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In-game reset
Press [A] +[B] + [Select] + [Start] during game play to restart.
Easy money
This trick should work after the Chucklehut Brothers teach Mario and Luigi their hammer techniques. Have Luigi use his hammer to shrink Mario.. Then, perform their "high jump technique", but have mini Mario jump at Luigi before Luigi can land on Mario. You will gain one coin. Repeat this to get as many coins as desired. Note: This was done after getting to the university section of the game. Note: Hitting Luigi for one coin will lower Luigi's HP by one point. He will only "yelp" when his HP reaches 1. However, you can still spend some of the bonus stats that you get at level up on the "Stach" stat (which discounts the items in the shops) and buy mushrooms at the castle town and recycle (i.e. use the "Easy money" trick then buy mushrooms to heal him and gradually generate money).

When you meet Thowomp (giant stone man in Hammer Bros. cave) for the second time, save the game. Play his game and if you do not get any money, turn off the Game Boy Advance and you will start over. Keep doing this until you get 9999 coins.

Easy Beans
Hee Beans are easy to get when you know where to find them. You can get them in the following places. Note: These mini-games only work after the first time you play them.
Stadust Fields: The Border Guard game
HooHoo Mountain: The Minecart game
Little Fungitown: The two games in the GameArcade. Note: You will not get poisoned again.
You can get Woo Beans by defeating enemies west of Beanbean Castle.

While surfing in the ocean, their is a surfing mini-game hosted by a green Oh-Ho. If you accept his challenge, pop all the balloons, and make it in 38.99 seconds or less, you will win Casual Coral Pants. Every time after the first that you make it in 38.99 seconds or less, you will receive Twohoo, Chuckle, and Woo Beans. Repeat this until you have as many as desired. Note: If you find a pink Oh-Ho, surf up to the next location to find the green one.

Beanbean Castle Town: Picture discount
In Beanbean town, you can find someone who will take your picture for 100 coins. This is useless unless you do not like the passport picture that you got on the Koopa Cruiser. When he asks you if you want your picture taken, say "No". He will drop the price down to 50 coins. No further discounts can be obtained.

Bean Bean Castle Town: Winking Beanbean
Enter Castle Town through the east gate. There will be a person leaning on a building. Walk in front of him and one eye will shut, as if he is winking at you.

Beanbean Castle town: Getting items
In the Starbeans Cafe at Beanbean Castle Town, try to make one of each drink. When you first brew a drink, Dr. E Gadd from Luigi's Mansion will give you an item. Note: You may have to wait until you complete the Repaired Koopa Kruiser part of the game (immediately after Joke's End.)

Make every type of coffee at Starbeans (there are seven of them), and Professor E. Gadd will leave a picture of himself at the cafe. Also, he will give you a Game Boy Horror SP. This is one of the items you can equip like the Greed Wallet and Great Force. When you wear it and defeat enemies, you will get some rare and good items, but only if the enemies actually yield items at all. Do this to get clothes like Anuboo Jeans and Random Trousers.

Every time you make a new blend of bean coffee at Starbeans Cafe, you will get a secret item that you can equip for battles. There are seven blends and seven items. Here are the items in the order of how you get them:
Greed Wallet: Get double the money from enemies you defeat.

Bonus Ring: Get double the experience points from enemies if you do not get hurt during the battle.

Excite Spring: On jump defense, you wil hang in the air for a second.

Great Force: Doubles your players' and opponents' attack power.

Power Grip: Never drop your hammer when defending.

Colbat Necktie: Double's your stat points so you can get a higher chance of a Lucky Attack and getting bargains.

Gameboy Horror SP: Get rare items from all enemies, including pants and badges from certain ones.
Beanbean Castle Town: Free information
Note: This trick requires at least 100 coins. Save your game and go to the information store in the Beanbean Town. Buy the information and read it. Then, restart your game. You will have your 100 coins back.

