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Alternate title screen
At the screen with the "Continue", "New Game", and other options, press [B] to go back. When you return to the title screen, different characters will be shown.
When you get to Mt. Battle and battle to the top, you will face Cipher Admin Dokim. He has Entei as a Shadow Pokemon.

To get Ho-Oh, purify all 48 Shadow Pokemon and defeat 100 trainers on Mt. Battle using only the Pokemon from your story mode team. Note: Your PC must have an empty slot.

Purify all 48 Shadow Pokemon; complete Mt. Battle in story mode; and complete Mt. Battle in battle mode. After doing all of this, you should be rewarded with Ho-oh.

To get Jurachi, load him into the Game Boy Advance from the bonus disc. Then, transfer him to Pokemon Colosseum.

Jirachi can also be loaded onto the Game Boy Advance if you have progressed past a certain point on Pokemon Channel .

Raikou can be found as a Shadow Pokemon of Cipher Admin Ean in the Shadow Pokemon Lab.

Suicune can be found as a Shadow Pokemon of Cipher Admin Venus in The Under.

To catch Suicune easier, before you fight Venus you should know her Pokemon. She has Vileplume, Delcatty, Steelix, Banette, and Suicune. You can easily faint Vileplume and Steelix with Entei's Fire Blast. Banette will go down with Umbreon's Dark moves. When you get to Suicune, use Umbreon's Confuse Ray. Then, wear it down with Secret Power and it will eventually get paralyzed. If Suicune's health is in the yellow or red zone affected by paralysis, then throw a Net Ball at it.

Defeat the Deep King Agnol in the Deep Colosseum. If you have all the Shadow Pokemon you will get a message about someone attacking people with a Shadow Togetic. Rush to the Outskirt Stand and fight him.

This is the strongest Shadow Pokemon in the game. You only have one attempt at this, so use the Master Ball. The leader of Cipher has it.

If missed your chance to get the Shadow Pokemon Tyrannitar and MetaGross, go back to where the Cipher President and his minions are located. You have a chance to fight them all over, and retrieve some of the Shadow Pokemon you did not catch. Metagross and Tyrannitar are some of the most difficult Shadow Pokemon to get.

Croconaw, Bayleff and Quilava
After getting one starter Shadow Pokemon at the beginning, you need to get the rest of them. Complete the game and go to the Snagem Hideout. Look through the hideout until you see a man in only one color (green, blue or red). Battle him and snag his Shadow Pokemon. You will soon get an email. When you get it, go to the Kids Guild and talk to Nett. Then, go by the Junk Shop and fight Gurks. Talk to Gurks then go to the Shadow Pokemon Lab. Go to the last room of the Lab (where you fought Ein). You will see a person. Battle him and snag his Shadow Pokemon.

The second time that you battle Folly and the other person you will encounter three people in either Green, Red or Blue at all the entrances or exits. Battle them but do not defeat them. Just snag and lose and just attack yourself. You will snag all Croconaw, Bayleaf and Quilava, and on your third battle snag and win.

Catching the Legendary dogs
All three Legendary dogs (Entei, Suicune, and Raikou) are best caught with Ultra Balls, but it possible to do it with Great Balls.

When the Legendary Pokemon are on red, use a Pokeball. If it does not catch the Pokemon, use a Great Ball and it will be as if you used a Master Ball.

Getting the three starters
You can get the remaining starters after you complete the game. You will receive an email that tells you where to go. You will then get another email that reveals the location of your last starter.

Getting a powerful Pokemon
Catch a female Gyarados with Hydro Pump and a male Bagon, Shelgon, or Salamence on your Pokemon Sapphire or Ruby game and breed them. Hatch the egg and the Bagon should have Hydro Pump. Then, transfer the Bagon to Pokmeon Coliseum and raise the it into Salamence, then get to level 100. It will try to learn Dragon Claw at level 79 and Double Edge at level 93. You will now have a very powerful Pokemon now.

