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Control title screen
At the title screen where you choose to play the original Mario Bros. or Super Mario Bros. 3, keep switching the game highlighted continuously. Eventually on the top choice, Mario will appear with a turtle shell and on the bottom Luigi will pop out.

At the title screen where you choose to play the original Mario Bros. or Super Mario Bros, keep pressing [Up] then [Down] as fast as possible. It will look like the Mario standing near the Super Mario Bros. 3 sign is jogging.

Level select
Successfully complete the game (you can just use a warp whistle to get to World 8). You can now select any World you want to go to at anytime. If you complete all of the levels (including Hammer Bros., Toadstool Houses, and the casino-type game), you can play any level as many times as desired. This includes the Hammer Bros., the Toadstool Houses, the casino things, and even the fortresses and castles.
Extra lives
Start a new game, playing as both Mario and Luigi. Steal (exchange) all of Luigi's lives that you can (four). Pause game play, then select "Save & Quit". Reload that same game, playing as only Mario. He will now have nine lives, and Luigi will not be around. Note: You can execute this trick at any point in the game if you need a few extra lives.

Available only through an e-Reader, the Cape allows Mario or Luigi to fly indefinitely, as long as you continuously press [Left] to stay in the air.

On the title screen after you select the Super Mario Bros. 3 game, look at the 3's shadow. It has a tail and an ear like Mario when he has the raccoon power.

Match Game
The Match Game will appear every time you earn a multiple of 80,000 points. (80,000, 160,000, 240,000, etc.). This a mini-game in which you have to match two of the same cards.

Coin ship
Use the following trick to make a coin ship appear on the map. End any level with both the coin and the last two numbers of the point total equal to any multiple of 11. The time also has to stop on an even number. For example, 55 coins and 009844 points. The coin ship is a ship full of coins and an extra life.

To make a coin ship appear, use a music box when two Hammer Bros. are on your screen and are reachable. Once they are asleep, play and complete any level. One of the Hammer Bros. should have turned into a coin ship.

A Flute can be found in World 1-3. Hop on the white block toward the end of the level and hold [Down] on the block for six seconds. Mario will drop down. Finish the level and you will be sent to a chest room containing a Flute.

On the very first fortress that you encounter, you have to skip across some lava. After the lava, there is a block with a Feather in it, and one of those skeletons that cannot be defeated. Squash the skeleton quickly with the Raccoon Suit on, then get your "P" all the way up so that you can fly. Fly up the right wall and you land on top. Go right until you cannot go further. Then, press [Up] as you would when opening a door. Inside there is a Flute that Toad gives you. You do not have to face Boom Boom.

There is a Flute in World 2. Use the hammer you get from the Hammer Bros. on the rock in the top right corner. On the next screen, you will find a Fire Bros. Defeat it for a Flute.

Last World
Get the two Whistles found in World 1-3. Use the first one to get to World 7, then use the other Whistle to warp to World 8.

World 1: Get prize without fighting Boss
Get to the end part of the castle next to the matching game, where there is a skeleton monster and you are Raccoon-Mario. Go to the door and turn around so that your facing to the left. Run (hold [B]) down to the end of the platform that you are standing on, and your speedometer at the bottom of your screen is all the way up. Then, fly up to the top of the building and go all the way to the right. You will drop down into a room and will get a box with a prize without having to battle the Boss.

World 1: Flute
When you are in the fortress level, fly up where you passed the lava part. You will be walking without Mario looking up. Run until you got to a secret area. There will be a treasure chest that contains flute. The flute is used to warp to worlds that you cannot pass.

The first flute is in World 1-3. Just before the black curtain, you will see two green blocks, one red block, a blue block ,and a white block. Jump on the Koopa on the white block and hold [Down] for five to nine seconds. Mario will drop down. Hold [B] and run to the right until you are behind the curtain. You will be teleported to a toad house and get the flute.

The second flute is in the World 1 at the first mini castle. Get the first mushroom, then go to the next mushroom without getting hit. Then, run back and get full P-wing. Fly up into the open area in the sky until you cannot see yourself. Then, run to the right until you cannot go further. Press [Up] as if you are opening a door, then collect your prize.

The third and final flute is in level 2. Defeat the Boomarang Bro. with the hammer. Then, go to the top right corner and use it. It will open a passage to some Fire Bros. Defeat them to get the flute. The easiest way is by using a Star.

World 1-1: Extra life
At the first gap, hop around in the bush nearby to find a 1-Up.

World 1-2: Extra life
Go to the three platforms of coins and turn them into blocks. To do this, get a Raccoon suit, go to the blocks under the pipe, and whip your tail around. A button will appear. Jump on it. You will have be quick and jump on the three platforms. When you get to the top platform, wait for the fire-spitting platform to go back into the pipe. When it does, jump on the pipe. Jump around on the pipe until you hit an invisible box and an extra life will appear. Jump (or run) into it to collect it.

World 1-3: Coins
Defeat the first boomerang thrower and keep going. You will reach a group of stacked bricks. There will be a turtle on top of them. Jump on it and kick it to the left. After it hits a group of bricks, go down and jump around for a little while. You will hit a hidden orange jump block. Jump on it and you will go to a secret coin area.

World 2-4: Easy completion
Get the Raccoon Suit, then get your "P" all the way up and fly to the upper left hand corner. You will se a brick there. Smash that brick and all of the other ones above it until you get to a hidden area. When you get to the bricks over the water, start smashing the ones on the right first, because there is one of those P buttons that changes coins to bricks and vice-versa. At the end, when you are going to fall, make sure you jump on the last music note block; it has a leaf in it. When you get to the ground, you will be at the end of the level.

