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Nov. 29, 2006
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Tails as partner
Highlight Sonic at the character selection screen and press [Up]. Next, highlight Tails and press [Down]. Then, highlight Knuckles and press [L]. Finally, highlight Amy and press [R]. Highlight Sonic and press [A] to select him. Tails will follow you during the game, but cannot be controlled.

Alternately, Sonic should already be highlighted at the character selection screen. Press [Up], [Right], [Down], [Right], [L], [Right], [R], [Right], [A]. If done correctly, Sonic will be highlighted again. Select him, and a ring sound will confirm correct code entry. Tails will follow you through the game but cannot be controlled. Repeatedly press [A] to make Tails fly. Note: Tails cannot pick you up while he is flying.

Note: Tails sometimes useful for collecting rings that you do not pick up, re-collecting stray rings if you are hit, and can also do damage to enemies when spinning. This is especially useful when fighting against Eggman.

Moon Zone
Collect all seven Emeralds for all characters. Successfully complete the game as Sonic to unlock the Moon Zone.

Hidden sound test mode songs
To get more than the 39 default songs in sound test mode, successfully complete The Moon Zone, Extra mode, or unlock the Super Sonic Ending. Three additional songs will be available.
Easy rings
Play the first level. Press [Start] + [Select] + [A] + [B] to reset the game. Go to the Chao Garden and you will have the rings that were collected, but reset at the start of the next act of the level.

Play the special stage and immediately before you hit some rings, do any trick (tap [B]). You will get every ring in the row.

Go to time trial mode and play any level you are proficient at. Get lots of rings, then go to the Garden. The game will add the rings to your total.

As you know, if you restart your game, you will not be able to receive the rings from the end of an Act in your Tiny Chao Garden. However, if you buy a TV (which appears sometime after the Rubber Duck) for 8,000 rings, you can receive the rings again.

Go to Time Attack as any character. Choose a level that you are skilled at. Do not do the time trail. Instead, just get the rings. After you are done select "Try Again".

Easy points and lives
Select the first level as Sonic and go through the last checkpoint in the middle. Then, wait for the timer to reach 9:59:99. You will eventually die and the timer will go back to 0:00:00. Keep going to the right and reach the goal. Your timer should be at 0:05:33 and you will receive a time bonus of 80,000 points and an extra life. This is the easiest way of getting lives. If you want to get two lives at the end of a level, do the Special stage and collect 120 rings or more.

Angel Island Zone: Special stage
When you reach a loop that will you get launched and hang on a pull, and are pulled upwards, there should be a loop that you can get on top of by the pull. Get on top of it. There should be a diagonal aiming launcher there. Jump on it to reach the twirling disc platform. Then, walk all the way to the stone platform with the special stage spring on it.

Casino special stage: Unlimited tries
Get the checkpoint thing immediately before the spring. Then, try the special stage. If you fail, there is an extra life to the right, directly above the swinging boat thing. You can get unlimited tries because every time you die the extra life returns.

Casino Act 1: Easy points
Choose Tails as a character. At the beginning of the stage, do a ball charge ([Down] + [A]). When you reach the end of the platform, you should get a higher jump. Then, jump off the small falling platform onto the highest point of the stage. Find the swirling thing and go through it. When you reach the ground, go to the right. There will be a flipper and five balls with stars. Jump on top of the flipper and when a ball is above you, jump. You should get a lot of points.

Ice Mountain Act 2: Get Emerald
Chose Tails and when you fail to get the Emerald, go down. A check point is located there. Follow the string until you see a platform. There is an extra life and some spikes here. Get the life and die. Once you resume at the check point, fly up to get to the spring. Do this again if you fail.

Moon Zone: Rings
Eggman will shoot opening and closing ball missiles at you. If you Speed Dash into one of them, it should explode and drop several rings for you to pick up.