Amulet Coin
Successfully complete the game, then go to the Deep Colosseum. You will find Silver Teeth as you are about to enter. Go to the old man outside the herb shop. Give them to him, he will give you UFO Disk -L. This will enable you to go left and get the Amulet Coin. The Amulet Coin gives you more money when you use the Pokemon equipped with it in battle.

Defeat Mirror B (Red Badge), Dakim (Green Badge), Venus (Blue Badge), and Ein (Yellow Badge). Use all the badges to open the door in the Realgam Tower. You will also get them at the Tower.

Cologne Case
A girl east of the Pokemon Center in Agate Village will give it to you. She is in blue clothes. Answer "No" to her in order to get it.

The Cologne Case is found in Agate Village. A girl with a blue shirt gives it to you. Go to the Deep Colosseum after you get the Amulet Coin. Give the Amulet Coin to Umbreon or Espeon. Win the challenge and you will get about 44,000 coins. Then, go back to Agate Village and to the Pokemart. Buy Vivid Scents and give them to your Shadow Pokemon to purify them.

Battle at Mt. Battle and clear an area. Go inside a metal box at the end and talk to the lady. She will give you Coupons. The more areas you clear, the more Coupons you will get.

F-Disk: Defeat Dakim at Mt. Battle.
R-Disk: From the kid locked up in the cage, in the Under.
U-Disk: In a chest, in the Subway, near the boxes.
D-Disk: Defeat Head Gonzap in the Snagem Hideout.
L-Disk: Talk to the old man in front of the Herb Shop.
Exp. Share
Go behind Eagun's house and down the slope. You will find a chest containing an Exp. Share.

Use the D-Disk on the UFO. Keep hugging the left wall while pressing [A] and you should get the Steel Teeth. Talk to old man in front of the herb shop. Give him the teeth and he will give you the L-Disk.

Master Ball
After you have the badges you will get an email from Eagun. Go to him in Agate Village. Talk to him and you will receive a Master Ball.

Quick Claw
As you enter Agate Village, turn right after the hill and go across the bridge. Directly in front of the "P.C." sign is a hill leading down. Go down this hill, then move downward. Follow the path to the right around the side of the hill and open the little box to find the Quick Claw. The Quick Claw is a hold item that often lets the Pokemon holding it attack first in battle.

Strategy Memo
Go to the Pre-Gym and talk to the teacher to get the Strategy Memo. You can always update your Strategy Memo by talking to the teacher again.

Time Flutes
The first Time Flute is obtained after you defeat Dakim. The second Time Flute is obtained when you put the U-Disk in the UFO (it is in a chest in the room).

A third Time Flute can be found on the 100th Mt. Battle area. In order to get it, you must have at least level 60 Pokemon.

Trade Machine
Defeat all the opponents at Realgam's Colosseum to unlock Trade Machine to transfer Pokemon to and from Pokemon Ruby and Sapphire .

Successfully complete the game then go to the Pokemon Center in Pheanic town. Go downstairs and talk to the woman. You will now able to transfer Pokemon from your game to Pokemon Ruby and Sapphire and vice-versa.

Defeat the evil mayor in the tower after Nascour, then go to the Trading Center in Phenac at the Pokecenter. Talk to the lady, then connect a Game Boy Advance with Pokemon Ruby or Sapphire. Trade the Pokemon you purified. Pokemon from Pokemon Crystal, such as the three legendary dogs can be traded to your Game Boy Advance. However, the Pokemon from Pokemon Crystal do not go in your Pokedex.

Use the following trick to transfer Pokemon from Pokemon Ruby or Sapphire to Pokemon Colosseum, without having to lose a purified Pokemon. While playing Pokemon Ruby or Sapphire, look for a Nincada, and catch it. Transfer the Nincada to Pokemon Colosseum . Leave Nincada at the top of your party, holding EXP Share. Make sure you have a strong Pokemon to back up Nincada so that it does not faint without gaining experience. Also leave an empty slot in your party. Then, battle with Nincada until it evolves (level 20). If you had an empty slot in your party and also a spare Pokeball, not only will your Nincada have evolved into Ninjask, but you will have Shedinja in your party as well. This means you made one Pokemon become two. Then, go back into the Trading Machine, and trade Ninjask back to the game, recovering the Pokemon originally traded Nincada for. Use the freshly "created" Shedinja and trade it for another Pokemon of your choice, such as Kyogre or Groundon, or even one of the three starters. Note: You can use this trick to get all three starters and more than one Celebi (if you have the Bonus Disc), but it requires you to start a new game in order to get a different starter.

