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Apr. 15, 2006
Author: nm1491KB
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Hard mode
Successfully complete the game to unlock hard mode.

In-game reset
Hold [Start] + [B] + [X] for two to three seconds during game play.

Metroid Fusion costume
Note: This trick requires Metroid Fusion and the Game Boy Advance and a link cable. Successfully complete Metroid Prime and save the game. Connect both games with the link cable to unlock Samus' Metroid Fusion costume.

Image Gallery 2 option
Complete 100% of the research and creature data scans.

Image Gallery 4 option
Find 100% of all power-ups. Note: This does not include the Log Book.

Note: The last picture in this gallery is that of Samus without her suit in 3D.

Alternate ending sequences
Finish the game with a 74% or less completion percentage for the normal ending sequence. Finish the game with a 75% to 99% completion percentage to view an alternate ending sequence. Finish the game with a 100% completion percentage to view the best ending sequence.

If you defeat Metroid Prime's second form with 74% or less items, the intermission sequence will show you losing your Phazon suit and the Artifact Temple about to explode. After Samus calls her ship and jumps onto it, you will hear a voice saying that the Chozo's were right to believe in Samus. After that, you will see Samus just about to remove her helmet and it starts the credits.

If you defeat Metroid Prime's second form with 75% or more items, the intermission sequence will show you losing your Phazon suit and the Artifact Temple about to explode. After Samus calls her ship and jumps onto it you will hear a voice saying that the Chozo's were right to believe in Samus. After that, you see Samus remove her helmet and stare at the temple for awhile. The credits will then start.

If you defeat Metroid Prime's second form with 100% items, the intermission sequence will show you losing your Phazon suit and the Artifact Temple about to explode. After Samus calls her ship and jumps onto it you will hear a voice saying that the Chozo's were right to believe in Samus. After that, you see Samus remove her helmet and stare at the temple for awhile. Then the camera shows a rippling mass of Phazon in a cave. A black and red metal hand will burst from the Phazon. You then see an alien eye-like object behind the hand look around the place. The credits will then start.
Fire missiles faster
With the first gun equipped, rapidly press [Y] + [A]. As soon as the missile fires, the gun will switch back to beam weapon mode, but when you press [Y] again, it fires another missile. This can take down enemies in a shorter time, preventing them from having more attacks on you.

Extra missiles
After destroying ceiling robots and other enemies, they will leave behind missile ammunition that can be collected. Save missiles to defeat the Parasite Queen easier.

Chozo Ruins: Wave Buster
The Wave Buster can be found at the Tower Of Light in the Chozo Ruins. Climb up the as far as you can, then scan the pillars to learn that they can be destroyed. It takes three missiles to destroy one pillar. There are four pillars on each level. After you lower the temple, keep jumping and destroying the pillars until you reach the top to find the Wave Buster.

Impact Crater
Impact Crater's first room is the teleport back to the temple and a save station. Crater Tunnel A, the next room, has Nuclear Phazon on the floor. Do a double jump, and timed correctly, you can escape without damage. Do not forget to scan the Lumigek, as it is the only time you can get data on them. The Phazon Core is the biggest part of Impact Crater. Try to stay away from the Fission Metroids (also do not forget to scan them). If one gets on you, kill it with the Power Bomb, but you can also get it off with the regular bomb. After shaking it off, beam it with the color beam that matches its insides. Take a break by the Missile Station, or use the door trick (stay by the door while it is open and shoot enemies from inside). Crater Tunnel B is filled with Spider Ball tracks. If you can spare about 10 to 15 energy points, just double jump through it. The Phazon Infusion Chamber has Metroid Prime waiting for you. Shoot it with the matching beam color, but also try missile combos. Super Missiles and the Wavebuster work well. The Ice Spreader is good, but takes a while to reload. The Flamethrower is not recommended unless you have a lot of missiles remaining. After you defeat it, get ready for the second form. Your beams are ineffective on this one, but when it creates a Phazon pool, you get the Phazon Beam. It will cloak itself. Take out the Thermal and X-ray visors. Rip through its Metroid minions after it dispatches them (when it creates Phazon pools) with the Phazon Beam.

Magmoor Caverns: Avoid streams of fire
Shoot the little objects that shoot out the fire with the Ice Spreader. This freezes them and prevents them from shooting the fire.

Phazon Core: Stop Metroids
Use the following trick if you do not want to take the trouble to destroy the Metroids in the Phazon Core, or do not want to dodge them all the time. When they are charging, a charged beam blast of the appropriate type will stop them. They may not turn around and go back before they attack you again, but it will stop them.

