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Nov. 29, 2006
Nov. 29, 2006
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In-game reset
Press [Select] + [Start] + [A] + [B] during game play.

Suspend game
Press [Select] + [R] during game play to suspend the game without turning it off. Press [Select] + [L] to resume.

Deleted saved game
Hold [L] + [R] + [Select] + [Start] + [A] + [B] and power on the system. Keep the buttons held until you are prompted to delete the existing game.
Yoshi mode
Successfully complete the entire game of Super Mario Brothers 2 to unlock Yoshi mode You do not need all the red coins. In Yoshi mode, you must find two Yoshi eggs hidden behind the potion doors. There are two eggs for each stage.

Bald Birdo
Get to a part in the game where you fight Birdo. Jump on her head and press [B], as if you were picking a vegetable. You will pick up her Bow. You can either throw it at her, which causes it to appear back on her head, or throw it off the edge or something so she is bald.

Defeating Birdo
To defeat Birdo (pink), jump on the eggs, pick them up, then throw them at her three times. To defeat the Red Birdo, use Peach. Wait for the third object she throws (fly over the first and second ones). If it is a fireball, fly over it and wait for the next three shots. If it is an egg, pick it up and throw it at her. To defeat the Green Birdo, find an object to throw using Peach or Luigi. They both work since you do not have to jump as much; it will always throw three fireballs. Throw it at her three times.

Defeating Claw Grip
Get on the edge to the right of the hole. Claw Grip will throw a stone that should bounce to your small standing space. Quickly time it correctly so you can pick it up and throw it at him. Do this five times.

Defeating Fry Guy
Play as Peach. Take a Mushroom Block and carefully time things so Fry Guy is under you so you can drop it on him. Do this three times. He will turn into seven (or five) annoying flares. Wait until they are grouped together then drop a mushroom block on them. Watch out -- they jump high.

Defeating Mouser
You will need to use a character that can throw well. Get Mouser to destroy the wall with his bombs. Once the wall is passable, carefully go to the ledge. Wait for him to throw a bomb. It should automatically be picked up. Then, throw it lightly onto Mouser's ledge. Timing is required to have it explode in Mouser's face. Do this five times.

Defeating Robirdo
Use Peach and quickly climb on a chain, then wait for it to angrily stomp, throw a fireball, and finally throw a giant egg. Catch the third egg and throw it at the colossal chaos. Do this three times.

Defeating Tryclyde
Play as Peach. Quickly pick up a mushroom block before they hit you with fireballs. Float on the open ledge opposite from the three headed snake. Float towards the thing and drop the mushroom block on it three times. It will yell "Impossible!!!", signaling you that you have defeated it.

Defeating the flying portal and Wart
When at the portal to reach Wart, pick up the crystal and advance to the portal. Carefully use the mushroom blocks and hit the portal with them. To beat Wart, get a vegetable, go behind him, and throw it while he is firing at you.

Use Peach for this battle. Get a fruit and avoid the bubbles that appear from his mouth. While he is harmless and motionless, hover over his head behind him. He cannot hurt you from this point. When he opens his mouth to fire bubbles, throw the fruit at him from the back of him. While he is stunned, fly back over to the front of him. Collect another fruit, avoid the bubbles, and repeat the process five more times to defeat him, most likely without being scratched.

Free hearts
Find a giant enemy and throw them. Do not through them off a ledge or into an enemy. A heart will pop out of them. You can do this as many times as needed if you do not kill them.

Super Jump
In Mario Bros. Classic, you still have the Super Jump from the other game. Hold [Down] until you start to flash, then press [A].

Get on Yoshi, then jump off him to get higher.

Pick up POW block
In Mario Bros. Classic, go on top of a POW block press [B].

Going in pipes
If you see a pipe but cannot go into it, take a potion and drop it nearby. Go in then door then try to go in the pipe and you will warp.

Character recommendations
Mario: The main character has basic, balanced stats, and is a good choice for beginners.

