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Nov. 29, 2006
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Rename characters
When prompted to enter a new name for Felix, press [Select]x3. Enter a new name for Felix, and you can now enter a new name for Jenna, Sheba, and Picard. Press [Up], [Down], [Up], [Down], [Left], [Right], [Left], [Right], [Up], [Right], [Down], [Left], [Up], [Select] to enter new names for Garet, Ivan, and Mia if playing a non-linked game. A sound will confirm correct code entry.

Revisit last Sanctum
Hold [L] + [R] + [Start] while loading a saved game.

Alternate opening screen
Hold [L] + [R] and turn on the game. A black screen will appear with a Game Boy Advance, then it will say "presents Golden Sun The Lost Age English version". Release [L] + [R], then press any button to display the main menu.

Auto-scrolling dialogue
Holding [B] while talking to people will auto-scroll the dialogue. For example, do this at the start of the game while talking to Alex.

Music test
Select battle mode then hold [R] when speaking to the woman on the left side of the screen. Press [Left] or [Right] to choose a song number and press [A] to listen to your selection. Press [B] to return to the selection screen. Note: Songs must be unlocked during game play.

Data link
At the black logo screen, hold [L] + [R] + [Left] and press [B]. A new option will appear. Select it to get "Password" or "Link". This lets you send cleared Golden Sun data to the next installment. Make sure you have completed Golden Sun and have a "clear data" on your save.

Easy and hard difficulty setting
Successfully complete the game to create a "Clear Data" saved game. Note: You also need an empty saved game slot. Select the "New Game" option at the main menu. After the data transfer prompt, you will be asked if you want to play in easy mode. Answer "No" and you will be asked if you want to play in hard mode.
Revisit towns
Once you get the Teleport Psyenergy, you can use it on the world map to go to any town previously visited.

Alternate music
You only just need one party member to change the music. If Felix is in the party, no matter who else is with him it will stay with his battle music. You just need Jenna in the party to hear her battle music and only Isaac to hear his version. The game chooses which music comes first if you have all three music-changing characters in the battling party. Felix's is first, Isaac's is second and Jenna's theme is last. For example, if you want to hear Isaac's or Jenna's theme, make sure they are the only music changer in the battling party.

Once you meet up with Isaac's group, the battle music will change depending on who is battling. For example, if you have Isaac, Garet, Ivan, and Mia battling, it will play the music from the original Golden Sun. Also, if Jenna is there, but Felix is not, it will play the Jenna/sailing battle music.

Defeating Doom Dragon
Go in with the party all with levels at 45 or higher. Give whoever has the most attack points the Sol Blade. Give the Fire Brand and the Trident to the second strongest person in the party. When you go into battle, start raising the attack points with Ivan or Sheba to the two characters that have the Sol Blade and Fire Brand. Each head has about 6,000 HP. It will be a long battle, which will give it a grand total of 1,800. Keep healing your party members with Cool Aura/Pure Wish/Wish Well. When Doom Dragon casts Curse and actually gets your party member, fighting with that person until the very first flame is small. Switch with that person and continue fighting. You may want to boost your Elemental Defense or the Doom Dragon will summon some extremely strong Psynergies, such as Cruel Ruin, which can easily do 400 damage with Elemental Defense or not. It also knows Djinn Blast, which can drain all of your Djinn in your current four characters that are out. However, it will not always do just all of them. One out of two times, it gets all of your Djinn. It is recommended that you not summon anything; if you summon Charon or something similar, it will give Doom dragon the chance to end that party member. Doom Dragon will use Cruel Ruin after it loses one head, eight turns out of nine turns.

