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Name codes
Entry name: "LAN
"Code: "NG75-H5RF-R0MN-440N-2QX[Club]-X341

Entry name: "MAYL
"Code: "8NT8-JZFL-3Q9D-7RPX-T[Diamond]CH-JX51

Entry name: "DEX
"Code: "FD[Star]3-3JW1-PS[Star]V-[Diamond]01[Diamond]-[Heart]6R[Figure]-1J32

Entry name: "CHAU
"Code: "93[Figure]5-WXNH-9MWT-[Star]VX8-DY7M-88H0

Entry name: "KAIM
"Code: "[Star]SP-3[Heart][Diamond]C-6KGQ-[heart]9FM-XON[Heart]-M[Diamond]P1
Hard mode
Successfully complete the game under the normal difficulty setting. Then, select the "Continue" option to access a new hard mode.

Super Hard mode
Successfully complete the game under the hard difficulty setting. Then, select the "Continue" option to access a new super hard mode.

Number Man Lotto codes
Battle Chips
03696458: VarSwrd C
19095677: ColorPt *
32108251: Snake R
46292983: FlmLine1 G
57604335: FlmLine3 J
66703422: Recov300 J
68009092: WideSht3 T
74293099: GunSolEX G
77038416: AirHoc3 V
88019791: TwnFng3 G

Sub Chips
00274304: Unlocker
02368995: Untrap
14769745: Untrap
16589650: MiniEnergy
24247309: SneakRun
27979609: LockEnemy
37198940: LockEnemy
45798331: MiniEnergy
59891137: Full Energy
84625799: Full Energy
89866302: SneakRun
94872322: Unlocker

Navi Customizer Blocks
02109544: MegFldr2 (Green)
05178924: BustPack (Red)
10170506: Tango (Green)
25435428: Beat (Blue)
30873642: HP+500 (White)
43494372: BodyPack (Blue)
73298100: Rush (Yellow)
75420107: Custom2 (Yellow)
97618739: HP+500 (Pink)
Fighting Bass
To fight with Bass, you must collect all six Soul Unisons. Then, go to Undernet 4 to unlock the door to Undernet 5. In Undernet 5, there are two megachips in Purple Mystery data; bring some Unlockers. You will then see a door in the farthest-most corner of Undernet 5. Behind it is Bass. In order to fight Bass, you also need the S-ID by collecting all 150 standard chips. There is a small path that leads to a path below Bass. Laser Man V2 awaits there for you to fight as well.

Defeating Burn Man
Get chips such as Rockcube so you can block his Burn Attack and perhaps his Burn Slider.

Defeating Duo
Make sure that your folder is equipped with chips that go above ground, like Wide Shot, Twin Fang, or something similar. Note: Flame Line will not work. Dodge his attacks, then when his middle is red you can do damage. Chips that work well are Gundelsol Ex (Number Man machine code "74293099") and Gun Sol (obtained at the haunted castle at Castillo; almost at the end there is a figure of the person who defeated Dracula, check his leg and get that chip). Use those chips and dodge Duo's attacks to complete that mode of the game.

An easy way to defeat Duo is to use PAs. Use a few like Lifesword and just dodge his attacks.

When Duo does his laser, it has rings around it and they can hit you, even if you are not in the middle. Those rings have a pattern. To dodge those rings, do this when the laser starts. Go to the bottom or the top and move to the last panel, then to to the middle one, both in the top row.

Secret Battlechips
Link with Mega Man Battle Network 4 Blue Moon or Mega Man Battle Network 4 Red Sun player and go to the "Comm" option.Then, go to "Waiting Room". Either the Red Sun player or Blue Moon player must select "Visit", then send the Navis to each other. Go to Higsbys Free Tournament BBS. When defeating the last Navi, you will get there Battlechip, for example a PropBom2 from Air Man and NumrBl2 from Number Man.

