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Nov. 29, 2006
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Rename characters
When prompted to enter a new name for Robin, press [Select]x3. Enter a new name for Robin, and you can now enter a new name for Gerald, Ivan, and Mary. Press [Up], [Down], [Up], [Down], [Left], [Right], [Left], [Right], [Up], [Right], [Down], [Left], [Up], [Select] to enter new names for the remaining characters if playing a non-linked game. A sound will confirm correct code entry.

To rename people other than Isaac, before choosing "End" to name Isaac, press [Select]x2. Then, choose "End" and you can also name Garret, Ivan, and Mia.

Send option
Hold [L] + [R] + [Left] and press [B] at the black menu screen with the logo. A new option called "Send" will appear. Select it to get a "Password" or "Link" option. This is for sending data to Golden Sun 2 and only works if you have a cleared data in your save files.

You can get the send option by successfully completing the game and have a clear data. You will get it when you can save after the final battle. Press [R] + [B]+ [Left]. If done correctly you will have the "Send" option. In the send option, you can get three different types of passwords, Gold, Silver, and Bronze. Gold is for all your data; Silver for your levels, Djinns, and items; and Bronze is for only levels and Djinns. Gold is the longest password and Bronze the shortest. You have to write down the password and fill it in when playing Golden Sun 2. Or, you can transfer all your data using the game link to Golden Sun 2. In Golden Sun 2, you will get all the items, levels, and Djinns.

Faster dialogue
To speed up long speeches, keep pressing the [L] + [R].

Sleep mode
To enter sleep mode quickly, press [L] + [R].

Teleport to sanctum in previous town
When you first start your game go to "Continue". When you select your file, hold [L] + [R] + [Start] + [Select] to be transported to the sanctum in the last town you visited.
Quick complete healing
When you are nearing a purple Psynergy Stone, such as in Vale or Venus Lighthouse, set all of your Djinn, have Mia cast Wish Well until you are fully healed, and use the Stone. You will be completely healed and ready to fight again.

Make sure you set your Dijiin the way you want before a battle. If you know you are going to fight a lot of enemies, it would be a good idea to have your Dijiin ready to summon. If you are going to fight a small number of enemies you should not have it ready to summon.

Use your Dijiin according to the element the person using the Dijiin excels at. Give Earth to Issac, Fire to Garet, Wind to Ivan, and Water to Mia.

Use your Psyenergy wisely. You should not just use your Psyenergy at any time, because you will quickly run out. You should only use it when needed or when it will stop you from receiving considerable damage.

As you walk around in dungeons or on the world map, your character's Psynergy will recover by one every six or seven steps. Note: This does not work in towns.

Give Djinn to different people. If a character has two types of Djinn, they can use different Psynergy than if they have just one. If a character has three Djinn, set two (the character's main Djinn and another), then put one on standby. Experiment with this until you get the Psynergy and the Djinn for the characters you want them on.

Carry plenty of herbs in dungeons. Even a small task in a dungeon can wipe you out. You will save more money by doing this than by having to revive one of your team members. You will also always have all your team members ready to fight.

Easy money
Before you enter the portal in Sol Santum at the start of the game, take all of Jenna's items and sell them.

When you get to Crossbone Isle, use Douse on the pink tornado and fight him for lots of experience and money. Go into the cave and when you exit it will be back. There are no monsters on the isle so you can just walk around to restore Psyenergy.

Saving money
Do no sell your rare items to the shops if you have them equipped. The salesman will sell at the regular rate. To get more money, when you are asked if you want to sell the rare item you had equipped, answer "No", then sell through the "Sell" button. Rare items only are worth rare prices through the "Sell" button. Regular items will still be worth the same amount either way.

Saving people
In order to do this, you must have the Hermes Water and you have not complete the Curse of Tret (the one that turns you into a tree). Retreat to the Bilibin Barracade. There should be two trees on the shore next to the stream. There is a third tree in the water. Once you find that third tree, try using Psyenergy on it to get it out of the stream. After you cure the curse, go back to that location. A girl should now be there, as well as two men, all of whom were the three trees you saw earlier. You may get a reward.

Secret land mass
When on the ship and you have to choose people to steer it after the others get hurt, choose an old man, then choose a rich lady. They will steer wrong and you will end up on a secret land mass.

Use the inns whenever needed. Inns are your best and cheapest source to get healed quickly. Use them even for minor damage, or just to recover lost Psyenergy. Inns are inexpensive and efficient.

Altmiller Cave
When you get to the bottom floor where you have to turn the stones in sequence, use Reveal to see the stones in color. You do not have to memorize the sequence. This is also useful if you want to just walk by Babi, without listening to his long speech.

When you get to the barricade look to the left to see a box taller than Isaac. Use your Psyenergy to move it.

Once Issac is admitted into Colosso, if you lose any of the fights the first time you try, Isaac will wake up and it will be just before you began competing in Colosso. This only works the first time you fight in Colosso; otherwise you lose permanently.

If you lost in Colosso more than once you will still wind up in bed, and can re-enter the tournament. Also, your Psi points recover even when you are in a town.

In Colosso, choose your partner to cheer for you very carefully. They can use their Psynergy to help you get some of the useful items on your way to the arena. Also, you will have a much easier time going through the obstacles. You can use Halt to freeze the men who pull the levers to make the platforms move.

A fool-proof way to defeat all three enemies on Colosso is to have four Mercury Djinn (Water) and know the Wish Well spell. Give all four mercury Djinn to Isaac before the events begin. This way, he can heal himself every second or third turn when necessary, enough to win even if he has the weakest armor, and still never use the special items found throughout the course obstacles. Never summon the Djinn though, or else you will lose the Wish Well ability. Just repeat the Attack, Attack, Wish Well combination until each Colosso warrior is defeated.

