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Start with the Dragon parts
Start a game, rename it "DRAGON", then change it back to your original name. You will start with the Dragon series (the best series) of car parts.

Use horn
Press [Up] during a race.

Accomplish the following tasks to earn a medal.
Collect all parts.
Collect all bodies.
Collect all engines.
Complete all areas.
Demo mode
Press [B] when "Press Start" appears at the title screen.
Quick start
When starting a race, make sure you have oil in your car to increase acceleration. When the pre-race countdown reaches the end of "1" press "Gas" to get a head start boost in the race.

Regain money
If you are in urgent need of money, play a race that you can win repeatedly until you have enough money. You can get the same amount of money at the end of every attempt.

Use the appropriate parts
Inspect which kind of track are you going to play on before you start. Then choose the appropriate type of tires, floats, or propellers in order to get an easy win.

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