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Primary Collection of Cheats
Fight as Drahmin
Successfully complete tag mode under the normal or higher difficulty setting.

Fight as Hsu Hao
Successfully complete the game under the normal difficulty setting.

Fight as Noob Saibot
Successfully complete single player arcade mode and tag team mode with all default and bonus characters, except for Sektor. Then, successfully complete single player arcade mode under the hard or higher difficulty setting as Scorpion in the Reaper costume.

Fight as Reptile
Successfully complete single player arcade mode with all default fighters under the normal or higher difficulty setting.

Fight as Sektor
Successfully complete tag mode the hard difficulty setting. Continues can be used.

Play a linked game using Mortal Kombat: Tournament Edition and Mortal Kombat: Deadly Alliance for the Game Boy Advance. Note: Linking to the Gamecube version of the game has no effect.

Nitara: Press [Up], [Forward], [Punch] (Midnight Snack).
Mavado: Press [Forward], [Back], [Punch] (Tenderize).
Johnny Cage: Press [Forward], [Back], [Punch] (Lobotomy).
Sektor: Press [Back]x2, [Forward], [Kick].
Hsu Hao: Press [Back], [Forward], [Kick] (Lazer Slice).
Sareena: Press [Back]x2, [Kick] (Death Flurry).
Bo Rai Cho: Press [Back]x2, [Kick] (Big Bounce).
Cyrax: Press [Down], [Up], [Kick] (Rag Doll Slam).
Rayden: Press [Down], [Up], [Kick] (Shock Therapy).
Noob Saibot: Press [Up], [Forward], [Kick].
Drahmin: Press [Back], [Up], [Kick].
Shang Tsung: Press [Down], [Up], [Kick] (Slam & Stomp).
Quan Chi: Press [Back], [Back], [Kick] (Neck Rip).
Scorpion: Press [Forward], [Back], [Kick] (Brain Gain).
Weapon Fatalities
A weapon fatality is basically a combo with the weapon the character uses. At the end, blood sprays and your opponent falls to the ground. The message "WEAPON FATALITY" then appears. The weapon fatality must be earned and is not available until it is unlocked. This fatality is also character specific, meaning each character's weapon fatality must be unlocked to use it. This requires unlocking them in Koffins or completing survival mode thirteen times.
Scorpion: Press [Up], [Down], [Kick].
Johnny Cage: Press [Up], [Down], [Kick].
Sareena: Press [Down], [Up], [Kick].
Reptile: Press [Up], [Back], [Kick].
Nitara: Press [Down]x2, [Punch].
Hsu Hao: Press [Up], [Forward], [Punch].
Bo Rai Cho: Press [Down], [Back], [Kick].
Quan Chi: Press [Down], [Forward], [Kick].
Drahmin: Press [Down]x2, [Kick].
Mavado: Press [Down], "Back. Kick".
Shang Tsung: Press [Back]x2, [Punch].
Raiden: Press [Up], [Down], [Kick].
Cyrax: Press [Up]x2, [Punch].
Sektor: Press [Down]x2, [Kick].
Noob Saibot: Press [Up], [Back], [Kick].
To unlock Cyrax's weapon fatality, win 13 or more rounds in survivor mode.

To unlock Raiden's weapon fatality, win 10 or more rounds in survival mode.

To unlock Scorpion's weapon fatality, win 10 or more rounds in survival mode.

To unlock Sektor's weapon fatality, successfully complete the game under the normal difficulty setting in tag team mode using the following characters in this order: Sektor and Cyrax.

To unlock Shang Tsung's weapon fatality, successfully complete the game under the normal difficulty setting in tag team mode using the following characters in this order: Quan Chi and Shang Tsung.

Alternate weapon colors
Hold the following button(s) at the screen where your opponent is viewed or between rounds.
Red: Hold [R].
Yellow: Hold [L].
Brown: Hold [R] + [L].
Blue: Hold [Up] + [A] or [B].
Green: Hold [Up] + [L].
Purple: Hold [Up] + [R].
Black: Hold [Up] + [L] + [R].

