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Nov. 29, 2006
Nov. 29, 2006
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In-game reset
Hold [A] + [B] + [Select] + [Start] during game play to return to the title screen.

Alakazam will learn Psychic at level 38 and Reflect at level 45.

You can find a Chansey on Routes 15, 14, and 13. It will be at level 20 or higher.

Fish at the Day Care Center below Goldenrod City with the Super Rod. Eventually, you will find a Corsela. Other than Corsela, you will find high level Krabby.

Go into the house in Dragon Den and answer all the questions correctly. He will give you a Dratini.

To get wild Dunsparce, find Anthony the hiker on Route 33. Battle him and get his phone number. He will call when the Dunsparce appear in the Dark Cave.

When you get Eevee from bill in Goldenrod City, catch a Ditto and give them to the day care couple at the same time. Go in back and check to make sure that they are interested in each other. Wait two days and then pick up an egg -- the man will be in the yard and you do not have to take Eevee or Ditto back. A couple of hours later, return for a second egg, and later again for a third. It takes two days to hatch them, and you can now get four evolutions. Breed another Eevee with another Ditto for the last evolution

Use a level 50 Golbat with Mean Look to catch Entei easier.

Fly to Ecruteak City, then go to Route 38 at night. Search in any patch of grass for Entei.

Buy a Max Repel at Blackthorn City, then go to Violet City. Go to the right, then go in the grass at Route 31. Use the Max Repel and search to find an Entei.

You can catch Entei at Lake Of Rage when you get all eight badges.

Feraligatr learns Hyro Pump at level 58.

To make a very powerful Furret, save your money and go to the Goldenrod department store. They sell three Punch TMs, Fire Punch, Ice Punch, and Thunder Punch. Furret can learn all three and get an advantage on Ghost, Bird, Grass, Water, and Dragon type Pokemon.

You can find a wild Gastly in the grass on routes 30 and 31.

Teach a Gengar Thief and take it to the battle tower. Use it to steal the opponent's item.

To find a Grimer in the water, go to Celadon City. Find the house that has a pond in the front. Then, Surf across the pond. Speak to the man in front of the house. Surf in the pond until find a Grimer.

If the Tyrogue that you got from the Karate Master in Mt. Mortar has already evolved, you will need a Ditto to get the Hitmontop. Take your evolved Tyrogue (Hitmonchan or Hitmonlee) to the Daycare Center and make sure they like each other. You will know this if you talk to them when they are in the backyard of the house. Have them lay an egg. After getting the egg and hatching it, train the baby Tyrogue to level 19, then save the game just in case it does not evolve to Hitmontop (and you can do it again). Check its Attack and Defense status. If one is higher than the other, go to the Department Store and buy the necessary Protein or Iron to make the lower one equal the higher one. Then, go back to training it. When it gets to level 20 and evolves, it should be a Hitmontop. Note: If this does not work, reset the game and repeat the procedure.

You can catch Hoothoot in the early parts of the game. To level him up, take Hoothoot to the Sprout Tower in Violet City where the Bird Gym is located. Most of the trainers have Bell Sprouts, which cannot do much damage to Hoothoot. However, beware of Ghost Pokemon. Have a Poliwag slightly leveled up to battle, and watch for the Hypnosis move. At this stage, only Poliwag's Bubble move is going to do much damage to a Ghost Pokemon. Note: One daytime Pokemon, Butterfree, has the power to defeat both Bellsprouts and Ghosts in Sprout Tower.

Kadabra will learn Confusion (at level 16), Disable (at level 18), Psybeam (at level 21), Recover (at level 26), Psychic (at level 38), and Reflect (at level 45).

When Abra evolves into Kadabra, it is level16. It should have two attacks, Telelport and Confusion.

During the morning or the day, you can catch Larvitar. It takes quite awhile find it, but is worth it when Larvitar evolves into Tyranitar.
Red: Pokemon team
Red uses the following Pokemon.
Pikachu (level 81)
Snorlax (level 70)
Charizard (level 75)
Venasaur (level 75)
Blastoise (level 75)
Espeon (level 70)
TM Lady
Every Sunday a lady will appear and give away a TM.