Bowser's Castle: Easy way to complete breakable wall tunnel
In the corridor with breakable walls in Bowser's Castle, you may think that you have to hammer them all. If you do this, however, you will never reach the end in time, even if you are very fast. Instead, hit the "!" block then immediately use Mario's Firehand technique on Luigi (the one that allows him to run really fast). You will run through all the walls and smash them, reaching the end with plenty of time.

HooHoo Village: Getting to Bowser's Castle
When you are done talking to Queen Bean and Lady Lima, Lady Lima will give you a little hint saying "Isn't there someone who can fly anywhere in our kingdom". You may think the airport is the place to go, however the airplanes are under repair. Go to HooHoo Village and talk to Blablanadon. He will offer you a ride to Bowser's Castle.

Northeast Beanbean: Secret Scrolls
When you get your second and third hammers from the Hammerhead Bros. in NE Beanbean, go right. Keep going to find two areas blocked off by boulders. Inside each is a Thwomp who will play a game with you. The first one requires 200 coins, and the second one wants 500 coins. Three boulders will fall down. Smash one of them, and if you are lucky, you will get a secret scroll which basically gives you a new Bros. Attack. Secret Scroll 1 is for Mario, and Secret Scroll 2 is for Luigi.

Secret scrolls have a secret Bros. attack in them. When you find the Hammer Bros. new underground cave, get the hammer and go to the bottom right corner. As you can see, there will be rocks. These rocks are blocking doors where you can get the scrolls. The first door can be broken with a super hammer, and the next with a ultra hammer. The doors each have a Thwomp in it. Talk to it and it will ask if you want to smash one of three rocks for 500 coins in the first door and 800 in the second, because you might get a special prize which is the scroll. Keep trying until you guess the correct rock. After two or three tries, you will start getting 300 coins from the first door game and 500 coins for the second door game so you can keep playing. Secret Scroll #1 is Mario's Swing Bros. attack. Secret Scroll #2 is Luigi's Cyclone Bros. attack.

Oho Oasis: Molten Jees
On Oho Oasis island, when you have mastered the Thunderhand and Firebrand techniques, go up to an Oho Jee and use the hand technique on them. Set the red ones on fire and shock the green ones to fight them. You will get Molten Jee Slacks for defeating them, after which they will return to normal and joke about it.

Stardust Fields: More monsters to battle
In the Stardust Fields (Beanbean Side), you will encounter a Boss that demands 100 coins to free Bowser. You can find these coins in boxes or by battling the monsters. When you cannot find any more monsters to battle for coins, return to the Boss with only the coins you have. He will revive all the monsters you have already defeated, giving you more opportunities to battle monsters for more coins.

Teehee Vally: Two moles
Go to the Beanbean entrance to Teehee Valley, but do not go in. Go left until you see a cave. Once you are inside, have Luigi shrink Mario. Once Mario is in the hole, he will have to go through an obstacle course. Once you get to the end, do not talk to the mole. Instead, jump onto the two platforms that are going up and down near him. Stay on the one closer to the mole. You should see a little ledge at the top of the screen. Jump onto it, and then jump to the right. Mario should not be onscreen. Keep moving right until you see another mole and a green pipe. Note: You will have to go through it again to get to the first mole that you you saw.

West Beanbean: Golden mushroom
Go in to West Beanbean (on the map, go to the left directly next to the castle). When there, you will see a hole in the cliff. Go down and left until you see a big fence. Hit Luigi with any hammer and make him go under the fence. Go into the cave and get through the "mini-level". Then, talk to Monty Mole. He will give you a unique Golden Mushroom which refills all of your HP and BP.

Woohoo Hooniversity: Statue puzzle
There is a room with a group of statues with either blue or red balls in the center. You have to hit the statues in the following order. Note: B indicates a blue statue and R indicates a red statue.
And then a second time:
Woohoo Hooniversity: Viruses
In Woohoo Hooniversity, you will face the viruses from Dr. Mario as common enemies. There is an easy way to defeat them -- get them all the same color. To do this, hit them to change them to the next color. Hit blue to change it to yellow, hit red to change it to blue, and hit yellow to change it to red. Once all the viruses on the screen are the same color, they will explode and be defeated.

