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All-Star players
Start a season. Select the "Cheats" option at the seasons main menu. Enter one of the following codes to unlock an All-Star player to place on your team.
"TOUCHDOWN" for Sammy Rivera(LE/RILB)
"BAMPLYR" for Mac Marshall(RRB/FS)
"CIRCUITFUN" for Mark Haruf(QB/SS)
"BESTBUYPWR" for Wayne Selby(C/RT)
"TARGETSTAR" for Ryan Hunter(RRB/SS)
"EBPLAYER" for Eddie Brown(LRB/ROLB)
"SIKPOWER" for Rob Lewis(LRB/ROLB)
"SIKSTAR" for Sandy Sanders(RE/LOLB)
"RZONESTAR" for Hal Church(LG/LOLB)
Raising stats
After you play a game in season mode, go to the newspaper and press [A], [B], [A]x2. Then, choose to either raise your offense speed by one, your defense strength by one, or your special teams agility by one. This may be repeated as many times as needed.

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