You can get the PokeRus infection from a Yanma at Route 35, below bug catcher Arnie. Go up and down the grassy area. Add Bug Catcher Arnie to your list he will call you if he sees these rare Pokemon. You will know when you have the PokeRus because Professor Elm will call you and give you information about it (and tell you not to worry). Look at the stats on your Pokemon and you will see a shiny dot at the bottom right side (like a shiny Pokemon) and see the word PokeRus. It lasts two to four days and will spread to the other Pokemon in your party. Infect some and store them to keep the PokeRus going. Trade an infected Pokemon to the Pokemon Gold or Silver only -- it will not work on other versions. Take the infected Pokemon to a Pokecenter and heal. The nurse will say that your Pokemon has tiny bugs all over it -- but they do not seem to be harming them. The PokeRus virus is good, not bad. Pokemon that have it will gain twice as much experience after a battle. Getting the virus is extremely rare. You have a 3 in 65536 chance of getting it after a battle. The virus will wear off (healing at a PokéCenter will not end it). Once the virus is gone the Pokemon will be immune to future infections, and cannot infect other Pokemon. You will see a tiny dot in the corner. You can group infected Pokemon using Pokemon Stadium 2.

Easy Bug Catching Contest win
Raise an Oddish to level 21 and have it evolve into Gloom. Teach Gloom Sweet Scent. Enter the Bug Catching Contest on Tuesdays, Thursdays, or Saturdays. Take your Gloom to level 25 to 35 and knows Absorb and Sweet Scent. Find a spot in the park and use Sweet Scent repeatedly. Random Pokemon will attack you. Your best bet is a level 16 and over Butterfree, Venonat, Beedrill, Scyther, or Pinser.

Mystery Gifts
Note: This trick requires the Pokemon Pikachu 2 handheld game. Send Watts to your Game Boy Color by using the IR port. Note: You must first talk to the girl on fifth floor of the Department Store in Goldenrod City.

Rainbow Wing
In order to get the Rainbow Wing, you must have all three legendary Pokemon (Suicine, Raikou, and Entei).

TM list
TM 01 Dynamicpunch
TM 02 Headbutt
TM 03 Curse
TM 04 Rollout
TM 05 Roar
TM 06 Toxic
TM 07 Zap Cannon
TM 08 Rock Smash
TM 09 Psych Up
TM 10 Hidden Power
TM 11 Sunny Day
TM 12 Sweet Scent
TM 13 Snore
TM 14 Blizzard
TM 15 Hyperbeam
TM 16 Icywind
TM 17 Protect
TM 18 Rain Dance
TM 19 Giga Dradin
TM 20 Endure
TM 21 Frustration
TM 22 Solarbeam
TM 23 Inron Tail
TM 24 Dragonbreath
TM 25 Thunder
TM 26 Earthquake
TM 27 Return
TM 28 Dig
TM 29 Psychic
TM 30 Shadow Ball
TM 31 Mud-Slap
TM 32 Double-Team
TM 33 Ice Punch
TM 34 Swagger
TM 35 Sleeptalk
TM 36 Sludgebomb
TM 37 Sandstorm
TM 38 Fireblast
TM 39 Swift
TM 40 Defense Curl
TM 41 Thunderpunch
TM 42 Dream Eater
TM 43 Detect
TM 44 Rest
TM 45 Attract
TM 46 Theif
TM 47 Steel Wing
TM 48 Fire Punch
TM 49 Fury Cutter
TM 50 Nightmare
Hidden items
Antidote: Goldenrod Underground
Berserk Gene: North of Cerulean
Calcium: Route 13
Carbos: Tin Tower 5F, Ice Cave B2
Dire Hit: Route 28
Elixir: Route 44, Dark Cave, Route 12
Ether: Ilex Forest, Route 37, Burned Tower, Route 9
Full Heal: Azalea Town, Ilex Forest, National Park, Team Rocket HQ B2, Champion Road, Vermilion City, Route 2
Full Restore: Tin Tower 5F, Lake of Rage, Whirl Islands, Mt. Mortar, Route 2, Mt. Silver
Great Ball: Route 32
Hyper Potion: Violet City, Ecruteak City, Olivine City, Route 40, Mt. Mortar
Ice Heal: Ice Cave
Leftovers: Celadon City Restaurant Trash Can (Item Finder will not beep)
Max Elixir: Dragon's Den, Route 17
Max Ether: Cianwood Isle, Whirl Islands, Route 17, Route 2
Max Potion: Tin Tower 4F, Route 42, Lake of Rage, Ice Cave/ Dragon's Den, Champion Road, Rock Tunnel
Max Repel: Mt. Mortar
Max Revive: Mt. Mortar, Digletts Cave
Nugget: Route 39
Paralyze Heal: Goldenrod Underground
Potion: Route 30
PP UP: Route 34, Route 45, Celadon City, Lake of Rage, Whirl Islands
Revive: Cianwood Isle, Dragon's Den, Route 11, Route 2
Super Potion: Ilex Forest, Route 32, Route 34, Goldenrod Underground
Ultra Ball: Burned Tower, Whirl Islands, Route 4, Mt. Silver
X Accuracy: Rock Tunnel
X Defend: Rock Tunnel
Using Thief to get items
Kings Rock: Polliwhirl on Route 44 (you only can get one from this Pokemon)
Stardust: Staryu in Cianawood, use Super Rod.
Spelltag: Misdreavus in Ice Cave.
Burnt Berry: Magmar in Silver Cave.
MooMoo Milk: Milktank on Route 38.
Sharp Beak: Fearow on Route 42.
Burnt Berry: Growlithe on Route 35.
Pearl: Shellder in Newbark Town, use Super Rod.
Kings Rock: Slowbro; Surf in Slowpoke well. You only get one from a Slowbro.
Tiny Mushroom: Parasect in Silver Cave.
Berrys: Top level of boat with two Pokefans in room. All Meowth, On Monday, in Route 40 you will find MonicaOn Tuesday, in Route 29 you will find TuscanyOn Wednesday, in Lake Of Rage you will find WesleyOn Thursday, in Route 36 you will find ArthurOn Friday, in Route 32 you will find FriedaOn Saturday, in Blackthorn City you will find SantosOn Sunday, in Route 37 you will find Sunny
Easy gifts and battles
Obtain several phone numbers, then go to your house and tell your mom to switch on or off daylight savings. Your phone friends will give you calls almost immediately, and you will get to fight them or receive gifts.

