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Aug. 28, 2007
In-game Reset
Press [A] + [B] + [Start] + Select during game play.

Skip Credits
Hold [B] during the credits or turn off the power and turn it on again after your party's Pokemon are displayed.

Get to Battle Frontier
To get to the Battle Frontier, you must defeat the Elite Four with Pokemon only with your I.D. number. After you defeat them, you will get a ticket from your father to get to the Battle Frontier. The Battle Frontier is another region with fourteen more badges to collect.

There are seven gyms in the Battle Frontier. The seven gyms are the Battle Tube, Battle Dome, Battle Factory, Battle Arena, Battle Palace, Battle Pyramid, and Battle Tower. Each gym has two badges to collect.

Get to Sooptopolis
To get into this city you must dive underwater. Look for this city on your Pokenav. When you get close to Sooptopolis, dive.

Get to Southern Island
Southern Island is where you get the opposite bird. If you chose Latios, you will find Latias here and vice versa. You need the Eon Ticket to have access to this island.

Get to Slateport City and Mauville City
When you get Surf, go northeast from Oldale Town into Route 103. You will see a body of water. Surf east and you will get to Slateport City and Mauville City faster then the bigger water Route 104-109.

Johto starters
When you get 200 Pokemon of the Hoenn Pokedex, Professor Birch will call you on your Pokenav and say that he wants to give you a surprise. You can now choose one of the three Johto starters (Chikorita, Cyndaquil, or Totodile).

Get three Pokemon Emerald games and agree to get a different Pokemon when you complete your Hoenn Pokedex on each of them. For example, you would choose Cyndaquil, and the person with the other game would choose Chikorita, and the third would choose Totodile. Then, get a Ditto, breed all of the starters, and trade them to each other to get all three.

Original Starters
Win the Battle Frontier completely (Gold and Silver) and talk to Birch. He will give you one of your choice.

Recommended Starter
In the beginning of the game when Prof. Birch is in danger of being chased by a wild Poochyena, Zigzagoon choose Mudkip as your starter Pokemon. If you do not choose Mudkip, you will have a difficult time dealing with Flannery and her Fire Pokemon. If you choose Torchic or Treecko, the battle will take longer. If you chose Mudkip, you can end the gym battle in a few attacks. Just use Mud Shot. It is kind of like a Water attack, but stronger and will deal more damage than Water Gun if your Swampert is at level 36.

Should start out with a Sceptile, because the champion Wallace has a Water type. Get it to level 70.

Select Torchic as your starter. When you are first going from Rustboro to Mauville, you must fight your rival. He or she is very difficult to defeat with a Mudkip or Sceptile. Also, Blaziken is the strongest in the end.

The two best Pokemon to have at the start are Lotad (his absorb can defeat Roxanne) and Torchic (when he evolves, his Peck can defeat Brawly).

Mudkip is the best starter because when it Evolves into a Marshtomp it becomes a Ground and Water type Pokemon. If you want the best results out of all of the Gym leaders, then use a Swampert. It cannot be hit by Electric moves and it works well against Fire type if taught Ground moves.

Mudkip is the best starter for trainers that like to challenge Gym leaders. When it evolves it becomes a Water and Ground type, which is helpful for the Electric gym and the Fire gym. There are also many advantages to this type, because it cannot be hit by Electric moves.Overall, Mudkip becomes the strongest starter.

Mystery Gift Ooption
Enter any Pokemon Mart and go to the clipboard that is by the shop keeper on the counter. Take the survey and enter in the words "LINK TOGETHER WITH ALL". The man will then alert you that you can now have access to the Mystery Gift option, after saving. To make it easier to find the word you are looking for, press [Select], which will take you to A-Z mode, then select the a letter to bring up a list of words, beginning with the first letter of the word that it begins with.

If evolved before level 33, Alakazam learns Calm Mind At level 33 as opposed to if it was a Kadabra, when it learns Role Play. This means you do not have to waste your TM04.

Bagon is the first stage of Salamence (Drake's best Pokemon, which is Dragon and Flying type). You can find it in the smallest room in Meteor Falls. On the rectangular piece of land, you will find TM02 (Dragon Claw), which gives Attack 80 and Accuracey100. Bagon evolves into Shellgon, then into Salamence. Salamence is like a fire dragon; cannot learn water attacks; but can learn Flying, Fire, and Dragon attacks.

Bagon learns Dragon Claw (without the need for TM02) if it is kept from evolving until level 49.

A Bagon normally cannot learn a water move. However, if you mate a Pokemon in the Dragon egg group (level 42 Gyarados with Hydro Pump recommended) with a female Bagon, and you will get a Bagon with Hydro Pump. Besides this water move, Bagon cannot learn another one. This is your only chance to have a Bagon with the strongest water move.

Go to Meteor Falls and fing the room that is rectanglular with land, water, land. On the top bit of land is an item. Run around of the top part and you will have a rare chance of finding Bagon.

To get Bagon you must have the following: all 8 badges, HM 7 Waterfall, HM 3 Surf, a Pokemon that knows Waterfall and Surf, and a few Ultra Balls. Go to Meteor Falls and move up the waterfall. Go forward and there will be a cave opening. Enter it. Go to the ladder that should be about ten steps ahead of you. Do not bother going up the first ladder which you see. If you follow the path, there will be a ladder. Use it to move down. Their will be trainers once you move down. Ignore the old people and go up to the other trainer. He will only have two Altaria, which you get at Sky Pillar. After that, go down the sand piles and stay off to your left or you will be at the begining. Move down that ladder on the left after all the sand and surf until you see the cave opening. Then, surf across that water path and you will see a Pokeball. It is not the Bagon. It is the TM Dragon Claw (strong move). Walk around on that little dirt area and eventually, a Bagon will appear. Golbats also appear frequently. Once a Bagon appears, it will may be a level 25, 30, or 35. It is also more likely to be male. Bagon can learn the TM that you just obtained. Get your Bagon to at least level 30 and it will evolve into a Shelgon. Once the Shelgon gets to level 50, you will have a Salamence. This Pokemon can be your strongest if you train it well.

Because Wallace is the champion, you must fight Steven. Steven is inside Meteor Falls. When you enter, go up the waterfall and into the door. Next, go down the ladder, then go to the ladder in the south. Then, go inside the nearby door. Steven should be to the right. Note: If you are going to battle him, you can defeat him with Water, Ice (for Cradily), and Fire types for most of his Pokemon. He has Pokemon over level 70. .After you defeat him, go to his house in Mossdeep to get the Beldum.

Blazican: Recommended moves
Recommended moves for Blazican are Double Kick (learns after evolving to Combuskin), Fire Punch (learned from the Move Tutor; needs Heart Scale), Blaze Kick (learns after it evolves from Blaxican), and Skyupercut (learned at levels 60 to 80).

Defeat the rival team at the Weather Institute.

Like previous games, Deoxys has its own form in this game. It is the Speed form. It can only be found on Birth Island. The Aurora Ticket is required.

You can catch Ditto, but only after you defeat the Elite Four. Go to the Desert Underpass. It is only in the middle.

