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Check out these Frogbert cheats and stay cool!
20 Meters - Scored 20 meters in Long Leapin'.
50 Meters - Scored 50 meters in Long Leapin'.
100 Meters - Scored 100 meters in Long Leapin'.
Bouncy Legs - Jump more.
Coin Collector - Collect more coins.
Fly Muncher - Eat more flies.
Good Aiming - Do a perfect landing on the flower.
Great Aiming - Do more perfect landings on the flower.
Jumpy Legs - Jump, jump!.
Perfectionist - Do more perfect landings on the flower.
Coin Grabber - Collect coins.
Coin Stacker - Collect more coins.
Completed 10 - Complete 10 challanges.
Completed 30 - Complete 30 challenges.
Curious Frog - What's in those treasure chests?.
Fly Chewer - Eat flies.
Restless Legs - Jump more.
Spider Licker - Hit 200 spiders with the frog's tongue.
Three-starred 15 - Get three stars in 15 challenges.
Three-starred 30 - Get three stars in 30 challenges.
Three-starred 50 - Get three stars in 50 challenges.

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