Keep close watch on Ivan's health. Ivan is the youngest of your group. He is only 15, while the others are all 17. He will get hurt faster. Give him more defensive equipment and less offensive equipment because he uses more Psyenergy than direct attacks.

Use Reveal to find items
Use Reveal to find items that are in boxes, ovens, jars, graves, etc. instead of wasting your time looking. Use Reveal near jars and other small storage objects. If you see sparkles off the object, it means there is an item inside.

Use cursed objects
Obtain the Cleric Ring from Crossbone Isle. This ring is found in a chest and will remove the "effects of a curse" allowing you to use the item and be able to move.

Asuras Armor and Oracle Robe
In the Venus lighthouse, before you get most of the way in, there is a part where you have to jump from square to square. The path is determined when you use Mind Read on the giant statue in the first Venus Lighthouse (the one with the scholars). The path she chooses for you is random. The path on the left leads to the Asuras Armor, and the one straight ahead leads to the Oracle Robe. Once you have taken one path, you can go back to the giant statue and use Mind Read and the course will change. The new path will now be open for you.

Aura Gloves
Defeat the Manticores in the Suhalla Desert to receive the Aura Gloves that boost elemental resistance.

Blessed Mace
To get the Blessed Mace, defeat a Thunder Lizard (found in the Venus Lighthouse) with an Earth Djnni. It is an artifact that can be used to restore 200 HP . Its attack is 126 and is the best un-cursed weapon for Mia.

Demon Mail
The best armor is the Demon Mail, with a defense of 50 and value of 17,000. It is available to Issac and Garet. It has Wind Resistance -10 and is a cursed item. It can be found in a chest in the Crossbone Isle Cave.

Feathered Robe
Use Wind Djinni on the Grand Golems to kill them. Sometimes you will get a Feathered Robe, but the odds of getting it is low. It is Mia's best armor.

Gaia Blade
The best weapon is the Gaia Blade, with an attack of 135 and value of 17,000. It is a long sword and is available to Issac and Garet. It unleashes Titan Blade and increases Earth Power and Resistance +20. It can be found in a chest in the Venus Lighthouse.

Game Tickets
Buy items from either Item Shops, Weapon Shops, or Armor Shops. You can get about four Tickets from each Shop in each Town.

If you do not accept to take Game Tickets from the shop people, after awhile they will give you one every time you buy something. You can either use them or sell them after that.

When you are far in the game and have lots of coins (over 10,000), go to the Tolbi weapon shop. Buy Great Axes and sell them back to the shopkeeper. Most times, you will get a Game Ticket. Go to the annex on top of the inn to use them. Only use three tickets, not four, as you will rarely get diagonals. Even late in the game, try to get the shirts or boots. If you get a Running or Mythril Shirt, it will boost your defense and agility. If you get Quick or Hyper Boots, they will also boost defense/agility.

Giant Axe
If you destroy an Earth Golem with a Wind Djinni, you will have a slight chance of obtaining the Giant Axe. It is very rare, but your attack rises by +115 and it unleashes Meltdown.

To get Ivan's ultimate weapon, the Kikuichimonji, go to Venus Lighthouse and start killing Fenrirs. The Kikuichimonji drops rarely off of them. Just keep fighting and killing them until that happens.

Use a Fire Djinn to kill a Fenrir, and you will have a better chance of getting the Kikuichimonji. This does not automatically give you the sword, but increases the chance of the monster dropping it.

The Kikuichimonji sword is the rarest item drop in the game. It is is dropped by Fenrirs in Venus lighthouse. Use the following trick to collect it multiple times without fail. First, go to the starting room of the second level in Venus lighthouse (the one with the Psynergy stone in the middle) and save the game. Turn it back on, return to your file, and prepare by doing the following. Make sure that your party's agilities are so they can attack thusly: Ivan, Isaac, Mia, then Garet. Also make sure that none of your Djinn are on standby. You are now ready. Walk around and you will defiantly run into a Fenrir on the left and an Ice Gargoyle on the right. You must use these exact attacks or the trick will not work. If the enemy attacks first, try again, If not, do these attacks exactly (make sure the large arrow is always on Fenrir): Ivan casts Tornado, Isaac casts Clay Spire, Mia casts Ice Horn, and Garet casts Flare Wall. If you are lucky and the enemies do not attack, allowing you have your turn immediately, then do so. If they attack, turn off your game and start again. On this next turn: Ivan defends, Isaac defends, Mia casts Wish, Garet uses Torch on Fenrir. The Fenrir should die. Make sure after this turn -- if the Ice Gargoyle attacks you, do not worry and keep going. On the next turn, finish off the Ice Gargoyle. If you did this correctly, you will receive Kikuichimonji every time.

To get the Kikuichimonji, first make sure that all Djinn are set on the people of the same element as the Djinn. Then, equip the Lure Cap on someone. Next, go through the Tunnel Ruins to the upper part of the Venus Lighthouse. You will know you are there when you are in a room with a Psynergy Stone and the music changes. Make sure that you save the game when you get there. Then, just walk around until you get into a battle, but do not leave the room. The battle should be with an Ice Gargoyle and a Fenrir. If you do not get to attack first, restart the Game Boy Advance. Now, do the following in battle. On the first turn, have Isaac casts Stone Spire (focus it on the Fenrir, but hit both), Ivan cast Tornado (focus it on the Ice Gargoyle, but hit both), Mia cast Ice Horn (focus it on the Fenrir, but hit both), and Garet casts Flare Wall (focus it on the Ice Gargoyle, but hit both). On the second turn, have Isaac Defend, Mia cast Wish, and Garet unleash Torch (hit the Fenrir; it should flash rainbow colors, let out a high-pitched cry, let out a regular cry, then die). On the third turn, if the Ice Gargoyle is still alive, kill it any way desired. This should get you the Kikuichimonji. If not, keep trying it until you do.