Woohoo Village: Easy coins
Once in Woohoo Village, go to the very southeast end. When you see a fountain of water, have Mario get in front of it and drink the water. Then, go south then west and you will see a cannon. Go up to it. By now you will have High Jump. Make Luigi High Jump on Mario and he will spray water in the cannon. A coin will pop out. Repeat this as many times as desired.

Defeating Bowletta
Have Mario equipped with the Casual Slacks, Tank Bade, and Greed Wallet; and Luigi with the Queen B. Jeans, Muscle Badge, and Bonus Ring. There are two rounds with Bowletta. The first is actually the easiest. Bowletta starts the round with a flame attack that you can only avoid if you hit blocks above Mario's and Luigi's head and then jump at the correct moment. Bowletta may do an attack where she charges by chomping her jaws then spits out a number of fireballs. Note: Not all of the fireballs will be aimed at Mario and Luigi. Three of the fireballs will stay on the floor. Try to destroy these as soon as possible as Bowletta will absorb them and gain health. When you get close to defeating her, she will change color and a emit a group of stars. They will launch at Mario and Luigi. Note: You only have to use the mallets on the green and red stars; the purple ones can be avoided. When you defeat her, an intermission sequence will start. When Mario and Luigi do their victory dance, a Bomb-Om will appear behind them and wipe them out. Bowletta will then suck them up in her belly What follows is the difficult part of the battle. You will find Cackletta's true form. It starts out very difficultly, as you start out at 1 HP. Cackletta will start with a lot of different attacks. Her arms have two attacks. In the first, her hands will get very close to Mario and Luigi. This is very easy to counterattack because you have plenty of time to use the mallets. In the second attack, she pulls her arms out to her sides then has them rotate around her. You must watch how they are positioned as they will go high and low. Her head has about five attacks. The first attack is when she charges up an energy ball and launches it at Mario and Luigi. This one of the more interesting attacks because you have to hit it with a mallet four times to destroy it. The second attack is an electric ball that appears in front of Mario or Luigi. You must hit it with a mallet, then it will go for the other brother and you have hit it again. As you progress in the battle the number of times you must hit it increases. The third attack features two fireballs will start spinning around Mario and Luigi. You must have both brothers jump at the same time to dodge it. The pattern is random and it starts spinning more as you progress. The fourth attack only appears when you are getting close to winning. This is the most annoying attack. Her eyes will start moving around, and when they stop time will freeze and she shoots two lasers. The only way to dodge this is when her eyes are moving it shows which direction to jump to before the time freezes. In the fifth type of attack she just heals one of her limbs. The only way to injury her is to destroy the arms and heads. Then, her heart will be revealed. You must attack her heart to do any damage. Note: She will regenerate her head and arms. You can still hurt her as long as her heart is exposed. The heart will do ah attack that either regenerates any limbs you destroyed or heal them. Note: The heart does this to all body parts at the same time. If you manage to avoid most attacks and heal when necessary, you will be victorious.

Put the Hermaphic pants on Mario with the Castle Badge and Great Force and use Advance Swing Bros. Luigi will have a smashing time in the Beanstar Pants, with Tank Badge and Excite Springs, using Knockback and Cyclone Bros., both Advance. The Beanstar Pants allow you to go first in the battle with the Spirit Of Cackletta; it is recommended that you Max Nuts immediately,

First, train Mario and Luigi to at least level 40. Have Mario's POW to at least 150 and Luigi's to at least 120. Equip them both with Queen Bean Jeans, and Spiny Badge AA. Then, equip Great Force to Luigi and Colbat Necktie to Mario. Go in the fight with lots of items. When you fight Bowletta, use level 3 Splash Bros (which is better than Advanced, surprisingly) and level 3 Advanced Knockback Bros. If you are strong enough, you should defeat Bowletta in four attacks. If you do not, attack the fire balls on the ground because they heal her.

