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Full pause screen
Pause game play then hold [Y] + [X].

In-game reset
Hold [X] + [B] + [Start] during game play.

Freeze camera
To keep the camera still in the Chao Garden or in an action stage where you can stand still, hold [L] + [R].

Character comments
Start any mission, and keep your character idle for about twenty seconds. They will comment about the mission. They will say something different when you continue to wait until forty seconds.
Boss time attack mode
Successfully complete either side story to see all the scenes from the side of the story that you chose or you can play the Bosses that you fought in a time attack mode. To get both the Hero and the Dark modes you have to complete both sides of the game.

Last stage
Successfully complete both Hero and Dark side story modes. Enter story mode to access the "Last Stage?" option.

Extra costumes
Get "A" ranks on every mission with the character you wish to get the costume for in two-player mode.

Duplicating Chao
This trick requires two memory cards (with another Sonic Adventure 2 Battle file on the second card), a link cable, and a Game Boy Advance. Put the Chao to be duplicated onto the Chao Transporter. Drop off your Chao to the Game Boy Advance. Then, go to "Move" on the Chao Transporter and transfer your real Chao (not the one in the Game Boy Advance) to a Sonic Adventure 2 Battle file on the second memory card. Next, pick up your Chao copy from the Game Boy Advance and transfer it to the Gamecube. You can now move back your real Chao from the other memory card to the first file you were working with.

This trick requires two memory cards. To get two free normal Chaos at one time, put two memory cards in the slots. Transfer all your Chao into one memory card (through the GBA Station). Erase Chao data on the first memory card, transfer the Chaos back, and then you will find two Chao eggs. Note: If you have acquired the Dark and Hero gardens, they will be lost. You have to earn them back again with babies. Also, If all your Chao do not fit on the memory card, either get another memory card, or you will lose them.

Use the following trick to copying a Chao with two memory cards and no Game Boy Advance. Put two memory cards into the Gamecube. Next, copy your Sonic Adventure Battle 2 file from the first memory card over to the second memory card. This will delete your Sonic Adventure Battle 2 file on the second memory card if you had one. Next, go to the Chao Garden (it does not matter which one, on which card) and go to the transporter (the big Game Boy Advance), select "Move Chao", and transfer whichever Chao you want from the second memory card to the first. If you do not want the file on the second, delete it. You can do this as many times as needed.

This trick requires two memory cards and a Game Boy Advance with link cable. Take a Chao to the Chao transporter. Drop off the Chao in the Game Boy Advance. Then, go back in and pick it up. Immediately after you select "pick up", disconnect the link cable. If done correctly, you will have the Chao both in the Game Boy Advance and the Chao Garden. Move the Chao in the garden to the other memory card. Then, move the one in the Game Boy Advance to the first memory card. Note: If you do not move the one in the first memory card to the second memory card and try to pick up the Chao on the Game Boy Advance, it will erase the Chao in the garden, leaving only one Chao.

To copy a Chao with only one memory card, you need a Game Boy Advance and a link cable. First, put a copy of the desired Chao into the Game Boy Advance and unplug it. Save the game and turn off the Game Cube. Remove the memory card and plug in the Game Boy Advance. Then, go to the Chao Garden by entering the Emblem Results screen and selecting either "Chao Race" or "Chao Karate". Pick up your Chao, then insert the memory card into slot B. Then, simply move the Chao into the memory card.

This trick requires two memory cards. Enter the Chao garden then, pick up the Chao to be duplicated. Remove your memory card. Walk to the Chao Transporter and select "Move". Then, try to move the Chao you wish to duplicate to the other memory card. The message "No memory card detected in slot 1. Continue without saving?" will appear. Select "Yes". Once it has transferred, turn off the Gamecube. You should now have the Chao on two memory cards. Note: If you try to move one of the duplicated Chaos to another memory card with the same Chao already on it, there is a chance it will delete that Chao. This will also work with eggs.

Dark Garden for Chao
Take a Chao and raise it with a Dark character. Feed and train it until it cocoons. After it evolves, stairs will appear at the Chao Lobby. Follow them to reach the Dark Garden.

Go to Pumpkin Hill and find the Skeleton Dog. Exit and do it again until you have maxed the line. Go to the Garden with Knuckles and drop off the Dogs. Exit the garden than go back in with a Dark character. The dogs should still be in there. Keep doing this.

