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Bait and hook guide
Use the following bait and hook sizes for best results.
City: Torrent (level 1)
Fish: Trout
Hook: Small, Medium
Bait: Worm, Insect, Small Fish, Frog

Fish: Char
Hook: Medium, Small
Bait: Worm, Insect, Larva, Small Fish, Frog

Fish: Cutthroat trout
Hook: Small, Medium
Bait: Worm, Insect, Larva, Small Fish

Fish: Bullhead
Hook: Small
Bait: Larva

Fish: Rainbow Trout
Hook: Large, Medium
Bait: Worm, Grub, Larva, Small Fish, Frog, Dough Ball

Fish: Gila Trout
Hook: Large, Medium
Bait: Worm, Grub, Insect, Larva, Small Fish
Bonus level
Catch at least one of each type of fish before catching the guardian. The phrase "Funland Unlocked" will appear after the credits. Restart the game and stay at any of the Inns on level 1 to reach level 5. It contains just an inn and a small lake that contains every type of fish.

Music while fishing
Pull in your line when fishing, then press [A] to display the tools menu instead of re-casting. Select "Memo - Fishing Record" to display the fish that have already been caught. Exit the screen and return to cast your line. The music will still continue to play.

Easy money
Begin fishing with the fly rod on the "Stream" level. When Uncle asks for Ayu, keep catching the fish and cashing them in. When one side of the river is fished out, switch to the other side. After all fish have been caught, enter and immediately exit the building to restock it with fish.

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