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Delete game
Hold [L] + [R] + [B] + [Start] and power on the system to delete the current saved data.

Special Cup circuit
Win a gold cup in all races to unlock the Special Cup circuit.

Super Mario Kart tracks
Get 100 coins or more by the end of the cup to unlock extra tracks. Press [L] or [R] to view and play them.

Once you get an "A" rank on every cup on every class you will unlock all of the original courses from Super Mario Kart.

Alternate title screen
Successfully complete all circuits in all classes to change the background color of the title screen.

Control player selection screen
Press [L] to shoot a green shell or press [R] to jump at the character selection screen.
Getting a "B" rank
Finish every circuit in any cup in first place and get 100 coins (25 coins per circuit).

Use horn
Press [Select] during game play to use the horn.

Quick start
Press "Gas" just before the last number turns green during the pre-race countdown.

When the two lights turn yellow, press [A] on the last light.

On a track that is open at the start, such as Shy Guy Beach, hold [Left] or [Right] + "Brake" when Lakitu appears. Then, get a rocket start while still holding those buttons. If done correctly, you should whip around the player next to you and make a circle. When you want to go straight, stop turning. You will not slide. This is better than a normal rocket boost because you do not hit anybody while boosting. This works for all characters.

Just before a race when Lakoota is doing the lights, hit the gas which will make smoke appear. Keep the gas before the race just before the smoke comes out, there is a chance that you will get an automatic burst-start when the race begins.

Smoking tires
Immediately before the race starts, when the little turtle cloud appears, hold Gas. When the race starts, you will peel out or smoke your tires then take off.

Spin donuts
Press [A] + [B] then turn left or right.

To spin donuts backwards, press [A] + [B] then [Down]/[Left] or [Down]/[Right]. This trick may help avoid shells, etc.

Press [R] while driving to make your car jump.

Press [L] to shoot.

Dodge Red Shells
Note: this trick requires a Mushroom. Just a Red or Spiny Shell is about to hit you, use a Mushroom boost. If done correctly, the shell will be left in your dust.

Extra power boosts
You can get extra power boosts by holding [R] through turns in any track. You can tell when this works if the kart "sneezes" and makes a white spark. You also go faster.

In any track, excessive power sliding can give you a boost similar to a Mushroom power-up. Power slide through turns slightly earlier, and end them slightly later to extend the time that [R] is held. The kart will make a sort of sneezing sound and a bluish-white spark will appear behind it. This will make you go slightly faster.

When you go into a sort-of sharp turn, hold [R] Keep pressing in the direction you are going while holding [R]. You should now be power sliding. At the end of your slide, a light blue colored boost should appear from the back of the muffler.

Double damage
Hit someone with a shell. You can hit them twice by going up to them and hitting them while they are spinning.

Quick restart
The following trick works on the Boo Lake, Broken Pier, Rainbow Road levels, or any of the Ghost Valley levels. If you fall out of bounds and Lakitu fishes you out, hold [A] (accelerate) about three seconds before he drops you off. If done correctly, you will get a quick boost of speed to get back in the race. Note: This does not work for levels such as the Bowser levels, where you are not raised by Lakitu very high off the ground.

Boo Lake: Invisible track
Keep on going to the second turn. On the left side wil; be an invisible track. You will see this because it blinks blue.

Boo Lake: See Invisible track
Get on the "invisible" road, and stop on it. Put your Game Boy Advance under a bright light and look where the road is located. You will see that it is really a dark brown.

Boo Lake: Shortcut
When the second U-turn icon appears, look to the left. There is a bridge you can use to skip the U-turn.

Broken Pier (Special Cup): Shortcut
This trick requires the Mushroom (Speed Burst). Drive along the track until you reach the second set of question marks. To the right of those question marks you can see an arrow made from coins. Direct the car into the direction of the arrow. Use the Mushroom. If done correctly, you will leap onto another platform and back onto the track.

Broken Pier (Special Cup): Invisible tracks
There are two invisible tracks in Broken Pier. You can see these because they light up after awhile. The first one is at the start of the track. When you pass the first set of question marks, look towards the left of the track. You should see a invisible track which lights on and off. The second is found to the right of the second set of question marks, past the arrow made of coins. You should see it because it lights up.

Mario's Circuit: Shortcut
Towards the end of the circuit is a shortcut that goes to the left in a arch. You will get about 15 Coins and a Speed Booster through the finish. Watch at the start of the race to see the end of it on the left.

Luigi's Circuit: Shortcut
Just before the last left turn on this track, turn towards the wall on the left. There is a break in this wall. Go through it, and you will cut off a small portion of the track.

Ribbon Road: Shortcut
In Ribbon Road on Star Cup, get to the first ramp. Hit the turbo in front of the ramp then hit the ramp. Make a hard right and hit the second track to the left. Then, hold [Right] until you stop bouncing and you will be ahead of the other racers.

