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Rock Lee
Play the game in story mode. Use no continues and defeat Zaibuzan. Defeat Rock Lee when he appears to unlock him.

Kyuubi Naruto
Unlock Rock Lee, then successfully complete the game in single player mode two times with all characters. Then, highlight Nartuto at the character selection screen and press [X] (for the orange suit Kyuubi) or [Z] (for the red suit Kyuubi).

Rock Lee
Successfully complete single player mode without losing a life. Defeat Rock Lee in battle to unlock him as a playable character. Note: When you defeat Zabuza with no continues, always attack him up close.

Shaningan Sasuke
Successfully complete the game as Sasuke under all difficulty settings.

Sharigan Kakashi
Unlock Kyuubi Naruto, then successfully complete the game in single player mode as him. Then, successfully complete the game in single player mode as Kakashi. Highlight Kakashi at the character selection screen and press [X] or [Z].

Unmasked Haku
Successfully complete the game in arcade mode as Zabusa under difficulty 3. Then, highlight Haku at the character selection screen and press [X] or [Z]. When Haku is hit in the face, or is hit and takes a lot of damage, Haku's Mask will fly off his face.

Alternate costumes
Highlight a fighter and press [Y] at the character selection screen.

Sound test
Successfully complete the game with all default characters in single player mode to unlock the "Sounds Test" option in the Omake menu.

Attack Power 4
Finish in first place in Time Attack mode.

Difficulty 4
Finish in first place in Survival mode.

Kakashi: Stronger special
When you press [Y] to do Kakashi's special hold it down. It will charge and he will attack automatically. The attack will go farther and do more damage.

Naruto Kyuubi form: Easy win
To win easily press [Forward], [B]x5. Before your opponent gets back up, use it again. If you get hit, press [R] and use Substitution Jutsu. You will probably have lots of Chakra. Note: You must have green Chakra level to perform Substitution Jutsu.

Sakura and Haku: Projectile combo
With Sakura, after pressing [A] for shuriken, press [A] again for another, then [A] again for a finsher to the combo. Haku can do sort of the same thing, however after pressing [A] initially you can only press [A] once more.

Sharingan Kakashi: Use enemy's super
Play as Sharingan Kakashi. When your opponent uses their super, use your counter. If done correctly, Kakashi will do his own version of your opponent's super. Note: This will not work on Haku.

Sharigan Kakashi: Easy wins
When playing as Sharigan Kakashi, wait until your opponent uses his strongest move and send it back at him. For example, when fighting Rock Lee, when he uses the Foured Lotus Technique you can use it against him.

Sasuke: Combo
One of Sasuke's best combos is [B]x4, [A]. The Fire Jutsu causes big damage and if timed correctly, you can kill the opponent with this combo.

More shuriken/projectiles
Hold [A] to charge up shurikens/projectiles to throw more of them.

Shorter fireball Justu
Press [Forward] + [A] to do fireball Justsu.

Easy wins
In single player mode, the best way to win is to use continuos attacks in an elaborate combo, mostly with characters that are stronger physically rather then using Jutsu. For example, as Rock Lee, continuously pressing [B] and giving your opponent No Mercy is good. You will take hardly any damage. However, with characters that are better with projectiles and Jutsu such as Kyuubi Naruto, it is easier to win if you have a good amount of Chakra.

In survival mode, choose Sasuke and continuously use either the [B]x7 or [B]x4, [A] combos on the opponent without giving them a chance to stand up. Your Chakra gauge should fill up with only two or three uses of the combos. If the opponent is not defeated yet, then use his special move directly next to them, as they are almost standing up all the way. If you use it too early, it will not hit them.

In survival mode, choose Kyubi Naruto and keep pressing [B]x6, or go forward and continuously press [B]. You will get his special move after only one or two combos. You do not need to use it, but you can save it for the next battle.

Turn auto save on
Make sure "On" is orange and "Off" is white.

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