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Nov. 29, 2006
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Rename characters
When prompted to enter a new name for Robin, press [Select]x3. Enter a new name for Robin, and you can now enter a new name for Gerald, Ivan, and Mary. Press [Up], [Down], [Up], [Down], [Left], [Right], [Left], [Right], [Up], [Right], [Down], [Left], [Up], [Select] to enter new names for the remaining characters if playing a non-linked game. A sound will confirm correct code entry.

To rename people other than Isaac, before choosing "End" to name Isaac, press [Select]x2. Then, choose "End" and you can also name Garret, Ivan, and Mia.

Send option
Hold [L] + [R] + [Left] and press [B] at the black menu screen with the logo. A new option called "Send" will appear. Select it to get a "Password" or "Link" option. This is for sending data to Golden Sun 2 and only works if you have a cleared data in your save files.

You can get the send option by successfully completing the game and have a clear data. You will get it when you can save after the final battle. Press [R] + [B]+ [Left]. If done correctly you will have the "Send" option. In the send option, you can get three different types of passwords, Gold, Silver, and Bronze. Gold is for all your data; Silver for your levels, Djinns, and items; and Bronze is for only levels and Djinns. Gold is the longest password and Bronze the shortest. You have to write down the password and fill it in when playing Golden Sun 2. Or, you can transfer all your data using the game link to Golden Sun 2. In Golden Sun 2, you will get all the items, levels, and Djinns.

Sleep mode
To enter sleep mode quickly, press [L] + [R].
Quick complete healing
When you are nearing a purple Psynergy Stone, such as in Vale or Venus Lighthouse, set all of your Djinn, have Mia cast Wish Well until you are fully healed, and use the Stone. You will be completely healed and ready to fight again.

Make sure you set your Dijiin the way you want before a battle. If you know you are going to fight a lot of enemies, it would be a good idea to have your Dijiin ready to summon. If you are going to fight a small number of enemies you should not have it ready to summon.

Use your Dijiin according to the element the person using the Dijiin excels at. Give Earth to Issac, Fire to Garet, Wind to Ivan, and Water to Mia.

Carry plenty of herbs in dungeons. Even a small task in a dungeon can wipe you out. You will save more money by doing this than by having to revive one of your team members. You will also always have all your team members ready to fight.

Saving money
Do no sell your rare items to the shops if you have them equipped. The salesman will sell at the regular rate. To get more money, when you are asked if you want to sell the rare item you had equipped, answer "No", then sell through the "Sell" button. Rare items only are worth rare prices through the "Sell" button. Regular items will still be worth the same amount either way.

Secret land mass
When on the ship and you have to choose people to steer it after the others get hurt, choose an old man, then choose a rich lady. They will steer wrong and you will end up on a secret land mass.

Use the inns whenever needed. Inns are your best and cheapest source to get healed quickly. Use them even for minor damage, or just to recover lost Psyenergy. Inns are inexpensive and efficient.

Altmiller Cave
When you get to the bottom floor where you have to turn the stones in sequence, use Reveal to see the stones in color. You do not have to memorize the sequence. This is also useful if you want to just walk by Babi, without listening to his long speech.

Once Issac is admitted into Colosso, if you lose any of the fights the first time you try, Isaac will wake up and it will be just before you began competing in Colosso. This only works the first time you fight in Colosso; otherwise you lose permanently.

If you lost in Colosso more than once you will still wind up in bed, and can re-enter the tournament. Also, your Psi points recover even when you are in a town.

In Colosso, choose your partner to cheer for you very carefully. They can use their Psynergy to help you get some of the useful items on your way to the arena. Also, you will have a much easier time going through the obstacles. You can use Halt to freeze the men who pull the levers to make the platforms move.

A fool-proof way to defeat all three enemies on Colosso is to have four Mercury Djinn (Water) and know the Wish Well spell. Give all four mercury Djinn to Isaac before the events begin. This way, he can heal himself every second or third turn when necessary, enough to win even if he has the weakest armor, and still never use the special items found throughout the course obstacles. Never summon the Djinn though, or else you will lose the Wish Well ability. Just repeat the Attack, Attack, Wish Well combination until each Colosso warrior is defeated.

Use Reveal to find items
Use Reveal to find items that are in boxes, ovens, jars, graves, etc. instead of wasting your time looking. Use Reveal near jars and other small storage objects. If you see sparkles off the object, it means there is an item inside.

Asuras Armor and Oracle Robe
In the Venus lighthouse, before you get most of the way in, there is a part where you have to jump from square to square. The path is determined when you use Mind Read on the giant statue in the first Venus Lighthouse (the one with the scholars). The path she chooses for you is random. The path on the left leads to the Asuras Armor, and the one straight ahead leads to the Oracle Robe. Once you have taken one path, you can go back to the giant statue and use Mind Read and the course will change. The new path will now be open for you.