Secret Base Act 1: Hidden area
Choose Tails. Go to where the first hand swing is located. When it takes you down, go back to where it was found, then jump down and start flying. As soon as you start flying, do not press [A]. Tails will slowly go down and you should see another part of the level.

X-Zone Act 1: Defeating Eggman
Once you make it to the final Eggman on the X-Zone Act 1, simply stay far away from him. If you see Robotnik using his robotic machine hand, wait until he tries to grab you. Dodge his hand and go over to him to attack. Continue to do this until you destroy his machine. Note this trick is extremely hard to do with Amy since you have to use her hammer.

Zone 4 Act 2: Defeating Eggman
Play as Knuckles and when you fall off the ledge that enters into the area where you fight Eggman, press [A]x2. You should fly over to Eggman, but instead of sinking into the water you will be swimming on the surface. This should make it easier to punch him.

Defeating Eggman
After collecting the Chaos Emeralds, complete the game with all the characters. Complete Final Zone with Sonic again and you will turn into Super Sonic and go to a new stage. Tap buttons to escape his traps. Use your Head Bash on him eight times to defeat him. Be careful, as you will lose rings as you fight.

Defeating Ultimate Mecha
When Mecha is blocked, it is a good time to collect rings. After it gets unblocked, jump and dash on the Mecha. If the asteroids appear, it is too late. If you hit it when lasers appear across the screen, do not hit him the next time it gets unblocked.

Amy: Grind
Select Amy and go to any level. When you see a rail, press [R] on it to slide with her.

Amy: Jump higher
G to any bouncer that sends you straight into the air (not diagonally). Hit it with her hammer to be shot almost twice as high in the air than just bouncing on it.

Amy: Swing hammer
Press [A] while in the air then hold [Down] and keep pressing [B]. She should swing her hammer around.

Amy: Jump and front flip in the air
Go to any level and press [A]. While in the air, press [B]. Amy should swing her hammer, forward causing her to flip.

Amy: Hammer hops
There are two types of hammer hops. For the first, press [Down], [B] and Amy will hit the ground with her hammer, causing her to hop into the air. For the second, stand next to a spring and press [B] to use Amy's hammer. It will send Amy almost twice as high as usual.

Amy: Fall
Press [Down] + [A] to make Amy dash forward. While dashing, press [B] and Amy will fall flat on her face.

Knuckles: Fourth attack
To do a fourth attack as Knuckles, hold [Down] after the uppercut.

Knuckles: Skip on water
Stand at about the middle of an island with water next to it. Jump, glide, and hit the water. You should start to jump up. Keep [A] held until you reach another island. You will get 200 points for every jump.

Sonic: Flip in air
Use the following trick to make Sonic do flips in the air (and not turn into a ball with spikes). Press [B] + [A] three times.

Sonic: Air dash
While in the air, rapidly press [Left]x3 or [Right]x3 and Sonic will dash in that direction.

Sonic: Flip
Press [B]x2, [A].

Sonic: Moves
Press [Up] + [R] and Sonic will put his hand up and will go higher than when you use an ordinary spring.

Press [Down] + [R] for the same move as jumping ([A]) and pressing [B].

Press [Left] + [R] to either backflip or spin left.

Press [Right] to spin right.
Grinding rails
Sonic and Amy can both grind rails. Approach the beginning of the rail. Jump on the flat part of the rail and press [R]. Note: You can only grind rails if you start at the beginning of the rail. No other characters except Sonic and Amy have this ability.

To make Sonic or Amy grind, jump and press [A] or [R] any time in the air and land directly on the part of the rail when it starts to bend.

Fast Super Spin Dash
Hold [Down] + [A] at least ten seconds during game play. Next, hold [L] for about five seconds and release all three buttons. Your character will do a fast Super Spin Dash. This trick works best with Sonic or Knuckles.

Hold [Down] + [A] rapidly about twenty times. You should see a large cloud of dust on back of Sonic, Tails, or Knuckles. Quickly release the buttons. If done correctly, the move should be faster than the normal Spin Dash.