Vlad Shang TsungAA325
Ivy NitaraAB350
Suede MavadoAC350
Demon Quan ChiAD275
Goth SareenaAE225
Ermac ScorpionAF325
Cyron CyraxAG275
Anime CyraxAH200
Fester DrahminAI300
Anime Johnny CageAJ200
Sektor Weapon FatalityAKFinish tag team mode under normal difficulty with Cyrax and Sektor
Royal RaidenAL275
Salvation NitaraAM450
UnlockANWin 10 or more rounds in survival mode.
Golem Hsu HaoAO350
Martian DrahminAP400
Reaper RaidenBA450
Anime ScorpionBB200
Redden RaidenBC350
Anime NitaraBD200
Goth RaidenBE225
Gold Quan ChiBF450
Anime Quan ChiBG200
Goth NitaraBH225
Goldenboy CageBI275
Old Bo'Rai ChoBJ350
Harlot NitaraBK400
Valkyrie NitaraBL275
Suntan Quan ChiBM300
Storm ScorpionBN450
+300 Gold KoinsBO500
+100 KoinsBP50
Alien Quan ChiCB325
Arena: Lung Hai TempleCC1550
Goth Hsu HaoCD225
Royal Shang TsungCE350
Anime Hsu HaoCF200
Arena: Kuatan PalaceCG1250
'Classic' ModeCH1275
Cyclone CyraxCI350
Mongolian Hsu HaoCJ450
Plump Bo'Rai ChoCK400
Chilly Hsu HaoCL400
Cyboticon CyraxCM400
Black Knight MavadoCN325
Joc Johnny CageCO450
Goth Quan ChiCP225
Sandy ReptileDA400
Toreador MavadoDB450
UnlockDCWin 10 or more rounds in survival mode.
Smoke CyraxDD325
Salamander ReptileDE225
Shang Tsung Weapon FatalityDFFinish tag team mode under normal difficulty with Quan Chi and Shang Tsung
Red Johnny CageDG325
Hells Angel NitaraDH325
Dreamcoat MavadoDI300
Putty ReptileDJ300
Weapon Fatality: MavadoDK1100
Purple Quan ChiDL400
Anime ReptileDM200
Weapon Fatality: NitaraDN1525
Unlock SektorDOFinish tag team mode under hard difficulty with any character; or play a linked game with Mortal Kombat Deadly Alliance for the Game Boy Advance
Technicolor Shang TsungDP300
+50 KoinsEA25
Pride MavadoEB275
Goth MavadoEC200
Prince MavadoED225
Toxic Bo'Rai ChoEE450
Smoke ScorpionEF275
Goth Bo'Rai ChoEG225
Sci Fi NitaraEH300
Anime SareenaEI200
+200 KoinsEJ100
Stealth Johnny CageEK350
Midas ReptileEL450
Yellow Johnny CageEM400
Anime DrahminEN200
Scorpiette SareenaEO275
Tobor CyraxEP450
Black Adder ReptileFA325
Castaway SareenaFB400
Double Agent SareenaFC450
Hef Bo'Rai ChoFD275
Parliament Shang TsungFE275
Handyman Shang TsungFF400
'Thermal' ModeFG1000
Powder Hsu HaoFH275
Ground Beef DrahminFI350
Weapon Fatality: Johnny CageFJ1000
Protocol CyraxFK225
'Krazy Kolors' ModeFL650
Reaper ScorpionFN400
'VB' ModeFO500
Weapon Fatality: Hsu HaoFP1973
Free 'Test Your Might'GA15000
Marvelous RaidenGB400
Weapon Fatality: ReptileGC1090
Billy Ray Bo'Rai ChoGD300
Free 'Test Your Sight'GE12000
Porcelain SareenaGF325
'Night Vision' ModeGG1000
Negateeva SareenaGH350
Quan She SareenaGI300
Shaolin RaidenGJ300
Buddah Bo'Rai ChoGK325
Unlock Hsu HaoGLFinish arcade mode under normal difficulty.
+500 KoinsGM250
Arena: Acid BathGN850
Viper CyraxGO300
MK-Watch Cage GP300
Chameleon ReptileHA350
Reptile ScorpionHB300
+250 KoinsHC125
Goth DrahminHF225
Sunshine RaidenHH325
Weapon Fatality: SareenaHI2020
Goth ScorpionHJ225
Anime RaidenHK200
The King MavadoHL400
Weapon Fatality: DrahminHM855
Evergreen Shang TsungHN450
Arena: Moloch's LairHO2000
B Movie DrahminHP325
Xeno Hus HaoIA300
Anime Bo'Rai ChoIB200
Derma DrahminIC275
Venom ReptileID275
Anime Shang TsungIE200
Select "Arcade Mode" ArenaIF750
Cyrax Weapon FatalityIGWin 10 or more rounds in survival mode.
Celsius ScorpionIH350
Goth Shang TsungII225
Reaper Quan ChiIJ350
Goth Johnny CageIK225
Arena: The ArmoryIL1500
El Diablo Hsu HaoIM325
UnlockINFinish tag team mode on normal difficulty with Quan Chi and Sareena
Parasite DrahminIO450
Unlock DrahminIPFinish tag team mode under normal difficulty with any characters