Have all the summonings and make all your characters at least level 40. The party should be in this order:
Felix, Jenna, Sheba, Piers
Issac, Garet, Ivan, Mia
Set 8 of Earth Djinn (16 Earth Djinn set); 9 of Fire Djinn (18 Fire Djinn set); 8 of Wind Djinn (16 Wind Djinn set); and 8 of Water Djinn (16 Wind Djinn set). When the battle starts, summon Charon, Iris, Eclipse, Eclipse. The first head will die. If the first head is still alive, level up your characters to at least level 45 at the Black Hall in Islet Cave. Then, use psyenergies, attacks, and djinn that are remaining until your entire first party dies. Then, when Issac and his party arrives, summon the same thing again (Charon, Iris, Eclipse, Eclipse). You may need to summon all four summonings to kill the second head, or only some of them to kill the second head. After that, Felix and his party should be revived. Then, attack or use psynergies (or Djinn) until Issac's party gets wiped out. Next, use summonings, Djinn, psynergy, and attacks with Felix and his party to finish the last head. Sometimes Doom Dragon might use Guard Aura or Djinn Storm. The best thing to prevent those is Agility.

Defeating Dullahan
Dullahan has over 10,000 HP and unlimited PP. The only way to defeat him is by summoning. He recovers 200 HP each turn and can absorb your HP. Bring out three Eclipses and three Catastrophes and that should finish him. If he still is not dead, power up the party member who has the Sol Blade with a few Impacts, then deliver the final blow. Be extremely careful of the Djinn Blast.

First, make Isaac and his party first and Felix and his party second. Then, put all of your Djinn on stand by. Next, have Ivan summon Catastrophe, Isaac summon Charon, Garet summon Ulysses, and Mia summon Ulysses. After they have all attacked, do any other summon until your remaining party members die. Do not try to heal them. When they are all dead, Felix's Party should come up. Make Sheba summon Catastrophe, Felix summon Charon, Jenna summon Ulysses, and Mia summon Ulysses. After that, Dullahan should die. If he does not, use any of the remaining summons to finish him off. Do not try to heal any defeated party members.

Have everyone at about level 50. Have your main party consist of Felix, Jenna, Sheba, and Piers; and the second party with Isaac, Garet, Ivan, and Mia. Before fighting, send everyone into battle with all Djinn on stand by. Then, have Felix summon Charon, Jena summon Ullyses, Sheba use Catastrophe, and Piers do the same as Jenna. Once all these are summoned, wait for this party to die and use powerful Psynergies. When your back up party arrives, repeat what was done before with the matching adepts. Dullahan should die. Note: You probably will not win if he uses Djinn Blast.

Have the following people in your in your party to start: Garet, Peirs, Sheba, and Ivan. Have these people in the second party, and put four Dijinn on standby for each person: Isaac, Felix, Jenna, and Mia. Put all Wind Dijinn on standby except Kite, who you should give to the fastest Wind adept. Put all of Garet's Dijinn on standby except for Flash. Then, put two of Peirs on standby. To start, use Flash, Diamond Berg, Kite, and Catastrophe. On the next turn, use Heat Wave, Shade, Catastrophe, Eclipse, and Catastrophe. Fight until the first party is downed, then summon with the second party.

Dullahan has about 16000 HP,200 PP, 676 ATK, 269 DEF, 241 speed, attacks three times per turn, puts all your Djinn in recovery mode, summon Charon, recovers 200 HP per turn and kills a party member in one hit. His weakness is Wind and resist against water. There are two attacks you should watch out for. They are Formina Sage and Charon. First, get your party members to about level 50. Before you go into battle, put all Djinn in stand by mode so that you can summon at the start of the battle. Let Isaac, Garret, Ivan, and Mia go first. Make them summon each of their own element (Judgment, Meteor, Boreas, and Thor). If his use one of the two attacks previously mentioned, try again. Do the same on the second turn. On the third turn, let them die but still use Psynergy to hurt him. when the first four die, the next four will replace them/ Do the same with the second set of characters. You should win after the fourth Thor you use, incuding Ivan's two Thor. You will get 15,600 experience and 6,775 coins. When you are done, walk to the tablet. You will get the Iris summon. Iris is the strongest summon in the game. It inflicts a lot of damage and heals all your party members and revives downed party members.

