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Cheat Codes
Go to "VS mode" and enter one of the following codes at one of the data files:

esVqswd1YBBH4keV - Level 100 Chaser
q2Lrq92tkZ55kBh9 - Level 100 Nami
MDbPl9Fsr0RH57Xt - Level 100 Zolo
8wG9x14wJBMtR0BK - Level 100 Don Krieg
8wTm8hMwsBM2P4RL - Level 100 Ussop
F1GfS772PgPcZMnG - Level 100 Vivi
Zzqs6PLNWqblXBH - Level 100 Eneru
8wGQ8hMw0BM2PJL - Level 100 Sanji
xLtwnrJ1VKLmSwCg - Level 100 Kuina
P9wRrM9Bw86cK528 - Level 100 Trace(Ace)
Q5kVkNS34BWYm4FB - Level 100 Wapol
pP72dQw83R7Wdfnf - Level 100 Mihawk
2FTfDTD4DGngnhQn - Level 100 Ohm
JKyqMFnJsZVKHyVh - Level 100 Monkey D.Luffy
Secret Characters
Eneru (Crocodile's adventure mode) - Get Eneru as your ally in the Jaya area and win a battle using him.
Mihawk (Chaser's adventure mode) - After recruiting Mihawk win a battle using him.
Mr. 2 Bon Clay (Crocodile's adventure mode) - Get Mr. 2 as your ally and win a battle using him.
Nico Robin (Luffy's adventure mode) - Get her as your ally at the end and win a battle using her.
Ohm (Crocodile's adventure mode) - Get Ohm as your ally in the Jaya area and win a battle using him.
Shanks (Buggy's adventure mode) - Recruit Shanks and then win a battle using him.
Trace (Buggy's adventure mode) - Recruit him in Drum Island then win a battle using him.
Chaser (Chaser's adventure mode) - Level him up, and after you unleash his Secret Attack.
Kuina (Chaser's adventure mode) - Continue to level her up, and once you unleash her Secret Attack.
Zeff (Chaser's adventure mode) - Level him up, and once you unleash his Secret Attack, he will be unlocked.

Unlock Buggy
To unlock Buggy as a Captain in Adventure Mode, in Luffy's Adventure Mode, defeat Crocodile in Alubarna on the Alabasta Kingdom Sea Area, and recieve the rank "Top Pirate in Town", and before or after the credits, you will recieve Buggy as a Playable Captain in Adventure Mode.

Unlock Ussop
To unlock Ussop as a Captain in adventure Mode, defeat the final boss in Luffy's, Buggy's, Crocodile's, AND Chaser's Adventure Modes. After the credits of the last Adventure Mode(No order is required), you will unlock Ussop as a Playable Captain. In Ussop's Adenture Mode, you can use make a team of ANY Pirates you have unlocked.

Sound Test
To unlock the sound test, get all of the cards by playing Arena mode in Grand Battle mode.

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