Lucky Medals
Throughout the game, search gravestones. Usually you will find Lucky Medals.

To get Lucky Medals, search gravestones, boxes and barrels.

Spiked Armor
Defeat a lot of monsters in Venus Light House to get this item. It will increase your attack power.

Use a Wind Djinn on a Wild Gryphon to kill it to obtain the spiked armor. Note: It is rare and may take some time to get.

Turtle Boots
When you get through the Barricade, there is a small island with a bridge up near it. There are some woods there. Press [A] and Isaac will search. Keep pressing [A] until you find the Turtle Boots.

Unicorn Ring
Defeat a great number of monsters in Venus Light House. This item is used to remove poison from a party member.

An easy way to get the Unicorn Ring is to check the jar to the left of the master in Fuchin Temple.

Zodiak Wand
The Zodiak Wand is sometimes dropped by monsters in the Venus Lighthouse. The Zodiak Wand unleashes Shining Star.

Djinn Breeze
Go inside the Tret tree. To get to the entrance, there are vines going around his face. Solve the puzzles and get through the little mazes until you reach a room with a Psyenergy Stone and a chest. It is on level 4 of the tree. You may get those if desired. In that same room is a vine to get out. Climb it to get to another room (level 5). In that room, there is an entrance at the bottom. Go there, and follow the branches until you get to another vine going to another branch. Climb the vine and follow the branch. One of the branches leads to a room, level 6, with a chest. That same room is the one used to get to Tret (follow the path to the middle leaf, then jump off it. Jump back to it to fall through and end up at the bottom of the tree. There you will find Tret). You will finally see a final branch. Follow it and at the end is Breeze. You must battle him to use him.

Effective Djinn combination
An easy and effective combination of Djinn for Isaac or Garret is Bane, Forge, Fever, Corona, Scorch, Ember, and Torch.

Keeping Djinn
Whenever you find a Dijiin save the game just before you battle it. If you lose the battle, use the in-game reset and try again until you win. This is very useful in the tree.

Selling rare items
If you have rare Items, you can sell them to shops and they will be put under rarities. If you want them back, you have to buy them. This is useful for good, but unusable weapons (such as cursed objects).

If you have items that are rare are not used, sell them to a shop. Usually if they say "This is rare stuff" in their offer to buy, when you sell it to them it will be put in the artifacts section.

Buying rare items in last town
You can buy rare equipment that you did not sell. There are a lot of good weapons and armor that you should buy, but they are expensive. Most of the items cost over 10,000.

Easy items
Immediately before entering the portal to the elemental stars in Sol Sanctrum, take all of Jenna's items and give them to Isaac or Garet. Note: You will never have another chance to do this.

Note: This trick requires the Psyenergy Reveal with Ivan and Frost with Mia. When in Lunpa, there is a rock in between two wooden pillars toward the back of the village. Use Reveal, and you see a puddle of water. Use Mia's Frost to turn it into an ice pillar. Then, climb the ladder, hop on the ice pillar, and follow the short trail. Once you hit a dead-end at the opposite side of the village, use Ivan's Reveal again. You will then see a sparkling switch in the wall. Go up to the switch, press [A] to flip it, and go inside. There should be six treasure chests there.

Getting various items with Lucky Medals or Game Tickets
When you receive a Lucky Medal or Game Ticket in the game, sell it to get it out of your item pack until you reach the town of Tolbi. When you get there, you can buy back all of your Lucky Medals and Game Tickets and use them only here in this town. When you are at the fountain, you can throw coins or Lucky Medals. Try not to hit the two turtles or two crabs. Try not to touch anything, and it should roll into the center of the circle. If you tossed a coin, you will get 20 coins. If you threw a Lucky Medal, you will get a great weapon that should be worth much more than the ones that you currently own. You could get an Assassins Blade, Burning Axe, Earth Shield, Adept's Helm, Grievous Mace, or Spirit Armor.

If you play the Slot Machine that takes Game Tickets, you can win armor. The Moon is a free symbol -- this means that if you line up at least one Shoe, Shirt, Ring, Star or Heart and the rest are Moons, you will get the armor that matches up with the symbol; or you can line up all of the armor. If you get a Shoe, you can get Hyper Boots, Quick Boots, or Fur Boots. If you get a Shirt, you can get the Cotton Shirt or the Running Shirt. If you get a Ring, you can get the War Ring or Sleep Ring. If you get a Star, you will get a Psynergy Crystal. If you get a Heart, you will get a Potion, Vial, Nut, or Herb.

On the slot machine you can win Hyper Boots. They boost critical hits, which is very useful during the rest of the game.

If you buy items get Game Tickets, you can sell them back and still have the Game Tickets. Repeatedly buy items and sell them back to get lots of Game Tickets. The farther in the game you get, the more money you have to spend to get the tickets.

By throwing Lucky Medals in the fountain, you can also get Kimano, which boosts agility and resists fire.

On the Slot Machines, you will almost always win on the fifth time. Make sure you have at least five tickets.

On the Lucky Fountain, try to get a medal on the top left part of the now dried-up fountain, outside the circle. You will hopefully get a weapon that both Isaac and Mia (recommended) can use.

Getting Fever
In Imil to go the strange cave by all the ice. Climb up the stairs on the right hand side of the bridge. Keep pressing [Up] once yuo get up the stairs. You will be next to a snowman. Use the "Move" command and push the snowman to the left. You can now enter the cave and get the Fire Djinn Fever.

Venus Lighthouse items
Keep killing the monsters at the Venus Lighthouse. They may eventually drop Celestial Wand that unleashes Shining Star. You may also get a Blessed Mace which heals 200 HP when used. Neither of these are extremely strong, but are useful. Shining Star usually gives the enemy Delusion.

Venus Lighthouse entrance
Use "Reveal" on the painted wall in the beginning. It will lay a "scholar" near the wall. The "Carry Stone" will be in there.

