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Nov. 29, 2006
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Hard mode
Successfully complete the game under the normal difficulty setting. Save the game after the credits. At the title screen, hold [L] and select "New Game". Zero's armor will have a different color. Also, you will no't be able to upgrade or charge any weapon except the Shield Boomerang.

Completion bonus
Successfully complete the game and save it after the credits complete. Start a new game to being with the items obtained in your previous attempt.

Successfully complete the game in hard mode with an "A" or "S" rank (collect all elves). Start a new game from this saved game to being with all elves including Jackson. Alternately, collect and power-up all cyber elves without using any of them under the normal difficulty setting.

Ultimate mode
Unlock Jackson and start a game. Successfully complete the game using all elves. Hold [R] when starting a new game to play in ultimate mode.

Skip credits
Hold [A] while the credits are displayed after completing the game at least once.
Weapon abilities
Note: Some of the steps are in a different order, depending on how you use the weapon.
Charge up to two grades
Charge faster
Four shots can be shot at a time

Double slash combo
Triple slash combo
Charge faster
Rolling slash combo
Air spinning attack

Triple rod
Double attack
Triple attack
Charge faster

Shield Boomerang
Middle range attack
Long range attack
Easy weapon level-up
After completing the introductory level where Zero gets his Sword and Pistol, get on the teleporter and teleport back to the base. Immediately exit the place by trying to climb the ladder you are in front of. Ciel will talk to you, and give you several options to select. Keep selecting the first choice she gives you on each option and you will be teleported to a junkyard level. In the middle of the level there will be these pillars that will keep growing back after each segment is destroyed. You can keep destroying the segments with the Sword and Pistol and they will level-up. Keep destroying the segments until the Sword and Pistol are at their maximum levels.

To maximize the skill level of all the weapons, use them at the enemies at the disposal center; at the part where two spiked things spring up and shoot energy bolts horizontally.

Go back to the Underground Laboratory. Climb up the steep drop where you originally defeated Aztec Falcon. Keep going left until you reach the little white anthill-like enemy that spits out five Spider Bots at a time at you. Keep shooting the Spider Bots as they appear until you get the upgrade for your Buster Shot. Do not destroy the little white anthill yet. Also, pick up the small Energy Crystals that they drop. When you finally get the third upgrade (faster charging) for your Buster Shot, you can really start building up your weapons and Energy Crystals. At that point, do not shoot the Spider Bots anymore. Instead, slash them with the Z-Saber, then fire the upgraded charged Buster Shot, dash after it, and immediately start charging your Buster Shot again. As you dash after the fired Buster Shot, you will notice that you hit the Blue Foot Soldier just a second away. Slash him, then fire off the Buster Shot again to the left. Immediately start charging again. Dash after the second Buster Shot and you will hit another Blue Foot Soldier. Dash past him (Dash/Slash him on the way), then stop and face to the right. Fire the Buster Shot again to the right and hit the Blue Foot Soldier. Dash back to the anthill. Slash the Spider Bots and fire the Charged Buster Shot to the right this time. You will destroy the anthill and hit the Blue Foot Soldier on the right side of the anthill. Dash/Slash him. Dash to the right one more time and just regular Slash the next Blue Foot Soldier. Then, repeat the entire process again. Although this process seems long and tedious, it actually takes only less than five seconds to do each time. The constant dashing and slashing will ensure that you pick up anything that these enemies drop, including an extra life that appears after ten minutes. You can acquire about two thousand Energy Crystals after twenty minutes.

After defeating Aztek Falcon and returning to the resistance base, do the "Retrieve Data" mission there you will find balls that have electricity coming out of the sides and are never destroyed. You have to stay close enough to hit it with the Z-Sabre, but for the Z-Buster you can stay far back while shooting it.

Easy shield level up
When inside the resistance, you can always leave and visit past levels. Go up to the surface and move to the right until you get to the pillars that regenerate when they are completely destroyed. Stand next to the wall and charge your Shield Boomerang. Jump and throw your boomerang so that you hit the top section and let yourself fall to the ground. If done correctly, your Shield Boomerang should circle you forever, as long as you do not move. Allow the system to idle for about twenty minutes in this situation to get it to the maximum level.

Easy Energy Crystals
After defeating Phantom and saving the factory, return to the factory to get a large number of Energy Crystals, especially in the last room of the level. Note: You can only get them once.

