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Aug. 23, 2013
Primary Collection of Cheats
Dodge Viper GTS
Get 2 million points to unlock the NFS edition of the Dodge Viper GTS.

Chevrolet Corvette Z06
Successfully complete Hot Pursuit Event 13.

Ferrari F50
Alternately, complete an eight lap race leading every lap (World Racing, Challenge, Single Race, Advanced).

Ford Crown Victoria
Successfully complete Hot Pursuit Event 5.

Lamborgini Diablo 6.0 VT
Get 2.5 million points to unlock the NFS edition of the Lamborghini Diablo.

Lamborghini Murcielago
Get 3 million points to unlock the NFS edition of the Lamborghini Murcielago.

McLaren F1
Get 4 million points to unlock the NFS edition of the McLaren F1.

McLaren F1 LM
Get 5 million points or win the World Championship to unlock the NFS edition of the McLaren F1 LM.

Mercedes CLK GTR
Get 4.5 million points to unlock the NFS edition of the Mercedes CLK GTR.

Porsche 911 Turbo
Get 800,000 points to unlock the NFS edition of the Porsche 911 Turbo.

Porsche Carrera GT
Get 3.5 million points to unlock the NFS edition of the Porsche Carrera GT.

Vauxhall VX220
Win a single race in any mode with a first place position in all laps.

Alpine Trail track
Complete Championship Event 22.

Alpine Trail track
Complete Ultimate Racer Event 15.

Ancient Ruins II track
Complete Ultimate Racer Event 12.

Autumn Crossing II track
Complete Ultimate Racer Event 14.

Autumn Crossing track
Complete Ultimate Racer Event 17.

Calypso Coast II track
Complete Ultimate Racer 26.

Calypso Coast track
Complete Ultimate Racer Event 10.

Coastal Parklands track
Complete Championship Event 4.

Desert Heat II track
Complete Championship Event 25.

Fall Winds II track
Compete Championship Event 24.

Island Outskirts II track
Complete Championship Event 8.

Mediterranean Paradise II track
Complete Championship Event 14.

National Forest 2 track
Complete Ultimate Racer Event 6.

National Forest track
Complete Championship Event 1.

Outback II track
Complete Ultimate Racer Event 25.

Outback track
Complete Championship Event 11.

Palm City Island II track
Complete Ultimate Racer Event 29.

Palm City Island track
Complete Ultimate Racer Event 28.

Rocky Canyons II track
Complete Championship Event 9.

Rocky Canyons track
Complete Championship Event 27.

Scenic Drive II track
Complete Championship Event 6.

Tropical Circuit II track
Complete Championship Event 28.

Tropical Circuit track
Complete Championship Event 29.
Extra points
If you see a police car ahead, ram it to get him to chase you. Lose the police car and you will get extra points for a hit-and-run. Look for the dirt road shortcuts to lose the police and get ahead of other drivers.

Choose be the police in Hot Pursuit mode. You will get 25,000 points each time you complete one mini-mission.

Start You're The Cop mode in single player under the beginner difficulty setting. Select either the Crown Victoria or the BMW M5 (the opponents are easier to catch). Then, go to National Forest and catch the fourth and third cars. On the last two, hit the third one to make him lose control, then arrest the first place car. Immediately catch the second player that you forced to lose control to minimize the time to around 138, if done quickly enough. The procedure is quick but easy, giving you over 25,000 points if you throw in a couple of jumps. Then, restart and do it again.

Go to challenge mode, pick the Pursuit Crown Victoria, then choose Outback II and set it for two, four, or eight laps. When you start the race, get your top speed points then slow down to about 75 mph. Then, step on the gas and get your top speed points again. You can keep doing this as long as desired. You can also do this on any other track, but Outback II is the easiest.

360 powerslide
This trick is tough to pull off and will require some practice before using it in a race. Get to at least 80 mph. Press the Analog-stick backwards at an angle in the direction that you want to turn, so it is inverting your slide. As soon as you begin to turn, slam and hold the brakes. Force the Analog-stick sequentially around in an extreme circle. Release your brakes when you are about 75% through your turn. Slam your accelerator, and power yourself through the rest of the turn. At the end, it is recommended that you bank the car for a moment, because you do not want the it to fly out of control.