Defeating Laser Man
Go in the middle row. Go to the last panel and when Laser Man attacks, go up one panel. When at the middle panel of the middle row go to that panel. It will break because it was already cracked from the laser. Then, move to the panel behind the cracked one. When he uses the laser, it will not hit you because it will fall into the hole

Aqua Soul Unison (Blue Moon)
Defeat Aqua Man in the first tournament to get his Soul Unison.

Aqua Man V2 ("Blue Moon only)
Jack into your PC and go to the first intersection. Go straight. Follow the blue road until the second intersection, then go down. After you follow the road that you went down, there are two roads you can go on. Go to the bottom one. Aqua Man is there.

Aqua Man V3
ACDC1 Aqua Man V3 has 1800 HP. Use electric chips to easily defeat him.

Black Earth
Get the Bug Charge, Muramasa Blade, Black Wing, Element Dark, and Poison Anubis chips. Find the big hole surrounded with purple slime on a platform in Ura Internet area 6. Approach the hole to get sent to the Black Earth dungeon.

Blue Moon
After you defeat Junkman and go through the conversations, just talk to your dad.

Blue Moon Battlechip
Talk to your dad after the Blue Moon Tournament, when you get an announcement that the nets have been split.

Bug Chain
Defeat ShademanSP or LasermanSP without destroying the Green Mystery Data.

Burn Man V2
Burn Man V2 is in park area 2 near the Mystery Data.

Burn Man V3
Go to the park area via the home page. Go down the stairs, and go through the curving path under the stairs. Continue advancing through the park areas until you get to an intersection with a main (orange) road pointing northeast, a purple road pointing northwest, a warp point in the middle, and the road you just came from pointing southeast. Go down the purple road pointing northwest and continue until you reach a dead end. Burn Man V3 is there. Note: All directions are from the warp point.

Darkness Aura
Defeat S-Rank ForteSP in a random encounter in Black Earth 2.

Forte Battle chip
Get all 150 chips and go to the gate at Ura Internet area 5. You can now pass through it, and battle Forte. Defeat Forte to get the battle chip.

While at the vampire manor in Castillo, check the figure of Django pointing Gunsol at Dracky (the vampire), and you will receive the chip.

Note: To use any of the Gunsol chips, hold [A]. They will go through any kind of defense and will not damage the data bits in battle.

To get the battle chip Gun Del Sol 2, first win Blue Moon/Red Sun tournament. Then, destroy the things blocking various parts of the net around the world. Next, read the email and talk to the official in Yumland net. Get "Townkeydata" from him. After that, go to Town 4 from Town area 2. Find a path to the program and the upper path in the Undernet. Instead, go right with a series of "paths" going down. Insead of going down, go left to a secret path that is invisible. Talk to the Heal Navi and he will give you Gunsol2.

Gunsol 3
After you give Solar Boy the S.Sensor and he deletes Shadow Man, he will give you Gunsol 3.

Gut Punch 2
With Mega Man Battle Network 4 Blue Moon, link up with Mega Man Battle Network 4 Red Sun. Go to waiting room and get Gutman and any other Navis (more than one is necessary) from Red Sun. Battle Gut Man in the finals and you will get the secret chip Guts Punch 2 when you defeat him.

Holy Dream
You can buy this battle chip from a shop in Ura-Internet 4 for 100 BugFrags.

ShortBldeK, Wide BldeK, Long BldeK.

Put Short Sword, Wide Sword, Long Sword in a row all of the same letter, it will make Lifesword just as in Mega Man Battle Network 3.

Piledriver Program Advance
To get the Pile Driver Program Advance, get Gunsol 1, Gunsol 2, and Gunsol 3. Put all Gunsol chips in your folder. When you get all three on the chip selection screen, put them in the order: Gunsol 1, Gunsol 2, Gunsol 3, and the Pile Driver Program Advance will occur.