Use the following trick to double your starting Pokemon. When you defeat the Pokemon League, go to the Fossil Maniac's house. Go into the desert under the pass. Catch a Ditto. Go to Mauville's Pokemon Daycare. Put a Ditto and your starting Pokemon in. Go back to Mauville and walk on its main road until the old man next to the house is outside of the fence. Talk to him and you will receive a egg. Keep your Pokemon in there if you want more. Once you hatch it, it will have the same type of the Pokemon you put in. You can easily beat all of the trainers with a party of Sceptile, Swampert, or Blaziken. You can also double your other Pokemon.

A Feebas will appear on Route 119 (fishing), and will change position when you change the cool phrase in Dewford. Blend Dry Berries and make Feebas eat them. After its beauty is full, level up to get Milotic.

You can catch Feebas in Route 119 at the water patch beside the bird house. Go to the far left as far as possible. Then, go down as far as possible. You should be at the rocks on the left. Swim up to the second rock from the bottom. At the bottom of that rock, and face forward (away from you). Use the Old Rod at this location.

In Dewford Town. talk to the man who asks you about a hip and happening phrase. Type in "GET FEEBAS". Then. go to the water on Route 119 near the Weather Institute. Surf to the first rock in the river. Go towards it and go down one step. Use the Super Rod to fish. A Feebas should eventually appear.

Geodude: Fake faint
Use Self Destruct, then have a Pokemon use Wish. Geodude will be at full HP.

Go back to the weather institute. Talk to the man again. He will tell you where Groudon is found. You might need HM03 Surf. Go to the route where he is and go inside. You will find Groudon in the Terra cave.

You should have at least 10 Ultra Balls. When you are battling Groudon, first use a strong attack. Then you have at least a 90% chance of Groudon using rest. When it regains its health, go for another strong move then Ultra ball if it escapes. You will have to do this all over, but will probably catch Groudon this time.

Groudon is found on Route 114 near Fallarbor Town. Note: You must complete the Pokemon League and have Waterfall and on level 70.

You can catch Groudon with a Great Ball or Ultra Ball. Save the Master Ball for Latias or Latios.

When you first start the game choose Treecko or Mudik. When you fight Himyou you should use a strong attack . Meanwhile he will use Rest. Then, use a weaker attack. Next, use an Ultra Ball on him. Note: Save the game before you do this. Repeat this until he is caught.

Ho-oh and Lugia
Get the Mystic Ticket, then go to Navel Island.

To get Ho-Oh, obtain it first in Pokemon Coliseum and trade it to Pokemon Emerald. To get Lugia, Obtain and purify it in Pokemon XD: Gale Of Darkness and trade it to Pokemon Emerald. Lugia will be at level 50+ and Ho-Oh will be at level 70.

Get the Scanner in the abandoned ship. You will need Surf and Dive. Trade the Scanner for the Deepsea Tooth. Give the Deepsea Tooth to a Clampearl. Then, trade Clampearl for any Pokemon from Pokemon Fire Red, Leaf Green, Ruby, or Sapphire. After the trade, you will get Huntail.

To get Jirachi, you need a Gamecube and the pre-order version of Pokemon Colosseum. Then, trade it to Pokemon Emerald.

Note: This requires a link cable. Raise a Horsea into a Seadra, then catch a Bagon. Take Bagon's Dragon Scale and give it to Seadra. Next, trade Seadra to a friend and Seadra should evolve into Kingdra . Then trade Kingdra back to your game.

Defeat the Elite Four, then go back to the weather institute. This is where you got Castform. Go upstairs to a researcher who studies patters of weather. He will tell you where Kyogre is found. You need HM03 Surf and HM07 Dive. Surf on the route you are supposed to until you find a location to dive. Once you get to Kyogre in the Marine cave, get in front of him. Use Net Balls on him.

Defeat Elite Four, then go to the weather institute. Ask the scientist at the top and he will tell you which route he is in. Make sure you have Surf and Dive. Then, Dive under beside Shoal Cave. Save the game before going in front of him. Make sure you have a Master Ball or a Ultra Ball. Kyorge knows Rest. Try to hit him with Strength, then Cut with a Level 100 Sceptile. Be careful, as he is strong.

Kyogre is found on Route 129 near the first part of Ever Grande City. Note: You must complete the Pokemon League and have Surf and Dive and on level 70.

Latios or Latias
After defeating the Elite Four, watch the television downstairs in your house. Mix your records with a Pokemon Ruby or Sapphire with the Eon Ticket. Then, go to Southern Island.

First, find whichever one that the news reporters described on television. Catch it (preferably with a Master Ball), then trade it to the Hoenn or Kanto versions. Then, start the game over and do it again. Note: This is another easy way of getting Cyndaquil, Chikorita, and Totodile.

The best place to catch Latias or Latios is at Route 124. You will need Surf.

Defeat the Elite Four. After you do this, you will be in your room at your house. When you go downstairs, your Dad and Mom will talk to you. You will then see a special on the television. It will be about a Pokemon flying over Hoenn. After it is over, your Mom will ask you what color the Pokemon was. You will have a choice of red (Latias) or blue (Latios). Choose one of them, then go outside. Professor Birch will talk to you, then take you to his lab and give you the National Dex. After this happens, fly to Mauville. Go in and out of the Pokemon Center then go right towards the Berry Master's house. Surf across the water, and go past the beach and the section of grass. There will be two trainers with yellow hair. Stand in front of the trainer to the right, and not the one by the sign. Make sure that you are standing in front of the trainer so that he is looking at you. Walk left and right in the grass. Do not go up or down; stay in the row of grass until you find the Lati you chose. You should have A Master ball to catch it because it will flee after the first turn.

If you chose Blue after you watch the TV after defeating the Elite Four for the first time, Latios will be on the loose somewhere in Hoenn. If you face the Battle Tower Brain, Sailor Maiden Anabel for the Gold Symbol in the Battle Frontier, she should use a Latios in her party. After you defeat her, Latios will be in your Pokedex as a Pokemon that you have seen but not caught. Using the "Area" feature on Latios' entry to track Latios around Hoenn, even if you have not found him yet. Note: Latios is like the Legendary Dogs in Pokemon Gold, Silver, and Crystal and will jump areas when you move from one place to another. Fly is not recommended due to this behavior.

To catch a Lati without fleeing, go to the Safari Zone. Catch a Wobbuffet. Store it as your first party Pokemon. Once you find Latias or Latios it will not flee at the first turn. Try using a Timer Ball the longer the battle. The best place to catch it is Route 118.

Legendary Dogs
Catch Raikou, Suicune, and Entei in Pokemon Coliseum and trade them over.

Go in the building to the left of the Battle Tower. Give the woman a Skitty and she will give you a Meowith with Retro Mail. The higher the level of your Skitty, the better the Meowith, which means you can get Persian faster.

Metagross can learn Meteor Mash at level 50. If you level a Metang to level 50 it will learn Meteor Mash in the battle, then evolve it after the battle into Metagross. You will now have a level 50 Metagross with Meteor Mash.

The only way to get Mew in the game is by getting the Old Sea Chart. This is an item that is only available through a special event outside the game.

Get two Pikachus (male and female) or a Pikcachu and a Ditto . Breed the Pikachus or Picachu and Ditto . After the egg hatches you should have a Pichu.

You can get Politoed by getting by trading a Poliwhirl from Pokemon LeafGreen or FireRed. Poliwhirl must hold the King's Rock in a trade. Once it gets to the other side it will evolve into Politoed.