Aura Gloves
Defeat the Manticores in the Suhalla Desert to receive the Aura Gloves that boost elemental resistance.

Blessed Mace
To get the Blessed Mace, defeat a Thunder Lizard (found in the Venus Lighthouse) with an Earth Djnni. It is an artifact that can be used to restore 200 HP . Its attack is 126 and is the best un-cursed weapon for Mia.

Feathered Robe
Use Wind Djinni on the Grand Golems to kill them. Sometimes you will get a Feathered Robe, but the odds of getting it is low. It is Mia's best armor.

Game Tickets
Buy items from either Item Shops, Weapon Shops, or Armor Shops. You can get about four Tickets from each Shop in each Town.

If you do not accept to take Game Tickets from the shop people, after awhile they will give you one every time you buy something. You can either use them or sell them after that.

When you are far in the game and have lots of coins (over 10,000), go to the Tolbi weapon shop. Buy Great Axes and sell them back to the shopkeeper. Most times, you will get a Game Ticket. Go to the annex on top of the inn to use them. Only use three tickets, not four, as you will rarely get diagonals. Even late in the game, try to get the shirts or boots. If you get a Running or Mythril Shirt, it will boost your defense and agility. If you get Quick or Hyper Boots, they will also boost defense/agility.

To get Ivan's ultimate weapon, the Kikuichimonji, go to Venus Lighthouse and start killing Fenrirs. The Kikuichimonji drops rarely off of them. Just keep fighting and killing them until that happens.

Use a Fire Djinn to kill a Fenrir, and you will have a better chance of getting the Kikuichimonji. This does not automatically give you the sword, but increases the chance of the monster dropping it.

The Kikuichimonji sword is the rarest item drop in the game. It is is dropped by Fenrirs in Venus lighthouse. Use the following trick to collect it multiple times without fail. First, go to the starting room of the second level in Venus lighthouse (the one with the Psynergy stone in the middle) and save the game. Turn it back on, return to your file, and prepare by doing the following. Make sure that your party's agilities are so they can attack thusly: Ivan, Isaac, Mia, then Garet. Also make sure that none of your Djinn are on standby. You are now ready. Walk around and you will defiantly run into a Fenrir on the left and an Ice Gargoyle on the right. You must use these exact attacks or the trick will not work. If the enemy attacks first, try again, If not, do these attacks exactly (make sure the large arrow is always on Fenrir): Ivan casts Tornado, Isaac casts Clay Spire, Mia casts Ice Horn, and Garet casts Flare Wall. If you are lucky and the enemies do not attack, allowing you have your turn immediately, then do so. If they attack, turn off your game and start again. On this next turn: Ivan defends, Isaac defends, Mia casts Wish, Garet uses Torch on Fenrir. The Fenrir should die. Make sure after this turn -- if the Ice Gargoyle attacks you, do not worry and keep going. On the next turn, finish off the Ice Gargoyle. If you did this correctly, you will receive Kikuichimonji every time.

To get the Kikuichimonji, first make sure that all Djinn are set on the people of the same element as the Djinn. Then, equip the Lure Cap on someone. Next, go through the Tunnel Ruins to the upper part of the Venus Lighthouse. You will know you are there when you are in a room with a Psynergy Stone and the music changes. Make sure that you save the game when you get there. Then, just walk around until you get into a battle, but do not leave the room. The battle should be with an Ice Gargoyle and a Fenrir. If you do not get to attack first, restart the Game Boy Advance. Now, do the following in battle. On the first turn, have Isaac casts Stone Spire (focus it on the Fenrir, but hit both), Ivan cast Tornado (focus it on the Ice Gargoyle, but hit both), Mia cast Ice Horn (focus it on the Fenrir, but hit both), and Garet casts Flare Wall (focus it on the Ice Gargoyle, but hit both). On the second turn, have Isaac Defend, Mia cast Wish, and Garet unleash Torch (hit the Fenrir; it should flash rainbow colors, let out a high-pitched cry, let out a regular cry, then die). On the third turn, if the Ice Gargoyle is still alive, kill it any way desired. This should get you the Kikuichimonji. If not, keep trying it until you do.

Spiked Armor
Defeat a lot of monsters in Venus Light House to get this item. It will increase your attack power.

Use a Wind Djinn on a Wild Gryphon to kill it to obtain the spiked armor. Note: It is rare and may take some time to get.

Unicorn Ring
Defeat a great number of monsters in Venus Light House. This item is used to remove poison from a party member.

An easy way to get the Unicorn Ring is to check the jar to the left of the master in Fuchin Temple.

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