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Remixed Big Blue music
Select customization mode and enter the shop. Press [Z], [Left], [Right], [Left], [Z], [Y], [X], [Z], [Left], [Right], [Left], [Right], [Z], [X], [Z], [X], [Z] at the menu with the machines, machine parts, or miscellaneous items options. A sound will confirm correct code entry. The "Sounds Of Big Blue" option will now be unlocked for purchase at the shop. After buying it, highlight a Big Blue track in practice or time attack mode, then press [L]. Alternately, win all cups under the master difficulty setting to unlock the Remixed Big Blue Music at the shop.

Remixed Mute City music
Select customization mode and enter the shop. Press [X]x3, [Y], [X]x3, [Y], [Z]x2, [Left], [Right], [Left], [Right], [Left], [Right] at the menu with the machines, machine parts, or miscellaneous items options. A sound will confirm correct code entry. The "Sounds Of Mute City" option will now be unlocked for purchase at the shop. After buying it, highlight a Mute City track in practice or time attack mode, then press [L].

Ruby Cup score password
Select time attack mode, then choose "Records". Choose Ruby Cup and highlight the score to be posted. Hold [L], then press [R], [A], [Z], [A], "C-Up", "C-Left", [A], "C-Down", [R], [Z] to get a password for that score to be posted on the rankings site.

Diamond Cup
Finish the the Ruby, Sapphire and Emerald Cups in first place under the standard or expert difficulty setting.

Dark Schneider vehicle
Successfully complete the game in story mode to unlock Dark Schneider (Deathborn's vehicle).

Bahumut vehicle
Use your F-Zero GX License Card in an F-Zero AX arcade machine. Save the data that is unlocked to a memory card.

Magic Seagull
Successfully complete the game in story mode under the hard difficulty setting.

F-Zero AX tracks
Win all four Cups in Grand Prix mode under the master difficulty setting. Alternately, finish a F-Zero AX arcade machine track in first place and save the data to a memory card. The same track can now be bought at the shop and will appear under the AX Cup. Note: The track will not be immediately available in Gran Prix mode. Unlock all the F-Zero AX tracks to unlock the AX Cup in Gran Prix mode.

F-Zero AX Mute City - Sonic Oval track
Finish the AX Cup in first place.

Mini movies
Play any Grand Prix under the master difficulty setting using any machine except the custom-made machines. When you win first place, the credits will show with a mini movie of the character that you used. When you go to the character profile and select that character, press [Y] to view the mini movie.

To make the subtitles appear in the story mode intermission sequences and in the interview with the champion at the end of the grand prix, press [Z]. Press it again to turn them off.
Easier drift turn
Quickly tap [Left]x2 or [Right]x2 to do an easier drift turn. Note: This cannot be done during a slide turn.

When performing a drift turn with a heavier racer you will notice that the weight of your machine throws you around, greatly hindering your cornering abilities. To do a better drift, turn hold [L] + [R] + Analog-stick in the direction you wish to go. Once your grip has been broken, power out of the turn using [L] or [R] (depending on which direction you are going) + Analog-stick. If done correctly, you will retain your broken grip, however your weight will not interfere with your handling abilities.

Super drift turns
If you do a spin attack at the same time as a drift turn, you can corner extremely well (even directly after a boost). Also, doing a spin attack can be used instead of drift turns. This lets you handle better and it attacks opponents when they are turning.

The mini-boosting technicq offers a huge advantage (for non-snakers) on the first lap. This method is especially applicable on Cosmo Terminal (Trident) where the majority of edges do not have rails. To perform this trick, gradually veer off the edge, just using the Analog-stick, then use [L] or [R] (depending on which way you wish to go) to quickly get back on the track. By doing this, you can reach speeds up to 1500 k/h. It is possible to acquire a time of 2:46 if used efficiently. Note: When you are airborne and immediately getting back on the track, you must also use the joystick (along with [L] or [R] ). Also, this works best with an original machine called the "Gallant Cannon-G4". To make it, create an original machine using the following parts. Body: Dread Hammer; Cockpit: Combat Cannon; Boost: Titan -G4. The recommended color is monochromatic (R: 132, G: 130, and B: 93).

Mine boosting
Mine boosts prove to be very beneficial on the first lap, providing you with an amazing boost if performed correctly. To successfully attempt this trick, go to a track in time attack mode that has a relatively large number of mines. Once you reach a mine field (or just a single mine), hit it perfectly square to attain outstanding propulsion. By using this method you will get two advantages; it gives you a boost and it clears the mines from the track for your future laps (from the second lap forward).

