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Aug. 28, 2007
Author: 32KB
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Fifty lives
Hold [Select] and press [B], [A], [R]x2, [A], [L] at the game selection screen. A sound will confirm correct code entry. When you start the game, you will now have 50 lives.

Sound player
Hold [Select] and press [B], [A], [L]x2, [A], [Down] at the game selection screen. A sound will confirm correct code entry. The "Sound Player" option will now be unlocked.

In-game reset
Press [Start] to pause game play, then press [Select] to exit the current level. Note: This can only be done in levels that have been previously completed.

Hero mode
Successfully complete the game with at least a 90% rank. Start a new game and select two player mode to access the "Hero mode" option. In this mode, you play as Diddy Kong only, with a new costume. There are no Donkey Kong Barrels, Checkpoint Barrels, and pictures.

Alternate Donkey Kong Attack menu screen
Successfully complete all Donkey Kong Attack levels with an "S" rank for a new background on the Donkey Kong Attack menu screen.
Get Diddy's or Donkey Kong's boat to move when fishing
When fishing, get a combo. When you see the exclamation mark above Diddy's head, you can go somewhere and he will follow you. - This will help you catch more fish and get more combos.

Defeating Buzzer
The bee will start out completely alone. Just hit him with a barrel. Do not waste your time aiming and throwing; just make it hit the barrel when it is still in your hands. This may require a few attempts. Buzzer will fly away to your right (all the way) and will have about five of the normal Buzzers form a circle rotate around him. For this part, you can aim or use this strategy. Hit the Buzzer when he is not red. It will fly away again and have two Buzzers on the left and two on the right side by side, and one Buzzer under the big Buzzer. First, get rid of one group of the side by side bees. If you only hit one bee, do not worry; you can still get away. Do not do your roll. Run (hold [B] during your attack), and do a short roll at a safe distance from the Buzzer. Run under it just at the correct moment and hit the other bee. You also might have to get the other Buzzer under the big Buzzer. Do the same thing as last time when the big Buzzer is at its normal color. Quick;y grab a barrel before the Buzzer has the bees appear. Run under the Buzzer only if it is still alone. Use Donkey Kong for this, since he holds the barrel higher then Diddy. The bees should just get hit all at once. The bee will still appear red, but hit him again and you will be done. If you do not do the last task this way, the bees will be in a straight line downwards in front of Buzzer. Hit the first two bees on bottom and you are done

Coral Capers: Shortcut
When you can see the Croctopuss spinning around the square of coral, go down near the bottom at the white part. Go past the bananas then go to the bottom right corner to find a warp barrel.

Coral Capers: Level warp and extra loot
Go to the right, then float up. Take the first passage to the right (under the twisting Octopus) then go straight down. You will pass through the rocks and find a chamber filled with single bananas and a bushel in the center. Be careful not to go in the lower right corner until you eat all bananas (for maximum score) then proceed to go in the lower right. Behind that rock, a barrel will appear which will take you to a level warp. You will find yourself on a bridge in space with several small screens of the different levels of the game floating by. Run across this ledge where there is a group of more bananas to collect until you run to the end at the right side of the screen. You will then re-appear at the end of the Coral Capers level, by the wooden red arrow pointing you out.

Jungle Hijynx: Shortcut
After you pass a beaver, you will see a platform. Get on that platform and face to your left. Stand at the edge of the ledge and hold [B] + [Left]. When you are at the maximum length in your roll, press [A] to jump. You should then be sent in a level warp that leaves you close to the end of the level.

Jungle Hijynx: Extra lives
Get to the part where you get the rhino. Then, keep going straight until you get to the first jump. When you jump to the next cliff, run into the wall in front of you with the rhino. Go inside and go to the end. Get the extra life. As you exit the cave, you will jump onto the palm tree. Turn around and jump onto the tall cliff. As you are on the cliff, go forward until you get to the tunnel you made and enter. Go all the way through and you will find another extra life. Repeat the steps to get as many extra lives as desired.

Climb up the tree behind you at the start of the level. You will find Donkey Kong's tree house. Enter it. After the giant beaver leaves the tree house, jump on the tire to get the extra life floating above. Then, walk to the back of the tree house where you can find a camera hidden behind a bunch of bananas.

Millstone Mayhem: Shortcut
When you start the level, you will have to jump onto the tire to get up onto the cliff. Once you are up there, walk forward until you reach the beaver in the "stone-tire". Pass it, and there will be a jump. Jump down into the middle of both cliffs. There is a barrel that blasts you into the air. When you are in the air, go to the left slightly so that you do not hit the beaver. You should go into a hidden barrel up in the air that you cannot see. Once you are inside, you will be warped to the end of the level.

Millstone Mayhem: Hidden bonus
At the start of the level there is a tire. With Diddy, run and jump on the tire facing left. You should be able to get on the place that you came out of. Jump and you should hit a bonus.

Mine Cart Carnage: Shortcut
A the beginning, find the barrel to get to the mine cart. Do not go in that one. Instead, jump over it. This may seem like suicide, but there is a Warp Barrel directly under after you jump over the cannon barrel. Note: This gives you a bad score in DK Attack mode.

At the beginning, get Diddy. Instead of getting in the cart, jump as far as you can off the ledge. You will be transported to the end of the level.

Stop And Go Station: Shortcut
When you start the level, you will exit a door. Walk back into the door to get warped farther into the level.

Hidden cameras
There are hidden cameras throughout the game that you can find. The easiest ones to find are in Funky's Fishing and Candy's Dance Studio. In Funky's Fishing, catch the crab in in the Kongo Jungle. In Candy's Dance Studio, dance a perfect dance. The others are easy; do what Funky or Candy say or do to get a camera.

After completing the game, go into DK's house. Very Gnawtey will be there. He hides a camera in the house.

Avoid losing lives
Note: This trick only works if you have already completed the level being played. When you are about to die, press [Start] to pause game play, then press [Select] to quit. Go into the level again and you will not have lost a life.

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