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Sep. 13, 2006
Easy 10,000 Step Note
Go into your house and set your character against a wall. Keep the Analog-stick held so that your character walks against that wall. If you are facing the top wall, set up the Analog-stick so that it stays in the up position. This will take some time, but you can get rid of the pedometer at the beginning of the game.

Put your character in the bottom-left corner of your house (time does not pass in the house). Then, use a rubber band around the part of the controller where you would leave your left hand. Then, just pull the rubber band over the control stick. This works better with a smaller rubberband. This should make your character run against the bottom-left wall, and leaves you free while you get the note.

Easy 50 Finger Whistle Note
Go into your house and press [R](50). It does not matter if your animal is near you or not.

Easy Shipping Note
Go to your shipping box and get a nearby log. Put the log in the shipping box and you will get a note.

100 . Meek Heart Note. After you collect 99 Happiness Notes. Rewards
Collect the indicated number of notes to unlock the corresponding reward.

5 Notes: Marimba
10 Notes: Timpani
15 Notes: Harp
20 Notes: Piano
25 Notes: Violin
30 Notes: Cello & Powerberry
35 Notes: Flute
40 Notes: Acoustic Guitar
45 Notes: Trumpet
50 Notes: H. Goddess Revived
Aging Pot
Become friends with Saibara (2 or 3 hearts) and he will ask you to go talk to the mayor. The mayor then teaches you how to make Potato Gratin. After that, go back to Saibara's house and he will give you the Aging Pot, which is used to make sodas.

Purchase an egg from Blue Sky Ranch for 120G instead of buying a chicken for 1200G. Just wait for the egg to hatch and the chick to grow.

Fishing pole
Talk to Ray to get a new fishing pole.

Level 3 Bag
Become friends (at least two hearts) with Martha and bring her wool.

Level 4 House
Get Kurt, Woody, or Joe at five hearts or higher.

Dia and Gina
Ship 30 herbs to have Dia and Gina appear in town.

Duke, Gwen, and Doug
Attend the Spring Horse Race on Spring 17 to have them appear in town.

Plant three fruit trees to have him appear in town.

Place a flower in the blue shipping bin in the square on Spring 22. Then, attend the Flower Festival the next day to have her appear in town.

Become friends with Ronald to have her appear in town.

Plant one fruit tree to have him appear in town.

Tai and Tim
Ship one copper, silver, and gold ore from the mine to have them appear in town.

To get the Blue Feather (proposal item), you must have at least 30 Musical Notes, get a level 3 home from Woody, and get a double bed from Woody. You will get it from Mayor Theodore, and will be able to marry the man or woman of your dreams.

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