Space flying technique
The space flying technique enables a racer to lift off the racetrack and fly in kind of a snaking-like manner (benefiting the racer by allowing him to acquire amazing times). To perform this trick, it is recommended that you use an original machine called "Combat Dragon". To create this strange machine, use the following parts: Body: Speedy Dragon; Cockpit: Combat Cannon; Booster: Sunrise 140 (recommended color is monochromatic with the following coloration settings: R: 255, G: 197, and B: 0). Set it to max acceleration and go off an edge, ramp, etc. Once airborne, hold the [Analog-stick Left] + [L], or "Analog-stick Right" + [R]. If done correctly, you will gradually lift higher off the track. Now with your attained altitude, repeat your previous step going the opposite direction, staying relatively close to the track (continue doing this, touching down before crossing the starting line each lap). Note: If you get too far off the track when you attempt to land (get back on), you will blow up. This method is most applicable on Big Blue (Ordeal), where it is possible to attain a time of 15 seconds. The trick is to mislead the game into thinking you did a lap, when you actually used the space flying method to fly a circle to the right crossing the finish line. Start this circle at the first edge near the beginning of the track. However, when using this method competitively (Internet ranking), note that the majority of F-Zero GX game discs are "bugged", preventing any time (on Ordeal) under one minute twenty seconds to receive a password.

There are some tracks that have outstanding shortcuts that can deduct up to fifteen seconds off your normal time. The trick is to get airborne and glide across the part of the track that can be skipped. Note: When using this method and you are in the process of gliding across the track, try not to touch the Analog-stick, as it will make you lose much needed altitude. The two tracks that this method is most frequently used on is Mute City (Serial Gaps) and Big Blue (Ordeal). The first shortcut on Serial Gaps occurs in the tube you enter shortly after the race starts. As soon as you are exiting the tube (if you are on the first lap it is recommended that you use the "Mine boosting" method to gain speed, since you do not have boost power yet), release the Analog-stick and glide across the huge gap in front of you. Land on the ramp on the other side. From there once you are airborne, glide to the right (but not too far, since you will blow up when you attempt to land). Land near the boost pad (once at this part on the second and/or last lap, completely miss the platform with the boosts pad, providing yourself with another shortcut). If this method is used efficiently (on Serial Gaps), you can acquire a time of one minute and three seconds. The first shortcut that occurs in Ordeal is at the first split shortly after the beginning of the race. Once there, take the left and release the Analog-stick crossing the enormous gap to the left side of the building. The second (and last) shortcut is landing at the very end of the first platform before entering the tunnel. This shortcut can only be performed after the first lap, since you have then attained boost power, giving you enough momentum to clear this jump. If this method is used efficiently (on Ordeal) you will be able to acquire a time of about 2.5 minutes.

Beneficial momentum
On some tracks, letting off the throttle at the correct time can prove to be very beneficial. Once you encounter a series of mini jumps, release [A] to drift off momentum. If done correctly you will actually increase your current speed. Note: When drifting over long distances, your speed will eventually start to decrease.

Free tickets
Every time you plug in your memory card to play F -Zero AX, you will earn 20 tickets (just enough to buy a new AX machine).

Perfect racer
In general, setting a racer to maximum top speed (far right on the ratio bar) hinders its sharp turning capability. However, the Flying Cannon-G4 defies that theory with its superior cornering abilities. The Flying Cannon-G4 is also one of the fastest racer there is, making it virtually perfect in all fields. To make this original machine use the following parts: Body: Liberty Manta, Cockpit: Combat Cannon, and Booster Part: Titan-G4. The recommended color is monochromatic with the following coloration settings: R: 147, G: 160, and B: 148.

Super Mario Bros. reference
Attack a fellow racer that only has about 0% to 5% of its energy remaining. If done correctly, the racer will go flying and randomly make a noise that shares the distinctive sound affect ef Mario or Luigi entering or exiting the classic green tubes/pipes in Super Mario Bros.

Win first place in any Cup under any difficulty setting with Zoda's Death Anchor. When Mr. Zero interviews him, the reporter will be shaking with fear.

F-Zero TV
When you win first place in a Grand Prix under any difficulty with any machine except the custom-made machines, your character will be interviewed by a person named Mr. Zero. You will be able to select any question you would like for him to ask the pilot. The questions vary between the difficulty levels of the Grand Prix. In Master Mode, you will be able to ask for an autograph. This is a good way to know a pilot's background.

Chapter 4: Challenge Of The Bloody Chain
In Chapter 4 of story mode, Challenge Of The Bloody Chain, there is a method that will allow you to easily complete the mission. First, set Blue Falcon to max speed. As soon as the mission begins, you will gradually catch up to the fellow members of the Bloody Chain. Once close enough, attack them with spin attacks. Continue doing this to every felow racer (except Michael Chain) until they blow up. By eliminating all the other members of the gang, you are left to a duel with no interference. Towards the end of the race (when all other members have been destroyed) you will notice that Michael will slow down, giving you the opportunity to catch up and fight. The best way to defeat him is to wait until you are side by side. Once you get the chance, attack repeatedly using sideways attacks ( [X] + Analog-stick in the direction that you wish to attack). If done correctly, you will be the only racer alive remaining on the track, and free to pass the finish line. Note: By completing this mission under the very hard settings you will unlock "Fat Shark", one of the best competitive racers (Internet ranking) for both snakers, and non-snakers.

Recommended racer
Use the following parts. This racer gets enhanced speed by sacrificing a little control.
Body: Grand Base
Cockpit: EnergyCrest
Booster: Titan G4
Glitch: Sparking machine
In story mode, second chapter, every time Samari Goroh gets hurt, your machine will spark.

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