Go to Sky Pillar. When Groudon and Kyogre are fighting, he wakes up and stops the fight. Once you have done that, go back to Sky Pillar to find Rayquaza. You can get to Sky Pillar by going to Pacifidlog Town. Go right until you see a crack in the sea. Go into it. Note: Use a Master Ball on it.

Use the following trick to catch Rayquaza, Groudon and Kyogre easily. Get the Master Ball and go to the Sky Pillar. Do not waste time on other Pokemon and go to the last floor. You will need a free space in your Pokemon Party. Catch Rayquaza in the first turn with the Master Ball. Do not waste time battling him. Rayquaza will be on level 70 and will know Fly, Extremespeed, Outrage and another move. Get out of the tower and use Fly to go to Fallarbor Town. Get a Pokemon that knows Surf and Waterfall. Go to Meteor Falls. Go to the water. Surf and get up the Waterfall. Touch land and go down the stairs. Make your own way through. There are two paths, one left and one right. Go to the left. If you go to the right, you will find Steven and he will fight you. If you want to battle him you will need a strong Pokemon of Water or Fire type. After five minutes on the left path, you will find the TM Dragon Claw. Teach it to Rayquaza. Do not remove Fly nor Extremespeed. Also teach him Thunderbolt. Again, do not remove Fly or Extremespeed. Then, defeat the Elite Four three times. This will make Rayquaza reach level 75. Do not teach him Hyper Beam. After this, find Land and Marine Cave. A man in Weather Institute will tell you where are these caves are found. Go first to Land Cave. Get twenty Ultra Balls. When you enter the cave, save the game. Battle Groudon. Use Dragon Claw first, then he will use Rest. Once again, use Dragon Claw. Throw an Ultra Ball. If he does not use Rest, throw Pokeballs until he uses Rest. If you kill it, reset the game. Use the same process to get Kyogre.

Make your way to Sky Pillar. You will need a level 42 Mightyena with Secret Power, Rock Smash, Strength and Bite attacks. You will also need a Pokemon that is able to paralyze (for example, a level 45 Raichu with Shockwave). You will also need nine Ultra Balls, a Timer Ball, a Premier Ball, and a Nest Ball. First, try to paralyze Rayquaza. If unsuccessful, throw an Ultra Ball at him. Hold [Down] while the ball is flying towards the Pokemon, then release Down and hold [A] + [B] as soon as the Pokeball opens. Try this a few times. Remember to save the game before fighting Rayquaza so that you can turn off the game and try again. Note: Rayquaza is controllable if you have the last badge, and it should help you defeat the Pokemon League easily, as well as be a great help on the Battle Frontier.

The cave of Regice is northwest of Dewford island. There is Braille in the back of the cave of Regice. The statement reads "Stay close to the wall. Run around the lap." You must run around the room once while staying close to the wall. Once you reach the middle of the Braille again, the door will open and the battle with the icy titan will begin when you go through the door and press [A] next to it.

To catch Regice with minimum problems, use Yawn when you have chopped down its health to the "danger" area. Then, proceed to use some of the mentioned ball tricks.

To find the cave of the rock titan Regirock, you must have the Go-Goggles so that you may enter the desert. Once in the desert, go south to the bottom and enter the cave. In the back you will see the Braille in the back. Go to the back of the room and read it. The message translated reads "Left, Left, Down, Down. Then use Rock Smash." From the middle of the Braille on the wall move left, left, down, and down. Go with a Pokemon that knows Rock Smash and use it. The cave door will open. Save the game, then start the battle with Regirock. Note: Bring a lot of Ultra Balls.

To find the cave of Registeel, go to Lilycove City. Go west through the grass and trainers. When you reach the area of the Safari Zone, keep moving. You will reach a place with a girl. Just above her are stairs. You must go up. Go through the very tall grass and go up the stairs behind it. The cave will not be too far after the stairs. Once inside, read the Braille at the back of the room. It reads "Those who inherit our will, shine in the middle." The riddle means that you should go to the middle of the room and use Flash. The cave door will open. Be careful with Registeel. This Pokemon is more difficult than the others to capture. Try bringing a lot of Ultra Balls or prolong the battle as long as you can by freezing it or putting it to sleep. After many turns the Timer Ball will have gained a lot of strength, and it might work against the Registeel.

Salamence can learn Dragon Claw at level 50 if a Bagon is kept from evolving until level 49. Bagon will learn Dragon Claw in the Battle. After the battle, let it evolve to Shelgon. Train your level 49 Shelgon to level 50 and it will evolve into a Salamence with Dragon Claw. Also, mate a Salamence with a Gyarados to get a Bagon with Hydro Pump.

Capture a Nincada then leave one space in your party. Train your Nincada to level 20 and it will evolve. Then, check your party and you will have a Shedinja with 1 hp and all the moves your Ninjask has. Your Shedinja's ability is Wonder Guard, which will only allow super effective attacks hit it.

Once you have defeated the Elite Four with all Pokemon with your ID code, you can go to the Battle Frontier. Once here, go to the southeastern-most side of the area. There should be a tree that looks odd. Use the Wailmer Pail to water it. Soodoo Woodoo should attack. Catch it, run, or kill it. Then, use Surf on the water where Soodoo Woodoo was located. Go down the waterfall and go to the left. There should be a cave. In the cave is a Smeargle. It knows one attack, Sketch. Sketch allows it to copy the last move that someone uses against it. Once you have obtained one move for Smeargle, go to the move tutor and teach him Sketch again. Then, go to a double battle and use Smeargle and the Pokemon that has the move you want him to learn. He can learn anything mine knows Strength, Hyper Beam, Outrage, and Thunder. repeat the step with the move tutor and he can learn any move.

Smeargle: Elemental Blasts
To teach the Elemental Blasts to another Pokemon, Smeargle, have him or her use Sketch. You will need the Johto starters from Pokemon XD to do this. Catch a Smeargle that is at least level 40. . Have the desired Johto starter first in your party after. Save first. Then, find a Ditto. Have the Ditto use Transform and change into the Johto starter. Bring out Smeargle and wait until Ditto uses the blast. Finally, use Sketch and you will now have Smeargle with that move (if it does not miss). If Sketch misses, simply restart the process. Do this two more times to have the others. To save leveling up, ask the Move Guru to re-teach Sketch to Smeargle.

Defeat the Elite Four, then go into your house. Talk to your dad and he will give you the S.S Ticket. Go to the boat in Saltport City and select the battle port choice. Next, go to the waterfall. There is a tree. Use Water Pail on it. Note: To get Water Pail, go to Rushmore City, go straight down, and there is a little berry store. Go in it and talk to one of the people. They will give you Water Pail.

Defeat the Elite Four. After you do this, you will be at your house. Your father should be there. Talk to him and he will give you a ticket. Fly to Slateport City and go to where the boat was under construction. The woman will ask where you want to go. Tell her Battle Frontier. You will be in the boat. Unless you want to battle and do other things first, go to your bed. It is in cabin two. When you wake up, you will be there. When you get inside the Battle Frontier, go to the Battle Palace. Go down and you will see an old woman. Talk to her, then go down. You will see a strange tree. Go up to it and use the Wailmer Pail. If you do not have it then check your Pokenav and zoom it in. Move your pointer over to Rustboro City then go down. It will say "Flower Shop". Fly to Rustboro and go to the flower shop. Talk to everyone in there. Someone will give you the Wailmer Pail. Then, fly to the Battle Frontier. Go back to the tree and use the Wailmer Pail on it, but save the game first. Zoodowoodo will attack once you water it. It will be at level 40. It is Grass/Rock type. It will disappear once you catch it or make it faint. You can then go down the waterfall and get into Artistian Cave. Inside are Smeargles and a few items.

