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Primary Collection of Cheats
Level select and all vehicles
Press [Y], [Z], [X], [L] at the player selection menu.

Kevin Nash
Press [L], [X], [Z], [Y] at any menu.

Successfully complete season mode as Chris Jerhico or Edge to unlock Christian in season mode.

Hulk Hogan
Successfully complete season mode as The Rock, Edge, or Kevin Nash to unlock Hulk Hogan in season mode.

Play in season mode as Kane. Defeat Hulk Hogan at the tag team match to unlock him.

Ric Flair
Successfully complete season mode as Big Show, Rob Van Dam, or Triple H to unlock Ric Flair in season mode.

Stephanie McMahon
Successfully complete season mode as Kurt Angle to unlock Stephanie McMahon in season mode.

Vince McMahon
Play through season mode as any character and defeat Vince McMahon in the last level to unlock him in exhibition mode.

Demolition Derby mode
Win a match without firing any weapons.

WWE World Title belt
Win a season with a WWE SmackDown! character. They will now appear with the WWE World Title belt at the character selection screen.

Woman's Championship belt
Win a season with a woman character. She will now appear with the Woman's Championship belt at the character selection screen.
Recommended tag team
Use Bubba and D-Von Dudley.

Superstar and weapon combinations
The following is a list of weapons that are best for the corresponding superstar. Note: Secret characters do well with everything except mines, VRF gun, or ramming power.
The Rock: Twisty Rockets
The Big Show: Ramming Power
Billy Gunn: VRF Gun
Booker T: Mines
Bubba Ray Dudley: Atomic Drop
Chris Benoit: Annihilator
Chris Jericho: Grenade Launcher
Chuck Palumbo: Laser Guided Rockets
Edge: Mines
Brock Lesnar: Annihilator
Jeff Hardy: Twisty Rockets
Kane: VRF Gun
Kurt Angle: Laser Guided Rockets
Matt Hardy: Grenade Launcher
Rikishi: Ramming Power
Rob Van Dam: Atomic Drop
Stacy Keibler: VRF Gun
Stone Cold Steve Austin: Annihilator
Test: Twisty Rockets
Triple H: Mines
Trish Stratus: VRF Gun
The UnderTaker: Annihilator
William Regal: Laser Guided Rockets

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