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Primary Collection of Cheats
Cheat Codes
Enter the cheats EXACTLY as shown for the desired result.

BeefedUp - Full Stats.
GiveMeStuff - Unlock all CAS Items.
AintFallin - Unlock Perfect Rail/No Bail.
FOREVERNAILED - Unlock 100% branch completion.
NeedsHelp - Unlock 50 skill points.
LetsGoSkate - Unlock all Decks.
WatchThis - Unlock all in-game movies.
SweetStuff - Unlock all lounge bling items.
NotADude - Unlock skater Mel.
LooksSmelly - Unlock skater Rube.
Movers - Unlock skater Shane.
Dapper - Unlock skater Spence.
LAIDBACKLOUNGE - Unlock all Lounge Themes.
STILLAINTFALLIN - Unlock perfect manual.
NotACamera - Unlock Skater Camera.
INGONNABUILD - Unlock all Rig Pieces.
LOTSOFTRICKS - Unlock all special tricks.
Trippy - Unlock all video editor effects.
PutEmOnTop - Unlock all video editor overlays.
ThePrezPark - Unlock FDR Skatepark.
OverTheTop - Unlock fun items.
THELOCALPARK - Unlock Lansdowne.
Myopic - Unlock Perfect Focus.
Rabbies - Unlock skater Mad Dog.
INTERGALACTIC - Unlock skater MCA.
MagicMan - Unlock Skating (Without the board).
TinyTater - Unlock small skater.
Booyah - Unlock Super Check.
TheIndoorPark - Unlock the Air and Space Museum.
TheMissing - Unlock the invisible man.
CRAZYBONEMAN - Unlock skater Boneman.
MoreMilk - Unlock skater Bosco.
TheCoop - Unlock skater Cooper.
Sketchy - Unlock skater Eddie X.
Piledriver - Unlock skater El Patinador.
Flyaway - Unlock skater Eric.
Shaker - Unlock skater TV Producer.
SUPERSLASHIN - Unlock unlimited slash grind.
Unlock Cheat Mode
Successfully complete Story mode by beating all the pro challenges and Tony Hawk's final challenge. You can now buy any of the following cheat options in the Skate Lounge for $1,000 each.

First Person Cam - Skate in first person view.
Giant Mode - Huge skaters.
Tiny Mode - Tiny skaters.
Matrix Mode - Slow down time during ollies/air.
Super Jump - Ollie higher, except off halfpipes and quarterpipes.
Mirror Mode - Mirrored levels.
Unrestrained Aggro - Easier timing for Aggro Kicks.
Perfect Balance - Perfect Rail/Manual/Lip balance.
Replay Camera - Skate with replay camera.
Ice Mode - Visual: Bluish levels.
Night Mode - Visual: Skate at night.
Old Timey Mode - Visual: Film overlay graphics.
World Of Darkness - Visual: Darker than night.
Steel World - Visual: Dark graphics.
Light Inversion - Visual: Shadows turn to light.

Bonus skaters
Enter the Skate Lounge and select "Change Gear". You can now access the following skaters after they are unlocked during game play for for $2,000:

Santa Clause
Easter Bunny

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