Umbreon and Espeon
Trade an Evee from Pokemon Leaf Green or Fire Red. Max out its happiness using Pomeg, Kelpsey, Qualot, Hondew, Grepa, or tamato berries. To get an Umbreon, have Evee gain a level between 12:00 a.m. and 12:00 p.m. To get Espeon, make Evee gain a level between 12:00 p.m. and 12:00 a.m.

You can get a Vulpix by going to the top of Mt. Pye. It is rare but is more common before you go into the part of Mt. Pye with the smoke. Do not attack. Use five Ultra Balls, one Poke Ball, three Timerballs, and one Dive Ball. You can catch it with a Dive Ball instead of the Timer Balls.

Catch a male Barboach and female Electrike that knows Spark and put them in the Day Care Center. When the Day Care man finds the egg, it should take awhile to hatch. Once it hatches, Barboach should be at level 5 and should know Mud Slap and Spark. At the next level it will learn Mud Sport and Water Sport. Go to the move deleter and get rid of Mud Sport because it is useless. Train it to level 41 and teach it Fissure. It should know Fissure, Water Sport and Spark. Then, after it evolves, teach it Ice Beam/Blizzard. Fight the Elite Four. If the moves were used correctly, it can defeat all four of them without fainting. Note: It is recommended that you train Wiscash before challenging them. By doing this it can get used of using Fissure without failing.

Go to Fallabor Town. Go to the hot springs by the Pokemon Center. Talk to the lady in the sand. She will give you an egg. Hatch it and you will get a level 5 Wynaut.

Missing Pokemon
The following Pokemon are not found in the game: Surskit, Masquerain, Meditite, Medicham, Zangoose, Lunatone, and Roselia.

Random Pokemon
Once you have Deoxys, go to the Daycare. Put Deoxys and Ditto into the Daycare. After awhile you will get an egg, which will hatch into a random Pokemon.

If you have Groudon, teach him Solarbeam. His ability will allow you to use Solarbeam without charging it first. If you have Kyogre, teach him Thunder. His ability will allow you to use Thunder without it ever missing its target. It will also be more powerful. Note: These tactics are no good when fighting Rayquaza, as his "Airlock" ability will negate all weather effects.

Stop evolution
To prevent your Pokemon from evolving, press [B] while it is transforming into its next stage.

Easy evolution
After defeating all eight gyms, capture Kyogre, Rayquaza, and Groundon. Then, go to the Pokemon League. Go to the computer and deposit every Pokemon except for the three legendaries (Groudon, Kyogre, and Rayquaza). Choose three Pokemon you want to evolve and put an Exp. Share on one. Put that Pokemon first on your list. Go through and challenge the Elite Four. At the start of each battle, switch your Pokemon with Exp. Share on it with a legendary one. Continue battling with other legendary Pokemon until your Pokemon evolves. Then, take the Exp. Share off that Pokemon and put it on another one you want to evolve. Repeat this process as desired.

Altering Cave
After you defeat the Elite Four, go to the route where the Trick Master is found. Go east to Route 103. When you reach the water, go north by the edge of the it and you should see the cave.

Artisian Cave and Smeargle
After catching Sudowoodo, surf down the waterfall and go left. Look for the cave entrance. This is the secret location of Smeargle.

Land Cave
Land Cave is a cave found by the shore after defeating the Elite Four. The legendary Groundon thrives in the Land Cave. It is on Routes 105, 125, 127, or 129. You must go to the Weather Center. He will tell you where Groundon is located. However if you take too long finding it, it will move on.

Sea Cave
Sea Cave is a cave found underwater after defeating the Elite four. The legendary Kyogre thrives in the Sea Cave. It is on Routes 105, 125, 127, or 129. You must go to the Weather Center. He will tell you where Kyogre is located. However, if you take too long finding it, it will move on.

Opening the Regis caves
You must first get Waillord and Relicanth. Then, go to Pacifidlog City. Go left into the currents. You will see a square in the water. Dive down then go into the cave. Get to the end of the cave. You will see Braille on the wall. While in front of the Braille, dive up. You will be in a cave. Go to the end of the wall and use Dig to enter the next room. You must have Waillord first in your party and Relicanth last. Then, read the Braille. The ground will shake and the caves will now be open. One is in the desert and the other is in the water in near Deleford Town.

Team Aqua Site
After getting HM08 Dive, go to Sootopolis City and surf down. Go to the location that resembles a current of undersea places. Go down there and swim around until you find a cave. In the cave should be a submarine stolen from Slateport City. Go up from there and you will be at the hideout.

Joto Pokemon
To get to this area. enter the Safari Zone. Move past the guard and head up. You will see an open space to the left. Move left until you see the sign that reads "Safari Zone". In this area and the area above, you can catch Remoray, Aipom, Gligar, Sunkern, Ledyba, Hoothoot, Shuckle (Rock Smash required), Teddiursa, Mareep, Houndor, and Snubbull.

Mauville City: Easy experience
In Mauville, there are trainers who will rematch you. Ride the bike for about fifteen or twenty minutes then talk to the trainers you already fought. Repeat this until your Pokemon are level 100.

Route 110: Easier PokeFans win
If you battle the two PokeFans standing next to each other (entering from Slateport City) separately, their Pokemon are less powerful.

Safari Zone
The Safari Zone is the same as the one in Pokemon Ruby and Sapphire. The only difference is that after you defeat the Elite Four, two more areas appear full of Johto Pokemon that you could not get in any other games (besides Pokemon Colosseum).

Team Magma's hideout
To get to Team Magma's hideout, you must first get the Magma Emblem. Then, go to Mt. Pyre. Go through jagged pass until the screen shakes, and an opening will appear. This is where Team Magma's hideout is located. Note: Do not go to Team Aqua's hideout first.

Mirage Tower
After you get the fourth badge, jump down the rocks (left of Lavaridge). Go to the desert. You will see a sand castle. Go to the top to get a fossil.

Water Institute
The Water Institute is where you received Castform from that building.

Amulet Coin
After you have received the letter to deliver to Steven on Dewford Island, go back to your house and talk to your mother. She will give you the Amulet Coin and you will have her registered in your PokeNAV.

Battle Symbol
The easiest place to get a Battle Symbol is in the Battle Pike. Complete it three times and you will see Lucy.

Blue or Red Tent for Secret Base
Go to Route 110. Go to the Trick Master's house and complete every challenge. This requires Cut and Strength HM. After that, he will say he that needs to travel. He will give you a Red Tent or Blue Tent.

Belue Berry
Go to the Berry Master's House and talk to his wife. Tell her "SUPER HUSTLE".

Bullet Seed
After you get through Petalburg Woods and get through Route 104, you should see a person near some flowers on the left side. Talk to him he will give you TM 09 (Bullet Seed).

