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Cheat Mode
Enter one of the following codes to activate the corresponding cheat function:

kipling - Anglican Cathedral (UK)
kawabata - Atomic Dome (Japan)
cervantes - Palacio Real (Spain)
daumier - Paris Opera (France)
callas - Parthenon (Greece)
zewail - Pharos of Alexandria (Egypt)
phu - Rama IX Royal Park (Thailand)
orwell - Big Ben (UK)
defoe - St Paul's Cathedral (UK)
tolstoy - St. Basil's Cathedral (Russia)
mozart - St. Stephen's Cathedral (Austria)
pollack - Statue of Liberty (USA)
bergman - Stockholm Palace (Sweden)
bradman - Sydney Oprea House Landmark #12
tagore - Taj Mahal (India)
maugham - Tower of London (UK)
joyce - Trafalgar Square (UK)
amnesty - United Nations (UN)
poe - United States Capitol
capote - Washington Monument
greene - Westminster Abbey (UK)
steinbeck - White House
hanafuda - Bowser Castle (Nintendo)
gropius - Brandenburg Gate (Germany)
shonagon - Edo Castle (Japan)
camus - Eiffel Tower (France)
twain - Gateway Arch (USA)
f.scott - Grand Central Station (USA)
mahfouz - Great Pyramids (Egypt)
ataturk - Hagia Sofia (Turkey)
kivi - Helsinki Cathedral (Finland)
hokusai - Himeji Castle (Japan)
durer - Holstentor (Germany)
hemingway - LA Landmark
melville - Lincoln Memorial
dickens - Liver Building (UK)
mlkingjr - Independence Hall (USA)
thompson - Jefferson Memorial (USA)
soseki - Kokkai (Japan)
damemelba - Melbourne Cricket Ground (Australia)
austen - Metropolitan Cath. (UK)
allende - Moai (Chile)
hiroshige - Mt. Fuji (Japan)
kerouac - Coit Tower
rodin - Conciergerie (France)
mishima - Daibutsu (Japan)
yuantlee - National Museum (Taiwan)
gaugin - Arc de Triomphe (France)
beethoven - Neuschwanstein Castle (Germany)
hugo - Notre Dame (France)
bunche - Palace of Fine Arts (USA) goethe - Reichstag (Germany)
dali - Sagrada Familia (Spain)
basho - Shuri Castle (Japan)
pauling - Smithsonian Castle (USA)
haykal - Sphinx (Egypt)
Unlock Buildings
When your city reach a certain amount of people, Dr. Simtown will reward you with a building which may help your city.

Mayor's Manor - Reach a population of 5,000
Center for the Arts - Reach a population of 100,000
Court House - Reach a population of 25,000
Medical Research Lab - Have a population of 80,000 when you reach the year 1999
Museum - Reach a population of 3,000
Post Office - Reach a population of 100

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