Cheap weapons
If you enter a new town, always buy the cheap weapons first. Even though they may not seem strong, they are good enough to help you get to the next town, village, cave, etc. This is a good way to not spend as much money.

Note: You may want to buy the more expensive items first so you get game tickets. Also, by the time you get to the next weapon shop, you will be fighting stronger monsters for more money.

Warp back to Sahulla
Use the following trick to warp back to Sahulla when one of the Tornado Lizard's storms catch you. Use any Psyenergy move besides the ones that heal you or douse. The storm will fly up in the air and land near by Sahulla.

Get to Lunpa
After you defeat the Collosus event in Tolbi and have the discussion with Lord Babi, go into the room that Babi entered. You will find a bedded Babi, and the Cloak Ball. Tell Babi that is what you want to "Borrow" (he will not ask for it back). He will "lend" it to you. Go back to Lunpa through the cave on its left by using Frost on the puddle below the door. Go to the frame with the two guards in it. Go to the far left side and use Cloak. Stay in the shadows or the guards will see you. Save your game frequently. When you reach locked doors with bushes beside them, use Whirlwind and then Reveal. When you reach a barred entrance with a key in front of you, use Catch. After you have defeated TOADonpa, go to the room with the women guarding a small cave entrance. Donpa will command her to step aside. In the room you will get Tonic, a water Djinni. Once back outside the cave, you can use Reveal on the rock in front of the entrance to the two guard frame. Use Frost on the puddle that appears and go across it. When you reach the end of the path/cliff, use Reveal again and press [A] on the sparkle. You will get some treasure. Make sure to stock up on the items that you can get in the weapons shop.

Hidden Treasures of Lunpa
Once you have a person who can use Frost and Reveal Psyenergy, go in the cave that is just next to Lunpa. Use Frost on the puddle underneath the sliding metal door. Do not push the button next to the sliding metal door, or you must re-enter the cave you are in. Once past the metal door, proceed down the long the path until you get outside into the town of Lunpa. Then, go to the steps down and use Reveal. You will notice something sparkling at the bottom-left of the screen. To get to that sparkling object, you must use Reveal near the top of the screen, where there is a boy and a rock. Use Reveal slightly past the rock to discover a puddle. Use Frost on the puddle to make an ice column. Climb up the ladder to the left of the boy and ice column. Be careful not to go beyond the boundaries of Ivan's Reveal, or it will stop working and the ice column will disappear (you must then freeze puddle after revealing it all over again). After jumping past the ice column, continue along the top of the wooden barricade surrounding Lunpa to the place where you first saw the sparkling object. Use Reveal again see the sparkling star object. While facing the sparkling object, press [A] to reveal an entrance in the rocky surface. Go inside to find several chests which contain money, Lucky Medal, Water of Life, and perhaps Antidote.

Tolbi: Psyenergy Stone
In Tolbi, use Reveal in the middle of the gravestones to find a Psyenergy Stone there. Note: You have to enter the circle of gravestones from the bottom.

Tempest Lizard
After you return from fighting Dead Beard on Cross Bone Isle. Use the Red Tornado to warp to Suhulla. Then, go back to the desert and the Red Tornado should be back. This time use Douse and instead of a Tornado Lizard, the Tempest Lizard will appear.

Cast the water Psynergy "Douse" in the snowy northern town of Imil. The game does not show the usual dousing water spell. Instead, it shows frozen snowflakes falling from the sky.

Getting to Crossbone Isle
There are two ways to get to Cross Bone Isle, the island of treasures. On your journey across the Karogal Lake, select the following rowers in order to drift off course and end up at Crossbone Isle: Punk with Long Hair, Balding Man, Chef, and the Old Man. However, you will not be able to go all the way through the island's cave yet -- return later by getting there the second way. For the second way, there is a Pink Tornado deep within The Suhalla Desert. Use Reveal near the Pharaoh's head to find footprints. Follow the foot prints. They will lead you to a cave which will get you to the Pink Tornado. Get in the Pink Tornado and do not do anything. The tornado will take you to Crossbone Isle. Psynergy needed: Cloak, Carry, Catch, Frost Reveal, Move and Halt. Note: Every door in the cave has a different Boss guarding it. Defeat each one to progress into the cave. Deep in the cave is a pirate ship. A dead Pirate named Dead Beard is guarding the Treasure, and he is the toughest Boss in the game.

Mercury Lighthouse
To finish Mercury Lighthouse, you must have Mia on your team. To get to the top of the lighthouse stand in the hands of the goddess and use Mia's Ply. This allows you to walk on water on selected squares. Once you have completed the puzzles, you will fight Satarous.

When you in the Mercury lighthouse, it says "He who honors the goddess of rainbows shall be guided by wings of fluid grace". Use Ply in front of the statue. You will then be at the top of the lighthouse, next to a Psyenergy Crystal. Use Ply on everybody, then get the Psyenergy Crystal. After that, there will be some dialogue before you will fight Saturos.

Defeating Dead Beard
Go to Crossbone Isle, and go all the way through until you find a pirate ship. Go onto the pirate ship. Go to the north side of the ship, towards the treasure ship. You will run into a huge Dead Pirate named Dead Beard. Dead Beard is more difficult than the Fusion Dragon you fight at the end of the game. It is highly recommended that you are at level 30 before you fight him, After you defeat him, take the treasure. The other treasure chest near the sail is a mimic.

Dead Beard is weak against Earth and has about 5,000 HP. You will get 10,400 experience and 14,000 coins if he is defeated with an Earth Djinni.