Purple Skull Door Key
Make sure you have at least 10,000 Zenny and the C-Slider before attempting to get this. Jack in from an outdoor location (preferably Netfrica). Work your way to Undernet 4 and look around until you see Solar Boy standing near a coffin. Solar Boy states that if he had a certain program he will be able to defeat the menace inside when it escapes. To get the program, travel to Undernet 2 via the Sharo area and talk to the Dark Navi who says "The chip is in Undernet 6". Work your way to Undernet 6 and look for a Dark Navi pacing back and forth. Talk to him and he will offer you the program for 10,000 Zenny. Bring the program back to Solar Boy, then an intermission sequence will start. After the sequence, look inside the now empty coffin to find the Purple Skull Door Key.

Proto Man V2
In Mega Man Battle Network 4 Blue Moon, go to Undernet 6. Go to near where the black hole is located. On the way to the warp point, you will see the Black Navi with Django's Sol Gun and a two way road. Go to the left, up the dead end. You will see Proto Man V2. Defeat him to get the Proto Man chip.

Proto Man V3
In Mega Man Battle Network 4 Blue Moon, walk around Undernet 6. You will confront him.

Red Sun Battlechip
Talk to your dad after the Red Sun Tournament, after you get an announcement that the nets have been split.

Red Sun Ray battle chip
Talk to Yuuichiro at ANSA to get this battle chip.

Roll Arrow Chip
With Mega Man Battle Network 4 Blue Moon, link up with Mega Man Battle Network 4 Red Sun. Go to the waiting room and get Roll and any other Navis (more than one is necessary) from Red Sun. Battle her in the finals of Free Tournament at Higsby's Chip Shop. When you defeat her, you will get the secret chip Roll Arrow.

Search Bomb Battlechip
With Mega Man Battle Network 4 Blue Moon, link up with Mega Man Battle Network 4 Red Sun. Go to waiting room and get Search Man and any other Navis (more than one is required).Go to Free Tournament in Higsby's Chip Shop. If you face Search Man in the finals and defeat him, you will get the secret chip Search Bomb.

Easy standard chips
To get all 150 standard chips easily, use the Chip Trader Special in Electown in H2 mode. The easiest way to get chips for this is to delete Mettaurs in Lan's doghouse.

Defeating Aqua Man
Get chips that break panels on your side of the field. When Aqua Man tries to use his Bubble Bomb, it will fall in the hole and does not affect you.

Defeating Cold Man
Notice that Cold Man constantly puts down ice blocks. If you use Junksoul, you can send all the ice blocks he puts down back at him with Poltrgst for massive damage. Note: Cold Man is a patterned attacker; he will use the ice blocks repeatedly, so you can keep smashing him up.

Locked folder code
When your folder is locked someone who told you that he was supposed to fix it, go to ElecTown. Talk to the girl standing near the entrance to ElecTown Square. She will tell you she saw the manager of Jojomon Electrics nearby. Go back and find an old man near one of the stores in ElecTown. He will look at your PET and tell you he cannot fix it without a code. The code is "9651345".

When you get an email about PET Maintenance, after defeating Dex and Gustman in the Dencity Tournament, leave the building and talk to the person in front of the building wearing a blue cap. He will install a new folder with weak chips in your PET and lock it so you cannot use your original folder with the good chips. When he leaves, he will drop a piece of paper. You will need someone to fix your PET. Go to Electown area 2 and talk to the woman standing next to the building. Then talk to the old man and he will tell you that you need a seven digit password to unlock the PET. The hints are on the piece of paper. Try one of the following passwords: "1863546", "7374262", and "9681345".

Park Area Gate code
When Lan's alarm from home sounds, he runs home to find that his mom is in his room. She has been sprayed with sleeping gas. She tells Lan that she heard someone typing on his computer. Check the computer. There is a message reading, "You've been warned, Lan. We can easily do much worse. If you don't want those you care for to get hurt more, bring the DarkChip to Park Area 2." Jack in and go to the end of Town Area 3, where there is a purple gate. After the short intermission, a work comes and battles you. Defeat him and he will be knocked out. Search him for the code to open the gate. The code you get is "AJEKDUR 2437561". It is encrypted. Decrypt it and you will get "RAEJDUK".

