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Nov. 29, 2006
Nov. 29, 2006
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Press [A]x4, [Up], [Down], [Left], [Right] when the word "Start" appears on the title screen. A chime will confirm correct code entry. Hold [B] and press [Start]. A second chime will be heard. Hold [C] and press [Start]. Begin game play with invincibility enabled. Note: You will still be harmed by falling, being grabbed by a green hand on level 4, and being stepped on by Loki. (The alternate version of this code is to press [Up], [B], [Down], [B], [Left], [B], [Right], [B] at the title screen until the chime confirms correct code entry. Then, hold [B] and press [Start] to begin game play.)

Japanese mode
Enter the options screen. Choose "26" for the music and "56" for sound selections, then hold [Down/Left] + [A] + [B] + [C] + [Start].

Bonus points
There is a key at the end of every level. Position your knight just to the right of the key, then jump to the left. With the proper timing, you can take the key as you begin your jump for 5,000 bonus points.

Slow motion
Enable the "Invincibility", "Japanese mode" or "Level select" codes and press [Start] pause game play. Hold [B] to resume game play in slow motion. (The alternate version of this code is to press [Up], [A], [Down], [A], [Left], [A], [Right], [A] at the title screen. A chime will confirm correct code entry. Pause game play and hold [B] to resume in slow motion.)

Level select
Press [[Up], [Down], [Left], [Right]] repeatedly at the title screen. The sound of a harp will confirm correct code entry. Enter one of the following controller actions to select the corresponding level. Press [A] instead of [Start] to begin at the second half of the corresponding level. Note: To enable these codes along with any other cheat code, allow the demonstration mode to cycle once before entering the other codes.

The Execution PlacePress [Start].
The Floating IslandPress [A], [Start].
The Village of DecayPress [Up], [Start].
Town of FirePress [Up] + [A], [Start].
Baron Rankle's TowerPress [Down], [Start].
Horrible Faced MountainPress [Down] + [A], [Start].
The Crystal ForestPress [Left], [Start].
The Ice SlopesPress [Left] + [A], [Start].
Beginning of CastlePress [Right], [Start].
Middle of CastlePress [Right] + [A], [Start].
LokiPress [Down/Right], [Start].
Super fire windmill
At the Village Of Decay, after you exit the sand slope building go to the fire windmill. Shoot the fire and after a while it will go extremely fast, making it impossible to pass.

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