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Primary Collection of Cheats
All cars
Enter "AGEM" or "MPBA" as a password.

All races won as Emilio
Enter "NIML" as a password.

All races won as Larry
Enter "GTBP" as a password.

All races won as Keiko
Enter "LGKG" as a password.

All races won with all racers
Enter "LAPC" as a password.

Multiple cars
Enter "CLSB" as a password to unlock the Crusero Bueno, Crusero Excellente, Crusero Magnifico, Jonesj400, Jonesj420, Jonesj450, Piranhapdq, Piranhapdq R, Piranahapdq Ari, Modicum Xsv, Modicumxsz.5, and Modicumxsv.25.

Win any race
To win any race with any car, at the start point of the race, before the light turns green, press [Select]. You will start at a different place. When the race begins, keep pressing [Select] until you begin passing checkpoints. Keep pressing [Select] until you get to the finish line. It will say " You win". Note: Hold "Gas" while you are doing this, and do not hold [Select]. Press it simultaneously.

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