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Apr. 15, 2006
Bonus characters
Successfully complete the game to unlock the Ex. Map in Extra Mode. Play that map and complete the indicated area. The corresponding bonus character will join your party during the next battle:

Riev (Bishop) - Complete the Tower, 7F.
Fado (General) - Complete the Ruins.
Glen (Dragon Master) - Complete the Ruins, round 5.
Hayden (Forest Knight) - Complete the Ruins, round 5.
Ismaire (Sword Master) - Complete the Tower.
Caellach (Hero) - Complete the Tower, 3F.
Lyon (Necromancer) - Complete the Ruins three times.
Orson (Paladin) - Complete the Tower, 6F.
Selena (Mage Knight) - Complete the Tower three times.
Valter (Wyvern Knight) - Finish the Ruins, round 7.

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