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Hard difficulty setting
Successfully complete the game under the normal difficulty setting in Battle, Flag, or Robo Rabbit Hunt to unlock the hard difficulty setting in that category.

Intense mode
Successfully complete story mode under the hard difficulty setting to unlock the intense difficulty setting.

Bowser Nightmare
Successfully complete story mode.

Successfully complete the Bowser Nightmare in story mode.

Skoler parts
To unlock Skoler parts in the shop in super duel mode, win Battle, Flag, and Robo Rabbit Hunt under all difficulty settings.

DK parts
To unlock DK and his parts at the shop in super duel mode, defeat DK in battle mode under the hard difficulty setting in super duel mode.

Press [L] during game play when it is not your turn to taunt.
Button Mashers: Easy win
Hit all the buttons at the same time during the mini game and you will win every time . You must do this for the entire match.

Rain Of Fire: Avoid the flames
Run up to Bowser. Keep running until the CPU loses. Note: This does not always happens.

Shy Guy Showdown
When Shy Guy holds up a sign, quickly pause game play to see what he is holding up. When this is done correctly, you will win.

Super Duel: Easy points
You will get a point for each mini-game you play in super duel mode. Play in party mode and have a game for 50 turns. Make all characters CPU controlled and leave. Let the CPU play and they will get points without you doing anything. You will get 50 points to spend in super duel mode.

Go to mini-game mode and select free play. Then, go to the categories you need points in and play any game desired. For every mini-game you play you will earn one point in that category. You can do this as many times as needed.

Super Duel: Points for your vehicle
The more mini games you play in any kind of mode besides free play, the more points you will get towards the type of any games you win. Note: Battle points are the hardest to get.

Super Duel: Final two weapons
Buy all parts for your car in Super Duel mode to unlock the last two weapons. They are Bowser Punch and Ba Bomb Wall. They each cost 30 battle points.

Super Duel: Effective battle weapon
Buy Bowser Breath and the fastest thing you can see (choo-choo, engine, body, and wheels recommended). Put them on a vehicle and it will be strong, fast, and effective.

Ice Hockey, Beach Volleyball, Card party
At the choose your mode screen, go to Malmar the star with the bow on her head then select what you want to play. Note: In Beach Volleyball, you can choose your ball and how many pints you need to win.

Unlock mini-games easily
Enter party mode and once on the board, press [Start] then press [A]. Go to "Controller", then press [A] again. Press [A] to turn your character into CPU control. Press [A] again to change your difficulty setting and the other CPUs.

Defeating Bowser
Use the following trick to defeat Bowser at end of story mode. Bowser starts by sending lots of fire-breathing Koopas after you. To defeat them, jump on their heads. However, make sure that they are not about to breathe fire or you will lose a heart point. This is followed by three fire rings that can expand, contract, or spin in any variety, and you must jump over them. After that, Bowser breaks out of the screen and begins to attack you by jumping on you, running into you, or breathing a lot of fire. You can avoid all those attacks by running around him in circles, but do not get too close or his spikes will hurt you. Notice the blocks that he jumps on will start to break; after he jumps on the same one three times, he falls through. Finally, he drinks a potion to make him huge. The red fireballs he throws out of his right paw can be picked up once they cool off. However, if you wait to pick them up after he starts to shoot fire, they will be reactivated and you can pick them up and throw them at him by pressing [B] button, by jumping and throwing on the little circle in front of the ledge near his nose. Do this five times, and you will succeed.

Mini-game points
For every mini-game that you play, you can gain 1 point. The categories played in are 4-player, 3-vs-1, 2-vs-2, and battle.
4 Player-Body
Mushroom 00 points
Star 05 points
Heart 05 points
Choo-Choo 05 points
Egg 07 points
Spiny 07 points
Lakitu Cloud 10 points
Boo 10 points
DK 15 points
E. Gadd 15 points
Skolar 20 points

Mushroom 00 points
Star 05 points
Wiggler 05 points
Goomba 05 points
Spiny 07 points
Super Wiggler 10 points
Lakitu Cloud 10 points
DK 15 points
E. Gadd 15 points
Skolar 20

Mushroom 00 points
Star 05 points
Wiggler 05 points
Goomba 05 points
Ztar 07 points
Choo-Choo 07 points
Super Wiggler 10 points
Goomba-Trio 10 points
DK 15 points
E. Gadd 15 points
Skolar 20 points