Defeating Poseidon
After getting the three trident parts (at Ankhol Ruins, Tundaria Tower, and Shrine Of The Sea God) go to Champa and talk to the old lady in the cave. You must fight Avimander and defeat it. After you have defeated it, talk to the old lady again and give her the trident parts. After she drops them into the pit, use Reveal to show a bridge over the pit and get the trident. Then, complete the Sea Of Time quest and face Poseidon. To have a chance to defeat him, you must acquire at least four of each Djinns. Put all the Djinns on standby and face Poseidon. Use the trident as an item on Poseidon to break his force field and use all the possible summons. Then, keep Jenna alive for four turns and use all her Djinns and summon Meteor again. This should be enough to defeat him. Note: All your characters must be at least at level 30.

Defeating Star Magician
Use the following trick to defeat Star Magician in Treasure Isle in about thirty to forty five minutes. Make sure you have Isaac, Jenna, Felix and Sheba/Ivan in your party. When the fight begins, have Isaac attack the balls only. Take out the refresher balls first to prevent them from healing Star Magician; then the guard balls; followed by the anger balls; and finally the thunder balls. Do not let the Star Magician to gain more than three thunder balls. Do not have Jenna attack at all. Instead, have her heal the entire party on each turn. Felix should attack (no Psynergy) the Star Magician. Sheba/Ivan should only use Psynergies to raise the party's Impact and Resistance. Concentrate mainly on the balls and not on the Star Magician. If you get to the point where there are four to five balls on the screen, then only attack them. After about a half hour, you should be able to take the Star Magician out easily due to the fact that the refresher balls were taken out first. After defeating the Star Magician you should gain 20,000 experience points.

Star Magician has over 5,000 HP. Defeat the refresher balls and guardian balls so he cannot get healed or shielded. He is extremely weak to Earth. Use a lot of Venus Djinn and summon Judgement whenever possible. Defeating this Boss will take a long time. He will give about 30,000 to 35,000 experience points. It guards the Summon Haures (three Venus and two Mars Standby Djinn are needed).

The Star Magician is in the last room of Treasure Isle in the Northern part of the Great Eastern Sea. He is guarding the summon Azul, which requires three Earth Djinn and four Water Djinn to summon. An ideal level to fight him at is 35. Before the battle, put your Djinn on "Set" and save. This battle could last up to about 45 minutes, depending on your level and how fast you work. The Star Magician cannot call out another ball if there are four out already. You want him to have four thunder balls out; do not harm any thunder balls. From the beginning, you should build up your defenses with Sheba. Jenna should heal just about every turn. Ignore the Star Magician until there are four thunder balls out. Then, attack only the Star Magician. Ether is very useful. Later in the battle, if Jenna's Psynergy gets low unleash Ether to restore it. If Jenna cannot keep up with the damage, either have Sheba increase your resistance, unleash a Djinni that heals your whole party (such as Flower), or use a Mist potion. Felix and Piers should attack the Star Magician every turn with a weapon or with Psynergy like Odyssey and Diamond Berg (although the Star Magician is resistant to water Psynergy). The Star Magician has about 7500 HP. Once you defeat the Star Magician, the remaining thunder balls should not be a problem.

Have Isaac and Felix in your party. You must have both of the following Djinn: Petra and Ground. Set one to Felix and the other to Isaac. You can choose any other two characters as desired. On each turn, Unleash Petra and Set Ground, or vice-versa. Use them alternately on the Star Magician. This will prevent him from creating any new balls or doing anything else. Use your other two characters to attack and destroy the balls, then focus on the Star Magician.

Defeating the Yampi Desert Cave Boss
To defeat the Boss in Yampi Dessert Cave (the place that you get to with Teleport), set all your Djinn. He will try to put them on standby so he can use them. After he puts them on standby, summon them against him. He should die easy. Also, try to summon Zagan. He is usually weak, but with this boss he does huge damage.

After you defeat the Boss, he guards the summon Daedalus, which is an ancient craftsmen that shoots a large amount of missiles. The last one it shoots is almost doubled or nearly tripled damaged. However, it takes time for the big rocket to come down on the enemy (one to three turns). Note: 3: Earth, 4: Fire.