Train Key
To get the Train Key, go down to the train station. Go in and Venus will be there. Follow her into the train. However, she will not be in there. Go back out and Venus will be there. She will talk to you, then leave. When you go out of the train station, you should she something shiny on the ground. Go over to it and pick it up. It will be the Train Key. Go back to the train and use it. It will take you to where you need to go next.

Deep Colosseum
Use the D-Disk on the UFO to get to the Deep Colosseum.

Deep King Agnol
Complete the Deep Colosseum four times. On the fifth time you should fight Deep King Agnol in the last match.

Ein's Lab
To get the code for the locked door in Ein's Lab, get all three DNA samples and identify them all with the DNA machine inside one of the rooms in the lab.

Herb Shop
Use the F-Disk on the UFO. Instead of going in the Under Colosseum go left and up to find a Herb Shop.

Orre Colosseum
Get through the Phenac Stadium, Pyrite Colosseum, and Under Colosseum in single and double battle modes to unlock the level 50 Orre Colosseum. Get through the Tower Colosseum in single and double battle modes to unlock the level 100 Orre Colosseum.

Relgam Tower: Pokemon
The Pokemon in Relgam Tower are Delibird, Sunflora, Heracross, Skarmary, Miltank, Absol, Houndoom, Tropius, Metagross, and Tyranitar.

Team Snagem Hideout
Successfully complete the game and go to Pyrite Town. Go inside the secret passage by the bookshelf. Talk to one of the kids and fight Cail (the person with the green hair that hangs out near the entrance of Pyrite Town). After you win the battle, talk to Cail. The map will now show the Snagem Hideout.

Team Snagem's hideout (the one you blew up in the beginning) has many trainers and some good items.

Tower Colosseum: Trainers
First, walk around in the courtyard and fight Miror B., Venus, Dakim, and Ein. You can catch their Shadow Pokemon if you missed your chance earlier. They will give you a badge, after which you will open a big door with a Pokeball on it. You can now train a little or go to the elevator and talk to the man. He is Silva in disguise and will let you on the elevator. You will go up and see Nascour go up in an elevator. The girl will then tell you that you cannot use that one. If you go downstairs there will be a room on the left with a healing station and PC. There is another elevator here. When you go there, the leader of Team Snagem, Gonzap, will battle you. He has a Shadow Skarmory. He will ask you to join him again. Tell him no, then he will let you by. When you go up, it will show an intermission sequence and Nascour will taunt you by saying that Gonzap was too much for you. He will then tell you that you must pay them back for their defeat. There are six trainers to face. The Tower Colosseum trainers are a bodybuilder, a chaser, a cipher peon, and another cipher peon. They each have a Shadow Pokemon. (Miltank, Absol, Houndoom, and Tropius). You will then fight Nascour. He has a Shadow Metagross. The mayor of Phenac City will arrive and reveals that he is the leader of the Shadow Pokemon operation. He has a Shadow Tyranitar.

Note: You can say "Yes" to Gonzap, but he will not believe you so you can just continue with the game.

The Under
After defeating Dakim at Mt. Battle, travel to the lab. Just walk a few steps and check your email. The officers have captured more criminals in Pyrite Town. Travel there, and on the sleeping criminal remove the key. Then, go back to the Warehouse and take the elevator all the way down.

Purify quickly
Get the Time Flute and call Celebi. When Shadow Pokemon see Celebi, they will become purified. Alternately, get the Time Flute to Jurachi to do the job.

Get the Cologne Case and buy about eight Vivid Scents. Then, use them on a Shadow Pokemon.