You can skip about one quarter of the course by using a mushroom boost immediately before the boost/jump and turning right so that you hit the road in the distance. This may take some practice.

Rainbow Road: Shortcut
When you are on the road look to the left side of the track for something that resembles a skinny long track. Go right over the edge, and since the sides make you jump, land on it. You will go very fast because of the speed boosts.

Jump onto the skinny part of the track next to the larger portion. However, instead of going around, turn right slightly. If done correctly, you will be on the edge of the first jump section and have gone up at least one rank. This is extremely hard to do, but if done correctly it can pull you from a fifth to a first place finish.

Note: This trick requires a Mushroom. Go to the second set of question marks. Hit the middle question mark. As soon as you hit it, use the Mushroom and turn right. Once in the air, stop turning. If done correctly, you will hop and land near the end of the shortcut.

Once you start the race, try to get the Mushroom. As you make your right turn to the star part of the course, go straight. As soon you get to the end part, use the Mushroom and bounce off the jump to get to the curvy part of the track.

After the star part of the course, get the Mushroom and stay on the middle of the straight part. Turn right, use the Mushroom, and land on the opposite side of the course.

Get the Mushroom. Turn right after the curvy part of the course to get on the speed strip (thin) part of the course. After you get through all strips, Jump off the bump ahead of you and land on the next part off the course. Then use the Mushroom and jump off the bump speed strip.

Note: A Mushroom is required for this trick. On the Rainbow Road (original, not extra), after the long straight away where the stars fall when you turn left, immediately turn right and use your Mushroom. This will cause you to fly over half the course, taking about fifteen to twenty seconds off your time, giving you a big lead.

Rainbow Road: Killing stars
If you get a star, use it on the straightaway where the stars fall. If one hits you, it will be destroyed and make the sound that you hear when you hit a post, crab, Thwomp, etc. with a star.

Sky Gardens: Shortcut
There is a jump at the second U-turn. Save a mushroom and use it immediately before you hit the ramp. If done correctly, you will fly off the screen. Turn to the left slightly and land on the racecourse. This is very helpful during the time trial and in the Grand Prix.

On Sky Garden, close to the end of the circuit(the last bend before the finish), look for a cloud. Try jumping on it to take three or four seconds off your lap time.

Star Road: Shortcut
Note: This trick requires one mushroom. Start driving and when you see the easternmost part of the track, use the mushroom (aim for the small strip). You may have to steer right as hard as possible. If you pass it, two things can happen: you either boost off earlier or you can just let Lakatu pick you up and place you on the piece of track you skipped Note: . If you do not make it because you are too short, then wait slightly longer.

Sunset Wilds (Lightning Cup): Shortcut
Note: A Mushroom is required for this trick. Follow the route of the track until you reach the series of six speed ramps. Go through the speed ramps until you reach the question marks. Just to the right of the question marks is a white ramp. Use the Mushroom when you drive onto the ramp. If done correctly, you will leap back onto the track, near to the finish line. This is also useful if you are doing Time Trial.

Good items
When playing any track as any character, you can get good items from the mystery boxes if you are very low in rank or place. You can completely stop a race and keep anyone from finishing by turning around when the game starts, then go directly under the last item boxes in that lap so it keeps "popping". Rapidly press [L] and after a while you will only get Spiked Shells, then Lightning. The Lightning will be so frequent, no one will be able to move. If you do this near a player, they will spin as long as you are under a box and are rapidly pressing [L].

Super power slide
If you master the power slide technique, you can use tight turns to your advantage. As you go into a hairpin, hold [R] to jump, then slide. As you straighten out, release [R]. If timed correctly, you will get a boost of speed.

Avoid spinning out
If you hit a banana peel, immediately brake while accelerating to prevent spinning out. If done correctly, a musical note will appear over your head. Note: This works with a variety of obstacles, such as rocks, puddles, ice, etc.

Avoid getting hit by opponents
To avoid getting hit by your opponents' shells, go through a box and get a shell or banana. If you only get one shell or banana, hold [L]. If you hit a banana or are shot at, the shell or banana will bounce off and not harm you. This only works once per shell. If you get three bananas or shells, press [L]. The three shells will remain circling around your kart. When someone shoots you or you hit a banana, you will not spin out.

Glitch: Float on water
Select quick run mode and the Ribbon Road track. Get to the second ramp, then hold [Right] once you go off the jump. If done correctly, you should bounce off the road and land on the water. You should float on the water before getting fished out.

Glitch: Invincibility
If two players have stars and use them, they can hit each other and not spin out.

Glitch: All Bowser's Castles
If you have a mushroom, launch it before a spring ramp. You will see that they only allow you to go a certain distance.

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