While in the asteroid and the big magnetic disturbance appears, press [A] as fast as you can to "swim" down. If done fast enough, you will go down and land once it goes away, and be able to continue.

Secret passage way in Undernet1 to a NetDealer
When you get to Undernet1, go straight and you will walk under a dragon-like mouth and onto the escalator things on the ground. It will bring you to a square with three paths that you can take. Follow the one on the right. This path then breaks into two others. Again, take the one on the right. When you get to the end, there is a hidden pathway you can take by going up. It will lead you to a NetDealer.

Secret walkway
There is an island in Town Area 1 (the one with purple data). You can get there by walking on an invisible path, where the square with all the holes in it are. Walk to one of the edges and you will find the invisible path.

Unlimited Zenny
Jack into your computer at home and go towards the first door with the skull on it. When you go there, make sure you are doing a mission like the competition at the dome or something not in ACDC town. When you go there, you find a chip containing money. After getting it, jack out and do the same thing again.

Normal Navis and Heal Navis lose at Free Tournament
In Free Tournament, watch the match (do not skip) between a Regular Green or Purple Navi and a Soul Navi (Roll, Guts Man, Search Man, etc.). There is a 90% chance that the Soul Navi will win.

First tournament tasks
When your in the prelims for the first tournament, you must do three favors:
You must find the Mettaur village. You can get there from the real world on top of Jomon's Electrical. On the left hand side there is a monitor. Jack into that, then fight the Black Navi. Get the guy's data and take it to him.

You must find two golden spiders. One is in Yai's white teddy bear, and the other is in the closest tree to the squirrel in the park.

You must answer a question to do this mission. The answer is "ent". You will then fight three viruses.
Getting through Water God Comp
Jack in. Take Blue warp.
Take Green warp.
Take Green warp.
Take Blue warp, get full energy, take Green warp back to last area.
Take Green warp.
Take Pink warp.
Take Pink warp.
Take Blue warp.
Take Pink warp.
Take Green warp.
Take Blue warp.
Take Pink warp.
Take Blue warp.
Take Green warp
Talk to program to get 3000 Zenny from him, get FullCust* from Mystery data
Take Green warp back.
Take Pink warp, Fight boss.
Getting through Water God quest
Go to Netopia and go up the only staircase in the area. Then go northeast then northwest and you will eventually find the net connection between Sharo and Netopia. Dodge the conveyer belts in Sharo and you will eventually see the Water God near the top of the Sharo area. Go up the conveyer belt pointing to the Water God. Get the Water God. Go back to the Netfrica area and talk to the official to complete the quest.

Passing the stories in the robots in Castillo
Go to all the buildings and read all the stories that are there. They will be about the robots stories. It will be easier for you to pass it, as you will already know about the story.

Rescuing Number Man
When you are at the part when you have to rescue Number Man, there is a door with three passwords. Clue 1 is "119", clue 2 is "110", and clue 3 is "845".

Rescuing Roll
When you pass the Eagle tournament prelims and defeat the first competitor, your next opponent is Roll but she will get kidnapped. The kidnapper takes her to Park area 3, then goes shopping. To find the key to the door where he put Roll, you must go to ACDC area 2 and defeat his virus. He then gives you the key.