Chao expressions
Your Chao's expressions depend on how many seconds you shake the egg before it hatches. About six seconds results in the V face and ten seconds for no expression face. To get the very wide smile you may have to experiment.

Preview evolved Chao
Get an already evolved Chao. Next, collect the animal you want to use (Dragons, Bears, etc.). Then, feed them to your evolved Chao. This will show you what your Choa will look like when evolved.

Determining Chao's gender
Give a ram to a Chao. If the horns are yellow, the Chao is male. If the horns are pink, the Chao is female.

Different Chao types
You can make your Chao different types (for example, Running, Power, etc.) by giving your Chao a large amount of the same colored Chaos Drives. Pet your Chao with the either a Hero or Dark character. If you give your Chao green Chao Drives, then it will be a Running type. If yellow, it will be a Swimming type. If red, it will be a Power type. If purple, it will be a Flying type.

Free pumpkins for Chao
Go to any Chao Garden as Knuckles and dig in the ground. You will find pumpkins if you dig enough. Give them to your Chao, and if it is powerful enough, it will put it on its head.

Free toys for Chao
Take your Chao to school. Whatever the lesson is, they should bring something related back. For example, if the lesson is tambourine they will bring one back with a star on it; if the lesson is flute, they will bring one back.

Free fruits for Chao
Note: Sonic Advance and the Game Boy Advance link cable are required for this trick. Buy the fruits on Sonic Advance . Go to any Chao Garden and enter the Chao Transporter. Link to Sonic Advance and transfer the fruits for free.

Kill yourself in the Hero Garden
Go to the Hero Garden as Tails. Jump into the water and go to the deepest part. After a short time, you will hear the "danger" music and then die.

Chao band or choir
When one Chao starts to play an instrument or sing, pick up other Chaos and put them next to the singing/playing Chao. It will also start playing. Continue doing this and you will have a band/choir. Note: This works with all activities except for drawing. Some Chao may just sit down to watch and shake their heads to the beat.

Chaos 0 Chao
This trick requires a Game Boy Advance, Sonic Advance, and a link cable. Play the first stage on Sonic Advance until you have 14,000 rings. Then, buy an aquamarine egg. Transfer it to the Gamecube. Do the same as you would for a light chaos Chao. When it evolves, it will look like Chaos 0 from Sonic.

This trick requires a Game Boy Advance, Sonic Advance, and a link cable. Go to the Tiny Chao Garden on Sonic Advance and buy an aquamarine egg. Transfer it to the GameCube, and hatch it. Next, give it Yellow Drives with both Hero and Dark characters. Finally, feed it some nuts and it will make a blue cocoon. If done correctly, you should have a Neutral Swimming type that looks a lot like Chaos 0.

This trick requires a Game Boy Advance, Sonic Advance, and a link cable. Play Sonic Advance and buy an Aquamarine Jewel egg. Import it into Sonic Adventure 2: Battle . Hatch the egg and feed it only Coconuts until it evolves. Then, either wait until it is breeding season for that Chao or buy two Heart fruits and feed one to the Aquamarine Chao and the other to the Shiny Chao that is an adult that you bought from Black Market (not from the Tiny Chao Garden). It cannot be a Shiny Grey, Shiny Yellow, or Shiny Pink Chao. Mate both of the Chao that have eaten the Heart fruit until you get the Transparent Aquamarine Chao. Once you get it, feed it only Green Chaos Drives and Coconuts with Dark characters only until it evolves into the basic Shadow Chao. Once it evolves, feed it a Heart fruit or wait until it is mating season for that Chao. After mating season, keep feeding it Red Chaos Drives until its spikes are shaped like Chaos from Sonic Adventure:DX .

Black and blue Chao
Note: This trick requires have Sonic Adventure DX with Amy's missions completed, a Game Boy Advance, and link cable. First go to the Egg Carrier with Amy. Go to the prison she was locked in and where the scene with E-102 and her took place. Go to the cage next to where Amy was and pick up the egg. Take the egg to a Chao Garden and hatch it. Send the Chao to the Sonic Advance or Sonic Advance 2 Tiny Chao Garden. From there, put it in Sonic Adventure 2 Battle . Go to the Chao Garden to retrieve your new black and blue Chao from the Game Boy Advance.

Devil Chao
Pet any Chao that is a baby with Shadow until its ball is pink, then only raise it with Shadow, Eggman, or Rouge. Note: Do not abuse it.

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