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Nov. 29, 2006
Nov. 29, 2006
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Fight as Eyedol
Select any fighter in two player mode. Hold [Right] and press [Select] + [Start] + [B] + [A] at the versus screen.

Alternately, successfully complete the game in single player mode.

No CPU combo breakers
Hold [Left] and press [B], [A], [B], [A] at the versus screen. A sound will confirm correct code entry.

Level select
Hold either [Up] or [Down], and press [A], [B], [Start], or [Select].

Random character select
Hold [Up] and press [Start] at the character selection screen.
Galacious: Teleport
Quickly press [Right], [Up], [B].

Orchid: Humiliation Dance
When your opponent is at the danger stage, stand away from them enough so that you will not hit him or her. If you are on the left side of them, quickly press [Right], [Down], [Left], [B]. If you are on the right side, quickly press [Left], [Down], [Right], [B].

Sabrewulf: Ultra combo
Get your opponent to very low energy, until the life gauge is blinks. Use the Sabre Pounce -- press [Right], [Left], [A], [Right], [Left], [B], hold [Left] and press [A], charge [Right], then press [Left], [A]. After the opponent flies high in the air, do the Sabre Pounce slightly before the opponent falls. Note: This takes timing.

Sabrewulf: Danger move
Attack your opponent after the his or her second life bar is gone. Then, walk close and press [Left], [Left], [Left] + [A]. Sabrewulf will sharpen his claws and stab the opponent.

Spinal: Teleport
Quickly press [Down]x2, [B].

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