Insane Robots
When you take Mayl to the the park in Red Sun, you will end up having to fix some robots that have gone crazy. You need to jack into them in order to fix them. There are doors in each robot that are blocking your way to the off switch. The only way to get by the doors is to find and replace the missing data, as follows:
ToyRobocomp1 - Princess
Door 1. Mirror
Door 2. Big Tree
Door 3. MightyBl

ToyRobocomp2 - Wizdog
Door 1. Wzmonkey
Door 2. Magicsel
Door 3. GoodNose and Scratch

ToyRobocomp3 - Tinman
Door 1. War and Emotion
Door 2. Bird and Dance
Door 3. Toypart

ToyRobocomp4 - Dracky
Door 1. Gunsol and Crmscarf
Door 2. Otenko
Door 3. Sunlight
Door 4. Skylight and Taiyohh

Note: After the last door, you will fight Shade Man. The only way to defeat him is to use the Darkchips.
Dark chip warning
Be careful if you use Dark chips whenever you can. Eventually Mega Man will be naturally black and you will always start with Dark chips (even during Boss fights); and even if you do not use one, you will still lose health. Also, you will not be able to use your Gunsol EX unless the DS takes over.

Saved game icons
Accomplish the following task to unlock a new saved game icon.
Blue Moon Ray: Defeat Duo in normal mode.
Forte's: Defeat ForteSP in Black Earth 2
GigaComplete: Get all 5 Giga Chips
MegaComplete: Get all 60 Mega Chips
PA Complete: Use all 30 Program Advances
SoulComplete: Get all 6 Souls
StandComplete: Get all 150 Standard Chips.
BattlePoints for Eagle Tournament
You only need 50 to enter the Tournament.
1 Point: The official that tells you about the preliminaries
1 Point: Inspect Yai's left giraffe shrub
1 Point: Inspect painting behind Yai's couch
2 Points: Inspect Dex's Gamecube in his house
1 Point: Inspect Mayl's teddy bear
1 Point: Inspect chip shelf in Higsby's Shop

Elec Town
1 Point: Inspect metal door with Kanji on it (next to a person in a blue suit)
1 Point: Inspect the box behind the fence
1 Point: Inspect the sound system computer on the upper level
1 Point: Shop next to the fridge (where Lan and his dad went at the beginning to the game)
1 Point: (Elec Town2) Talk to the person near the exit to the square, partially hidden behind the building

Den Dome
1 Point: Inspect the bicycles
1 Point: Left-most DenDome poster
1 Point: Talk to a person partially hidden by the hot dog shop
1 Point: Alleyway (contestant entrance) search trash next to vending machine
5 Points: (Stadium) Jack into the Netbattling machine, play rock, paper, scissors with Mr. Prog
1 Point: Talk to a kid walking behind the screens inside the main entrance
1 Point: Inspect the blue door inside the main entrance

1 Point: Inspect the fountain
2 Points: Talk to woman partially hidden by the castle
1 Point: Inspect the pirate ship in the lower square
2 Points: Inspect steel door in lower square behind red robot
2 Points: Talk to the boy in the haunted house
3 Points: Old Man in lower area, hidden by the cart
10 Points: Battle Evil Navi inside dracky robot near haunted house

ACDC Area 1
1 Point: Talk to Mr. Prog near the skull gate (purple gate)

