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Nov. 29, 2006
Nov. 29, 2006
Nov. 29, 2006
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Cheat mode
Press [Start] to pause game play, then press [Select](16). A square cursor will appear on the status line. Hold [A] + [B] and press [Left] or [Right] to move the cursor. Press [Up] or [Down] to change the number of current coins, lives, hearts, or time. Move the cursor on the small Wario head and press [Up] or [Start] to change Wario into the next powered-up version (Small, Hard Hat, Bull, Jet, Dragon). Press [Start] to resume game play.

In-game reset
Press [A] + [B] + [Start] + [Select] during game play.

Locate hidden treasures
After completing the game without the best ending ($99,999), start the game again and enter the flashing Saved Game pipe. Levels with unclaimed hidden treasures will be marked with flashing dots on the level circles.

Level warp
Note: In order to use this trick, you must get to the item box in-between levels. There will be a little white block before the end of level 3. Get on the block and push down. Hold it for approximately three seconds to fall through. Do not jump. After completing the level, you can warp ahead.
Get to Sherbet Land
Kill the two rats that throw knives at the end of the second level of Mt. Teapot. You must be Jet Wario for the following. Jump at the arrow of coins and press [B] to jet. Face the way that you came from to reach a small platform. Bump into a face block and get a heart. Get on top of the block and face towards the end of the level. Jump as high and far as possible and press [B] to jet. You will go to a passage and reach a different end-of-level door that leads to Sherbet Land.

Secret level in Parsley Woods
Start game play in the Parsley Woods level and find the big tree (if you look on top of Syrup Castle you will see a tree sticking out of Parsley Woods that looks like a fork). Find the secret door to reach a secret level. It has three big blocks with 300 coins in it, but you can only go to it once.

Secret level in Sherbet Land
Get to the end of level 15. You will need to have the Jetpack Helmet. Jump up in the air and use the Jet Pack while you are still in the air to fly forward. You will go up a level and find a secret level.

More coins
Use the "Cheat mode" code in level 2 and select a jet head. Start jetting off high to find a door that leads to many coins. In the coin place, put an enemy under the Pouncer. When Pouncer comes down, the enemy becomes a coin with a "+" on it, which is worth 10 coins.

More points
At the end of every level immediately before the exit door, put the 10 + coin into the ending door slot. Before you go in to the door, pause game play enable the "Cheat mode" code. A little square cursor will appear around the second digit in the lives column. Hold [B] and move the cursor over the digits in coins and change them all to 9 (and if you want, change every thing to 9s). Note: If you want to play the game at the end with the bomb where you win hearts, make the hearts column 30. This way, the highest amount of hearts you can get in the game (besides the extra life) is 70, which will give you an extra life anyway.

Defeating Devil's Head
Press [Up] to catch the spiked red balls he shoots out of his nose. Jump up next to him and throw the ball at his nose by pressing "B ".Do this about three or four times and he will be gone. After you defeat the Boss, about 150 coins will fall from the sky.

Defeating the Bosses
Boss 1: Have the Bull hat and ram him whenever he is standing normally. This should take about three attempts.

Boss 2: Ram this one repeatedly until he falls off the edge.

Boss 3: When he shoots the fireballs out of his nose, press [Up] to catch them and throw them back. This should take three to four attempts.

Boss 3: When he shoots the little birds out of his mouth, jump on top of his head. This should take about three attempts.
Glitch: Strange graphics
Go the lava level with the little train. At the end, you will reach a spring. Hold [Down] and crawl over to the spring. The graphics may look strange, and it may appear as if you are walking on air suddenly. Keeping [Down] held, walk around until you get to the next spring, then the final spring. Once you are at the top, release [Down] . Next, drop down two ledges. The visuals may get strange again -- try not to fall in the lava. Once you are at the bottom, walk to the right and press [Up] to enter the door. Note: Do not throw a coin because the door is already open. You should now be falling. Do not move until you hit the ground. You are now in the same level, but the background is the skull theme, all the enemies are replaced by other ones. Be careful, because the lava is now hard to distinguish from the background.

Glitch: Invisible water
After you have completed the game, go to the first island and play the first level. There should be water throughout. Keep jumping through the water and do not get any coins or kill anyone. Make yourself get small somewhere throughout the level and continue on. When you get to the end, kill the enemy with the spike ball. Look at the sign that has an arrow pointing up and the letter B after it in the background. Stand directly below the "B" part of that sign and jump as high as you can. When you jump, you will hear a splashing sound and see water appear, but there is no visible water nearby.

Glitch: Strange train
Before you can perform this glitch, you will need to be able to access Course #35 and become Jet Wario. In Course #35, there will be two objects, a large caboose (with a doorway) and a train cart. As Jet Wario, jump onto the cart, then jet onto the top of the caboose. From there, jump up as high as you can (so that you are off screen) and jet your way to the left, still off-screen. Do not cease boosting. If done correctly, you should see yourself glide across the screen once, down to a blank screen, then you will land on a seemingly normal map. Try to move around. Even though you see one map, you are standing on a different one. Try jumping around. You will go through the carts at some places, and stand on the air at others. You can even slam the invisible blocks and they will show up as cracked blocks, wherever they are, whether in the train, or midair. To escape, jet off of the screen again and keep gliding until you hit the ground.

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