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Aug. 28, 2007
In-game Reset
Press [A] + [B] + [Start] + Select during game play.

Skip Credits
Hold [B] during the credits or turn off the power and turn it on again after your party's Pokemon are displayed.

Get to Sooptopolis
To get into this city you must dive underwater. Look for this city on your Pokenav. When you get close to Sooptopolis, dive.

Get to Slateport City and Mauville City
When you get Surf, go northeast from Oldale Town into Route 103. You will see a body of water. Surf east and you will get to Slateport City and Mauville City faster then the bigger water Route 104-109.

Original Starters
Win the Battle Frontier completely (Gold and Silver) and talk to Birch. He will give you one of your choice.

Recommended Starter
In the beginning of the game when Prof. Birch is in danger of being chased by a wild Poochyena, Zigzagoon choose Mudkip as your starter Pokemon. If you do not choose Mudkip, you will have a difficult time dealing with Flannery and her Fire Pokemon. If you choose Torchic or Treecko, the battle will take longer. If you chose Mudkip, you can end the gym battle in a few attacks. Just use Mud Shot. It is kind of like a Water attack, but stronger and will deal more damage than Water Gun if your Swampert is at level 36.

Should start out with a Sceptile, because the champion Wallace has a Water type. Get it to level 70.

Select Torchic as your starter. When you are first going from Rustboro to Mauville, you must fight your rival. He or she is very difficult to defeat with a Mudkip or Sceptile. Also, Blaziken is the strongest in the end.

The two best Pokemon to have at the start are Lotad (his absorb can defeat Roxanne) and Torchic (when he evolves, his Peck can defeat Brawly).

Mudkip is the best starter because when it Evolves into a Marshtomp it becomes a Ground and Water type Pokemon. If you want the best results out of all of the Gym leaders, then use a Swampert. It cannot be hit by Electric moves and it works well against Fire type if taught Ground moves.

Mudkip is the best starter for trainers that like to challenge Gym leaders. When it evolves it becomes a Water and Ground type, which is helpful for the Electric gym and the Fire gym. There are also many advantages to this type, because it cannot be hit by Electric moves.Overall, Mudkip becomes the strongest starter.

Mystery Gift Ooption
Enter any Pokemon Mart and go to the clipboard that is by the shop keeper on the counter. Take the survey and enter in the words "LINK TOGETHER WITH ALL". The man will then alert you that you can now have access to the Mystery Gift option, after saving. To make it easier to find the word you are looking for, press [Select], which will take you to A-Z mode, then select the a letter to bring up a list of words, beginning with the first letter of the word that it begins with.

Bagon is the first stage of Salamence (Drake's best Pokemon, which is Dragon and Flying type). You can find it in the smallest room in Meteor Falls. On the rectangular piece of land, you will find TM02 (Dragon Claw), which gives Attack 80 and Accuracey100. Bagon evolves into Shellgon, then into Salamence. Salamence is like a fire dragon; cannot learn water attacks; but can learn Flying, Fire, and Dragon attacks.

Bagon learns Dragon Claw (without the need for TM02) if it is kept from evolving until level 49.

A Bagon normally cannot learn a water move. However, if you mate a Pokemon in the Dragon egg group (level 42 Gyarados with Hydro Pump recommended) with a female Bagon, and you will get a Bagon with Hydro Pump. Besides this water move, Bagon cannot learn another one. This is your only chance to have a Bagon with the strongest water move.

Go to Meteor Falls and fing the room that is rectanglular with land, water, land. On the top bit of land is an item. Run around of the top part and you will have a rare chance of finding Bagon.

To get Bagon you must have the following: all 8 badges, HM 7 Waterfall, HM 3 Surf, a Pokemon that knows Waterfall and Surf, and a few Ultra Balls. Go to Meteor Falls and move up the waterfall. Go forward and there will be a cave opening. Enter it. Go to the ladder that should be about ten steps ahead of you. Do not bother going up the first ladder which you see. If you follow the path, there will be a ladder. Use it to move down. Their will be trainers once you move down. Ignore the old people and go up to the other trainer. He will only have two Altaria, which you get at Sky Pillar. After that, go down the sand piles and stay off to your left or you will be at the begining. Move down that ladder on the left after all the sand and surf until you see the cave opening. Then, surf across that water path and you will see a Pokeball. It is not the Bagon. It is the TM Dragon Claw (strong move). Walk around on that little dirt area and eventually, a Bagon will appear. Golbats also appear frequently. Once a Bagon appears, it will may be a level 25, 30, or 35. It is also more likely to be male. Bagon can learn the TM that you just obtained. Get your Bagon to at least level 30 and it will evolve into a Shelgon. Once the Shelgon gets to level 50, you will have a Salamence. This Pokemon can be your strongest if you train it well.

Blazican: Recommended moves
Recommended moves for Blazican are Double Kick (learns after evolving to Combuskin), Fire Punch (learned from the Move Tutor; needs Heart Scale), Blaze Kick (learns after it evolves from Blaxican), and Skyupercut (learned at levels 60 to 80).

Like previous games, Deoxys has its own form in this game. It is the Speed form. It can only be found on Birth Island. The Aurora Ticket is required.

You can catch Ditto, but only after you defeat the Elite Four. Go to the Desert Underpass. It is only in the middle.