ACDC Area 3
4 Points: Buy from Green Navi for 3,000 Zennys

Town Area 1
2 Points: Underneath a walkway near the Area 2 entrance

Town Area 2
5 Points: Give Orange Navi a Cannon C chip

Town Area 3
3 Points: Talk to Mr. Prog near the merchant

Park Area 2
3 Points: Talk to the Pink Navi

Note: A purple Navi gives you 4 points if you can defeat his viruses. Jack in to the ice cream cart in the Melsquare to find him. One virus battle only.
Program advances
Gigacan1: Cannon a/b/c 300 dmg
Gigacan2: HiCannon c/d/e 400 dmg
GigaCan3: M-Cannon e/f/g 500 dmg
H-burst: Spreader L/m/n 100 dmg
Heatsprd: HeatShot b/c/d 300 dmg
Bubsprd: Bubbler p/q/r 300 dmg
Suprspr1: Widesht1 c/d/e 60 dmg
Suprspr2: Widesht2 L/m/n 80 dmg
Suprspr3: Widesht3 s/t/u 100 dmg
Flmcros1: Flmline1 f/g/h 300 dmg
Flmcros2: Flmline2 d/e/f 400 dmg
Flmcros3: Flmline3 j/k/L 500 dmg
Bstfang1: Twnfang1 a/b/c 50 dmg
Bstfang2: Twnfang2 o/p/q 60 dmg
Bstfang3: Twnfang3 f/g/h 70 dmg
Magshok1: Magbolt1 b/c/d 50 dmg
Magshok2: Magbolt2 e/f/g 60 dmg
Magshok3: Magbolt3 a/b/c 70 dmg
Pithoky1: Airhok1 d/e/f 100 dmg
Pithoky2: Airhoky2 i/j/k 150 dmg
Pithoky3: Airhoky3 u/v/w 200 dmg
Pitrang1: Boomer1 L/m/n 200 dmg
Pitrang2: Boomer2 L/m/n 250 dmg
Pitrang3: Boomer3 s/t/u 300 dmg
Lifeswrd: Sword S/Wideswrd S/Longswrd S 400 dmg
Timebom+: Timebomb j/k/L 600 dmg
Bodygrd: Antidmg M/Antinavi M/Muramasa M 100 dmg
Poisphar: Hole */Darkline */Anubis A ??? dmg
P.Driver: Gunsol1 G/Gunsol2 G/Gunsol3 G Up to 800 dmg
Darkneo: Darkline */Bugchain */BassX 250 dmg
Navi locations
Aquaman: ACDC Area 1
Bass: (first battle) Undernet 5
BassX: Black Earth 2
Burnman: Park Area 2
Coldman: Sharo Area
Fireman: Town Area 2
Gutsman: ACDC Area 2
Junkman: Undernet 2
Kendoman: Netfrica Area (need C-Slider)
Laserman: Undernet 5
Metalman: Undernet 3
Numberman: Town Area 4
Protoman: Undernet 6
Roll: Town Area 3 (lower floor)
Searchman: Undernet 1
Shademan: Undernet 4
Sparkman: ACDC Area 3
Thunderman: Netopia Area
Topman: Town Area 1
Videoman: Park Area 3
Windman: Yumland Area
Woodman: Park Area 1
C-Slider parts
There are three C-Slider parts that you will have to buy from three black market Navis.
One is in Town Area 2; on the bottom half under the second walkway.

One is in Town Area 3; on the bottom half (the green Navi pacing back and forth).

One is in Yumland Area; as you are walking to the only exit in the area under the very last bridge (the black Navi standing there).
Glitch: Misspelling
At the beginning of the game when Lan and his father go to Electric Town for the first time, notice Lan's father standing near the juice machines. If you talk to him he will say "There's so many electrical store" instead of "there's so many electrical stores".

When you go through the Mr. Match scenario the hot dog lady says "Mr. March is fixing the hot dog machine".

Just before you fight Shademan for the first time Mega Man says, "Leg's go Lan."

Before you fight Shade Man in the Vampire Robot Lan, Shade Man will have a quick discussion about the dark chip Lan is carrying. When Lan breaks the chip he says "We can't just let an darkchip like this go free" instead of "We can't just let a darkchip like this go free".

During the Number Man mission when you hand out flyers for the chip shop, you will encounter a Navi that says "What they only hire beautiful emales?" instead of "What, they only hire beautiful females?"

Look at the characters page in the instruction manual. It states that Lan's parents are Mr. and Mrs. Hikaru, when it is actually Hikari.

In the Mega Man Battle Network 4: Blue Moon manual in the section referring to the souls, it states if you store up "sort" type chips instead of "sword" type chips.

Glitch: Tensuke color
After you complete the game and are in hard mode, Tensuke is switched with his brother. Instead of Tensuke's band being red, it is green. Note: This could also happen in regular mode.

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