On your first turn, jump on Bowletta with Mario. With Luigi, sucessfully use the Thunder Bros. attack. Bowletta's defense will decrease. Then, use Splash Bros. and Bounce Bros. If Bowletta turns black, use Knockback and Chopper Bros. It is possible to defeat her in less than five turns by doing this.

You will need the following items: Game Boy Horror SP, Wool Trousers, Mari-Lui Badge (equip these to Luigi); and the Mushwin Pants, Great Force, and the Mush Badge AA (equip these to Mario). First, go to the following places: Woohoo University, Teehee Valley, Joke's End, Bowsers Castle (optional), and Chucklehuck Woods. Defeat every non-Boss enemy. Then, take the items that they drop (except the Mushrooms which will power-up Mario with the help of the Mush Badge AA), and sell them at the corresponding shops For example, pants and badges at the equipment shop and other items at the other shop. Use this money to stock up on necessary healing and bros. Point restoring items. Fighting the enemies will also earn experience points. When you gain a level, concentrate your bonus points on your speed (Luigi) and your defense (Mario). Then, play the mini-games to get Hee Beans and fight the monsters just outside of the Beanbean Castle area to get Woo Beans. Use beans to get the Teeheexpresso (add 6 points to a random stat), the Woohoo Blend (add 4 points to your HP stat), and the Teehee Blend (add 4 points to your Stache' points stat ). Use these to get good (if not perfect) stats. When you have at least perfect health stache' points stats (so you will almost always get a "lucky" hit), face Bowletta previously listed items equipped. When you fight Bowletta, remember to make Luigi faster than Mario so he can heal them. When not using Luigi to heal the brothers, use his Advanced Knockback Bros. attack to hurt Bowletta severely. Do not use Mario's Fire Bros. attack, as it will heal her. Also make sure that you have as many Mushrooms as you can carry so Mario can do maximum damage with the Mush Badge AA and Great Force. This also works for the Koopas.

Your first fight with Bowletta is easy. To make it easier, use Luigi's electricity attack to make Bowletta's defense go down. Now whenever she attacks, they will not be as strong as they are supposed to be. This strategy also works on the second fight, but it does not work with Mario (his attack raises the health). Also, when you attack the heart during the second fight with Luigi's electric attack, it gives it health -- try to avoid it.

If you are level 27 or higher, go around the castle to fight enemies to get stronger and to get Coins. Make sure that one of the Bros. has the Greed Wallet. Try to get over 7,000 Coins. This may take some time. Then, go to Beanbean Castle Town and stock up on items and equipment. Then, go back to Bowleta wearing the strong equipment you bought. Try to give Luigi equipment that gives him the first strike. Try to give Mario the Great Force. During the battle have Luigi use Thunder Bros. Bowletta's defense will be lowered. When it is Mario's turn, have him use the first Bros. attack for the entire battle, unless Bowletta turns black. Then, use Chopper Bros. for the rest of the battle. When it is Luigi's second turn, keep using Knockback Bros. Forget about the healing fireballs. You will still defeat Bowletta quickly. To dodge the fireball attack keep making the Bros. jump when the fireball comes toward you. To dodge the flame breath attack, first make both Bros. jump at the same time until the machine breaks. Then, time your jump correctly to dodge the fire. When Bowletta turns dark, she is about to unleash her star attack. Reds will go to Mario, greens to Luigi, and Purple to no one. Hammer them when they go toward you.

Defeating Chuckola Cola
The Chuckola Cola Boss shoots a gun of Chuckola Cola at Mario and Luigi. Use this trick to learn who is going to be shot at. He points his gun forward to shoot Mario, and aims downward to shoot at Luigi. You need to break his shield with your hammer. You can then hit him with your hammer to give him more damage.