To purify faster, battle at the Phenac City Pregym. Battle as much as needed. Then, go to the construction site that looks awful and keep going through the paths. Note: You can always go to the fountain in Phenac City.

When you have just snagged a Pokemon, go to the Agate Village and buy 30 Vivid Scents. Then, give them to the Shadow Pokemon that you just caught.

Buy how many Vivid Scents desired, then go to the pre-gym. Go to the elevator where the trainers came from to battle you. Go in it. You will see different natures. Go to the nature that best fits your Shadow Pokemon. Then, use Vivid Scents on your Shadow Pokemon and it should lower your Pokemon's Shadow Tank more than usual. Note: If you go to a nature that does not match your Shadow Pokemon, it will lower your Pokemon's Shadow Tank less than normal.

Awakening Pokemon
To get Pokemon up from sleep, simply call them during their turn.

Catching Pokemon
Get a good Pokeball. An Ultraball is best for Legendary Pokemon such as Entei. Weaken the Pokemon to at least yellow health, but red health is better. Be careful not to go too low because that Pokemon might use Shadow Rush, which makes it hurt itself.

If you accidentally kill the Pokemon that you want to catch, wait and let the opponent defeat you. You should white out with all your experience and return to a computer or a Poke Center machine.

Snaging Shadow Pokemon
You can catch Pokemon a lot easier by following these simple steps. First, knock out every Pokemon except the Shadow Pokemon. Then, take out your Umbreon. Use its faint attack until your opponent's health gets in the orange or red. Note: If it is already in the orange, do not attack it any more. Next, throw a Ultra Ball. Once he starts to throw it, keep pressing [A] until it is either caught or escapes. if it escapes, keep trying until you catch it.

Hold [B] when you throw the Pokeball for a slightly better chance of catching the Pokemon.

Battle again
If you missed your chance to catch the three legendary dogs, do not worry. Once you unlock the tower in story mode, go to it. Once there you will face Miror B. His pokemon are Loudred at level 46, Golduck at level 45, Ludicolo at level 45, Ludicolo at level 44, Armaldo at level 43, and Sudowoodo if you did not catch him before. Then you face Damkim. His Pokemon are Claydol at level 46, Wishcash at level 46, Forretress at level 45, Flygon at level 46, Houndoom at level 47, and Entei if you did not catch him before. Then you will face Venus. Her Pokemon are Misdreavus at level 47, Wigglytuff at level 48, Raichu at level 48, Bellossom at level 47, Milotic at level 48, and Suicune if you did not catch him already. Then you will face Ein. His pokemon are Crobat at level 48, Pelipper at level 49, Rhydon at level 50, Starmie at level 49, Manectric at level 50, and Raikou if you did not already catch him. Then you will continue must battle Gonzap and catch his Skarmory. Next, you will battle the trainer you bumped into in Phechic City, Nascour. You must capture his Metagross. Then, you will face the leader of them all, Evice. He has very strong Pokemon. The one you must catch is Tyranitar. You should be able to catch him with a Master Ball.

Defeating Evice
Have at least a level 60 Metagross and a level 70 Umbreon. Do not both catching his Shadow Pokemon, just kill it. Note: They will try to use Earthquake, so just Confuse them.

Easier RPG mode
To make the RPG mode a lot easier, stay a few hours in Pyrite Town's Duel Square, even though it is drawn as a circle. You can battle all six of the trainers there repeatedly. This makes purifying Shadow Pokemon a lot easier, and getting 99 of any desired items in the Pokemon Marts all over Orre, because they still keep giving you money. Unfortunately, you only receive a little less then the first cash prize that you received. For example, with the loner trainer on the right, Rider Vant, he will give you 300 for your first win, but every single time you defeat him after that it is 290. Although this takes time, their Pokemon are generally easy to defeat because they are at a low level and most of them are normal types. Note: Each of the Shadow Pokemon they used to have are now replaced with a different Pokemon (starting with lone trainer on right and going counter-clockwise. Also, the money amounts are the cash prizes that you win every time you win a battle with that trainer after the first battle.
1. Shuppet (level 30) replaces Misdreavus (level 30) for Rider Vant (290). Also has Zigzagoon (level 28) and Skitty (level 28).