Use Flint with Isaac, and if you have Djinn Flash or Corona with Garet, use it. With Ivan, use the Djinn Luff if you have him, so Dead Beard cannot use Psyenergy. Also keep setting Luff, so that when his Psyenergy seal is gone you can keep sealing his Psyenergy with Luff. If you do not have Luff, Destruct Ray, Whirlwind or Shine Plasma will do. With Mia, Glacier or the Djinn Hail will work well. When you have enough Earth Djinn on standby with Isaac, summon Judgment, because it will usually do over 1,000 damage to him. Since he is very weak to Earth attacks, even the Venus summon will do over 200 damage to him. Dead Beard will often use Impact. If Garet is a Samurai (four Earth Djinnm three Wind Djinn) use Protector and Angel Spear to boost your attack and defense. Also, use Wish Well with Mia, but not too often -- she will run out of PP. You can also use other summons, but they will only do about 600 or less damage.

Before you battle Dead Beard, set all of your Earth Dinji to "Summon". Make sure Garet is holding these Dinji, as he is fairly useless during this battle. On your first turn, have Issac use Ragnorak if you know it, or Clay Spire. Summon Judgment for Garet, and use Bind with Ivan. Mia should summon a Water Dinji whenever she does not have to heal. During the remainder of the battle, continue to use the Earth Dinji after they recover, then summon Judgment. Make sure Mia heals your party often, because Dead Beard can do serious or fatal damage. Also, make sure Ivan uses Bind often to seal Dead Beard's Psyenergy. After about four Judgments and a lot of good Psyenergy attacks, Dead Beard should die. It would also be useful to use Break with Mia, to eliminate Dead Beard's bonuses.

If you are at level 25, you can defeat Dead Beard with just three summons of Judgement.

Have Isaac at level 28 or higher with the Gaia Blade (weapon), Lucky Cap (helmet), Vambrace (shield), and Spiked Armor (chest armor). Have Garet at level 28 or higher with the Muramasa (weapon), Warriors Helm (helmet), Earth Shield (shield), Dragon Scales (chest armor), and the Clerics Ring. Have Ivan at level 27 or higher with the Master Rapier (weapon), Jeweled Crown (helmet), Virtuous Armlet (shield), and Elven Shirt (chest armor). Have Mia at level 28 or higher with the War Mace (weapon), Guardian Circlet (helmet), Spirit Armlet (shield), and Storm Gear (chest armor). Have the following Dijinni: Flint, Granite, Quartz, Sap, and Bane on Isaac; Forge, Fever, Ember, Flash, and Torch on Garet; Kite and Luff on Ivan; Spritz, Hail, and Dew on Mia. All other Dijinn do not matter. Put any four Earth Dijinni on standby except for Bane. always keep a Water Dijinn on standby, and never summon Jupiter. On the first turn, have Isaac use Bane, Garet summon Judgement, Ivan use Luff, and Mia summon Mercury. On the second turn, have Isaac use Ragnarok, Garet use Flash, Ivan use Shine Plasma, and Mia use Glacier. On the third turn, have Isaac use Bane, Garet summon Forge, Ivan use Luff, and Mia summon Mercury. Continue those three steps until he is defeated, except for Garet (use any fire until you can summon Meteor, then just use them when you can).

Get Luff (a Wind Djinn in Babi lighthouse. Dead Beard is at the bottom of the island. Be patent -- he takes a lot of damage before falling. Before the battle, have Issac set Vine, Quartz, and any other Djinn you do not use much. Have Garet do the same. Then, go into battle with him. Do not set any Djinn with Ivan or Mia. Have Issac and Garet remain attacking with Djinn and magic. Mia should heal every turn if you have Wish Well by now (recommended). Have Ivan alternate unleashing and setting Luff. The Psynergey Seal will only last two turns; you must only set or unleash with Ivan. By blocking his magic, he cannot heal or boost his defense. Note: Deadbeard gets two attacks per turn.

Defeating the Fusion Dragon
The Fusion Dragon is weak against water and has 5,200 to 5,300 HP.

Attack with regular attacks, except for Mia. Mia should use the Psyenergy Wish Well to heal the group. When she runs low on Psyenergy, use an Energy Star. Repeat this strategy. If you feel lucky, use Bind with Ivan to bind the Fusion Dragon's Psyenergy.

Use the Djinn Flash, whether its setting him or using with Garret. Use Ragnorok with Isaac (Robin). Use the best attack you have with Ivan and use Wish Well with Mia.

Make sure Mia can use Wish Well. If she can, use this every turn while your other characters use summons and resistances. If someone happens to fall, try to ignore him unless you can revive them easily.

To defeat Fusion Dragon, simply use Curse and hold your own for four turns. This also works for any other enemy in the game.

Defeating the Kraken
Have all your characters at least at level 23 to 25 and have all your Dijnn set and ready to fight. On the first turn, have Issac use Judgement, Ivan use Thor, Mia use Boreas, and Garet use the strongest fire summon. The Kraken should attack and do little damage. On the second turn, have Issac use Ragnoark, Ivan use your strongest attack (PP wise), Mia use Heal if needed, and Garet use Heat Wave.

Defeating Menardi
Menardi is weak against Water and has 3,000 HP.

Defeating Saturos and Menardi permanently
Begin with all Djinn sets. Defensive ones are very helpful. Saturos and Menardi have 3000 HP, 260 EP, and 3000 EXP.

Start with all Djinn on set and call them out one at a time. Defensive Djinn such as Granite and Flash are very effective. Trade Mia's Water Djinn, Sleet, Mist, Hail with Garet's ineffective Fire Djinn. Have Mia use Wish Well every turn and save the spirits for Fusion Dragon. After defeating Saturos and Menardi, they will turn into a two-headed creature that will not stand a chance to spirit's such as Boreas, Judgement, and Thor.

To defeat Saturos and Menardi, use your highest Psyenergy cost moves after you have reached about level 38. Get four Djinnis set for the Fusion Dragon. Make sure they do damage or put up your stats. Then, use Judgement, Boreas, Meteor, and Thor. Make sure Zephyr is not on standby. At the start, use his power and have everyone else use some other Djinni.