Defeating Bosses
For easy Boss battles. have two people in your party (for example, Isaac and Felix) use Barrier Djinn. One turn, have one of them uase a Barrier Djinn and the other person set his Barrier Djinn. This way, you will always have a barrier. With the other two people, get one healer(for example, Mia or Jenna) and one fighter (for example, Garet, Isaac, Felix, or Pierre). Give the fighter the best weapon as the other two will be using Djinn and give your healer PP restoring clothes and other items.

To defeat Bosses easily later in the game, you will need a certain Summon, and Isaac and friends. First, put four of Earth and four of Water on your Fire character, or whatever works to get you a "Dragoon" ranking on both your Earth and Fire characters (as well as the highest ranking you can get with your current Djinn for your Wind and Water characters). If you do not have enough to get Dragoon, Samurai and Ninja are also powerful, just not as much. Summon the monster that says, "A Goddess Bearing The Water Of Life". While the effect heals and revives you, use your most powerful Summons (Meteor with a Fire character, Judgment Day with an Earth character, etc.). When the healing effect wears off, use Djinn that modify the stats of the opponent combined with Barrier Djinni until you have enough Djinn ready to summon the "Goddess Bearing The Water Of Life". Attack with Djinn and keep summoning the healing summon until the Boss is defeated.

Atropos' Rod
To obtain this rod, defeat the Fire Dragons in the Yampi Desert Cave. Note: You will need Teleport Psynergy.

Clotho's Distaff
Walk around the inside the Mars Lighthouse until you encounter an Aka Manah. If you defeat one, it may drop a Clotho's Distaff. If not, keep trying. This may require take some patience. Clotho's Distaff sells for 12,900 and boosts attack by +168. Although it has it has no unleash, it can restore 1,000 HP inside and outside of battle.

Dark Matter
Kill the Wonder Birds (found in the Sea Of Time Islet cave) with a Water Djinn to get a Dark Matter. It is a rare drop.

The Darksword can be obtained by taking a Dark Matter to the blacksmith. It is rare to get from him, and is cursed.

If you went to Cross Bone Island and got the Clerics Ring in the original Golden Sun and transferred your data, when Isaac's group joins yours, give Felix the Clerics Ring, as it removes a curse effect. Then, obtain some Dark Matter and bring it to the blacksmith. Save the game before you give it to him. Keep reloading until he gives you the Darksword. It is the best weapon in the game, and it has an attack of 210. However, it is cursed which is why the Clerics Ring is required to use it.

The Excalibur is forged rarely by the blacksmith if you give him a Orihalcon (the gold bar-like forge-able item). The Excalibur does 180 attack, and has two unleashes. The first one is an average attack, while the other is the same attack three times. The latter of the unleashes is just as powerful, if not more powerful, than the Sol Blade.

Save before you give Sunshine (forging person in Yallam) your Orihalcon. Then, enter and exit the Sanctum. Go to the forging building. if you do not get the Excalibur, restart and repeat until you get it. Note: This may require some time.

Gaia Axe
One of the rarest forged items is Gaia Axe. It has an attack of 163 and unleashes Mother Earth, which sometimes puts an enemy to sleep.

Golems Core
Kill a Bombander (found inside Anemos Sanctum) with a Water Djinn to get a Golems Core. It is a rare drop.

Lachesis' Rule
The staff Lachesis' Rule can be obtained from the strong demons in the Anemos Inner Sanctum (Djinn Dungeon). Use Djinn of the element that they are weak against to increase the chances of them dropping it. This staff is a point weaker than the Tisiphone Edge, has a great unleash called Apocalypse which does a good amount of damage and may cause a death countdown on an enemy. This weapon is best used by Sheba and/or Mia.

If you transfer your data from the Golden Sun, you probably will have the Force Orb to use The psynergy move, Force. You can use Force to knock down the log to the left of the blacksmith house in Yallam. Hop across the log then use Cyclone to reveal a secret underground entrance. Go into the cave and follow it all the way through. When you are outside, you will find a chest which contains the blade, Masamune. It unleashes Rising Dragon, that can do up to double the damage if two Dragon Spirits hit an enemy.

