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Nov. 29, 2006
Nov. 29, 2006
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Level select
Press [Up]x2, [Down], [Up], [Down], [Up]x4 at the title screen.

Display level statistics
Press [Select] at the title screen to display the time completed and high score for all levels on all saved games.
Item activation
When you activate an item, after you put it where you want it repeatedly press [A] and you can activate another one. Do not do this too frequently, or the game will not let you stop activating items.

Jump higher
To jump higher, press [Down] + [B] then quickly release. You will land upside-down. Then, press [B] again to jump high. You can also quickly press [B] again after the first jump, but you have to wait for Mario to lift his hands in the air.

Run forward, then quickly press [B] + D-Pad in the opposite direction you were originally traveling. You will do a backflip.

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