Defeating Ghost Cackletta
When you are fighting Ghost Cackletta, dodge her first attacks no matter what. They are either a ball of energy that falls on you; deflect it four times with your hammer, or she will swing both arms around and you must jump over them. Her eyes will show if her arms will be up or down. She will try to flick you with both hands or will flick an electricity ball at you. You must hit it between the brothers until it goes out. One hit will kill you. You only have 1 HP; take your next turn to use a Max Nut to heal both brothers. Then, attack her arms with attacks that will do more than 60 points of damage. The arms only have 60 HP. The head has about 200 HP; attack her with good attacks. When you defeat the head, her heart will appear. Use your best moves (level 3 Normal Splash Bros. and level 3 Advanced Knockback Bros.) at her heart and avoid anything else until the heart closes. Repeat until she is defeated. You can tell the fight is almost over when she starts shooting energy balls that are color coded on who they will they hit (red for Mario, green for Luigi). If you hit them with your hammer, they will be deflected back.

Defeating Koopalings
First, make sure Luigi is faster than Mario. Then, use the complete Thunder Hand Bros. attack. This will decrease their defense. Finally, pelt them with a assault of Bros.attacks.

Defeating Mother Piranha and Piranha Plants
At the Beanbean airport, there are Piranha Plants on the runway. You first have to defeat them by filling Mario with water and using Luigi's hammer to hit water at the Piranha Plant. Then, put Luigi up front and shock the Piranha Plants with Thunderhand. Every time you defeat a Piranha Plant, the egg on the runway will crack. Once you have defeated them all, the egg will burst and the Mother Piranha will appear. Make Mario use Hammer and Luigi use Thunderhand. Mario should not use Firebrand because the Mother Piranha is red and the fire would heal her. If you defeat the Piranha Plants in front of her, she will probably turn purple. Have Luigi use hammer and Mario use Firebrand. Mother Piranha can naturally heal up to 20 HP at a time -- so do as much damage as you can to her. Note: The Piranha Plants in front of her will get angry every time you attack Mother Piranha. Watch out when they start shooting their fireballs/thunderballs at the same time.

Defeating Queen Bean
When the fight begins, start by making Mario jump on her right arm. Her arms are her weak spot. Meanwhile, have Luigi pulverize her with his hammer so that she gets knocked back. Do not let her get too close. After your turn is over, Queen Bean will start sending shockwaves your way. Dodge them and repeat. After her right arm shrinks (usually requires six hits), go for the left arm. Her shockwaves will be weaker, but faster. After her left arm is toasted, her crown will fall off. At this point, she will start shooting lima beans at you. Barrage her with jump attacks, and when her arms get their strength back and her crown is back on her head, repeat the process to defeat her.

After you deflate Queen Bean's hands, she will start to shoot beans at you. She will wiggle her hands to show who she is going to throw the bean at. Try to jump over them. However, if you accidentally jump on one, it becomes a Bean Monster. Do not kill it. Simply leave it there and dodge its attacks while continuing to hit Queen Bean. When Queen Bean's hand re-inflate, she will use her electric lightning attack. This attack will kill the Bean Monsters.

Queen Bean has 100 HP. Her main attack is hitting the ground with her fists and sending what looks like small bolts of lightning on the ground at you. You can jump over them. It is possible to defeat her with Mario at level 9 and Luigi at level 10. You should be able to do 3 or 4 points of damage to her. Luigi's Brother Attack is the best one to use.

Defeating the Wood Monster Trent
When you are taking the Princess Peach through the desert, at the end you fight a monster. Before doing so, set Mario's Bros. attack to where Mario does multiple attacks with the hammer. Set it skill to three. You can do this in battle. When Mario is about to use his multiple attacks, rapidly tap [A]. After about six Bros. attacks, he will die, depending on your level. Make sure Luigi is alive or you cannot do this.

Defeating Yo Bro
Yo Bro has two yo-yos. One is green and the other is red. If he swings the red one, he is attacking Mario. If he swings the green one, he is attacking Luigi.

Defeating Bosses
At the start of a Boss battle, use Luigi's Thunder Bros. attack to lower the defense of the Boss. To finish off the Boss, use Mario's Splash Bros. and Luigi's Bounce Bros. attacks, and heal when needed. Note: This helps when you are at Bowser's castle and are fighting one of the Koopalings with a time bomb.