Complete the National Pokedex then fly to Lilycove City. Go into the building where the game creators are found. Talk to the man that wants to see your Pokedex once it is complete. He will reward you with a Certificate.

Cheri Berry
Go to the Berry Master's house and talk to his wife. Tell her "OVERWHELMING DAY".

Claw and Root Fossil
Go into the desert. Go to the Mirage Tower when it appears. Note: You will need the Mach Bike for this because it like Sky Pillar. If you choose any of them, they will get buried. To get the opposite, one go to Route 14 (by Fallarbor Town). Go to the Fossil Maniac and go to the cave that he said has collapsed. Then, go in at the end. Note: You can get Ditto there. The Claw or Root Fossil will be there.

Go to the desert between Falabor and Lavaridge Town. Find Mirrage Tower and enter it with the Mach Bike. Go up and get past the cracks with the Mach Bike. At the top, you will find two fossils. Do not bother thinking about which one to choose, because you will eventually also get the other one. Once you take a fossil, go to Fallarbor Town. Go left to find the Fossil Maniac's house. Go to the back, and head towards the cave. Once in the cave, go up two steps, get on your bike, then move straight to the right. You will eventually reach the other fossil. You can also find Ditto, Wishmur, and Loudred in that cave. Note: Get your fossils regenerated by a scientist on the second floor of Devon Corp.

In order to get two Fossils, you must choose one of the two Fossils found in Mirage Tower on Route 111 in the Desert. After you defeat the Pokemon League, get on the ferry boat The S.S. Tidal with the S.S. Ticket which you obtain after defeating the Pokemon League from your father. Scott will tell you that the next time you get on the ferry, you will have the option to go to the Battle Frontier. When you have reached your destination, talk to the lady next to the ferry. She will give you the option to go to the Battle Frontier. Choose to go there. When you arrive, go in the building and Scott will arrive. After that the lady that greeted you will explain things. Exit the building at the opposite end you entered and enter the Battle Frontier. Go to Scott's house, which is located two houses to the left of the Battle Tower. He will give you three Battle Points. Stay there until you see that one of the Gym leaders wants a rematch. Battle them. Then, wait for the next Gym leader. Battle them. Then, go to Fallarbor Town. Go to the Fossil Maniac's house on Route 114 to the left of Fallarbor Town. Enter and go to the Fossil Maniac. Keep walking until he tells you not to go in because he thought there were no fossils. Enter the cave that you see. This is the Desert Underpass. There you will encounter Ditto and other Pokemon for the first time. Go as far to the right in the cave as possible until you see a Fossil. Go up to it, and you will discover that it is the opposite from the one that you found in Mirage Tower on Route 111 in the Desert. Pick it up and go to Rustboro. Once there, go to the second floor of Devon and talk to the man at the bottom right of the screen. He will tell you that he is working on a device to resurrect fossils of Pokemon. He will ask if he can resurrect your Fossil. Answer "Yes". Go to the Pokemon Center and make a space in your party. Go back to the same person and you will get the opposite Pokemon; if you picked Claw Fossil you will get Root Fossil and vice versa.

When you go to the Mirage Tower and pick up one of the two Fossils, the other is lost. Once you defeat the Elite Four, go to the Fossil Maniac's house (Route 114). Go into his little tunnel. At the end there is another tunnel. Go in it. Go to the very end and you will find the Fossil that you did not get earlier. Note: This is also the only place that you can catch Dittos.

Dark Glasses
After defeating the boy or girl on Route 110, you are able to enter Mauville City (after some trainers). Make your way to Verdanturf Town. You will enter a tunnel at the top of Verdanturf Town. When you are inside the tunnel, there should be two ways to go: a path that leads you to another open spot and another that leads you to Rustboro City. Take the path that leads you to an open spot. There should be a person that asks you to help him find his glasses. Use the Itemfinder. It should ring. Look around the trees on the bottom. Press [A] around the grass and you will find the Dark Glasses. Talk to the person and he will say that they are not his glasses. He gives up and walks away. You now own the Dark Glasses.

Durin Berry
Go to the Berry Master's House and talk to his wife. Tell her "COOL LATIOS".

Exp Share
After you delivered the letter to Steven, go back to Rustburo and visit Mr. Stone. He will thank you for delivering the letter and you will receive an Exp Share.

Gold Shield
Win 100 battles in the Battle Frontier. Then, talk to Scott at his house in the Battle Frontier.

Lansat Berry
Collect all Silver Frontier Symbols in the Battle Frontier. Then, talk to Scott at his house in the Battle Frontier.

Luxury Ball
If you win a contest that you have already won before, instead of winning a ribbon you will win a Luxury Ball.

Magma Symbol
To get the Magma Symbol (which is required to get to the Team Magma Base), you must go to Mt. Pyre after you defeat Team Aqua in the cove next to Lilycove City.

Master Ball
Go to Lilycove City. Then, surf to Team Aqua's base. Keep walking around and you will see a room with four items. Try all the teleporters until you get to that room. The item on the top left is a Master Ball.

On Mirage Island, go to the Liechi Berry plant. Use the Item Finder and search.

Find a friend who has a Master Ball but has not used it. Use a link cable and make sure one of your friend's Pokemon is holding the Master Ball. Teach a Pokemon Thief or Snatch and mix records with your friend. Make sure you know which of your friend's Pokemon is holding the Master Ball. Then, go to your friends base and battle. Use Snatch or Thief on the Pokemon holding the Master Ball. Note: This also works with other items.

National Dex
Immediately after you defeat the Elite Four, you will go to Professor Birch. He will give the National Dex to you.

Go to the Trick Masters house. Get through the last maze. When he teleports away, check the chair he was sitting on. You should find a Nugget.

Pamtre Berry
Go to the Berry Master's House and talk to his wife. Tell her "CHALLENGE CONTEST".

Perimeter Balls
Go in a Pokemon Shop and buy at least 10 Pokeballs. Buying at least ten of other kinds of Pokeballs will not work.

Persim Berry
Go to the Berry Master's wife east of Mauville and tell her "COOL LINOONE".

Pokemon Diploma
Catch all 202 Pokemon in the Pokedex, then talk to the Game Designer at the hotel in Lilycove City.

Pokemon Virus
To get the Pokemon Virus, go to Route 117 and battle until you think you have it . Then, go to Vandaserf's Pokemon Center and heal. If one of your Pokemon have it, after you heal a new message should appear. If you happen to get this rare disease it should make your Pokemon grow better. This virus is very contagious and can spread quickly. Note: This virus does not hurt your Pokemon. It should last about two days. After it has worn off, it will leave a small dot beside the Pokeball that you caught it with.

Premier Ball
Go to Rustboro in a tall building on the second floor and talk to the boy to get a free Premier Ball.

Go to a Pokemart in either Rustboro City or Petalburg City. Go to the merchant and purchase ten Pokeballs. He should then give you a free Premier Ball.

Rare Candy
Get three or four Pokemon that know the move Thief. Have one of your friends make their Pokemon hold Rare Candies and make sure they have a Secret Base. Mix records with your friend using a link cable. Note: Make sure they have the Pokemon holding the Rare Candies in their party. Go to their Secret Base and use the move Thief on one of their Pokemon holding the Rare Candy to steal it. You can fight your friend in their Secret Base once a day. Mix records with more friends that have Pokemon holding Rare Candies to get as many as desired.