Use the following trick to double your starting Pokemon. When you defeat the Pokemon League, go to the Fossil Maniac's house. Go into the desert under the pass. Catch a Ditto. Go to Mauville's Pokemon Daycare. Put a Ditto and your starting Pokemon in. Go back to Mauville and walk on its main road until the old man next to the house is outside of the fence. Talk to him and you will receive a egg. Keep your Pokemon in there if you want more. Once you hatch it, it will have the same type of the Pokemon you put in. You can easily beat all of the trainers with a party of Sceptile, Swampert, or Blaziken. You can also double your other Pokemon.

A Feebas will appear on Route 119 (fishing), and will change position when you change the cool phrase in Dewford. Blend Dry Berries and make Feebas eat them. After its beauty is full, level up to get Milotic.

You can catch Feebas in Route 119 at the water patch beside the bird house. Go to the far left as far as possible. Then, go down as far as possible. You should be at the rocks on the left. Swim up to the second rock from the bottom. At the bottom of that rock, and face forward (away from you). Use the Old Rod at this location.

In Dewford Town. talk to the man who asks you about a hip and happening phrase. Type in "GET FEEBAS". Then. go to the water on Route 119 near the Weather Institute. Surf to the first rock in the river. Go towards it and go down one step. Use the Super Rod to fish. A Feebas should eventually appear.

Go back to the weather institute. Talk to the man again. He will tell you where Groudon is found. You might need HM03 Surf. Go to the route where he is and go inside. You will find Groudon in the Terra cave.

You should have at least 10 Ultra Balls. When you are battling Groudon, first use a strong attack. Then you have at least a 90% chance of Groudon using rest. When it regains its health, go for another strong move then Ultra ball if it escapes. You will have to do this all over, but will probably catch Groudon this time.

Groudon is found on Route 114 near Fallarbor Town. Note: You must complete the Pokemon League and have Waterfall and on level 70.

You can catch Groudon with a Great Ball or Ultra Ball. Save the Master Ball for Latias or Latios.

When you first start the game choose Treecko or Mudik. When you fight Himyou you should use a strong attack . Meanwhile he will use Rest. Then, use a weaker attack. Next, use an Ultra Ball on him. Note: Save the game before you do this. Repeat this until he is caught.

Get the Scanner in the abandoned ship. You will need Surf and Dive. Trade the Scanner for the Deepsea Tooth. Give the Deepsea Tooth to a Clampearl. Then, trade Clampearl for any Pokemon from Pokemon Fire Red, Leaf Green, Ruby, or Sapphire. After the trade, you will get Huntail.

Note: This requires a link cable. Raise a Horsea into a Seadra, then catch a Bagon. Take Bagon's Dragon Scale and give it to Seadra. Next, trade Seadra to a friend and Seadra should evolve into Kingdra . Then trade Kingdra back to your game.

Latios or Latias
After defeating the Elite Four, watch the television downstairs in your house. Mix your records with a Pokemon Ruby or Sapphire with the Eon Ticket. Then, go to Southern Island.

First, find whichever one that the news reporters described on television. Catch it (preferably with a Master Ball), then trade it to the Hoenn or Kanto versions. Then, start the game over and do it again. Note: This is another easy way of getting Cyndaquil, Chikorita, and Totodile.

The best place to catch Latias or Latios is at Route 124. You will need Surf.

Defeat the Elite Four. After you do this, you will be in your room at your house. When you go downstairs, your Dad and Mom will talk to you. You will then see a special on the television. It will be about a Pokemon flying over Hoenn. After it is over, your Mom will ask you what color the Pokemon was. You will have a choice of red (Latias) or blue (Latios). Choose one of them, then go outside. Professor Birch will talk to you, then take you to his lab and give you the National Dex. After this happens, fly to Mauville. Go in and out of the Pokemon Center then go right towards the Berry Master's house. Surf across the water, and go past the beach and the section of grass. There will be two trainers with yellow hair. Stand in front of the trainer to the right, and not the one by the sign. Make sure that you are standing in front of the trainer so that he is looking at you. Walk left and right in the grass. Do not go up or down; stay in the row of grass until you find the Lati you chose. You should have A Master ball to catch it because it will flee after the first turn.

If you chose Blue after you watch the TV after defeating the Elite Four for the first time, Latios will be on the loose somewhere in Hoenn. If you face the Battle Tower Brain, Sailor Maiden Anabel for the Gold Symbol in the Battle Frontier, she should use a Latios in her party. After you defeat her, Latios will be in your Pokedex as a Pokemon that you have seen but not caught. Using the "Area" feature on Latios' entry to track Latios around Hoenn, even if you have not found him yet. Note: Latios is like the Legendary Dogs in Pokemon Gold, Silver, and Crystal and will jump areas when you move from one place to another. Fly is not recommended due to this behavior.

To catch a Lati without fleeing, go to the Safari Zone. Catch a Wobbuffet. Store it as your first party Pokemon. Once you find Latias or Latios it will not flee at the first turn. Try using a Timer Ball the longer the battle. The best place to catch it is Route 118.

Go in the building to the left of the Battle Tower. Give the woman a Skitty and she will give you a Meowith with Retro Mail. The higher the level of your Skitty, the better the Meowith, which means you can get Persian faster.

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