Police check
If you have the Rear Mirror option on, you should see a meter (radar detection meter) at the bottom of it. If you do not see this meter, it indicates that there are no police in the current race. If you happen to see that meter at the bottom of your rear view mirror, be aware as there are law enforcers on that course.

Yellow stars
On the upper-right corner of the screen are four star shadows. Each time you break a law or do something bad, you will get a yellow star. For example, a hit-and-run is two stars. If you get four yellow stars, you should beware of roadblocks, including the choppers.

Get the police off your tail
If you have one or two police chasing you, swerve around things such as incoming traffic, trees, poles, or any other immobilized objects. The police may not see it and crash into it. This gives you an advantage to lose them. If you are way ahead of the pack and do not feel like having a police on your tail, if your radar detector detects an incoming radar (or police), zoom on the road in front of you. See where the police are parked, and slam into the back of their car. It will be a hit and run, but the police car will be dead. You will not even get a yellow star.

When you want to get rid of the cop chasing you at a close distance, get just behind him so that your front tire is touching his back tire. Then, turn your car slightly in the direction of the cop car. The officer will get turned around and end up facing in the wrong direction. This should give you enough time to get away. If you are really lucky, he may hit the other racers and cause a big accident.

If you are cornered, press "Reset Car" to start back on the road and lose the cops.

Use the following trick to easily escape from police radar. When you get close to a cop, stay on the correct side of the road and drive 80 mph at the most.

When you have a cop on your tail, wait for it to come to your side. When it is trying to ram you from the side, brake as fast as possible. The best area to do this is at Coastal Parkland. The best car to use to make you crack up at the cop is the McLaren F1 LM or the McLaren F1. If done correctly, you will see the cop ram into the wall.

In Hot Pursuit mode, whenever a police cruiser attempts to push you off the road try to push it towards the other side of the road. Eventually the cruiser will spin out of control and crash.

If you are getting chased by the cops, let the cop get a bit ahead of you and then do a California Stop to the officer. It should spin him out and you should only swerve slightly. This will give you plenty of time to get away from the cops. Note: A California Stop is when you hit the back left/right wheel with your front wheel. This will spin the car out.

Get rid of police helicopters
Find a dividing road. Shortcuts work perfectly. When the helicopter is in front of you, it will follow the main road. It will not switch roads after it is on one. Go on the other road, and the helicopter will be gone.

Predict police actions
Turn the "Speech" option on high in the "Audio" screen when the police are on your tail, especially when police may be present on the race course. Be aware that the police may say something about roadblocks and where they are, as well as what they may try to do to end your speeding frenzy.

To do this, you must wait for the police to choose the road block button. If you are going over 100 mph, they will choose a spike strip, but if you are going 100 mph or less, they will choose a barricade. Note: This only works if they call for a road block. If they call for a spike/barricade, then you cannot change that.

Police detection
When you are driving, be aware of the shadowed bar below the rearview mirror. It will start to climb with green and then red as you close in on a cop. If a cop is already chasing you and has issued a roadblock, watch the bar. If the strip started with yellow, it indicates that a road block is approaching.

No police
If you drive backwards on any track you will not see any police.

Easy arrests in be-the-cop mode
Do not turn on your sirens right away. Sneak up on them. When you are on them, turn on your sirens, spin them out, turn around, and hit them head on. This will result in a one hit bust every time.

When you are a cop, get into an area were you have some bit of room to swerve. Next do a California stop of the car you are chasing. This will make the car spin viciously out. Next, turn around as fast as you can and hit the front of the car. This will total the car and it will be a bust. Note: A California Stop is when you hit the back left/right wheel with your front wheel. This will spin the car out.

Get another racer stopped by the cops
When a car is being chased by the cops, get a short distance behind it and do a California Stop to it. It will spin him out and most of the time he will get stopped by the officer that is chasing him. Note: A California Stop is when you hit the back left/right wheel with your front wheel. This will spin the car out.