When you get the Masamune on the side of the Blacksmith's house in Yallam using Force, it unleashes an attack of one or two dragons. If you do not press any buttons during the unleashing, both dragons will appear, doing double the damage as opposed to only one dragon when you press [A] or any other button.

This trick requires transferred data from Golden Sun. The mystery of the powerful light blade that you can access with GameShark has been solved. If you have the Kunasagi and still have it in your inventory in Golden Sun, this mysterious weapon reveals its true power in Golden Sun: The Lost Age. After you join Isaac's party, look in his party's inventory. You may notice that the Kunasagi has turned into the powerful sword, Masamune. The same goes for the Sol Blade in Golden Sun; it will be upgraded to the most powerful sword in the sequel.

Kill a Sky Dragon (found inside Anemos Sanctum) with a Wind Djinn to get an Orihalcon. It is a rare drop.

Riot Gloves
To get the best gloves in the game, defeat an enemy called Minos Warrior with a Wind Djinn. They are found in the Yampi desert cave. These gloves increase your attack and defense.

Rune Blade
Go to Magma Rock and defeat Lesser Demons. The Rune Blade rarely drops. It has 167 attack and unleashes Void Beam, which does 200 to 270 damage.

Rusty Sword
In Lemuria there are lots of flowers with butterflies near them. If you dig up some of these places west and east of the castle (reachable by jumping), you can get a Rusty Sword.

Sol Blade
The Sol Blade can be found at the Mars Lighthouse. It unleashes often and is the most powerful weapon in the game. Only Isaac or Felix can use this sword.

The best weapon is the Sol Blade, with an attack of 200 and is valued at 31,200. It is a long sword that can be equipped by Felix and Piers. It unleashes Megiddo and is found in a chest at the Mars Lighthouse.

Sylph Rapier
The Sylph Rapier can be obtained by forging the Sylph Feather at the Blacksmith house in Yallam. The Sylph Rapier has an attack of 124 and has a good unleash called Mad Zephyr. The first unleash is average, and the second is about 50% to 100% more powerful. This weapon is best used with Jenna and or Felix.

Tisiphone Edge
To get the Tisiphone Edge you have to fell a cruel demon in the Sea Of Time Islet cave after the trading process with a Mars Djinn. It is a rare drop. You will get it in the hall with the shaking statue. Its unleash is called Vengeance, which is an archer that shoots arrows. The more arrows that hit, the better the damage. About 1,000 sometimes results in a a perfect unleash.

Valkyrie Mail
The best armor is the Valkyrie Mail, with a defense of 53 and is valued at 25,500. It can be equipped by Felix and Piers. It raises Evadeand can be found in a chest at the Mars Lighthouse.

Revisit Vale from Golden Sun
Once you join Isaac's party, go to Loho with your flying ship. Your ship needs to be able to fly if you you want to reach Vale. Once you get near Loho, use your ship to fly to the southern part of Loho, nearly between the ocean and the mountains. Let your ship face directly south in between the crack near the mountains and the beach. Jump off the ship, south, and you can now freely explore the land where Vale is located. There is no need to run around here, as once you get to Vale all you do is run through it. None of the other cities from the first Golden Sun is here, although Lalivero is present but you cannot enter it.

Directions to Lemuria
In Yallam, the children sing a song that Yepp wrote. Pay careful attention to it and you will notice a hidden meaning in the song. It is actually directions on how to enter Lemuria.

Finding hidden items
When you are looking for hidden items inside pots, crates, barrels and so forth, set Reveal to [R] (go to the main menu, then select "Psynergy", then "Sheba", then press [R] and choose "Reveal"). To check for hidden items, press [R] and it should turn up as a tiny gold star.

All Djinn
The only way to get all 28 Djinn from the original Golden Sun is to use a password or to transfer your file from that game to Golden Sun 2. All 72 Djinn from Golden Sun and Golden Sun 2 are used to open a sanctuary in the town near the Jupiter Lighthouse, where you can find a Boss called Dullahan who guards the ultimate summon in the game.