World 3-1: Free "?" box
When first start the level you will be at an edge that you could fall from. Fall into it then jump over the rings to get to a "?" box.

World 3-5: Giant "?" block
Using the frog suit, you can get inside the second pipe on the bottom of the level (found about halfway though the level). Hold [Right] as you enter the pipe to get to where the giant "?" block is located.

World 3-9: Unlimited lives
Jump on a turtle and keep the shell. Go to the second Bill Blaster. Shoot the shell in front of it and quickly jump up in the chanter of the second and third. If done correctly, the shell will be stuck is the middle of two Bill Blasters and hit the missiles.

World 4-4: Frog Mario only area
Enter the level as Frog Mario and go straight down at the beginning. There is a pipe that shoots bubbles out with another pipe to the left. As Frog Mario, you can swim past the bubbles and into the pipe. Inside is an area with P-Switches and Coins.

World 5-1: Easy completion
Get your "P" Wing meter all the way up at the beginning of the level. Fly up to a pipe and go in. When you come down the pipe, go to the bottom of the little maze thing. Duck, then fly up into the narrow straits of the maze. Do not get up until you are past every single strait. At the end of this, there will be a music box and the level will end.

World 5-1: Enter the inner area
Enter the level as either P-Wing Mario or Raccoon Mario. Fly to the top of the beginning area and into the pipe. Go down and into the next pipe. You will be inside the area with some blocks to the right. There are four 1-Ups inside, and the rest are breakable. If you fly to the top and find the P-Switch, a "3" and "4" made out of the Blue P-Switch Coins will appear.

World 6-9: Frog Mario only area
Enter the level as Frog Mario and enter the pipe. Once in the water, stick to the floor and go right. Avoid the Giant Cheep Cheep and you will see a pipe that would force you into the above path as any other Mario. Swim through the bubbles and into the pipe at the other end. Inside are some coins you can only get from the freefall and a giant "?" Block with three 1-Ups inside. After you get the 1-Ups, exit the area and complete the level as usual.

World 7-2: Toad's House
Before entering the level, wear a Frog Suit. Enter and go into a pipe into the water underground. Swim to the far left and grab the coins before hitting the P-Switch. Hit the switch and rapidly swim to get the rest of the coins that were blocks. If you are fast enough, you can get the required number of coins. This may require a few attempts.

World 8: Easier completion
This world has many ships in it. You can swim under the ships instead of fighting the enemies. Complete the first ship then jump into the water and continue swimming under the next ships that arrive.

On the World 8 water ship, just get the power up, jump into the water, and swim underneath the ships until the end. Note: You must jump out of the ship that is lowered into the water.

World 8-1: Easy lives
This trick requires a P-Raccoon Tail. First, fly past the pipes with piranhas coming out of them, then fly up the long pipe with the two bouncy boxes in the middle of it. Next, go down the pipe and hit the big box to get the three power-ups.

Get the regular Raccoon Tail and go past the pipes with the piranhas, then power-up directly under the long pipe. Next, fly up the pipe to gain the three green mushrooms.

World 8-2: Surprise
Try to sink into the first sinking sand. You will find a surprise..

World 8 final castle: Extra life
In the final castle, you can find a 1-Up mushroom at the beginning of the level where you first see the spinning fireballs (next to where the candle that follows you is placed). Go up all three fire balls. Just when you start getting down on the highest level from the left, and the right-most corner, you will find a hidden 1-Up mushroom.

World-e: Blue Mushroom house
In World-e, get 30 "A" Coins and the lock with disappear in front of the Blue Mushroom House. Inside is a Digging mini-game, based on the vases in the first Super Mario Advance. Dig on the left or right side first, then do the same thing again. If you are lucky, you will win a random prize. Both where the prize is located and its identity is completely random.

Defeating Boom Boom
Jump on the Boom Boom, and as soon as it gets into a defensive position, jump again. Once it is in its defensive position again, jump again then get its question mark ball.

Easy Toad House
Have an e-Reader and scan the Orange Switch Card to have Fire Mario's Fireballs turn enemies into coins. Go through a Hidden House level (for example, 1-4, 2-2, 4-2). The coins from enemies count as regular coins.

Unlimited items
When you get an item you like in a Toad House, get a game over and try again. The Toad House can be done again.

Note: This trick requires an e-Reader. Scan the Super Leaf card that is included with the game when you have a connection with the e-Reader. You can keep scanning until your inventory is full.

Redo Special Plates
When you want to do a Special Tile such as the Line-up and Toad House again, get a game over. It will now be re-doable.

Redo Fortresses, Toad Houses, Spade Spaces, and Guards
Get a perfect score in all Worlds and all Fortresses, Toad Houses, and Spade Spaces will open up again. If you complete a Fortress, get an item at the Toad Houses, complete a game of chance, or defeat a guard, you go through it again.

Gold Shiny panels
Get a perfect score in all Worlds and the panels "Shines?" will be gold.

Reusable power-ups
Turn into little Mario and take all the power-ups in the level. Find a bonus level. Go in it, and when you exit, all the power-ups you took will be there again. You can repeat this as many times as needed.

Avoid losing lives
If you fall and are about to die, pause game play. Select "Save and Quit". You can now continue at that level without losing a life.

Dancing Mario
Get to the part where you select the game that you want to play. Highlight "Super Mario Bros 3". Mario should appear. Note: Sometimes it is Luigi. Then, highlight "Mario Bros". Next, highlight "Super Mario Bros 3". Do this repeatedly quickly and Mario will appear to be dancing.

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