2. Dudou (level 30) replaces Noctowl (level 30) for Rider Nover (270). Also has Ledyba (level 27) and Wingull (level 27).

3. Pichu (level 30) replaces Flaffy (level 30) for St. Performer Diogo (432). Also has Shroomish (level 28).

4. Sunkern (level 30) replaces Skiploom (level 30) for Rider Leba (280). Also has Oddish (level 28) and Dustox (level 28).

5. Horsea (level 30) replaces Quagsire (level 30) for Bandana Guy Divel (480). Also has Psyduck (level 29).

6. Numel (level 30) replaces Slugma (level 30) for Roller Boy Lon (168). Also has Azurill (level 27), Swablu (level 27), and Igglypuff (level 28).
When the meter is only four "hate" bars long, your Pokemon will remember one of its original moves. When the meter is only three "hate" bars long, your Pokemon will start earning experience points, but will not be of any benefit until it is fully purified from hate. When the "hate" bar is only two bars long, it will remember a second move that you can use in battle alongside with Shadow Rush and the first one it remembered. When the meter is only one "hate" bar long, your move list will contain four moves, including Shadow Rush. Once that last "hate" bar disappears, you can finally visit the Relic Stone in the Relic Forest in Agate Village, where any nearly purified Pokemon will be fully purified and lose Shadow Rush, gain all its experience (leveling up each time), and remember its fourth initial move. You can still learn new moves by experience, TMs, and HMs.

Multi-tasking PC
The PC does a lot more now than to store your Pokemon. It also heals them to full health, removes status ailments (except Hyper Mode), and even revives fallen Pokemon.

Go to a PC if there is not a cure machine or Pokemon Center. Go to Pokemon storage and then select the Pokemon you want to recover. Store it, then withdraw it again. The Pokemon will be cured. You can do this when you do not want to go to a Pokemon Center because it is too far away, or if no cure machine is available.

Restore health
Use the following trick at a save point to restore your Pokemon to full health. Put the fainted Pokemon in, then take it out again.

See an old man dance
When you get to go to the Under, talk to the old man in the shop. He is to the right of the counter. Answer "No" to his question and he will start to dance.

Easy money
Successfully complete the game then trade your Pokemon back and forth from Pokemon Ruby or Sapphire . Give the trading Pokemon Nuggets then sell them in Pokemon Colosseum . This can also be done with other items.

Glitch: Talk through wall
In Pyrite Town, go into the jail to find the people that tried to kidnap your friend earlier in one of the cells. Go into the cell directly adjacent to their cell. To do this, pick up the jail key on the desk when you first enter the building. You can talk to them from your cell, directly through the wall.

Glitch: Ultimate mode move
When you are in a quick fight under ultimate mode, if you fight the trainer with the Swellow and Ninjask, the first move the opponent's Ninjask uses is Toxic and on your opponents Swellow.

Glitch: Jumpluff's shadow
When fighting a Jumpluff, look at its shadow. The shadow will be three little squares instead of circles like on the Jumpluff. Note: This was done in story mode.

Glitch: Wrong picture
Snagged Pokemon Yanma's picture is of a Remoraid when you look at the summary of it in the Pokemon Storage or Snag list in the PDA.

Giltch: Unlimited Masterballs
On your turn, use your Masterball on any Shadow Pokemon. Then with your Pokemon, switch the position of your Masterball with the position of any other ball. You should then throw the Masterball and catch the Shadow Pokemon without using the only Masterball in the game.

As soon as you get the Master Ball, you can do this trick. On your turn, have the first Pokemon throw the Master Ball. Then, have your second Pokemon switch the Master Ball with any other ball (using [X] or [Y] ). Do anything with the second Pokemon. You will catch the Pokemon without fail, and still have the Master Ball on your next turn.

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