Easy experience
Go to the Mars Lighthouse and look for Firebirds. One Firebird can give you as much experience as the battle with Saturos and Menardi (6,000 experience points). You can also look for some Phoenix, which can give you about 3000 experience points. Because they have low HP, this is the easiest way to gain experience.

To get 17,000 experience points, go to the few long hallways before fighting Dullahan. You should encounter a blue bird that gives 9,833 experience points each.

Use the following trick to get more than 17,000 experience per battle from the Wonder Birds in the back halls of the cave that the turtle takes you (Sea of Time Islet). First, get into a battle with two Wonder Birds. Attack only one until it dies and use Mia's Pure Wish. The Wonder Birds can attack three times a turn and do a lot of damage. Then if the other Wonder Bird does not use Regen Dance to bring its killed partner back to life, defend until he does. When he brings it back to life with Regen Dance, attack only one again until it dies. Use Pure Wish again. Repeat this until one of the birds runs. Keep repeating this to get a lot experience. The only flaw is that sometimes one of the Wonder Birds runs and then the other cannot use Regen Dance. If this happens, you must end the battle. You can get about 35,000 per battle on average. Hope this helps you boost up your party's level as fast as it did mine.

Travel by ship and go up the river of Kimbombo. Then, go all the way up until you are block by cliffs. Next, face your ship right where there is nothing but mountains and grass. If done correctly, you will fight blue monsters that are worth 300 experience points each.

After getting the Psyenergy Teleport, go to the Islet Cave (northwest of Apojii Islands). When you get to the five long consecutive hallways, keep getting into battles until you fight a Wonder Bird. Wonder Birds are rare and give you about 8,000 experience. Wonder Birds will do three things: attack, run (most common), or revive any downed members in its party. If you get into a battle where there is one Wonder Bird, kill it quickly so that it does not run, then kill the rest of the enemies. If you enter battle where there are only two Wonder Birds, only attack one until it dies. Then, hope that the second one does not run and it will eventually revive the downed one. Keep doing this until it runs.

Go to Turtle Island once you have teleport. Use it on the circle when you first enter the cave. It should lead to a few long hallways where you can fight a blue birds for get 11,345 experience points each. Note: At the end of the hallways, there is a very difficult Boss battle.

To get extra experience with the birds, kill them with Water Djinni's. You will get about 50% more experience points than usual. For example, if you kill WonderBird without Water Djinni, you will get 8,000 experience points. If you kill a WonderBird with Water Djinni, you will lget 11,000 experience points.

If you want to grow Felix's team (before meeting Isaac and his friends, getting the trident, and getting to Lemuria) to train to defeat the Poseidon get the Boat. Go to the river that is very close to Kibombo. Only few steps away you will find a piece of ground with some strong monsters on the other side of the river. Later you will find them near a town called Prox. They grow a lot for weak levels. Get lots of Herbs, Nuts and anything that heals to defeat them. They will be really hard to defeat at lower levels.

Go to Mars Lighthouse and look around for two Fire Birds. Kill one and wait for the other one to revive the first one. Do this as many times as desired. When you are done, kill both of them. Each one will give you 6,000 experience points.

Easy battles
When in battle mode, enter with a cleared data for full power. To get 28 or higher wins, put all your Djinn on set. Rapidly use Djinn and Healing Psyenergy (such as Wish Well or Cool Aura). Also, for full effect be at level 35 or higher. A recommended first party would be, in order from left to right: Felix, Isaac, Jenna, and Sheba. When you get to battle 20 or so, difficult monsters (including Poseidon, Agatio, and Karst) will appear, one after another . When battling them, make sure your Psyenergy is high to allow Revive and other healing Pyenergy to be used. Note: Recommended Djinn are Meld and Mold.

Easy money
When at the weapons counter in any town, sometimes the dealer will ask you if you would like a free game ticket. Say "Yes", and when you are done buying the item you may sell the tickets for more money.

After you get the boat, search in the water around Lemuria to gather a lot of coins.