Luigi: He is very fast and has lots of power, but on the downside is very clumsy.

Peach: She can float in the air while holding [A] button for about 1.5 seconds. However, she is the weakest in terms of power and speed.

Toad: Very fast and has lots of power, but has pathetic jumps.
Super Mario Brothers 2 Easy coins
When you use the magic potion to get the mushrooms, do not pick up the surrounding vegetables (which are coins in the magic door) immediately. Instead, find the location in each level where there are the most vegetables that are close together. Drop the magic potion and go in the door. Pick up as many coins as possible. Repeat this once, after doing something that will make the potion reappear (such as climbing a vine, going down a pipe, or entering a door).

Super Mario Brothers 2
Each time the spinners start in the bonus round, the second symbol in the first slot is always a cherry. If done correctly, you can guarantee yourself an average at least one extra life per coin.

In World 5-3, go up the ladder. Pick up the turtle shell and toss it. Wait for Bob-ombs to appear get points in this order: 200, 400, 800, 1000, 2000, 4000, 8000, 1-up. Let the turtle shell roll more and get more Albatoss to drop more Bob-ombs to get to as many lives as needed. The maximum number of lives that can be collected is 99.

Go the through the first level as fast as you want. When you get to a log that leads over a ledge, go into the door to the right of it. You will see a vine that leads up to a higher point. Go up that vine. You will see three bushes and five enemies standing to the right. Pull the third one closest to the enemies and you will get a huge turnip. Throw the turnip at the enemies when the first enemy is on the ground. The turnip will bounce until it hits the next one and so on. If done correctly, you will get an extra life. Keep doing this to get as many lives as needed.

When you pick up a turtle shell and launch it, any enemy on the ground it hits will give you a heart. Hit multiple enemies for points.

For every two million points you earn in Super Mario Brothers 2, a head appears next to your high score on the file selection page. For every head, you receive an extra credit in Mario Brothers.

Super Mario Brothers 2 World 1-1 Shortcut
Reach the door to enter the cave, but do not go in. Go left until you reach the platform near the door. Do a super jump to reach the top hill. Go right to reach a vine. Climb it and go up the level to meet Birdo.

Super Mario Brothers 2 World 1-1 Extra lives
When you enter the first cave on World 1-1, you will find a 1-Up mushroom inside a bubble. Ignore it and go up the vine. At the top you will see a group of five ninjas jumping in a pattern. Pick up one of the vegetables next to them, preferably one of the big ones, and hurl it at the ninjas. If timed correctly, it will kill all of them giving you extra points and an extra life. After this you will see a door just behind the ninjas. Walk out and then return. The ninjas will be there again. Repeat the process to gain more lives.

Enter the cave near the end of the level. Go up to the top by climbing up the vine. At the top on the right side are five Ninjis. Pluck the plant nearest to the Ninjis. It should be a giant turnip. Throw it at the Ninjis when the first one is on the ground. If timed correctly, the turnip will hit all five, giving you a 1-Up and a Heart. Climb down and back up the vine. Repeat this as many times as needed.

Super Mario Brothers 2 World 1-2 Shortcut
In World 1-2, select Luigi, get the carpet, and fly to the land. Instead of getting the key, pick up the hopping Ninja and throw it in front of the door. Then, prepare a squat jump and wait for him to jump high. If done correctly, you should jump and reach the hill above you. Then, run past the first door and enter the second one to fight the Boss.

Super Mario Brothers 2 World 1-3 Warp
At the end of the outside part, there is a vase object. If you carry a red liquid in a bottle and throw it there, you will go down.

Take a potion to the last vase (past the door) and throw it. Enter the new door and then the vase to warp to World 4-1.