Silver Shield
Win 50 battles in the Battle Frontier. Then, talk to Scott at his house in the Battle Frontier.

Sitrus Berry
Go to the Berry Master's wife. When the word entry appears, press [Select] then go to "B" and find "BEST". Then, go to the space on the right, and go to "B" again and find "BATTLE ARMOUR". She will give you a Sitrus Berry.

Spelon Berry
Go to the Berry Master's House and talk to his wife. Tell her "GREAT BATTLE".

Starf Berry
Collect all Gold Frontier Symbols in the Battle Frontier. Then, talk to Scott at his house in the Battle Frontier.

Super Rod
The Super Rod is located near The Space Center. Go to the left of the Space Center. You should find a house where a fisherman is sitting on the chair. Talk to him and he will give you the Super Rod.

You can get help by watching the televisions. They will sometimes tell you where rare Pokemon (such as Surskit and Lunatone) are at some point. Try going to the small house things at the Battle Frontier (only if you have defeated The Elite Four).

After defeating the Elite Four, go to Mauville. Find Wattson the Mauville gym leader.He will be outside, standing between the Pokemon Center and the bike shop. Talk to him and he will tell you about an underground place called New Mauville. Once he has given you the Basement Key to shut off the generator down there, go south of Mauville to Route 110. When you are at the Seaside Cycling Road entrance, look south of it. You should see a place between some trees where you can surf. Use Surf, and once out on the water, move to your right (underneath cycling road) until you reach a cave on a little piece of land. Go in, find the generator, and shut it off. Then, go back to Mauville and talk to Wattson. He will give you TM24 Thunderbolt.

Thunder Stone
There are two ways to receive a Thunder Stone. The first by going to Mauville City and talking to Wauhtson. He will give you a Basement Key. Then, surf under the Bicycle Road to find a cave. You will find Voltorbs, Magnemite, and Magnetons. It is recommended that you use a repel. Collect all items you see, but be careful. About three of the Pokeballs will be Voltorbs. Once you have turned off the generator, there will be a ball there. Get it and that is your Thunder Stone. The second methid is slightly difficult. If you find any shards, check its color. The color is the stone that will you get. You must fly to Mossdeep City and talk to every person in every house. Note: They change houses frequently. Talk to them and give them your shard to get your stone.

Wailmer Pail
Go to Rustboro City. Go straight down until you reach a house with a sign next to it. Go inside and talk to everyone. Someone should give you the Wailmer Pail.

Watmel Berry
Go to the Berry Master's House and talk to his wife. Tell her "OVERWHELMING LATIAS".

Berry Fix
Press [Down] + [Select] + [B] at the screen with the glowing Rayquaza. You can now use the Berry Fix with Pokemon Ruby and Pokemon Sapphire.

Save TM
When you have lost any important TM (Shadow Ball, Thunder, Fire Blast, Psychic, etc.), catch or transfer a Ditto. Grab the Pokemon that has the TM then breed it. You will now have the first Pokemon with a TM. This trick is useful when you have lost Eartquake, also is useful when you have any Pokemon to Battle Frontier higher than level 50. Only breed it then you will have the Pokemon with some attack learned by the Pokemon. When you need other Pokemon, try to breed other Pokemon than Ditto. Find a combination until you find a Pokemon. Note: This trick cannot be used with legendary Pokemon.

Volt Tackle move
Volt Tackle is the electric type double edge. To get it, catch Pikachus in the Safari Zone until you catch one that has a Light Ball. Note: It is much easier to find Pikachus if you have a Pokemon with the ability Static in front of your party. Then, breed Pikachus with one holding the Light Ball. The baby Pichu will have Volt Tackle as one of its moves.

Easy experience
Attach Exp Share. Put the Pokemon you want to gain experience in front of party, then fight someone. When the battle starts, switch it out for a better Pokemon.

At the start of the game, train your starter in the grasses from Littleroot Town to where you fight your rival for your first time.

Fight the Elite Four three times a day.

Fight all of the trainers that have a Poke thing next to their name.

Fight all of the gym leaders again.

Whenever you put a Pokemon in the Daycare Center, the experience it gets is determined on how many steps you take. In order to get a lot of experience, get on your bike. Go to the bike trail and keep going back and forth. It will add more experience because you will be taking more steps, and that is an easy place to ride. As a result your Pokemon will get a lot of experience, gain levels, and become strong.

Do not use Rare Candys or the Daycare to level your Pokemon at lower levels such as level60 or lower. This makes your Pokemon weaker. Instead, fight the television people. They use Exploud and Magnaton Double Battle. Have the Pokemon that you want to level up first with exp. Share and the other Pokemon with Amulet Coin that knows a move that hurts both opponent's Pokemon at the same time. The little Pokemon will gain 1000 experience per kill plus 7,000 coins.

Easy money
To make money quickly, defeat the Elite Four with a Pokemon that is holding the Amulet Coin. Note: If your Pokemon faints, as long as it fought in the current battle you will still earn double the money you would normally. To continue this process if your Pokemon faints, at the end of the battle, just equip it to another Pokemon.

Have Zigzagoon or Linoone in your party. During your quests check the Pokemon menu by pressing [Start] and select the word "Pokemon". If Zigzagoon/Linoone shows an indication that it is holding an item take it. The following are possible items you can get. If you do not need the items, sell them for extra money. Note: It is recommended to have him join your team because he can learn Electric attack moves.
Information in this section was contributed by Arc bLAde08.

Common: Full heal, Antidote, Escape Rope, and Repel
Rare: Rare Candy and Nugget

Common: Ultra Ball, Great Ball and X Attack
Rare: Nugget and Rare Candy

Easy catches
Whenever you want to catch a wild Pokemon, you should first get one of your Pokemon to use moves such as Leer, Growl, and Flash. This will weaken your opponent. Attacking it might also help, but make sure that you do not defeat it. Also bring many Pokeballs with you. When you throw a ball at a Pokemon, quickly tap [B] continuously.

Easy wins
This trick requires a Shedinja, a Pokemon that knows Skill Swap, and a Ghost-Dark hybrid, and can only be used in a double battle. Enter the Shedinja and the Pokemon that knows Skill swap into battle first. Have the Pokemon that knows Skill swap use it on Shedinja. Then, switch Shedinja out with your Ghost-Dark hybrid, and have the Pokemon who knows Skill Swap use it on your Ghost-Dark hybrid. Because no move can deal Super Effective damage to a Ghost-Dark hybrid, using this trick to swap Shedinja's Wonderguard over to one will make it completely invincible. However, even with Wonderguard, the Ghost-Dark hybrid will only be invulnerable to attacks. This means that special conditions, recoil, etc. will still do damage to it.

Easy healing without a Pokemon Center
If there is a PC around, deposit all your Pokemon using "Move Pokemon". Get a pokemon you do not need. You must do this because you cannot put in all six Pokemon at once. Then, turn off the PC and log off it completely. Immediately get back on and get your Pokemon again. They should now have maximum PP and HP.