Easy wins in single event
When you are directly next to someone in a race and they are getting chased by a cop, if they are in front of you slow down to where you are directly behind them on either the left or the right. Slowly speed up to where the hood of your car is on the side next to their trunk. Very quickly slam into their car to make them spin out of control. If they are too slow, they will be caught by the cop. After this happens, continue to do this until you are the only one remaining.

Easy money
Go to challenge mode, set the difficulty on advanced, and use only one opponent and give him a M5. Then just choose your car and a short track. Make sure to set it to one lap. By doing this you will get either $2,100 or $1,500.

Single player race with no opponents
Select two players, and in the options menu, change "Opponents" to "None". Back out and select one player. Go race and there should be no opponents, allowing easy wins and unlimited time to play on jumps.

Ferrari 360 Challenge
You must complete all events in Ultimate Racer and World Championship modes. Complete Bonus Event 31 for both to unlock Super Bonus Event 32. Either Event 32 in Ultimate Racer or World Championship modes will unlock the same car. Complete Event 32 successfully and the Ferrari 360 Challenge is yours.

Clean race
There will be two objectives you will have to do to unlock two kinds of cars. These two involve clean racing. For a clean race, avoid hitting any object that inflicts damage on your car, such as hitting another car, a wall, etc. Hitting road signs, going offroad, or landing very hard on big jumps are excluded since those do not do any damage.

Slow opponents down
All of your opponents can be scared. If your opponents are directly besides you, suddenly steer towards them, as if you were trying to ram their car off the road. They will panic and veer away from your sudden move. If you are lucky, they may veer away too much, thus causing them to crash into an object, slowing them down. You can also do this to police that are on your tail.

Another way to slow down opponents is to get behind their car and ram it 180 degrees from the bottom left or right of it. Note: This can also be done to cops.

Race in single race without opponents
Note: This trick requires two controllers. First, go to World Racing with two players. Choose a car and race. When race begins, exit. Go back into World Racing Challenge, then switch the two players option to one player. Choose the same car that appears. This is best done with the Mercedes-Benz CLK-GTR. It is similar to free run, but you can win cars and get points.

Traffic pulls over for you
Choose a cop car in challenge mode. In the race, turn the sirens on. The cars will pull over.

License plate number
Go into race or go to the showcase. In the race, switch to the near view; in the showcase zoom into the car from behind. The license plate will read "ND 4 SPD" (Need For Speed).

Glitch: German Showdown Tournament: Go past barrier
At the very bottom left side of Hot Pursuit mode is the German Showdown Tournament. In race 3/4, as soon as the start timer counts down, go backwards to the cement barrer. Go to the right side of the barricade (at the bottom), then press the car reset button ( [Z] ). If you were close enough, you should end up on the other side of the barrier. Turn around and go the other way. After you cross the gap on the map, your status will change to first place. Keep driving and you should find a huge unfinished "mountain". Stay at the dead end and you will see your opponents flying through. Some how they have gotten through the blocked off bridge that appears later in the stage. To get out, go to the opposite part of the barrier and press [Z]. Note: this may require a few attempts.

Glitch: Disappearing car
Choose single player mode, select two people, no cops, and traffic on. Go to the second level that is available from the start. You will find a tunnel. Go out of it. Make sure there is a van near you. Go straight out and you will see a hill-like object. Get player two to ram the van into the hill. When touching the hill, ram the van numerous times. The car will eventually disapear into the "hill". To find it, have the second player ram you into the hill multiple times. You will eventually fade in there as well. You will both end up back in the tunnel.

Glitch: Floating car
Get any car and choose a course with a big jump. When you are about in mid-air, press the car reset button ( [Z] ). This will reset the car, but it will still look as if you are jumping; making the car look as if it floated down from the sky.

Glitch: Cheaper car
Enter the car selection screen and go to any expensive car. Scroll around to the left then check the price. It should have dropped. If not, scroll around again.

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