Super Mario Brothers 2 World 2-2 Extra lives
Go through the level until you get to the sand waterfall. After you pass that part, you will see a door. Enter and blow up the wall with bombs to find many Shy Guys walking on a mound. There are three plants at this location. You will find a POW in one of them. Throw it on the ground, which will destroy all of the Shy Guys and results in an extra life. Leave, then return and repeat to get as many lives as needed.

Go to where the first cactus enemy appears. There should be some vases that you can enter here. Enter the second vase, pick the plant to the left (which is a POW box), and leave the vase with it. Bring it outside and wait until you can see the cactus enemy approaching you. Throw the POW box to get three lives. Then, return to the same vase and repeat to get as many lives as needed.

Find the area with lots of Cobrats in vases. Kill the second Cobrat and enter the vase. At the bottom of the vase are two buried items. The one on the right side is a heart. The other one is a POW block. Pick up the POW block and leave the vase. Avoid the enemy attacks and wait for the Pokey to appear. Throw the POW block to the floor. You should get three or four lives. Repeat this as many times as needed.

Super Mario Brothers 2 World 2-2 Cherries
Go through the level until you reach the sand waterfall. After you pass that, there is a door. Go in the door. Go past the Cherries to pick them up. You need five Cherries to get Starman. Just go in and out until you are satisfied. Also, Cherries give you 100 points.

Super Mario Brothers 2 World 2-2 Power-ups
Go through the level until you reach the sand waterfall. After you pass that, there is a door. Go in the door. Bomb the wall to the left. Once you get through there, you will notice that there are two pieces of brick (to the right) if you fall off the bombed wall. Take a bomb and put it on top or beside the wall that is in the middle of nowhere. Wait for it to explode to reveal a little thing that gives you Heart, Bomb, or Starman.

Super Mario Brothers 2 World 3-1 Easy coins
In World 3-1, use Toad, because of his lifting power. Fall down the waterfall, onto the platform where the door is at the bottom. Enter the door and get the magic potion. Drop it anywhere where there is a continuous stream of coins. Enter this door, and get as many coins as possible. Go out the door you used to enter, then return, and repeat once.

Super Mario Brothers 2 World 3-1 Warp
After you go into the first door, walk into the hole. There is a piece of land with another door located there. After you are in the door, go to the end, then start picking weeds. The red ones are placed at random but are usually near the back. If you want a lot of coins, just throw it where you found it. If you want to warp, just throw it near the vase object.

On World 3-1, select any character and fall down the waterfall. There is a door at the bottom. Go inside and find the potion. Throw it near the vase and go inside. Enter the vase, which will warp you to World 5.

Super Mario Brothers 2 World 3-2 Easy points
When you get the fifth ACE coin, go up the ladder to the location where there are two weeds on the ground and birds with the pitchforks. Jump on one of the birds and wait until another one comes by. When it gets there, throw the one you have at the other one to get an easy 4,000 points. Do this repeatedly to get as many points as desired. If you need to refill your health, pick up the weed on the right -- it is a heart. If you need to do it again, go down the ladder and go back up to get another one.

Super Mario Brothers 2 World 3-3 Extra lives
Go to the part in the level where you get the key. There will be a shell you have to pull out just outside of the door where you get the key. Pick up the shell. Throw it and jump on it. Let it run you to the very bottom. Jump off the shell at the very last cliff. Go back up one more cliff, where you can pull out the veggie hearts. The Shy Guys will come falling down, because they can fall of the cliff but cannot reach you if you are on another cliff. They will fall down all the way to the shell. The points will keep adding up, until you get an extra life. Just wait until you get 99. The hard part of this trick is to get away from the Shy Guys and the shell. You may lose one life in the process.

Go to World 3-3. Climb the ladder, then jump over the spark enemies to the door over on the ledge. Find the red grass patches; the last one is a shell. Pick it up. Go back to the bottom of the area, and then toss the shell into the doorway. Stand on the ledge and wait. After the shell defeats enough Shy Guys to earn 1,600 points, you will start earning extra lives. You can easily and quickly earn up to 99 lives.