This trick requires patience and batteries. After completing the Reploid Disposal mission, go back to the area where the smashed truck is located. The truck has a Large Energy Crystal on it. When you get there, a Drop Reploid carrying a Spike Bot will appear. Slice, spear, throw, or blast them both and they may drop Energy Crystals (large or small). If you repeat this, you can feed and use your Baby Fairies. Metals will also drop -- if you have a Sub Tank you can fill it up. This takes hours but you will get to use those Baby Fairies that take two feedings.

This strategy may take some time. After defeating the truck in the disposal center, take the transporter back there. Run down to the set of ladders you see after the spike traps and the two pillars. Climb the ladders to the top where you will see a Carrier Bot holding a Spike Bot on the right. Destroy both of them, then another set should appear from the left. Destroy them, then continually run back and forth to respawn these enemies. If you continually defeat these enemies, they should drop Energy Crystals, Mettalls, and extra lives. Repeat this to feed your elves and also get the maximum 9 lives.

To use this trick, you must win all three desert missions: When you go to the desert after you pass up the broken helicopter, there should be some robotic heads for awhile . Once you get to the claw trap, go back and forth slicing them. They should drop Energy Crystals. If your life is low, there should be some Voltures. When you kill them, they drop life.

Easy lives
The Occupy Factory mission must be available for this trick. Begin the level normally, by killing the flying shield enemies. Once you reach the end near the Big Life Restore area, Dash Jump to the left. Slash the trap and Dash Jump over there. Slash the trap and then Dash Jump to the silver platform. Walk up it, and at the very tip, Dash Jump to the right. Use a long range weapon to destroy the mines. Dash Jump to the other side, then shoot the other mines. Dash Jump and you will finally be on ground. Next, slash away at the door and go in the vent. Slash the fans and get the large crystal container and a life. Then, go up, slash the fans, and take the Cyber Elf. You have also skipped the sensors. Keep this shortcut in mind, since it will be vital for your Protect Base mission. Go through all the level as normal. When you arrive at the elevator part, go all the way down. Collect the crystals and destroy the spider enemies. Then, go to the moving wood robots . Be careful -- do not lose your gained life. Ride and Dash onto the other moving platforms. Keep going until there is a platform with two spiders hanging from the bottom. Dash Jump up and Wall Jump up there to gain another life. You can also get the Cyber Elf down there. You can now die by jumping of the platform and lose one life. Thus, you are only losing one life but getting two in the process. Repeat the process to get extra lives. You will also get lots of crystals and hopefully level up weapons in the process.

Easy Cyber Elves
At the start of the game, you can find a Cyber Elf hidden behind the wall in the back of the room you get resurrected in. You need the Z Saber to get it. Stand on top of the case and do a Jump Saber attack. The other Cyber Elf is in the Resistance Base. Answer "No" when Ceil asks you to help them. Then, take the elevator to the bottom floor and talk to the man who is laying down. Give him the Energy Crystals that he asks for. He will then stand up and you can get past him. There is a room a short distance past him. There is another jar in there that you must use the Jump Saber attack on.

In the level where you defeat Aztec Falcon, there are spiked pillars that regenerate when destroyed. Continuously destroy the first spiked pillar until a Cyber Elf appears.

After Aztec Falcon is defeated, go down to a level in the base where there is an old Reploid. He will have a long beard. Press [Up] to talk to him. After you listen to his entire story, he will give you a Cyber Elf in return.

On the Junkyard level with the trucks, Drop Bots will be dropping Spike Bots. One of these will reveal a Cyber Elf when destroyed. It is almost never the first one you destroy. Keep destroying every Spike Bot until the Cyber Elf is found

Defeating Aztec Falcon
At the start of the game, your second Boss is Aztec Falcon (the first is the Boss that you fight and get the Z-saber). Before you talk to Jackson to save "your data", walk to the left. You will then be able to explore. Explore all the rooms and you will find some items. As you explore, try to find your way back to where you were fighting the first Boss. The purpose of this is to easily level-up your weapons. Do this until your Z-saber charges up. You will need that ability to defeat Aztec Falcon. After defeating that Boss, you will talk to the person that is held captive in the trash compactor and get a Thunder Chip. When you get this item, select it. It give your weapons a slight boost. It is not a one time thing, and can be kept afterwards. It paralyzes most enemies and causes more damage to Bosses.