Easy tickets
Go to any town that has a Potion (Healing) Shop. You will find Herbs for sale. One of these cost about 10 coins. Buy many of them, one by one (i.e., do not buy 30 Herbs at a time). You will get a ticket for every Herb you buy. The Herbs are useful, but you can get rid of them and just have the tickets. Then, go to Contigo. Note: Some towns do not have Potion Shops, and in other towns the same store sells potions and weapons.

Restore HP and PP
Use the following trick to restore HP and PP free in your first visit in Kibombo before solving the orb problem, When you first find Piers in Kibombo, train your party at Kibombo Statue. After some battles, you will need health and PP. Get out of the statue and go west of Kibombo. Get the Magic Stone to restore PP then with Piers with his attack Ply or Plywell. It will restore HP. Then, go south of Kibombo and Piers will leave your party. Go back to him and he will fully healed by himself.

Teleport to Lemuria and drink from the coin toss fountain. Then revive and restore HP and PP.

Go to an Inn and talk to the clerk. Answer "Yes" when asked if you want to stay. While you sleep you well have all your HP and PP restored.

When you go to the Air Rock, do all the things needed. When at the end part, you will see a door shaped like an eye. Go inside and you will see like a little round table. Sheba will put her hands on it, and will learn Reveal.

After you get Reveal, go the Aqua Rock (close to Apojii islands). Do everything inside. When you get a crystal, put it on a little table. When you go inside, press [A] and Piers will learn Parch. You can use at to take out the water.

Recapturing Djinn
If you lose a Djinn after a battle, return to the location where you originally captured it. You can capture it again there.

Jump over rocks
There are some rocks that you can jump over by pressing [Down] button while above them.

You do not have to wait a long time for the blacksmith in Yallam to forge an item. Give him something for him to forge. Then, leave his house and the whole village. Re-enter the village immediately and go back to his house. He will have already made the item.

Call Dullahan as an ally
Obtain the Tomegathericon from the Great Gabomba. Then, put three Djinn that are not the same element as the character you want to learn the move. For example, if you want Felix or Isaac to learn the move, give them three Fire, Water, and Wind Djinn). Equip the Tomegathericon and make sure the person equipped to it is at least level 47. One of their attacks will be "Call Dullahan", which makes Dullahan appear on your side of the field and attack its target with the Formina Sage, which is a lightning sword. This trick is especially nice when used it against Dullahan himself -- he will be hitting himself with an attack that can do over 500 damage if you are lucky and strong. Note: The person who is going to learn the move must be able to hold nine Djinn at one time. It also may be necessary that you face Dullahan at least once (the outcome does not matter) before you can learn the move.

Character experience growth
This following is a list of characters that gain levels faster with less experience (in order): Felix, Piers, Jenna, and Sheba.

Character recommendations
The character with the best Attack and HP is Felix. The character with the best PP, Psyenergy Attacks, and Speed is Sheba. The character with the best Defense and Luck is Piers. The most balanced character is Jenna.

If you prefer Offensive and Healing Psynergy, try the Paladin Class (Felix/Isaac: 5 Mercury, 4 Mars or Jenna/Garet: 5 Mercury, 4 Venus). If you prefer Offensive and Support Psynergies, choose the Ronin Class (Felix/Isaac: 5 Mars, 4 Jupiter or Jenna/Garet: 5 Venus, 4 Jupiter). Once you have selected the desired class (Paladin gives the best ATK and DEF and decent HP increases, while Ronins have the best HP and ATK and good DEF), and have the Cleric's Ring from Crossbone Isle in Golden Sun, equip the following: Darkside Sword, Fear Helm, Terra Shield, and Stealth Armor. To get all of these, you must save all the Dark Matter you find and take them to Sunshine the blacksmith in Yallom. To have a better chance at getting these items from him, save before you give him the Dark Matter.