Stunt pictures
Make your character do a cool flip or stunt. Before they can get back to the ground, press [Start]. You will have your own picture of a stunt.

Move picture up
Chose any character and level, then hold [Up]. The screen should move up. Note: This is useful when there is an enemy above you.

Get your Chao to yell at you
Note: This trick requires the television. Let the Chao walk around until it begins to watch the television. While it is watching it, pick up the television and he will begin to yell and scream at you.

Better Chao
If you raise your Chao in the Tiny Chao Garden, it will become stronger and much faster than in the Big Chao Garden in Sonic Adventure 2 Battle.

Rename Chao
To change the name of your Chao, take the hand and move it over of your Chao's name. It should become highlighted. Press [A] for a new screen that has characters for your Chao's name. Press [B] to delete the current name then highlight the new characters and press [A] to give your Chao a new name. This is useful if you bought the game used, and do not like the name that your Chao was given.

Many Chaos quickly
Note: This trick requires Sonic Adventure 2 Battle and the link cable. Send the Chao on the Tiny Chao Garden to Sonic Adventure 2 Battle. Then, get a new egg in the Tiny Chao Garden. Since your first egg is free and the white eggs are free, you can get a large amount of Chao.

Chao always hungry
Note: This trick requires Sonic Adventure 2 Battle and the link cable. Put the Chao you want to train into Sonic Advanced, then feed it until it is full. Trade the Chao the Gamecube. Immediately put it back onto Sonic Advanced and eight spaces in your Chao's belly will be empty. You can do this as many times as desired.

Chao trips over tile
Go to the Chao Mini Garden and play the blue Game Boy Advance. When your Chao is moving the tiles, press [A]. If done at the correct moment, your Chao will trip and perhaps turn over a tile. Note: You can only do this once per game.

Get the Television in the Tiny Chao Garden
First, get the Trumpet and the Duck, then win both of the mini-games there ( the two Game Boys at the top right corner of the screen). If you have 8,000 rings, then you can buy the Television. If not, then it is probably going to take a while to get it, depending on how much rings you have.

Ultimate skills
You will eventually get ultimate skills for Emerl. They are very difficult to get. You must give 30 skill points for each. They have 9/9 power and 9/9 speed.

Fly off screen
Play as Sonic (recommended), Miles, or Knuckles. Go to Zone 1 Act 1 and go to the area where the first loop is located. Stand on the sliver of land, then charge a spin dash for 20 seconds. Dash to the right and hold [Down/Right]. You will go down the hill (not getting all the rings). Eventually, you will go so fast that you will leave the screen. Sometimes it does not launch you off the cliff at the end.

Tiny Chao: Fruit
1st Fruit+1+2Good/+Bad/-Bad/-Good/+Good/+
2nd Fruit+1+2Good/+Bad/-Good/+Bad/-Good/+
3rd Fruit+1+2Good/+Good/+Bad/-Bad/-Good/+
4th Fruit-1+2+/- 0Bad/-Good/+Good/+Good/+
5th Fruit+1+2Bad/-Good/+Good/+Bad/-Good/+
6th Fruit-2+1Bad/-Good/+Bad/-Good/+Good/+
7th Fruit-3+/- 0Good/++/- 0Good/+Good/+ Bad/-

Glitch: Act 2: No damage
After you defeat Eggman, stand in the middle of the screen and wait there. The big case with the animals you release will fall and hit you. However, you will not lose any rings or a life.

Glitch Zone 6 Act 1 and 2: Stay in air
At some point when you start running upside-down, go back to that spot then move back and forth. You should be hovering in air.

Glitch: Tails appears at end of X-Zone
Enable the "Tails as partner" code and finish X-Zone. The screen will soon turn white. Tails will appear from the left, running, then stop and stand to the right of the numbers. Note: This even works when you have all seven Chaos Emeralds.

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