the bottom, turn right. You will see a hole in the wall. Go through it. Grip-grab The ledge and go across. Then, at the end of the ledge, drop down. There will be an ice block there. Break it with Bill Drill. An alien child will jump out and will be holding a doll. The doll is a Jinjo.

Hailfire Peaks: Jiggy into Grunty Industries
Go inside Wumba's Wigwam where you will turn into a snowball. Then, go on a Warp Pad to the upper area of the fire side. Go left, then up a ramp a little farther ahead on the right. Next, go down the ramp on the ice side until you reach a building's roof. Go on a button that you can step on and watch a Jiggy go into Grunty Industries.

Hailfire Peaks: Jiggy
Turn yourself into Banjo only. Then, go to any Warp Pad and go to the upper area of the fire side. Go left until you run into a body of hot water. Hold [Z] then press [C-Down]. Jump into the water and get the fish. Take a Warp Pad to the upper area of the ice side. Go directly to the pad, turn right, go down the ramp, climb up the first stairs, and go into igloo. Feed Boggy the fish to get a Jiggy.

Jiggywiggy's Temple: Behind the temple
Go to Jiggywiggy's Temple and walk behind him. Go through the carpet on the wall behind him and you will be behind the temple. There is nothing special there -- just three signs.

Jinjo Village: Treble Clef
There is a hidden Treble Clef on top of the red Jinjo house.

Jolly Roger Lagoon: Make the pirate Jolly Roger Lagoon: Pictures
In the back room where Captain Blackeye is located are a picture of Shark Island with a hole in it and a picture with a Pink Egg.

Jolly Roger Lagoon: Pigs
Look closely at the pig with two arms in Jolly Roger Lagoon. He will drop his tube and his underweae will be showing. If you go in the Temple Of Fishes there will be another pig and his name is Chris P. Bacon (crispy bacon).

On the fire side, if you take the snowball from the icy side you can cool down the hot water at the very beginning and give it to the pigs in Jolly Roger Lagoon:

Jolly Roger Lagoon: Hidden doubloons Cavern
When you enter the Inn, turn to your left to find a window. Look in first person view through the window. Shoot a grenade egg at the barrel that is marked gun powder. A door will blast open. Go into the door at the side of Jolly's Inn. You will find a hole in the ground that leads to Smuggler's Cavern.

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