Special classes
By mixing Djin you can unlock special classes. The "Ranger and "Bard" classes are for Ivan and Sheba and can be unlocked by equipping them with equal numbers of Mercury Djin and Mars Djin. They get water and volcano attacks including "Eruption" and "Deluge". The "Ninja" and "Disciple" classes can be unlocked for Felix, Isaac, Jenna, and Garret by equipping them with Djin that balance their powers between Jupiter, Mars and Venus. "Ninja" class has three "Bomb" attacks, three "Tornado" attacks, and earth type "Annihilation" drains a foes soul, for 18 PP; the class also has a very powerful wind Psyenergy called "Shuriken" for 8 PP that throws three star-blades at three enemies. "Disciple" class comes with a power upgrade that lets you use the wind Psyenergy "Death Plunge" for 22 PP. By setting one less Mars or Venus Djin than your Jupiter Djin, you will change any of their classes to "Samurai" which has strong one target hits for earth and wind Psyenergy and defense, attack, and resistance upgrade Psyenergy for single members or the whole party. Also, above level 41 or 40, a third attack can be learned called "Carpet Bomb" (35 PP) in the "Ninja" classes. For all party members equip able with swords, the "Cavalier" class is unlocked when they are equipped with equal numbers of mercury Djin and their type Djin (except Jenna and Piers, who need extra Venus Djin). Best parties would be Felix, Disciple; Isaac, Slayer; Jenna, Samurai; Mia, Angel and in support Garret, Samurai; Sheba, Bard; Ivan, Ranger or Fire Monk; Piers, Captain or Water Monk. Note: Ninjas, Disciples, and Samurai sacrifice healing powers for speed, attack, and HP.

Dijin recommendations
At first Atalanta will not be as good but, if you use it a lot its highest attack will be 1200. Thor is a good multiple enemy Dijin. It gives at least 100 to 400 damage to each enemy. Thor is also good for a single enemy with battle damage from 900 to 1200.

Weapon recommendations
The following is a list of each character's best weapon. Note: Most of them are forged:
Felix: Sol blade
Peirs: Excalibur
Issac: Excalibur
Garet: Darksword (cursed, need Cleric's ring)
Jenna: Masamune
Sheba: Tungsten mace
Ivan: Nebula wand
Mia: Nebula wand
Glitch: Mysterious crack
Go to Mars Lighthouse. Go to the area where you fight Agatio and Karst in their dragon form. After you defeat them, go up and light the candles to make the dragon head statues blow a fireball again. The crack you made last time on the ice will appear in midair since there is no ice to form on.

Glitch: Invisible people
Sail to Atteka inlet before you complete Krast and Agito at the Jupiter Lighthouse. Dock your ship so that you can jump from it onto the ground. Complete the Jupiter Lighthouse. Then, go back to Congito, get Issac's party, and get on your ship from the world map. Sail into the inlet and get off the bridge. If done correctly, invisible people should be talking.

Glitch: Stand on woman's head
In Izumo, there is a tree with an old woman walking around nearby. If you go under the tree, you will be able to stand on the old woman's head.

Glitch: Floating barrel
At Gaia Rock, instead of doing the puzzles go straight to the dragon's room. When the man is pouring out the dragonsbane, stand directly in front of him and wait until he is finished. When he is done pouring the dragonsbane and tosses the barrel aside, he will talk to you and the barrel will be suspended in midair.

Glitch: Enter inner parts of Angara and Godowan
There is only one way to reach the inner parts of Angara and Godowan continents(the area you played in the first Golden Sun). To get there, go to the left side of Angara. There are only two shores there. Go to the southern-most one (the shore northwest of the Karagol Sea). Move exactly in front of the mountain's tip and get off your ship. You should be able to get on the land behind the mountain. You are now in the land of the first Golden Sun. There is really no point in going there, as there are no towns except for Lalivero (which cannot enter) and Vale (which you just walk through).

Glitch: Get stuck as the ship
To get stuck as the ship (not with the wings), go between the two beaches between where the Indra/Osenia cliffs are located and Alhfra. Spin around 180 degrees in the river. Note: Save beforehand, or you will not be able to use the ship.

Glitch: Strong weapon
A powerful weapon early in the game is Clotho's Distaff. Instead of waiting until you go to Jupiter Lighthouse, forge your Shamans Rod. However, you will not lose Shamans Rod so it is as if you gave him nothing.

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