Faster text scrolling
Hold [R] while text is scrolling to make it faster.
Noob Saibot Moves
Spear: Press [Forward], [Back], [B].
Clapping Bluefireball: Press [Down], [Forward], [A].
Drop Kick: Press [Up], [A].
Hign Kick: Press [Back]x2, [A].
Weapon Attack 1: Press [Down], [Back], [B].
Weapon Attack 2: Press [Down], [Forward], [B].
Weapon Attack 3: Press [Down], [Forward], [A].
Weapon Attack 4: Press [Back], [Forward], [B].
Raiden: Fatality
Press [Down], [Up], [A].

Scorpion: Endless combo
First, do the Spear with the combo [Back]x2, [B]. When the enemy is close, kick them into the air with the following combo: hold [Up] then press [A] to kick, then press [A] to kick them again. This part is crucial. When you have kicked them into the air the second time, press [Back]x2, [B] to do the Spear again. Repeat this process and the combo should never end.

Shang Tsung: Morphs
When playing as Shang Tsung, use the following moves to morph into another fighter.
Sareena: Press [Down]x2, [L].
Johnny Cage: Press [Forward]x2, [L].
Raiden: Press [Down], [Away], [L].
Drahmin: Press [Down], [Up], [L].
Nitara: Press [Forward], [Away], [L].
Cyrax: Press [Up]x2, [L].
Quan Chi: Press [Away], [Forward], [L].
Scorpion: Press [Away]x2, [L].
Bo Rai Cho: Press [Down], [Forward], [L].
Shang Tsung: Noob Saibot morph
Press [Back], [Down], [Forward], [L] in a battle to morph into Noob Saibot. This lets you use his moves and do his fatality, except for his weapon fatality. Note: You do not have to unlock Noob Saibot to use Shang Tsung's morph. This does not unlock Noob Saibot.

Shang Tsung: More damage
While playing as Shang Tsung, morph into Scorpion and use the Fire move ([Down], [Away], [A]). If your opponent blocks, keep doing it and they should stay in the blocking position. Do it until you morph back into Shang Tsung. The attack when you morphed back should do more damage.

Sektor: Moves
Missile: Press [Back], [Forward], [B].
Teleport Uppercut: Press [Back]x2, [B].
Spin Kicks: Press [Down], [Back], [A].
Weapon Attack 1: Press [Down], [Front], [A].
Weapon Attack 2: Press [Down], [Forward], [B].
Weapon Attack 3: Press [Down], [Back], [A].
Sektor: Fatality
Press [Back], [Forward], [A].

Glitch: Different colored weapon reflections
Enable any "Colored weapons" code except for red. When on a stage where the floor is reflective (for example, the Swamp arena), do the weapon fatality for your character. The weapon will be seen as red but the reflection on the floor will be the color that was inputted with the colored weapon code.

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