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Crash Party USA mini-game
Repeatedly press [L] + [R] before the title screen appears. If done correctly, it will be replaced with the title screen for the mini-game. If you win all ten rounds of the mini-game, you will get three missiles at start of the Velo.

Play as Fake Crash
In arcade or time trial mode, choose the "Out Of Time" circuit. Proceed thorough the race and stop near the bottom right of the circuit map. Stay near to the left and look for a pile of rocks surrounding a small pinkish flower. Run over this flower to end up off the main circuit. While in this brown deserted area, drive towards the starting line. From here, look around for two patches of light sand. On the big patch of sand, Fake Crash will talk to you, say that he got lost while racing, and will thank you for finding him. You will now have unlocked Fake Crash as a playable character in arcade and time trial mode.

Select time trial mode and play the "Out Of Time" track. Race until you get to the U-turn at bottom right of the map. Halfway in the turn, drive to the left where there are black rocks. On one rock, you will see flowers. Drive over it and you will be in a desert. Drive to the next turn, and inside you will see two light areas of sand, one small and one big. In the big one, there is fire and Fake Crash. Drive to Fake Crash and he will say that he is lost. You have now unlocked Fake Crash.

Play as Geary
Defeat Geary at the Teknee track.

Play as Krunk
Defeat Krunk at the Terra track.

Play as N. Tropy
Successfully complete the game with all Team Cortex characters.

Play as Nash
Defeat Nash at the Barin track.

Play as Nitros Oxide
Win all Relic races with a "Gold" or "Sapphire" rank to unlock N. Oxide.

Play as Norm and Big Norm
Defeat both of them at the Fenomena track

Play as Spyro
Successfully complete the game with all Team Bandicoot characters.

Play as Velo
Successfully complete the game.

Velo track
Defeat Velo in adventure mode.

Artillery cheat
Win the Blue Gem Cup in adventure mode. Press [L] and you will get three rockets or bombs. This can be done at any time until you quit the race.

Lunar cheat
Win the Purple Gem Cup in adventure mode. This cheat lowers the game's gravity.

R/C Kart cheat
Win the Green Gem Cup in adventure mode. This cheat turns on a mini-mode.

Turbo cheat
Win the Red Gem Cup in adventure mode. This cheat allows you to move faster.

3 missiles at Velo's challenge
Win all ten rounds in the Crash Party mini-game

Connection bonuses
Use a link cable to connect to Crash Nitro Kart on a Gamecube. The "Artillery", "Lunar", "R/C Kart", and "Turbo" cheats will be unlocked. N. Oxide, N. Tropy, and Spyro will also be unlocked as playable characters.
Android Alley: Shortcut
You can ride on the green blocks that are floating on the sky.

Deep Sea Driving: Shortcuts
Enable the "Turbo" and "Lunar" cheats. At the beginning, ride and jump to the right until you reach the end. Ride on it to the second jump (second black). Jump on to the track and you should be in first place, if done correctly.

Enable the "Turbo" and "Lunar" cheats. Ride the * ride to the sharp "S" turn (on the left of the map). Jump to the south of the map and reach to the other end of the track. You will be driving the wrong way, but ignore this.

Thunder Struck: Shortcut
Drive to the first jump. Jump to ride on another platform. Continue this until you reach the track.

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