Yoshi's Touch & Go Cheats - Nintendo DS

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Check out these Yoshi's Touch & Go cheats and stay cool!
Sky blue yoshi - Get 60 points in the flying level
Pink yoshi - Get 80 points in the flying level
Blue yoshi - Get 100 points in flying level
Yellow yoshi - Get 120 points in flying level
Red yoshi - Get 140 points in flying level
Black yoshi - Get 160 points in flying level
Time Attack Mode- Get 300+ points in Score Attack mode
Challenge Mode- Go 3000+ meters in Endless Mode
Bronze Yoshi - Go 10.000+ meters in Endless

Balloon Mini-game
Get the high score in all four levels. Balloons will now appear at the title screen. Pop a balloon to begin the mini-game.

White Yoshi
When playing in marathon mode, get a Black Yoshi. After that, you will have a random chance of obtaining a White Yoshi on the switch off. White Yoshi gives you unlimited eggs until the next time you pass Baby Mario onto the next Yoshi.

Control Baby Mario ending screen
Wait at the end of Baby Mario (flying) level. Baby Mario will appear on the touch screen from the top screen. Tap Baby Mario to tickle him.

Marathon mode
Draw a giant never ending bridge from the beginning of the ground part to when you switch Yoshi. Then, just draw another bridge. It also helps to draw another bridge above you to not get hit from air monsters.

Alternate high score icon
Get a high score using only one attempt from the Baby Mario level to the Yoshi level to get an open mouthed Yoshi icon.

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