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Unlock Characters
After fulfilling the requirements to unlock a character, their mark will appear in the Kuchiyose menu. Select their mark and copy it onto the grid on the bottom screen using the stylus, taking care to use the proper stroke order. Correctly drawing a character's mark will unlock them, even if their mark hasn't been acquired.

Deidara - Complete Arcade Mode with Itachi
Fukusaku & Shima - Complete Arcade Mode with all characters
Itachi - Complete Story Mode
Jiraiya - Complete Arcade Mode with Naruto
Jugo - Complete Arcade Mode with Karin
Karin - Complete Arcade Mode with Suigetsu
Konan - Complete Arcade Mode with Jiraiya
Orochimaru - Complete Arcade Mode with Jugo
Pain - Complete Arcade Mode with Konan
Suigetsu - Complete Arcade Mode with Sasuke

Unlock Jutsus
You can unlock additional jutsus for each character by playing Mission Mode. As you complete missions, depending on the mission's diffculty, you will gain either 1, 2, or 3 marks on that character's Bingo Sheet. When a row, column, or diagnol is complete, a new ability will be unlocked for that character, until the entire Bingo Sheet has been completed. A character's ability set can be customized after selecting the character in Battle, Arcade, and Mission Modes.

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