Use Luigi's Thunder Bros. attack, then use Mario's Chopper Bros. attack. This works well with Bosses.

After you learn the Fire Dash and Thunder Walk, you will have a new Bros. attack called Thunder Bros. It is under Luigi's Bros. Command. Use it against Bosses. It will lower their defense by a large amount. Note: This does work during the second time that you face Fawful or on the final Boss.

Gold Beanie
Sometimes you can see a Gold Beanie on a rare occasion. If you defeat it and it does not flee, you will get a Spike Badge. You can see them by killing some of those spiny creatures in Chucklehook Woods or underwater.

Luigi surfboard
When you get the Ultra Hammer, go to the beach where the surfer is located and talk to him. He will say that you need something to pound into the slot. Switch Mario to the back and use your hammer over the slot to make Luigi fall in and pop out as a surfboard.

Easy dodge
Sometimes it is hard to dodge a monster's attack because you pressed the wrong button. If this keeps happening, try pressing [A] + [B].

Cheaper photos
A photo cost 100 Coins from the photographer near Queen Bean's castle. However, you can lower the price to 50 Coins if you choose "No".

Battle options
During a battle, do not choose the option to run. This only takes away some of your coins and starts the battle from the beginning.

Advance moves
When you do a Bros. attack for so long on level 3, Mario or Luigi will say "ADVANCE!". This indicates you can add more power to your attack.
Bounce Bros: When Luigi jumps up and flashes green, press [A] instead, then press [B], [A], [B].

Knockback Bros : When Luigi hits Mario with the hammer, immediately press [A] and Mario will leap up so he can be fired better. When he hits and returns to Luigi, press [B], starting a sequence that can defeat Bowletta by pressing [A], [B] repeatedly.

Cyclone Bros (Secret Scroll 2): After finishing the slamming hits, Luigi will lean back. Press [B] then Mario will return to normal and flash red. Press [B] for a dizzying hit.

Splash Bros.: When Luigi gestures to Mario for piggyback, press [A] instead. Then, quickly press [B].

Swing Bros.: After flinging Luigi, he flies back. When Luigi opens his arms, press [A] to leap at him, then press [A] + [B].
Advanced Moves are unlocked by correctly executing the attack multiple times. You will know this has happened when during a fight an intermission starts, Mario will think, then "Advance" appears over his head, which indicates that the move you just did is now Advanced.
Bounce Bros: Press [B], [A], [B] correctly 8 times. The Advanced command for this is [A], [B]x2, [A].
Knockback Bros: Press [B]x2, [A] correctly 43 times. The Advanced command for this is [B], [A], [B], [A], etc. until it stops.
Cyclone Bros: Press [B], [A] (2 or 3) correctly 21 times. The Advanced command for this is [B], [A] (2 or 3), [B], [A].
Thunder Bros: Press [B]x3 correctly 21 times. The Advanced Command for this is [B], [A]x2, [B].

Splash Bros: Press [A], [B], [A] correctly 20 times. The Advanced Command for this is [A]x2, [B], [A].
Swing Bros: Press (hold until blurry and when aim is big) [A], [B] correctly 10 times. The Advanced command for this is (hold until blurry and when aim is big) [A], [B], [A], [B], [A] (keep pressing [B], [A] etc.)
Chopper Bros: Press [A], [B], [A] correctly 32 times. The Advanced command for this is [A]x2, [B], [A], [B], [A], [B], [A], [B], [A], [B], [A], [B], [A].
Fire Bros: Press [A]x6, [B]x6 correctly 20 times. The Advanced command for this is [A]x6, [B], [A], [B], [A], [B], [A], [B], [A], [B], [A], [B], [A],(2).
The following list describes each stat.
HP: Your health
BP: Bros. points for special moves
POW: How much damage you can inflict
DEF: How much damage you can sustain
SPEED: How early you can attack in a battle
STACHE: Increases the odds of a Lucky Strike and you get a better deal at shops.
Bean locations:
Chuckle Beans: Always found by using the Luigi Dunk on the X in the O thing in the ground.