Get on the wall when it starts. Watch how dashes at the wall you are on. When he jumps up, jump off the wall and attack with the Z-Saber. Keep doing this until the Aztec Falcon is spit in half. Note: When he dashes at a wall he will always jump up. By doing this, you should never get hit if you stay on the wall, besides the times you slash him.

Defeating X second form
Upgrade your Z-Saber skill to the fifth or sixth level to charge it faster. When fighting X second form, use the Ice Chip (obtained from one of your missions), charge your Z-Saber, climb any of the two vertical platforms, and jump-slash towards X's head. Be careful when jumping at X's head as you may hit X's hand.

When he shoots rings from his head, stand at one side of the platform. When you see rings start to appear from the top of the screen, dash to the other side of the platform. He then uses two attacks randomly, then shoots rings again. One attack is when he puts his hands about a foot apart with palms facing inward. A beam shoots out at the ground, and the ground catches fire. Jump on the spiked platform wall in the direction of the beam. When he points his palms toward the player and yellow spots start to blink on his hands, dodge this attack the same way you did the rings (dash to the other side of the platform immediately when the yellow beams shoot at you). In mid-attack, jump on the platform walls and jump off again with charged Z Sabre without an element. The other elements take about 16 hits to kill him, a normal Z Sabre only takes 8 hits, saving you time and health (if you dodge his hands and attacks successfully). It is also a good idea to take along Nurse Cyber Elves. Also, the Ice Chip is a nice element. Ice Chip needs 6 hits, Z Sabre needs 8, and Fire and Lightning both take about 12 hits.

Defeating Bosses
Note: Using the Saber at all times is recommended.
Anubis (Wolf): Fire
Maha Ganesharrif (Elephant): Lightning
Blizzack Staggrof (Ox): Fire
Herculious Anchortus (Bug): Ice

Harpiua (Green): Ice
Fafnir (Red): Lightning
Leviathan (Blue): Fire
Phantom (Black): Lightning or Fire
Delete all enemies from a stage
First, use the Cyber Elf that turns all enemies into Metalls. After that, use the Cyber Elf that deletes all small enemies. Since all enemies are Metalls, they are considered small. The stage is now enemy free. Note: Make sure you use the two elves during a mission. Using them on the normal map would be pointless, since they all return once you turn off the game or complete a mission.

Shield/Boomerang tricks
It is possible to dash while using the Shield/Boomerang. Have the shield in hand, then press "Dash" + [Left] or [Right] simultaneously. If done correctly, you should be dash jumping with the Shield. Another trick is to dash jump off walls with the Shield. This is done by holding "Dash" and jumping onto a wall and climbing it.

Triple Rod pogo stick
When you get the Triple Rod, go to the Disposal Center either with the TRANCE or the elevator out of the Base. Continue along until you reach a location where there are ladders and platforms going up. At the top are two carriers and spiked balls. When you get to the bottom of the three ramps leading down, there will be a spiked column enemy. Jump so that you are directly above him, then hold [Down] + [Attack]. Your Triple Rod will come out and point down. Every time you touch the invincible top of the enemy, you will bounce. After about the first bounce, the enemy will begin to grow its destructible segments, sending you higher. Hold [Jump], and you will bounce even higher. Go to the left while bouncing, and you will be on a wall. Jump up as far as possible. You will see a Cyber Elf container and an Energy Crystal. Use your Z-Saber aerial attack to slash open the container and the elf will drift toward you. If you have considerable skill, you should be able to get the crystal by using your Dash Wall-Jump to get up onto the ledge.

Charged Z Saber without charging
In Ultimate mode, press [Right] (or [Left]), [Down/Right] (or [Down/Left]), then [Down] and the Z Saber.

Locked door
After you defeat the Golem and Ciel asks you to help them, answer "Yes". And after she asks you to do the Reploid Disposal Center mission, answer "No:. The door behind her will now be unlocked.

Glitch: Bounce on spikes
In the Disposal Center Area, you will find columns with spikes on top that rise and fall. When you obtain the Triple Rod weapon, find one of those columns, jump above it, and use the straight down attack with the Triple Rod. If done correctly, you will be bouncing on top of the spiked column.

Glitch: Charge buster
After you defeat the Golem in the underground laboratory, you will be able to charge your buster without going to the next level.

Glitch: Strange graphics
In the Find The Hidden Base level, when you reach the iced ground jump high enough and the pixels will glitch slightly. Note: The Moon Jump may be needed.

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