Defeating Saturos in the Mercury Tower
Since Saturos is a fire adept, use Mia's two Dijnii frequently. Also, watch Ivan and Garet's HP.

Defeating Saturos
Saturos is weak against Water and has 3,000 HP

Defeating Tempest Lizard
Defeating the Tempest Lizard in the pink cyclone found in Suhulla Desert in one round requires some luck and a simple preparation. First, make sure everyone is at level 40 or above. Also, have all the Djinn, especially Bane (Earth Djinn). Note: Make sure that the Djinn are equipped to their proper elemental character (for example, Earth to Isaac and Fire to Garret). Set three Djinn equip to Isaac to "ready to summon" mode and make sure it is not Bane. Along with that, have Garret with four "ready to summon" Djinn and do the same with Ivan. Leave Mia as is. Encounter the Temptest Lizard by being picked up by the cyclone and using the Psynergy, Douse. Once in battle, have Isaac use Bane, Garret use Meteor level 4 summon, Ivan use Thor level 4 Summon and Mia use Judgment level 4. You have to go to the red summons, as you will only have three available. However, if Isaac is faster than Mia, which he should be, the level 4 summon, Judgment, will be used. If you are lucky, Bane should have induced Deadly Poison on the Tempest Lizard, dealing 600 points of damage at a time. Most likely, the Lizard will sneak in two attacks, which are lethal but not deadly. If the damage adds up well enough, you can kill him in one round.

Defeating Tret
If you can use magic enough with Isaac and Garet, you will get Spire (for Isaac) and Volcano (for Garet). Use Flint with Isaac, Volcano with Garet, and Ray with Ivan, then do the same thing but instead of Flint, use Venus with Isaac. Then, when Flint is recovering, use Spire. Keep using this method and it should only take a few turns.

After you visit Bilibin and have talked to the Lord, you may be tempted to go through the cave that leads to Imil and Mercury Lighthouse. Do not do so. First, go to Kolima and Kolima Forest. Make it through the forest by moving logs and battling enemies. You will eventually meet Tret, the tree. After you talk to him, climb up the vines on Tret that are very easy to miss. Once in Tret, you will eventually battle him after exploring and puzzle solving. After defeating him, now go through the cave to Imil. You could beat Tret after you visit Imil, but you would have to go through the cave several times. After completing Mercury Lighthouse, fill the bottle that you got from Imil with the Water of Hermes. Then, go to Tret and give the water to him. He will then turn all of the persons who were trees back to people.

Go to the Mercury Lighthouse and get Mia before you go to Kolima Forest to defeat King Tret. This will save you a lot of time, and you need as much experience as you can get. You will find much at the lighthouse, because you will fight a Mimic and Saturos. To get the Water Of Hermes, take the empty bottle you should have and select "Use" directly at the front of the fountain at the foot of Mercury Lighthouse.

After defeating Tret, go up to the highest left branch, where there is a Djinn. Also, before you save, you go to Kolima Inn. Note: To get the Djinn in the pen in Kolima, go straight into the back of the house it is attached to. From there, it is obvious where to go.

Defeating Bosses
You only need two Djinn, Granite and Flash, to defeat any Boss in the game. Set them to any two characters. On the first turn, attack with everyone but one of these two. For example, Issac has Granite and Garet has Flash, Issac should use Granite, nearly nullifying all responding attacks. On the next turn, attack/summon/whatever with Ivan and Mia, but set Granite with Issac and use Flash with Garet. The next turn, set Flash again and use Granite. Repeat those steps until you win the battle. This makes your characters nearly invincible, with even the Fusion Dragon doing damages as little as 13 for its most powerful attacks.

Use the following Djinn to defeat major enemies, such as Tempest Lizard on Crossbone Isle. Make sure all Djinn are acquired and set on the corresponding Adept. On turn 1, Isaac: Bane, Garet: Flash, Ivan: Squall, Mia: Mist. On turn 2, Issac: Granite, Garet: Scorch, Ivan: Smog, Mia: Hail. On turn 3, Isaac: Ground, Garet: Corona, Ivan: Gust, Mia: Sleet. On turn 4, Isaac: Sap, Garet: Torch, Ivan: Luff, Mia: Spritz. On turn 5, summon four level four summons. This should hold the enemy in place or stop him from attacking, while weakening him. If Bane works, then he will damage himself continually. If he is a two attacks Boss, he will cause approximately 600 damage to himself each turn.

Before entering battle, put all your Djinn on standby and make sure you have full Psyenergy. When you have fulfilled these requirements, fight the monster. Summon your strongest earth summon with Issac, strongest fire summon with Garet, strongest wind summon with Ivan, and strongest water summon with Mia. On your next turn, if you have any leftover Djinn, summon the strongest summon with their appropriate warrior. After you have summoned all your Djinn, have Issac, Mia, Garet, and Ivan use their strongest Psyenergy attacks. Continue doing this until the enemy is dead. This should be accomplished in one to six turns.

A good battle strategy for almost any Boss in the game is the following. Have Issac attack normally. Have Garet cast Protect for two rounds, then attack. Have Ivan cast an attack-raising spell on Isaac twice, Garet twice, then attack and reapply as needed. Have Mia cast the spells Wish, Wish Well as needed.

Defeating the thieves
To defeat the thieves in Vault, use your Djnii and Psynergy frequently. Have herbs, etc. handy before the battle. Keep an eye on Ivan's HP.

Fighting Bosses again
Go to "Battle" at the menu, then talk to the lady at the counter. Answer "Yes" to battle a monster, then step into the circle.After a few rounds with battling, you should meet one of the Bosses from the game. Note: You must be level 16 or higher.