Woo Beans: Most enemies have these; you will get them when you defeat them.

Hee Beans: Win mini-games to get them.

Hoo Beans: They are very hard to find. They are hidden inside invisible "?" blocks. They are usually in a suspicious area, or somewhere with nothing in it.
Finding items
Learn how to use the hammer technique. Then, hit Mario with a hammer and make him small. When Mario is small, an exclamation mark will appear over his head when he is over a buried item (and increase if he is directly over it). Without walking, switch places so that Luigi is in front then Mario hit him in the head with the hammer. Pop out and you will have your item.

You can find many items in flower circles or Xs in the ground.

Weird passport pictures
When taking your passport pictures on the Koopa Kruiser, the baddie will say "Do not move". Move once, then he will say something to you. Then just when he is about to take the picture, move the D-Pad. When done, look at the passports.

Change music
To change the music in any area to multiple songs, do the following things. Get the hammer later in the game and get to a pipe used for changing worlds. Turn Mario small and go into the pipe. The music will be the same when you change worlds.

Donkey Kong reference
At the skeleton ship, when you play the barrel mini-game, the skeleton is actually in the shape of Donkey Kong.

Legend Of Zelda reference
One of the items that Professor E. Gadd gives you is an item called "Great Force", which actually looks like a Triforce piece.

Luigi's Mansion reference
Go to the cafe in Beanbean Castle Village. Then, talk to the man at the stand. He will let you select a blend. Choose HooHoo Blend. Soon after, a ghost will appear, then Professor E. Gadd will show up. Note: You will need to use beans.

STAFY reference
In the Yoshi Theater, there is a poster that refers to a Japanese game called STAFY.

Super Mario RPG: Legend Of The Seven Stars reference
Go to the arcade in Little FungiTown and play the mini-game there. Geno can be seen in the corner.

Super Mario Bros. reference
At Bowser's Castle, there is a part where a paper Bowser is hanging on strings. There is also a little axe is next to it.

Inside the border house were you play the border game, on the back wall is a picture of the ending of a level in Super Mario Bros.

Other Mario game references
In the Whoohoo Hooniversity, there is a room containing the blocks from many previous Mario games such as Super Mario 64 and Super Mario Bros.

Kirby appearance
At the Yoshi theater, a Kirby poster can be seen hanging on the wall.

Wario appearance
At the Yoshi theater, a Wario poster can be seen hanging on the wall.

Glitch: Luigi still has the hammer
When you are fighting Poople when he is with Birdo, allow Poople to steal Luigi's hammer when you use Mario's Fire Bros Attack. Notice that Luigi has the hammer but did not retrieve it from Poople.

Glitch: Hammer color
When you fight Poople with Birdo, let Poople steal an hammer from any brother. Notice that the hammer is gray instead of yellow.

Glitch: Misspelling
When you are looking for the four pieces of the Beanstar, go to the desert-like area and talk to the first skeleton in the ship. He will say "Lissen up! This'll shock you!" instead of "Listen up!"

Glitch: Frozen game
When you fight Jojora and one of his girlfriends at the top floor of Joke's End, you can lock up the game. First, block Jojora's attack, sending him away for a few turns. Then, use the Advance Fire Bros. attack on his girlfriend. If you are lucky, you can inflict Burn status on her. If she dies because of the Burn status, Jojora will not run away, and will instead attack you. If you block his attack then, he will leave, but you will not have anything remaining to attack, and also will not win. If you have either Mario brother try to attack, the enemy targeting cursor will disappear. Confirm the attack, and the game will freeze.

Glitch: Same music
Go to a green pipe and make Mario small. Go into the pipe. You might notice that the music did not change. Then, go out in another pipe. The music will be the same as before you entered the pipe. The only way to get the regular music back is to either go into the pipe and come out without using mini-Mario, or to go to a location where the music changes. For example, if you go in the pipe at Chuckhuck woods and come out at the Beanbean Castle Town one, you could go into the castle and the music will change.

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