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Master code
Enter "96981951" to unlock all bonuses.

Fender Bender Frenzy Trophy32000010
ACME Axel Award Trophy50000050
Cartoon Speedway Trophy10000010
First four championships won38000050
All five championships won34711154

Farm Frolics12761357
Down on the Farm25731079
Johnny 2x452681314

Play as Johnny 2x4
Complete the Easy Tracks 1 and 2 Challenge.

Play as Muriel
Complete the Easy Tracks 3 and 4 Challenge.

Play as Supercow
Complete the Hard Tracks 1 and 2 Challenge.

Alpine Antics track
Get 10,000 points on the Farm Frolics Challenge.

Construction Derby track
Get 20,000 points on the Movie Mayhem Challenge.

Desert Drive track
Get 14,000 points on the Hot Rod Johnny Challenge.

Edopolis track
Get 6,000 points on the Bravo Burbs Challenge.

Hot Rod Johnny track
Get 12,000 points on the Alpine Antics Challenge.

Scary Speedway track
Get 16,000 points on the Desert Drive Challenge.

Custard Pie Mine x3 power-up
Finish in first place for The ACME Axel Award.

Homing Wiener x3 power-up
Get over 40,000 points in The Fender Bender Frenzy.

Magnetizor power-up
Finish in first place in the Kartoon Krunch Challenge.

Phase Out power-up
Finish in first place in The Cartoon Speedway.

Thermo Bomb power-up
Get over 60,000 points in the Kartoon Krunch Challenge.

Wiener Missile x3 power-up
Get over 30,000 points in The ACME Axel.

Cartoon Speedway trophy
Finish in the top three positions in the Cartoon Speedway.
Quick start
When "Start" appears during the countdown, press [A] + [Up].

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