Heal easily with a Cacnea or a Cacturne
Get a Cacnea or a Cacturne and level it up so that it learns Leech Seed, Ingrain and Absorb. Next, get the item "Leftovers" and have Cacnea or Cacturne hold it. Use Leech Seed, then use Ingrain, and keep doing Absorb or another attack. At the end of each turn, Leftovers will also give you some HP. You can also have Cacturne or Cacnea use Sandstorm. This does some damage and also increases Cancea's or Cacturne's evasion (because of Sand Veil).

Hatch eggs faster
Note: This trick works for hatching eggs as well as boosting up your Daycare Center Pokemon's experience. First, make sure you have the Mach bike so that you can go faster. Fly to Mauville City. Go in front of the town sign, then get on your bike. Go as far left as you can, then back to the right and repeat. You will get a lot of steps very quickly because it is a long ride with nothing to bump into, which will make your Pokemon grow faster. It usually takes about five minutes of this to hatch an egg.

When trying to hatch eggs faster, place a Pokemon in your party whose ability is either Flame Body or 'Magma Armor (for example, Slugma or Macargo). The ambient heat will incubate the egg and cause it to hatch twice as fast.

Egg hatching
If you are trading (for example, starting Pokemon), and you want their OT to be you, just trade the eggs. When the Pokemon hatch, they will be OT'd you.

Berry Collecting
There are a few people that give you one or more berries.

Sootopolis City: Kiri will give you two berries.
Lilycove City: The gentleman will give you one berry.
Route 120: The little girl telling you about taking care of berries will give you one berry.
Route 111: The woman near Trainer Brooke will give you one berry.
Route 114: The boy under Lanette's house will give you one berry.
The Berry Master will give you two berries and his wife will give you one berry.

Refill PP without using Ether or Elixir
Note: This trick can only be done is the move is a TM. It can not be a HM. Delete the move you wish to be refilled with another TM. After you have done this, change the move you have just taught your Pokemon with the first move. For example, if you want to refill your Fire Blast and do not have any Ethers or Elixirs, change Fire Blast with Flamethrower. Then, teach your Pokemon Fire Blast with a TM. This can be done as many times as desired, as you have enough TMs.

Quick Solarbeam
First use a Sunnyday, then for the next five turns you can use Solarbeam without having to gather energy on the first turn.

The Sick Girl
If you visit houses at Rustboro, there is a little girl surrounded by Pokemon plush dolls. Her father asks if you know any funny words. If you get it correct, he will give you a special item.

Find the girl who is sick and needs a good laugh in Rustboro City. Use this page to generate a secret word. It will enable a special box wallpaper in your game.

Types and Gyms
If you have Mudkip
Roxanne: Water Gun
Brawly: Mud Shot
Wattson: Mud Shot
Flannery: Mud Shot
Norman: Take Down
Winona: Ice Beam T
Tate and Liza: Surf (HM)
Wallace: Earthquake

If you have Torchic
Roxanne: Double Kick
Brawly: Peck
Wattson: Double Kick
Flannery: Double Kick
Norman: Double Kick
Winona: FlamethrowerT
Tate and Liza: Double Kick
Wallace: Slash

If you have Treecko
Roxanne: Absorb
Brawly: Quick Attack
Wattson: Leaf Blade
Flannery: Leaf Blade
Norman: Leaf Blade
Winona: Hyper Beam T
Tate and Liza: Leaf Blade
Wallace: Leaf Blade

Frontier Brains
To fight a Frontier brain, you must win their challenge multiple times without losing. You will then get to fight their tough Pokemon teams. After you defeat a brain the first time, you will get a silver symbol. If you manage to defeat them twice, you will win a gold symbol. The number of times you must win the challenge in order to fight the brains are listed below.

First Battle tower brain: 5 wins
Second Battle tower brain: 10 wins

First Battle dome brain: 5 wins
Second Battle dome brain: 10 wins

First Battle Palace brain: 3 wins
Second Battle Palace brain: 6 wins

First Battle Arena brain: 4 wins
Second Battle Arena brain: 8 wins

First Battle Factory brain: 3 wins
Second Battle Factory brain: 6 wins

First Battle Pike brain: 2 wins
Second Battle Pike brain: 10 wins

First Battle Pyramid brain: 2 wins
Second Battle Pyramid brain: 10 wins

Frontier Brain battles
The following is a list of all the Battle Frontier Brains and their Pokemon choices. Their Pokemon are the same level as yours. Note: When you fight a Brain for the gold symbol (second time), their Pokemon will change to a random party. Some of their Pokemon's moves are random and will vary.

Battle Tower: Salon Maiden Anabel
Alakazam: Thunderpunch, Fire Punch, Ice Punch, ????
Entei: Fire Blast, Return, Roar, ????
Snorlax: Body Slam, Belly Drum, Shadow Ball, ????

Battle Dome: Dome Ace Tucker
Salamence: Earthquake, Brick Break, ????, ????
Swampert: Ice Beam, Counter, ????, ????
Charizard: Rock Slide, Earthquake, ????, ????

Battle Palace: Palace Maven Spenser
Crobat: Double Team, Toxic, ????, ????
Slaking: Earthquake, Shadow Ball, ????, ????
Lapras: Ice Beam, Horn Drill, ????, ????

Battle Arena: Arena Tycoon Greta
Heracross: Megahorn, Rock Tomb, ????, ????
Umbreon: Body Slam, Confuse Ray, ????, ????
Shedinja: Shadow Ball, Return, ????, ????

Battle Factory: Factory Head Noland
Noland's Pokemon are unknown because he also uses rental Pokemon.

Battle Pike: Pike Queen Lucy
Seviper: Swagger, Crunch, ????, ????
Shuckle: Toxic, Sandstorm, ????, ????
Milotic: Ice Beam, Mirror Coat, ????, ????

Battle Pyramid: Pyramid King Brandon
Regirock-Explosion, Earthquake, ????, ????
Registeel-Earthquake, Toxic, ????, ????
Regice-Ice Beam, Thunder, ????, ????

Easy Tough Contest Wins
Catch a Mawile in the wild, or have one traded from another version. Train it. At level 41, Mawile will want to learn Iron Defense. Teach it Iron Defense. At level 46, Mawile will want to learn Stockpile, Swallow, and Spit Up. Teach it all three of those moves without making it forget Iron Defense. Then, max out its Tough condition. After that, go to the chairman of the Pokemon Fan Club with your Mawile in the lead. If you maxed out its Tough condition, he should give you a Yellow Scarf. Give it to Mawile. Then, take part in a Tough Contest. Have Mawile do moves in the following order: Stockpile, Swallow, Stockpile, Spit Up, Iron Defense. If you follow these steps exactly, you will win even the Master Rank contests without much of a problem.

Easy Battle Dome Wins
Get an Absol level 50 that knows Perish Song and an Exploud that knows Protect and Double Team. On the first turn use Perish Song and Double Team. Then with Exploud use Protect, then Double Team, etc. After three turns, all Pokemon will faint except fir Exploud.

Finding the Team Aqua Leader
Go to the Team Aqua hideout right off Lilycove City before you have been to Magmas Hideout on Jagged Pass. Inside, there are two Team Aqua members. One tells you where Archie is, and the other tells what he is doing.

Hint Trick Master hiding places:
The Trick Master's house is located at Route 110.