Easy money
Get a Pokemon that knows Pay Day. Battle any wild Pokemon and only use Pay Day. Each hit from pay day results in $40. The more you hit the Pokemon with pay day the more money you will get. Note: This does not work in trainer battles, and you must defeat the Pokemon to get the money.

Use the following trick to win three hundred coins almost every time on slot machines. In Golden Rod City's Game Corner, play the slot machines. Line two 7's up on the first two rows then press [A] and hold for the third row. Hold [A] and the slot will move until it hits the third 7, resulting in 300 coins.

Fast bike
Get a bike, walk out, then press [Select]. You will get on the bike and go faster.

Get rid of grass
Get HM02 and teach it to a Plant Pokemon. Get in front of some grass and use Cut. Note: The grass only disappears temporarily.

Countering Protect
When your opponent uses Protect there is only one move that you should use; Surf.

Catch Pokemon easily
To catch Pokemon easily without a Master Ball, let the enemy Pokemon fall asleep.

Use False Swipe until there is 1 HP remaining, then paralyze them. This will make it harder for them to break out.

Easy experience
Put a strong Pokemon that can put their opponent to sleep in the front of your party. Go to the grass in front of Silver Cave. Put the wild Pokemon to sleep, then switch to a low-level Pokemon. Have it do one attack and switch back to your strong Pokemon and finish it off. The weaker Pokemon will gain a lot of experience.

Do not use Rare Candies immediately on a Pokemon that you wish to become stronger. If you wait to use it, you can gain an extra level. Raise the Pokemon you plan to use it on to next level rather then wasting it. Then, use the Rare Candy. It makes more sense to use it on a Pokemon that has nearly no experience towards their next level as opposed to using it on a Pokemon that does not have much to go to reach its next level.

To get double experience points from battling, find a Chansey and use Thief. Make sure that your Pokemon is not holding an item. If you are lucky, you will steal an item called Lucky Egg. Give that to a Pokemon, and that Pokemon will receive double experience points when it wins a battle. This is especially useful when trying to level up Pokemon that are at 60 or higher. Note: This may take awhile because of how rare Chansey are to find. The odds of encountering one are low, and the odds of encountering one with the Lucky Egg are even lower. Chansey can be found on Route 15 in the grass with the girl that wants to trade her Aerodactyle.

Game differences
The following are differences from Pokemon Gold and Silver. The game has animated Pokemon. You can get items from your phone pals. Suicune can be caught before running out into the world of Johto and Kanto.

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