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Press [L] during game play to hear your character's taunt. You can only do this while on game board, but not in mini-games. Press [L] + [C-stick Up] for a faster version. Press [L] + [C-stick Down] for a slower version. Press [L] + [C-stick Left] or [C-stick Right] to vary its volume.

Bowser's Gnarly Party Board
Win all five boards in story mode and collect all presents for one character. Bowser will challenge you on his board. Beat him and his mini-game. You can now choose Bowser's Gnarly Party in Party Mode by highlighting Koopa and pressing [Right].

Extra Room mini-games
Successfully complete the game in single player mode with any character to unlock the Goomba Stomp, Beach Volleyball, and Panel Panic mini-games in the Extra Room.

Free mode in Beach Volleyball
Successfully complete battle mode in Beach Volleyball. The game will confirm that you now have access to free mode.

Birthday Cake
Win Beach Volley Folley in tournament mode.

Boo Plate
Dive for 7 or more seconds in the Take A Breather mini-game.

Boo's Photo Stand
Finish the Mario Speedwagons mini-game in ten seconds or less.

Bowser's Lamp
Defeat Bowser in story mode as Yoshi.

Bowser's Picture
Defeat Bowser in story mode as Peach.

Bowser's Television
Defeat Bowser in story mode as Luigi.

Bowser's Vase
Defeat Bowser in story mode as Mario.

Bowser's Teapot
Defeat Bowser in story mode as Daisy.

Daisy's Bed
Defeat Toad in story mode as Daisy.

Daisy's Nightstand
Defeat Boo in story mode as Daisy.

Donkey Kong Doll
Defeat Koopa in story mode as Donkey Kong.

Donkey Kong's Box
Defeat Boo in story mode as Donkey Kong.

Donkey Kong's Tree
Defeat Goomba in story mode as Donkey Kong.
The Final Battle
To win The Final Battle, jump across the turning platforms with [A]. Once you reach the other side, you will have to solve a puzzle. Ground-Pound the three pieces to form a Bowser Kid. The new zone will be like the first, but with three flames coming out of the tiny pillars. Make your way across again. You must now solve a larger puzzle with little pieces. Once you complete the puzzle, go left to face Bowser. Stomp three buttons. It will form a triangular beam. Make sure Bowser is lured inside the triangle. He will get shocked. Do this five times to defeat Bowser.

Cheep Cheep Sweep mini-game
Go to the CPU's or another player's cage for the Cheep Cheep. When at the cage, block them from whatever way they are coming, and just walk the opposite way they are except directly in front of them. Just get one or four Cheep Cheep and do this trick.

Final Battle! mini-game
At the final step, get killed by the lighting strike three times and you will become invincible.

Better chance in ball lottery
Move the Analog-stick [Back] for a 99% chance to get 30 coins in the lottery.

If you have to choose a Scratch Card, always choose the one on the bottom and second from the right. You can win up to 100 coins.

Story mode
At the start up screen where the cards are, choose story mode. Every time you fully complete a board, there will be a star above it instead of a picture. When you get all of the stars you can go to the Bowser board. If you have gotten some presents on one character and want to switch to another character, you will have to do all the boards again on the character you switched from. To prevent this from happening, start with one person, then continue until all the boards are finished.

Bowser-shaped holes
Go to the extra room and play Challenge Booksquirm. When you reach thirty pages, Bowser-shaped holes will appear.

Volcano of Coins
In Shy Guy's Jungle Jam, sometimes when you ride the bird, the volcano along the way will spit out many Coins.

Glitch: Booksquirm
In the Booksquirm game, there is a very easy way to cheat the system without getting squished. When there are cut-out shapes on the bottom level, run up to one and center yourself within it. Keep running forward and the page will come down, "semi-squishing" your character; but you will not be squished. This will work every time, if done correctly.

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