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Number Man machine
Enter one of the following codes in the Number Man machine at Higsby's shop to get the corresponding item.

AirShot3 *15789208
CopyDmg *01697824
GaiaBlde *33157825
GtStrght S95913876
HeroSwrd P03284579
HiCannon *21247895
LockEnmy 87824510
MiniEnrg 86508964
Mr. Famous' wristband90690648
Muramasa M50098263
Salamndr * 65497812
Spreader *31549798
StpCross S76889120
Thndrblt *54390805
Tsunami *88543997
VarSword F63997824
WpnLV +141465278

The following codes were obtained by buying lots of chocolates at the Yoka Metroline station for 500 Zenny in the White version of the game. These codes can be input at the NumberMan like machine at Higsby's shop to win the lottery. You do not really win money, but you do win programs for your Navi Customizer and also some rare chips. However, you can only enter these codes once.

HiCannon *21247895
Tsunami *88543997
Salamander *65497812
Daifunsui *88543997
Thunderbolt *54390805
Gaia Blade *33157825
Mr. Famous' wristband90690648

Add power-ups
HP +100: "JIEU1AWT
"HP +150: "U2IEOSKW
"HP +200: "ASK3IETN
"HP +250: "SIE1TMSD
"HP +300: "SEIUT1NG
"HP +350: "GJHURIE2
"NCP Float Shoes: "PEOTIR2G
"NCP Mega Folder1: "JDKGJ1U2
"NCP Shadow Shoes: "GKHU1KHI
"NCP Shield: "EIR3BM3I
"NCP SneakRun: "UIEU2NGO
"NCP Super Armor: "KTEIUE2D
"NCP Under Shirt: "SKJGURN2
"SloGauge: "2BKD1UEW Compression codes for NaviCustomizer Program Blocks
Turn up the volume (optional). Go into the NaviCustomizer and put the pointer over the Program Block that you want compressed. Hold [Select] and press the corresponding buttons of the code listed below. You must do this in under seven seconds. If done correctly, you will hear a sound and the Program Block will have one less block area.
Shinobi Dash: [R], [L], [B], [Down]x3
Oilbody: [Up], [Right], [A]x2, [R], "Up
"Fish: [L], [R], [Down], [Up], [Left], "Right
"Battery: [Right], [R], [Right], [R], [L], "Left
"Jungle: [A], [R], [Left], [B]x2, "A
"Collect: [B], [Down], [Right], [R], [Right]x2
AirShoes: [Up], [B]x2, [Down], [A], "R
"UnderShirt: [Left], [Up], [B], [L], [Left], "Up
"FastGauge: [B], [Down], [A], [R], [Left], "R
"BugStopper: [B], [Down], [Up], [B], [Down], "B
"Dark License: [R], [L], [R], [Down], [Left], [B], "R
"Humor: [Up], [R], [A], [Left], [Right]x2
BlackMind: [Right], [Left], [Right], [Down], [R], "Down
"Buster MAX: [Down], [A], [R]x2, [L], [Left]x2
GigaFolder1: [L], [Down], [A], [Down], [R], [B], "Up
"Block: [Down], [B], [Up], [Down], [A], "Left
"Shield: [Left], [Right], [Down], [R], [Down], "R
"Reflect: [B], [Up], [A], [Left]x2, "B
"Shadow Shoes: [Up], [Left], [Right], [L], [Up], "R
"Float Shoes: [Left], [Down], [Left], [Down], [Left], "L
"AntiDamage: [L], [Left], [R], [A], [Right], "Down
"Set Holy: [A], [B], [R]x2, [Left], "R
"Set Magma: [B], [Right]x2, [B], [R], "A
"Set Green: [Down], [R]x2, [Down], [B], "Left
"Set Ice: [A], [Up], [A], [Up], [Left], "R
"Set Metal: [B], [R], [Right], [Right], [L], "L
"Set Sand: [Left], [A]x2, [B], [Up], "Left
"MegaFolder1: [Right], [R], [Down], [R], SP Navis
Get five stars, then highlight the "Continue" option at the main menu. Hold [Left] and press [R]x2, [L], [R], [L], [R], [L]x2. The stars will move together to confirm correct code entry. Continue the game and find the SP Navis.