Maze 1: Go to the top right corner of the table and select it.
Maze 2: Go to the right plant.
Maze 3: Go to the right drawer (without the mirror).
Maze 4: Go to the left window.
Maze 5: Go to the left plant.
Maze 6: Go to the mirror on the right.
Maze 7: Go to the right window.
Maze 8: Go to the left bottom cushion and select it. He is there, but invisible.

Note: In some of the mazes you will need an HM Move to get through. The HM moves you will need are Cut (for Maze 1), Rock Smash (for Maze 3), and Strength (for Maze 4).

Defeating Flannery
If you do not have Mudkip for your starter Pokemon, catch a Tailow or a Swellow. Make sure it is level 32 or higher and knows Wing Attack. When she sends out Camerupt (her third Pokemon), she will probably tell it to use Earthquake. Tailow and Swellow are Flying-type Pokemon. Wing Attack does well against Fire-type Pokemon.

Defeating Leader Juan
The last gym leader is very difficult to defeat and may just be harder than the champion himself. Four of his Pokemon are relatively easy to defeat. First, he will use Luvdisc. It can be defeated with one strong Electric attack (preferably Thunderbolt). Next, he will use Whiscash. Do not use Electric attacks because Whiscash is also a Ground type. Defeat him using a Grass type (a Water type can also be used). He will then use Walrein. Again, a strong Electric attack should do. His fourth Pokemon is a Water/Dark type. An Electric or a Fighting type can defeat it with ease. The last of his Pokemon is a level 46 Kingdra. It mostly uses Double Team, so you cannot hit him, and if you manage to hurt him he will use Rest to recover. Other than that, he attacks with Ice Beam and Water Pulse. Your best chance is to have a fast Pokemon (preferably a Crobat or Absol) and teach it Taunt. Make sure you can use Taunt before Kingdra starts to use Double Team. If Taunt works, he can only use Ice Beam or Water Pulse and a few decent Ice or Dragon type attacks should take him out.

Defeating the Pike Queen
The Battle Pike is at the Siviper by the Pokemon Center on the left. When you defeat it at open level or level 50, the lady who tells you directions will say that a horrible fate is about to befall you. When you go into a room. she might heal one or two of your Pokemon. You will then battle the Pike Queen. Note: She will have Siviper, Shuckle and Milotic. Try using a Psychic Pokemon such as Alakazam, with Psychic and Thunderpunch.

Get a Houndoom at level 50 give it the moves Flamethrower, Taunt, Double-Edge, and Faint attack. Then, get a Ampharos with Thunderbolt, Strength, Mega Punch, and Dynamic Punch. Get a Quassire with Surf, Earthquake, Ice Beam, and Slam. All the first forms of the three Pokemon are found in the Safari Zone after the Pokemon League. First, use Houndoom's Flamethrower two times on Seviper. Be wary of Seviper's move Swagger. Then, switch Houndoom with Ampharos, because the next pokemon is Milotic (a Water type). Use Thunderbolt until it faints. Her last Pokemon is Shuckle. The Pokemon has no attack moves. It has Rest and Toxic. Bring out Houndoom and first use Taunt and Flamethrower. Use Taunt after Flamethrower, then repeat that in a pattern until it faints. If you use Taunt, Shuckle uses Struggle. You will then probably get the Luck Symbol.

Defeating the Elite Four
Take a normal level Pokemon with a one hit K.O. move and a lock on move. Also have a large number of Ethers and Max Potions. Just lock on and attack for and easy K.O.

Use the following Pokemon against the Elite Four:
Electric: Raichu
Grass: Ludicolo
Fighting: Hariyama
Ice: Walrein
Water: Sharpedo
Ghost: Banette

To defeat Drake The Dragon Master, make sure you have a level 80 Rayquaza. Use the TM Dragon Claw on it. Once you fight Drake The Dragon Master, use Dragon Claw on all of his Pokemon. All of them should faint. You can then move on to Wallace the champion.

Make sure you have a level 79 Kyogre, level 73 Groudon, and level 83 Raquaza (in that order) in your party. For first two Elites, use Kyogre (Hydro Pump and Water Spout). For the Ice, use Groudon (Solar Beam and Fire Blast). For the dragon Elite, use Raquaza (Dragon Claw on all). Use Raquaza for Wallace (Dragon Claw on Wailord, and try Fire Blast or Hyper Beam on the rest).

Sidney has a Shiftry and a Cacturn. Get Swampert to use Earthquake and they should die in two turns. Phoebe has Ghost type Pokemon. Have Swampert use Muddy Water and they should die in two or three turns. Note: Surf is also good; teach it to Tentacruel. Glacia has Ice type Pokemon. Use Swampert's Earthquake and they should die in one or two turns. Note: Have a Walrein use Earthquake. This is optional if you do not have two Pokemon with Earthquake. The battle will take longer. Have a lot of Max Potions. Drake has a Salamance. Have a Pokemon use Dragon Breath (Flygon recommended). For Shelgon, use Muddy Water. For Wallace, use Earthquake for all except Garadose. For him, use Water Gun and Muddy Water.

First, get through Victory Road. Then, heal up at the Pokemon Center. Check the levels of all the Pokemon in your party. Train all Pokemon in your party up to level 50 or higher. Save the game at the entrance that you use to get into the rooms to fight the Elite Four when ready. The rest is purely up to skill and chance. After you defeat an Elite Four member, save the game. If you lose to the next member, turn off the game and go back to the saved game after the last member was defeated. This will keep your prize money in your pocket, and bring back any health restoration items that you may have used.

Try the following strategy against the Elite Four:

Sidney: Fighting and Fire-type attacks
Phoebe: Ghost and Dark-type attacks
Glacia : Fighting and Fire-type attacks
Drake: Dragon and Ice-type attacks
Wallace (Champion): Electric and grass-type attack. Note: You cannot attack Whiscash with Electric-type attack, it has Ground-type. Instead, use Grass-type attacks to give it 4X damage.

Elite Four Pokemon
Note: The total experience is 51,157 and money is $32400.

Elite Four Sidney (all around); $4900
Mightyena: Level 46, 1261 experience points (Roar, Double Edge, Sand-Attack, Crunch)
Absol: Level 49, 1827 experience points (Aerial Ace, Rock Slide, Swords Dance, Slash)
Shrifty: Level 48, 1861 experience points (Torment, Double Team, Swagger, Extrasensory)
Cacturne: Level 46, 1744 experience points (Leech Seed, Faint Attack, Needle Arm, Cotton Spore)
Crawdaunt: Level 48, 1656 experience points (Surf, Swords Dance, Strength, Facade)

Elite Four Pheobe (Ghost); $5100
Dusclops: Level 48, 1840 experience points (Protect, Curse , Confuse Ray , Shadow Punch)
Dusclops: Level 51, 1956 experience points (Ice Beam, Shadow Ball, Rock Slide, Earthquake)
Banette: Level 49, 1879 experience points (Spite, Will-O-Wisp, Shadow Ball, Faint Attack)
Sableye: Level 50, 1050 experience points (Night Shade, Shadow Ball, Faint Attack, Double Team)
Banette: Level 49, 1879 experience points (Psychic, Thunderbolt, Shadow Ball, Facade)

Elite Four Glacia (Ice); $5300
Sealeo: Level 50, 1371 experience points (Encore, Ice Ball, Hail, Body Slam)
Sealeo: Level 52, 1425 experien

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