A very useful strategy with Mia is to equip a Psyenergy Rod, a Mythril Circlet, and a Magical Cassock. This allows her to use Wish and Wish Well, and will restore 5 PP each turn .

Equip Mia with the Crystal Rod and Lucky Cap. When attacking using Crystal Rod, the Lucky Cap will boost your critical hit ratio, which will allow you to use drown more often and sometimes provide an instant death.

Keeping Ivan and Mia alive
Put Isaac and Garet in the middle of your party and Ivan and Mia on the ends. When enemies use attack spells that affect three party members, Isaac or Garet (who have the greatest HP) will take the brunt of it. Either Ivan or Mia (whoever is on the other end) will be untouched. Also, even though one of them is going to feel the attack, enemies never center magic on the far left or right; at least it will not do as much damage as it would if the character were standing at the center of the attack's range.

Disciple class
To make Isaac a Disciple, give him one Earth, four Fire, and four Wind Djinni. He will learn a move called Death Leap if you are at a decent level (about level 40). It usually takes about 460 from most easy enemies. Disciples can be quite useful throughout the game because they have a mix of Psynergy.

Samurai and Ninja classes
The Samurai and Ninja are the best classes for Garet and Issac. Have four Fire Djinni and three Wind for Issac; and four Earth Djinni and three Wind for Garet if you want Samurai. If you want Ninja, use three Fire and three Wind Djinni for Issac; and three Earth and three Wind Djinni for Garet. Ninjas have higher agility and PP, but Samurais have more HP and Defense. These classes have new Psyenegy such as Death Plunge, Demon Night, Helm Splitter, and Rock Slide. If you train to about level 40 as a Ninja, you will learn a new move called Annihilation. This does almost 300 damage and can also cause instant death.

Easy experience and gold
Walk outside towns and battle monsters, but do not wander too far away. Use Herbs, Nuts, or anything else that cures your characters. When you run out of magic to heal or need to buy more Herbs, return to town. Go inside the inn or item shop and get cured. Note: You may want to do both. All the gold that you received from battle goes towards curing yourself, but is worth it since you will gain levels faster. Repeat those steps until reaching the desired level. Note: You may want to repeat this trick when you see a change of monsters levels.

When you run into a battle with any kind of Bee or Zombie monster, defeat all monsters but the Bees or Zombies. Then, just choose "Defend" until your screen is full with multiples of the same monster. The "Monster looks for allies" message will appear, then another of the same creature will appear. Once you get a maximum of six monsters on the screen, you can finish them off; or you can kill some and let the survivors multiply once again. Continue this process to get as many coins and as much experience as desired.

All monsters have an elemental weakness. When you hit a monster with their weakness, the damage message will have three exclamation marks instead of one. If you kill a monster with a Djinn whose type is the monster's weakness, it will flash different colors before dying. As a result, you will earn more money and experience than you normally would. In order to successfully do this, follow these steps. When you first encounter a kind of monster, attack it with each kind of Djinn. Note which type exploits the monster's weakness. Try to attack the monster with only Djinn of their weakness. This will ensure that you will not accidentally kill them with something else. Use Ivan's Impact Psynergy or Forge to boost your attack. If you have Ivan cast Impact before attacking, there's a good chance you will kill the monster in one hit. With everyone who cannot hit anyone with a weakness, have them heal, boost defenses, or defend. This will ensure that you take the least amount of damage possible. If you try this from the very start of the game, you will usually have more than enough levels needed to defeat the monsters wherever you are and have the money needed to buy the best equipment.

Easy experience
Go to an area with Drone Bees, such as Lamakan Desert. Get into a battle that includes Drone Bees. Kill all the enemies except for the Drone Bees. Keep defending until the enemies look for allies and there are about six enemies on the screen. Start killing them one by one. When you are deciding who to attack, have all your characters attack the same bee or you can have two characters attacking two different bees. Kill the bees one by one or two by two and they will keep coming back. If you are fast enough, you can gain easy experience. Basically all you have to do is keep pressing [A] when you have six bees on the screen.

If you are in Venus Lighthouse and need to gain experience or just fill up, go to the room just before the sand waterfalls with the Psynergy Stone. Use all magic that you need to use. Then, take the Psynergy Stone. You should be all filled up. Go up the stairs to the left and back down. The Psynergy Stone should be there again. Repeat this as many as times as needed.

Go to the area outside of Kalay. If you get into fights with Undeads, attack each one with one character only once. Then, wait for only one to be on screen. Wait for it to call for an ally. Attack the ally with only one regular attack,and kill the original with a Fire Djinn. Repeat this as many times as needed for easy experience. Note: This trick also works on Warrior Bees, which are outside Lalivero

On Crossbone Island use Douse on the pink tornado to fight a tough tornado monster for at least 1,000 experience points and 6,000 gold. Walk around to gain PP. Go in the cave entrance, then exit to make the tornado reappear. Repeat this as many times as desired.

When you get to Fusion Dragon, lose to it then heal yourself and lose to it again. The levels you gain from your battle before Fusion Dragon will grow. Repeat until your level is as high as desired.

Go to where the Tempest Lizard is located in the Sahulla Desert. Take the Tornado to Crossbone Isle. When you arrive, put all Earth, all Fire, and four Wind Djinni on standby and enter the Tornado. Select Psyenergy and use Douse. Defeat it, enter the area with the cave, and repeat this as many times as desired. You will get over 1,000 experience points every time.