Phazon Mines: Reaching them
To get to the Phazon Mines, you must go through the Space Pirate Frigate crash site to get to the Transport. You must have the Gravity Suit, Thermal Visor, and Plasma Beam to get through the Space Pirate Frigate crash site successfully.

Phazon Mines: Flamethrower combo
In the room next to the save point in the Phazon Mines: Main Quarry, is a red door with a force field in front of it. Continue upwards in this room, passing the ice and Wave Troopers to find a Bendezium wall just before the purple door exit. After obtaining the Power Bomb upgrade, use one to destroy the wall and access the control panel with your scan visor. The force field will drop. allowing you to pick up the power-up for the Plasma Beam.

Phendrana Drifts: Sheegoth helper
Go to the Quentien cave, where Thardus was located. After you defeat him, a mother Sheegoth is all that is in there. Lure the Sheegoth near one of the ledges and kill it quickly (the Plasma Beam is recommended). Quickly jump onto the Sheegoth's spikes then jump to the ledge. Do this quickly before the Sheegoth fades. This saves you the time of doing the entire spider ball thing.

Space Pirates' base: See easier
If you are having trouble seeing in the Space Pirates' base after the power goes out, even with the Thermal Visor, go into Morph Ball mode. The Morph Ball generates its own light, making it easy to see. Note: Do not do this when there are still enemies in the area.

Defeating Baby Sheegoths
To defeat a Baby Sheegoth, after it charges at you, shoot its back shell until it bursts up then shoot its back.

Double jump to the side of a Baby Sheegoth. They will stare at you for a few seconds. As you are already behind them, just fire two missiles and kill them after that.

A Charged Plasma Beam will disintegrate a Baby Sheegoth.

It is better to do this with the Plasma Beam but it also can be done with any other. Lock on to the Baby Sheegoth and charge your Plasma Beam. When it gets very close, double jump and release [A].

Defeating Chozo Ghosts
Shoot two Super Missiles to kill Chozo Ghosts. Also, if you have the X-ray Scope, you can maintain a lock on them.

Defeating Fission Metroids
The stage before Metroid Prime, there is a large room filled with respawning Fission Metroids. To deal with the ones following you and to dispatch them quickly, just wait by the missile station. When one or two (more often) come near you, just walk into the station and fire away. To deal with the ones that follow you there before then, roll up into a ball and wait for them to rear back. Just before they charge, lay a power bomb and before they can touch you, they are dead.

Defeating Incinerator Drone
Shoot at it until its eye goes up. Before the eye comes, you can dodge the fire by running from it. Be careful, as the fire will sometimes change direction. Then, lock on to the eye with [L] and shoot repeatedly. The fire shooter will go crooked. You can usually avoid the fire by jumping over the low part and going under the high part. After a short time, it will torch the War Wasp hive above it, and War Wasps will appear. Kill enough War Wasps so that no more are attacking you for awhile, then shoot the drone. It will keep torching the hive intermittently. Keep doing this until it is defeated.

Defeating Meta-Ridley
To make the fight against Ridley easier, you must have as many missiles as you can possibly find, the Super Missile Beam combo, and the Wavebuster Beam combo. The battle can reduce an inventory of all 250 missiles down to about 25. During the first part when Ridley is flying, use the Super Missile Beam combo when you can get a clear shot as his chest. Then, when his wings burn up and you are forced to fight him melee style, switch to your Wave Beam and activate your Wavebuster combo to constantly shock him. Do not release [A] until he is dead or you are out of missiles. Do not worry about depleting your missiles -- there is a recharge station in the Impact Crater.

Defeating Metroids
Normal Metroids (not Prime) can be dispatched rapidly by using Freeze Beam followed by a missile.

Fission Metroids or any other Metroid can be defeated by using a Power Bomb. This is particularly useful during the last part of the game when you are trying to avoid getting damaged.

Use the following trick to destroy Metroids, no matter where they are. Whenever a Metroid is in relatively close proximity to you, or has latched on to you, instead of laying a Bomb, detonate a Power Bomb. In the Phazon Core and when fighting Metroid Prime's second form, this can be very helpful; if two Metroids are fairly close to you, they both will be destroyed. Use this trick when Metroid Prime releases Metroids. Soon after being released, both Metroids will approach you. Note: This trick is best used when you have a good amount of Power Bombs (eight recommended).

Defeating Parasite Queen
When you get to the Parasite Queen, shoot in the open spots of the wall. To defeat her, Fast Scan her for a weak spot.

When fighting the Parasite Queen, back up into the doorway area you used to enter the room. When positioned correctly, she will not be able to hit you.

Take out your missiles. When the clear spot comes, release the missile. It will spit out goop-like material. Dash to avoid it.

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