Mushroom 00 points
Seed Machine 05 points
Bob-omb cannon 05 points
Bullet Bill 07 points
Pokey Tower 07 points
Piranha Plant 07 points
Bowser Breath 10 points
Mr. I Laser 10 points
DK 15 points
E. Gadd 15 points
Skolar 20 points
Bowser Punch 30 points
Bob-omb Wall 30 points
Team names for each combination
Mario and Luigi: Mario Bros.
Mario and Peach: Cutest Couple
Mario and Yoshi: Famous Combo
Mario and Wario: Alter Egos
Mario and Daisy: Nice Couple
Mario and Waluigi: Pseudo Bros.
Mario and Toad: Best Buds
Mario and Boo: Old Acquaintances
Mario and Koopa Kid: Uneasy Allies

Luigi and Mario: Mario Bros.
Luigi and Peach: Green Escort
Luigi and Yoshi: Green Bros.
Luigi and Wario: Unloving Bros.
Luigi and Daisy: Steady Sweeties
Luigi and Waluigi: Unlikely Bros.
Luigi and Toad: Good Pals
Luigi and Boo: Scare Pair
Luigi and Koopa Kid: Friendly Enemies

Peach and Mario: Cutest Couple
Peach and Luigi: Green Escort
Peach and Yoshi: Regal Friends
Peach and Wario: Royal Pain
Peach and Daisy: Lordly Ladies
Peach and Waluigi: Anti-Couple
Peach and Toad: Royal Family
Peach and Boo: Royally Spooky
Peach and Koopa Kid: Friendly Enemies

Yoshi and Mario: Famous Combo
Yoshi and Luigi: Green Bros.
Yoshi and Peach: Regal Friends
Yoshi and Wario: Food Fanatics
Yoshi and Daisy: Royal Ride
Yoshi and Waluigi: Unhappy Dino
Yoshi and Toad: Cute Buddies
Yoshi and Boo: Scary Dino
Yoshi and Koopa Kid: Dino Cousins

Wario and Mario: Alter Egos
Wario and Peach: Royal Pain
Wario and Luigi: Unloving Bros.
Wario and Yoshi: Food Fanatics
Wario and Daisy: Mismatched Pair
Wario and Waluigi: Wicked Bros.
Wario and Toad: Mushroom Stinkers
Wario and Boo: Spooky Spoilsports
Wario and Koopa Kid: Bad Baddies

Daisy and Mario: Nice Couple
Daisy and Luigi: Steady Sweeties
Daisy and Peach: Lordly Ladies
Daisy and Yoshi: Royal Ride
Daisy and Wario: Mismatched Pair
Daisy and Waluigi: Awkward Date
Daisy and Toad: Royal Pals
Daisy and Boo: Haunted Flower
Daisy and Koopa Kid: Grudging Allies

Waluigi and Mario: Pseudo Bros.
Waluigi and Luigi: Unlikely Bros.
Waluigi and Peach: Anti-Couple
Waluigi and Yoshi: Unhappy Dino
Waluigi and Wario: Wicked Bros.
Waluigi and Daisy: Awkward Date
Waluigi and Toad: Tall 'n' Small
Waluigi and Boo: Scary Screechers
Waluigi and Koopa Kid: Cheap Chaps

Toad and Mario: Best Buds
Toad and Luigi: Good Pals
Toad and Peach: Royal Family
Toad and Yoshi: Cute Buddies
Toad and Wario: Mushroom Stinkers
Toad and Daisy: Royal Pals
Toad and Waluigi: Tall 'n' Small
Toad and Boo: Scaredy Toad
Toad and Koopa Kid: Little Guys

Boo and Mario: Old Acquaintances
Boo and Luigi: Scare Pair
Boo and Peach: Royally Spooky
Boo and Yoshi: Scary Dino
Boo and Wario: Spooky Spoilsports
Boo and Daisy: Haunted Flower
Boo and Waluigi: Scary Screechers
Boo and Toad: Scaredy Toad
Boo and Koopa Kid: Pure Evil

Koopa Kid and Mario: Uneasy Allies
Koopa Kid and Luigi: Friendly Enemies
Koopa Kid and Peach: Friendly Enemies
Koopa Kid and Yoshi: Dino Cousins
Koopa Kid and Wario: Bad Baddies
Koopa Kid and Daisy: Grudging Allies
Koopa Kid and Waluigi: Cheap Chaps
Koopa Kid and Toad: Little Guys
Koopa Kid and Boo: Pure Evil

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