Scroll through text
This trick works best before a Boss if you saved the game and want to fight again but do not want to see the long conversation. Press [Start] and it will skip past the dialogue and proceed to the battle.
Toggle battle chip selection screen
Press [Select] at the battle chip selection screen to make it disappear. Press [Select] to make it reappear. You can do this anytime, but only on the chip screen. This is good way to develop strategies.

Secret Area 1
After defeating Alpha, continue the game and go to the Undernet server (behind the hot tub in Yoka). Jack in to where you get the forbidden program. You will then be in Secret Area 1. Note: You must have 100 or more Battle Chips to enter.

Secret area at WWW
Go to the WWW base. Go up, then under the bridge. Go to the left and jack-in. There is a Bad Navi selling Sub-Chips and the Collect Program is down from him.

Security systems in Secret Net
The security systems in Secret Net (Number 1, 2, and 3) are difficult to defeat, but there is a trick to doing it. Number 1 does nothing at all. Number 2 attacks when attacked. However, if the chip you use freezes the screen, it will attack you after you attack it. Number 3 is the same as 2, but it must be destroyed last. Number 2 and 3 will eventually stop attacking you if you attack them long enough, but their attack, Err&Del, does 1000 damage; use Undershot and be a Wood Style. In addition, you have to destroy all of their health in one shot.

To easily defeat the security panels in Secret Area, you only need one Program Advance, a GrassStage (any code), and one Attack+30 or Fire+30. First, you must have the chips HeatShot, Heat-V, and HeatSide. They must also have the same code (meaning that they must have the same letter). You will create the program advance HeatSprd, which has an attack of 300 HP. By adding your Fire+30 to it, you will have a 330 HP attack. However, in Secret Area 3 you will face three security panels that have 650 HP. By using a GrassStage, you will double the amount of damage given and can destroy them easily with a 660 HP attack.

1000 Barrier
Use the 500Barr Program Advance (Barrier R, Barrier100 R, Barrier 200 R) and either HolyPanel or Sanctuary to form an unbreakable 1000 point barrier.

Block Wind Boxes
Using a Barr10 or Barr100 will stop Windboxes from blowing you back, as it is considered a 0 damage attack.

To get a second Copy*, install Blkmind in Mega Man and go to Beach Square. A purple Navi is trying out for a part in a television show. Talk to him to get the chip.

Flamman V2
It can be found in Under Net 5, near the teleporter in a dead end.

To get the hammer, go to Undernet 7. You must battle and defeat Flaman B. To do this you must first defeat Flaman A (Undernet 4 at the dead-end near the entrance to Under Square). Defeat him and go to Yoka 1 near the heater (equip Oil Body) and run around the heater. If you are lucky, you will encounter him. Battle and defeat him. After this, go to Undernet 6 then go to the left and unlock the cube. Keep going and you will find a passage to Undernet 7. Go to the right and you will find a Spikey-like virus. Give it 50 Bugfrags and it will let you pass through. Go up on the top and you will find the "the hammer".

With Magnum chips, if you want to hit your opponents second row, do not push any buttons and it will hit the second row from the front. If you want to hit their first row, repeatedly press [A] until it hits. There are no special techniques for the third row.

Sometimes instead of having to opening the start menu, you can press [L].

When you buy HPMemory, sometimes a new higher priced one will replace it.

Buying a Modtools for 5,600 Zenny at the Beach will allow you to add Navi customizer items with Error Codes

Paladin Sword P chip
Get the Paladin Sword P chip from the number trader ("03284579"). The hero sword does 180 damage and cuts three squares ahead.

Recover 120 *
Hack into the television in the hospital to get a Recover 120 *.

Security Cubes
To destroy those cube things, you need to use a passcode from people or defeat a V2 and V3 version of a Navi.

Use three Timebombs to get the Timebom+ program advance. It does 500 damage.

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