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Nov. 29, 2006
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No opponent field goals
Repeatedly go off-sides until the ball is on the goal line. When the field goal attempt is made, it will be too low.

Easy kick off recovery
When kicking off, keep the indicator arrow is on the kicker. Repeatedly tap [C], then press [A] when the kicker is about to make contact with the ball.

Super Bowl passwords

Atlanta vs. Chicago5002300
Atlanta vs. Miami7777777
Atlanta vs. Pittsburg4770000
Chicago vs. Denver0415000
Chicago vs. New England0613000
Chicago vs. Pittsburg3777777
Los Angeles vs. Chicago6504500
Los Angeles vs. Cincinnati6777777
Los Angeles vs. Denver7450000
Los Angeles vs. Houston7654321
Los Angeles vs. Kansas City2452300
Los Angeles vs. Miami0473176
Los Angeles vs. Pittsburg2777777
Minnesota vs. Buffalo0535000
Minnesota vs. Denver3456712
New England vs. Buffalo0600100
New York vs. Houston4452300
New York vs. New England5777777
New York vs. Washington0700100
Philadelphia vs. Cincinnati5555500
Philadelphia vs. Houston1777777
Philadelphia vs. Houston1777777
Philadelphia vs. Miami7676767
Philadelphia vs. New England6712345
San Francisco vs. Buffalo0515000
San Francisco vs. Denver0751000
San Francisco vs. Houston6770000
San Francisco vs. Miami7651567
San Francisco vs. New England1717171
San Francisco vs. Pittsburg5671234
Washington vs. Buffalo5450000
Washington vs. Kansas City4777777

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