G to the Venus Light House and go to the second floor with the purple stone in the middle of it,where there should be a picture of a tree on the floor under the stone. Make sure that all your Djinn are set and are not on standby. Save the game and turn it off. Then, go back to your file and resume. You must have the following items: Dragon Shield, Kimono, Warriors Helmet, Silver Blade for Garret, Elven Shirt, Crystal Rod, Lucky Cap, Spirit Armlet, Herm's Water for Even, Frost Wand, Wooden Cap, Gauntlets, Oracle's Robe, Shamon's Rod for Mya, Ninja Hood, War Gloves, Steel Armor, Righteous Mace, and Asura Armor for Issac. Run around the room. You should encounter either a Fenrir with an Ice Gargoyle or a Chimera Mage with two Fenrirs. The encounter with the Ice Gargoyle and Fenrir will give you Ivan's final weapon of the game. If you encounter the Chimera Mage, it should give you 11,636 experience points with a Vial.

At the very start of the game when the Mt. Alph boulder is going to fall, young Issac and Garet can battle enemies by Kraden's house. It may take a while to gain a level, and you may need to use a few herbs. However, you will have an advantage later in the game. Note: You will not be able to battle enemies here again. Kraden's house is located where the man asked you if he was going to die.

When in the top floor of the Venus Lighthouse, save, reset and continue the game from that point. The next monster you battle should be three Willowisps and a Recluse. Kill the Willowisps with Earth Djinni and the Recluse with Fire. You should get 1200 experience each time you repeat this trick. You will also get an endless supply of Nuts and Unicorn Rings.

After you are able to leave Vale and after collecting Flint, try to level up to level 5 or 6. Go to the Goma Caves, but do not go inside. Move south until you hit the river, then go east. Move south across the bridge then immediately go to the right. You should be behind the mountain area. Move toward the strange crack in the mountains on the right. Keep running into it. After awhile, a battle should begin with the enemies on the other side of the Goma Caves. This is a good way to get easy experience before entering Vault.

In Altmiller Cave, search for the enemy group with two Worms and a Mad Mole. Have your characters attack the same creature (Mad Mole preferably because it can do more damage). The Worms will keep calling for help, which will bring more Mad Moles or Worms along. Keep having your group attack one enemy at a time. To protect yourself if you are weak in this cave use Garet's Protect spell. To heal, use Mia's Wish spell. Finish them off whenever you get tired of fighting. It is possible to get over 4,000 experience points in a half hour on one battle.

Start from one end of the Sahulla Desert and take out all Tornado Lizards to get to the other end. When you do this, also take out the Tempest Lizard .If you take out all nine Tornado Lizards and the one Tempest Lizard with Isaac's Earth Dijiins many times (going back and forth), you should have a better chance of leveling up. The more you do this, the better the chance of leveling up. You should get about 9,500 experience points each time you do this.

An easy way to level up without having to return to any villages is in Venus Lighthouse. Go to the room at the top with the Psynergy Stone and the crevice (which you jump down to fight the Fusion Dragon). Put the Lure Cap on. When you enter battles, use the following tactics.
One enemy: Round 1: Issac: Bane; Garet: Torch; Ivan: Squall; Mia: Sleet

Two enemies: Round 1: Issac: Bane (on enemy one); Garet: Flash (on party); Ivan: Squall (on enemy two); Mia: Sleet (on enemy two). Depending on the strength of the enemies, you may want to use Bane and Squall on the tougher one first, and use Sleet on the weaker. Round 2: Issac: Sap (on enemy one); Garet: Torch (on enemy two); Ivan: Gust (on enemy one); Mia: Spritz (on party).

Three enemies: Round 1: Issac: Bane (on enemy one); Garet: Flash (on party); Ivan: Squall (on enemy two); Mia: Sleet (on enemy three). Round 2: Issac: Sap (on enemy three); Garet: Torch (on enemy two); Ivan: Gust (on enemy one); Mia: Spritz (on party). Depending on the remaining enemies (if any) you may want to differ from this slightly, or if there is just one, just attack with everyone. Issac's Gaia's Blade is very powerful and will inflict a good amount of damage. Round 3: Issac: Flint (strongest enemy); Garet: Scorch (depends on enemy status); Ivan: Attack (depends on enemy status); Mia: Hail (depends on enemy status).
After the battles, make your Djinni so you can summon them again. If you get low on HP, use Bane, Flash, Squall, Spritz and you will not need to use any PP.

Go to Suhalla Desert. Go through it until you see a pink tornado. Look to the left and use Reveal. Hop across the log and go into the cave. You should come out next to pink tornado. You can either go into it and let it take you to Crossbone Isle, or you can go into it and cast Douse. Instead of a Tornado Lizard, you will fight a Tempest Lizard. It is not that difficult to defeat the first time you visit Suhalla Desert. When you defeat it, you will get 1,000 experience points, 6,000 coins, and a potion, vial, or Psynergy crystal. Leave Suhalla Desert and return to the location where the pink tornado was found. It should be there again, and you can fight the Tempest Lizard again.

In Islet Cave that the turtle in the Sea Of Time Islet takes you to, there is a hallway that you have to teleport to with enemies called Wonder Birds. They are the best enemies for experience points. Normally they give you over 8,500 experience points. If you kill them with a Mercury Djinn, you will get over 11,000 experience points. They are rare, have powerful moves, and run most of the time. However, they are easy to kill. If you encounter two of them, keep one of them alive at all times and it will use a move called Regen Dance, which calls the other bird back. Keep fighting them until they are dead or they have run away.

Two player battle mode
If you are battling a friend, the right-most character will be excluded because you can only battle with three characters. When you open your Status menu, press [L] or [R] when a character is highlighted and it will switch them around. Put your weakest character on the right to get an advantage over your friend.

When you are in a battle with monsters, you have about an 85% chance of escaping if you select "Flee" immediately. This helps if you are on a mission.

Glitch: Floating Isaac
Go to Crossbone Island, then go in the tornado. Immediately press [L] or [R] to see Isaac floating.

Glitch: Stuck in wall
After you fight the chief and the two warriors, go back to the mountain and use Hover on the Hover symbol. Walk towards the wall. Your Hover should run out, and you will be lodged in the wall. Note: Save the game attempting this, as there is no way out.

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