Climb the steps and go out the door. Go out and turn to your right. Keep going to the right until you reach to the first gold type of door. Enter it. Turn to your right and pick up the big POW. Hold [Forward] + [B] to run down the aisle. When you reach the first jumping animals throw while still running. Follow it down (by running with [B] + [Forward]) until it stops bouncing and disappears. You will receive two free lives. Return to the door on the far right. Go through it and you will be outside. Go back in and repeat as many times as needed.

Start the level and go through the door. Next, run past the enemies (the bombs that the birds drop) and enter the door at the far right. After going through the door there should be a plant to your right. The plant is actually a gigantic POW box that bounces four or five times. If you picked up the plant and still are holding the gigantic POW box, hold [B] or [R] (Run) and throw it at the first Spark Ball. After you throw the box, run after it. If done correctly, the box should kill so many enemies that you should get two to five lives. Repeat this trick to get 99 lives.

Super Mario Brothers 2 World 4-1 Quick ending
On World 4-1, get the Princess. Go up the vine, but go to the left. Run and fly to a secret door. Go through the door and use the bombs to blow up the wall. Then, jump over the top of the screen and run left.

Super Mario Brothers 2 World 4-2 Extra lives
There is a Giant POW in the level. Use it to kill all of the little porcupines around you. Go up the vine and go back down. Sacrifice your energy to get to the POW and kill them again. Go back up and get the Heart by holding [Down] for a few seconds and jumping. Repeat the process until you get as many lives as needed.

Super Mario Brothers 2 World 4-2 Warp
Take a potion in the second part of the stage, to the only vase. Enter the door and then the vase to warp to World 6-1.

Super Mario Brothers 2 World 4-3 Finding Fry Guy
Use the Princess in World 4-3. A castle will appear after crossing the lake. Do not enter the castle. Instead, fly further across the lake to find another part of the castle.

Super Mario Brothers 2 World 5-3 Unlimited lives and points
Find the location where there are vases with Shyguys coming out. Place a Mushroom Block down so there is one space between the vase and Mushroom Block. Take the other and stand on top of the block. All the Shyguys will come towards you, and get trapped in the space. When there are five in the space, throw the Mushroom Block you have into the space, killing all five Shyguys. This will give you an extra life, and about 10,000 points.

At the beginning of the level, pick up the shell as soon as you exit the first area. Throw it down, and it should bounce back and forth. The little birds will drop bombs, and the shell will kill them. Eventually it will start giving you extra lives. Just remain there and jump to avoid the shell.

Go up the first ladder. The first plant you see will be a Shell Plant. Pick it up and throw it across the floor. When it comes back, jump on it. Albatrosses will start dropping Bob-ombs. Stay on the Shell Plant and you will destroy them. Keep doing this and you will start getting extra lives.

Super Mario Brothers 2 World 5-3 Warp
After entering the first door, use Luigi to reach the vase at the top. There is also a potion located there. Enter the new door and then the vase to warp to World 7-1.

Super Mario Brothers 2 World 5-3 Easier level
Ride an albatross to make it easier.

Super Mario Brothers 2 World 6-1 Extra lives
Find a cavern with lots of pipes. Go in pipe one and pick up the Shell Plant. Throw it to the long row of pipes and remove the mushroom block. Shy Guys will appear. Keep killing them until you have 99 lives.

Super Mario Brothers 2 World 6-3 Shortcut
In World 6-3, climb the vine or go through the door to get to the next area. Then, instead of going right through the world, go left into the quicksand while holding [Left]. As soon as you see your character's head disappear. Start jumping to the left. Keep going until you reach a door. Go through the door. You should then be on a cloud. Keep jumping from cloud to cloud until you see the door, then enter it.

Super Mario Brothers 2 World 6-4 Easy lives
Go to the halfway point and make sure you have the blue blocks. Save there, then collect the three 1-Up mushrooms. Exit out then repeat.

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